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Scary paranormal experience, can anybody give some answers???

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posted on Nov, 28 2013 @ 05:31 PM
I don't have enough faith in the subconscious to think that it is able to fabricate nonhuman creatures with that kind of realistic detail. If she says she saw something, then she saw something.

I think the dreamscape takes place in what is known as the astral realm aka the 4th dimension, which many transdimensional entities inhabit. They can also manifest themselves here briefly when we are awake.
It is said that they prefer to mess around when we're in bed because that's when we're at our most vulnerable.
The classic 3:00 AM is the best, being the middle of the night for most nightsleepers. That's not the rule though, because they can manifest when people are up and awake too.

(Oh, the tales I've read. I wish I could find and link to them, because I wouldn't mind reading them again. For example, three girls were preparing to watch a movie. One turned out the light, and behind them in a mirror was a black figure with a neck stretching all the way to the ceiling. They pretty much came unglued.)

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posted on Nov, 28 2013 @ 05:44 PM
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The Hypnogia is a plausible explanation.

No one here can tell you it is paranormal definitively and give you that answer. I'm sorry if that is what you are wanting to hear I'm not seeing how this can be done, without someone talking to her about possible explanation 1 that is a medical professional. or 2 a proper investigation on the house being done.

You see when it dissipated was when she moved to look at her grandaughter, that is THE classic break in Hypnogigia, when you move, it breaks.

Often the hallucination takes the form of something you fear. The evidence you provided points to this, if she can provide other evidence (other than a self assessment that is wasn't medical, which she would NOT know if she hasn't had one before ) like a smell, or residue then we have something more to work off.

Red eyes you described is usually demonic, which in all honestly a demon is just a screwed up energy form not the horned things that are portrayed on tv. It is highly unlikely to have come to her unless one opens themselves up to this. If her disposition is happy and light as you state she would not attract or open herself up to these energies, I suggest she "vibrates" on a fairly good level and this would not attract the "darker" energy forms.

Other than this, I suggest she comes on ATS to directly discuss it.

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posted on Nov, 28 2013 @ 05:46 PM

I don't have enough faith in the subconscious to think that it is able to fabricate nonhuman creatures with that kind of realistic detail. If she says she saw something, then she saw something.

Oh. ye of little faith....

As a shamanic explorer I can assure you that the subconscious is fully capable of fabricating non human creatures in realistic detail of power that rival any and all corporeal beings.

posted on Nov, 28 2013 @ 05:48 PM
reply to post by zazzafrazz

Thank you

posted on Nov, 28 2013 @ 05:51 PM
reply to post by olaru12

I also propose that corporeal/transdimensional beings come in such a vast variety of form and realism that would rival even the most powerful of all individual psyches. Is it so strange, the notion that not all non-3D objects we see are our own imaginations reflected back at us?

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posted on Nov, 30 2013 @ 06:05 PM
It is definitely NOT sleep paralysis. I've had others that I've known tell me similar stories, and the easiest way to discount sleep paralysis, like in this case, is to establish whether the person had been asleep. Sleep paralysis occurs because your body paralyzes itself to prevent you from moving around in your sleep, acting out your dreams, etc. Therefore, if one is not asleep, it cannot be sleep paralysis. That usually happens after a person who has already been asleep awakens abruptly, not giving their body enough time to reverse the paralytic state.

It is also unlikely that these are hallucinations, unless she has suffered similar or related phenomena in the past. Contrary to what many skeptics say, not that many people go around hallucinating all the time, and that doesn't explain even a meaningful fraction of paranormal experiences. Many people who have not experienced paranormal phenomena simply cannot accept the fact that it does occur. It is not something that occurs within an individuals mind, and it is definitely an external stimulus. And contrary to what many skeptics say, groups of people don't go around witnessing the same paranormal phenomena under the influence of some shared hallucination. Just because something is possible does not make it probable or likely.

And contrary to what some believe, there really are beings or entities out there which are evil, and who want to hurt people, among other not so good things. That is what she likely saw. This does not necessarily mean her house is now haunted. Although I have found that the majority of paranormal cases do involve a house that is occupied by some paranormal entity, it is also possible for something to show up out of the blue. It often happens to a person, when it comes to evil entities, that they start experiencing scary stuff because they are currently in a weak emotional and maybe even physical state. Someone who is going through a tough time, who is depressed severely, or anything else that makes them emotionally weak, is sort of like a beacon to these types of entities.

