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who controls the world?

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posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 10:37 AM
my grandfather told me that he read an old and rare book that had some pretty hard evidence (i think the book is called the rich and the super rich) that 6 or 7 super rich families actualy control the world (bill gates, the Bushs, Bin Ladens?) and everything that is war, economy, politics is just a giant game to them that each family is trying to win. this could explain those shady agencies with the black helicopters, unidentified soldiers and agents, unmarked semi trucks, secret installations, ect. what do you think?

posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 10:42 AM
Sounds like R. Ludlum's The Scarlatti Inheritance.

posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 10:49 AM
There are some incredibly rich families around who are hugely influential through their financial prominence. Bushes, Bin Ladens, Gates dont come into it. The real wealth lies with families like Rockerfeller, Kissinger, but the most prominent one that springs to mind is the Rothschild family. They have built a financial empire that spans the world, has hugely powerful divisions in the UK, USA, France and Germany, owning or part owning the national banks and reserves of around 30 countries.
Do a google search and see what you find.

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posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 10:50 AM
The Emperor/Alien was PREDATORY. And he had figured out how to bamboozle all the people into believing that mere technology was power.

Well? There it is. There's the script we're playing out.

We haven't yet gathered ourselves to run down that hill, with our Leader leading us with his bare body and a stick. [That was the most spectacular scene in the movie, wasn't it? When the people took control. Love that king.]

Some of us are going to die trying to get rid of these predators. But we were going to die anyway, so it's no loss, our gain.

But, until we gather and realize we've been scammed, nothing is gonna happen.

Got it?

posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 11:06 AM
No human or deity controls the world.

posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 11:13 AM
We have no real power in this world, the rich families are more like the rothchilds, rockefeller

They are a part if the "elite" that controls everything in this world even politics..we are just slaves for them, we are total crap!
Who is on top of them??? Who controls the illuminati, that is a further's the dark forces


posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 11:18 AM
We have the power to say, "no."

We have the power to stop buying from the Rich.

We have the power to leave TV news and get our own sources of information.

We have the power to walk away from pharmaceuticals that don't heal; drugs that don't make anybody "happy"; foods that were trucked long distances; clothing that was made by slave-labor; entertainments that corrupt with violence and deceit.

We have the power to petition our leaders, recall, initiate a referendum, lobby our representatives and senators; and write to newspapers, magagines and in Forums such as this.

We have the power to NOT LISTEN to the Bush Cabal's excuses; and proceed to gather our friends and neighbors to focus on the abuses to which we are now subject, so that we can take collective action when an opportunity to express ourselves comes up.

But if we don't do these things--and actuall turn away from and expel Evil in our midst--we are part of the problem.

Think about that.
You wanna be part of the problem of Fascism in the world? Not me.

posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 11:25 AM

Originally posted by Emily_Cragg
We have the power to say, "no."

Yeah are right
I fight them inside my soul...I practice unconditional love and I don,t wanna be attacked by the dark forces
I put a big smile on my face and just be happy with what I have and the day will come so I'll be prepare to win the big fight for the return of light on earth!!!!

Love ya

posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 11:37 AM
Maybe I am mistaken but the Bush Fortune goes way way back and there is some evidence of relation the throne of England in some fashion.
and as far as Bill Gates goes he is defnately one of the Richest men in the world, but his Microsoft sucess would not have been possible without the money of William Gates Sr. Head of a National Bank (not sure which one google seach)
The Bin Ladens were rich very rich before any of these American Families
we in that states have only added to their riches. Yes indeed there are some very rich families in the world , but not just the Rothschilds, Rockerfellers and so on and so on..

And if you want to stop the rich from running the world all you have to do is convince all other Americans or say 75% or better to stop working, stop watching television, stop using utilities, learn to grow and trap your own food
learn to make your own clothes and then the world would belong to us again
though I am not sure how many people you would convince of this..


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posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 11:38 AM
When Evil is running the world.

Unconditional love is a form of complacency when a person confines themselves to "nice thoughts" at a time when all life is in danger.

Come on. Wake up, smell the coffee, and get to work exposing wrong-doing.

That's what every lover of Freedom must do at this point, to bring Americans as a whole into the knowledge of the Truth.

We have been and we are being SCAMMED!

Come on! Get going!!

posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 11:39 AM
It's hard to believe the scenario of a "giant game" being played. But I do believe that the super, super rich are trying to control everything from politics, the media, and what products we buy.
I'm with Emily, we still could take the power back, if we stopped relying so much on what they tell us or try to sell us.
Bush or Kerry? Coke or Pepsi? They ran the presidential race like they sell us our cars, clothes, or anthing else.

posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 11:45 AM
wheni say game i am figurtivly(if thats how you spell it) speaking. game as in how the cold war was a game between the communist east and capatalist west for dominance. and yeah i know bush and bin laden families are too poor to be included (i think bushs are worth around 50 mil, bin ladens 100 mil) but i encluded them for conversation

posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 11:46 AM
Emily, I really like you

The thing is, love is important when everything is dark
I know I sound I bit new age weird, but I just think we don't have to fall for what "they" are trying to put on...
I'm not ignorant. I know that everything is really a big dark plan...everything! I don't beleive a crap they say on the news, I say a lot of people are brainwashed by the news...we are like stronger than that. Our higher selves is from the light and light is love...
What can I do? I just try to make people aware of it, that's why i'm on ATS...
What can I do??????


posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 11:47 AM
I'm not sure, but I think it's Oprah Winfrey.

posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 11:47 AM
Corporations rule the world if anyone does. You work for them to make money to buy their products to live to need more money. In a way, they own you.

posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 11:48 AM
i think martha stewart is a little more evil and thus more likley

posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 11:50 AM
technology controls the world. we serve the machine. only a new luddite movement could 'save' us. i think the best we can do is recognise the beast we're dealing with.
it ain't easy, cause it's inside you, and has already hijacked most of your thoughts. that's right. technology is an extension of man, and man has now become an extension of technology. the illuminati are in it along with the rest of us. i hope they're surprised that everything didn't turn out like they thought it would.
we are living holeopathic retrievals of the past, now.
study marshall mcluhan and bob dobbs to try and see this picture of the noosphere's nature.

posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 11:51 AM
damn machines.... i knew it

posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 12:02 PM
Yeah, I'd choose Oprah over Hillary any day of the week.

Good thought. She digs for the Truth with a voracious appetite.

And she knows how to deal with all types of people even tho she's become rich.

Let's nominate Oprah.

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posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 12:03 PM
Who rules the world?

The baby eating, shapeshifting, jewish, masonic, devil worshiping reptiles from outer space of course.

I find it hard to believe that anyone is in charge of this train wreck

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