Granted, the odds are probably against something like this happening to a regular person, but for some it does happen. There could be other factors that determine who these things happen to though, things that I don't know about. Then there is the possibility that something was brought into the home that had this entity attached to it. She should wrack her brain to determine what she did in the days leading up to this experience. The best advice that I can give is to tell her NOT to show fear. They really do seem to enjoy that, or even thrive on it in some instances. And although many may not believe it, turning to God WILL help.

As an example, exorcisms may seem like pure junk to some, but they do work, when the person doing them knows what they are doing. To me this proves that turning to God helps and works. But the person has to be 100% confident in their faith to be able to battle something like this. ANY doubt whatsoever, or any fear, and you cannot win. Someone should then be brought in who knows what they are doing. And contrary to popular belief, not all priests are capable of performing the rite of exorcism. In fact, there are very few priests who have been trained for such tasks. I believe that all such priests are trained at the Vatican. I have heard that regular priests have done them in the past, but I cannot be certain, but I do know that there are specially trained priests who perform this task, and they usually serve a very large area. So you may not find that many even in a single state. But maybe I'm wrong on that, but I don't think so.

Hopefully though this stuff will stop on its own. If she can find a priest who is experienced in exorcisms, she could at least talk to him, if something else happens, and none of the other stuff I talked about applies to her. IMO, when looking for a priest to perform an exorcism, the older the better. Older usually means more experienced when it comes to stuff like this, but there are exceptions to most rules I suppose. Like I said,there are so many people who are literally blind to the world around them. They think that just because they cannot see something, or haven't experienced something, then it can't exist. This is nonsense, and much of our knowledge as a species runs contrary to such a belief in all types of cases. I wish you the best of luck.

Edit to add:

I just realized that I'm rambling about exorcisms, but that probably doesn't apply to this case, at least because she is likely not possessed. But if things continue, they will get worse, and that could be the end result. The blessing of a home generally only works for other types of entities, not things like what you describe. But we don't really know for sure what it actually is. A more rigorious blessing, sort of like an exorcism of the house, could work though, if the person performing it knows what they are doing.
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posted on Dec, 2 2013 @ 06:18 AM
this thread is probably dead normally people come on then disappear after a day or two

Anyways, if the mother is truly scared and who wouldn't be, right. What you describe OP could scare anyone
However, this mother should use it as a learning tool.
I would tell her to sleep with a small container of pepper spray/mace and if she sees the red eyed varmint again, spray it! Take action! Just make sure she doesn't spray it on grandma or anyone who is innocent.
If she can spray it and still see the eyes, it's real and not a dream, but if she says she was too scared to spray mace, She's dreaming!

Remember if this were a real life bad dude trying to steal for his crack habit, she and everyone in that bed would be dead!

Don't believe me, come talk to me in private!

posted on Dec, 2 2013 @ 06:29 AM
reply to post by Vviena1606

thanks a lot you gave me the shivers! ahhhrhrhhhhh! You know I could have swarn, one time back in the day I saw orange eye in the dark once too. But no figure that i could see. It really spoked me. She might have had sleep paralysis. Sound very much like that, wehre they see scary creatures. I've had and am still having ongoing endless encounters with demons. It's just so common place now. Even today I felt the energy in the room change in a weird scenario. It's just annoying. Here's what you realize eventually though, if you're atune to God there is absolutely nothing to fear. It's like does a person fear an ant, not a chance. They're like ants, might show up, might even bite you, big deal, they can't do nothing to a Christian, if you're not a christian then I'm not sure what they can or can't do to you. But they mostly can horrify you because you don't understand what it is or what's going on. You also don't understand they're capabilitiies, you have no reference point of what they are and where you stand in stature to them. So not sure if you're gonna be killed or what. That's probably they're greatest threat to a non believer. They're scary. If you're aligned with God they're a joke. Once you realize they have no power over you then they really have a hard time with you because they can't do anything. But they feed of fear my guess is.

posted on Dec, 2 2013 @ 11:55 AM
Thank you to the people who have responded to this thread. Still none the wiser as to what it was but she did a room cleansing with sage leaves as advised by an old Turkish lady and grabbed her bible put it bedside and seems to have found comfort in that (I myself am not a christian but whatever works for you!). I relayed the paralysis & hypnogia to her in the hopes that might also ease her worry about it. Cheers all

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