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Have you been considering buying a Cast Iron cookware set?

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posted on Oct, 27 2013 @ 06:21 PM
I have been watching this cookware set made my Lodge for a year. When I first saw it, it was over $100.

Amazon is now selling it for $65 with free shipping in the US.

It comes with:

Includes 10-1/2-Inch round griddle, 8-Inch skillet, 10-1/4-Inch skillet, 5-Quart Dutch oven and 10-1/4-Inch iron cover

I just wanted to pass a heads up for those whom are looking to buy some great cookware at an incredible value!!

Just be careful when you order it. When you go thru the checkout process, and where it comes up to select the shipping, make sure you select the "FREE" shipping option!

posted on Oct, 27 2013 @ 06:58 PM
buy it now!!!1 if you can afford it do it, the best cooking you can get...
and it adds tasty.

posted on Oct, 27 2013 @ 07:44 PM
Nice to have I guess, but so heavy in weight.

posted on Oct, 27 2013 @ 07:49 PM
Lodge makes some pretty good cast iron pots and pans. I have about three pieces of it. Most of our frying is done on cast iron. We have one square silverstone pan for frying eggs, french toast, and pancakes that we use. Other than that most all frying is done on cast iron. I have cast iron pots I use outside but use SS pots for cooking inside. We also have an old set of porcelain coated cast iron we use occasionally. That is a pretty good price though, Lodge is expensive.
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posted on Oct, 27 2013 @ 07:50 PM
reply to post by Night Star

Once you learn to cook with cast Iron, you will never cook with anything else!

Heavy? YES! Thus why I am pumped about the free shipping!

The key to cooking with cast iron is do not put anything in the pan until it is heated. Cast iron holds and absorbs the heat better than any kind of aluminum pan...

posted on Oct, 27 2013 @ 08:01 PM
Do it!

I have a 12 inch, 10 inch and 8 inch cast iron skillet. We also have a dutch oven.

I have nice copper try-ply and nice stainless steel too, I prefer using the wrought iron.

I recently refinished my small and medium sized skillets and they are as good as new (old).

ETA: I probably don't need to tell you this, but be sure you know how to care for your cast iron cookware. Living with roomates over the years (I don't anymore, and haven't for a long time, thank jebus) there have been many instances where water was left in a pan, or it wasn't immediately cleaned, etc. Take care of your cookware and it will take care of you!

Cast iron doubles as an effective tool against home invasion too. =D

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posted on Oct, 27 2013 @ 08:14 PM
$65 is a great deal for this set.
Lodge is more expensive than some brands but some would say it's the best deal for the money.

We camp a lot and have about a dozen Lodge pieces, including the campfire tripod. We love the "fenced" lid on their dutch ovens.
This allows you to cover the lid with hot coals if you want to use it for a broiler and for even baking.

The key to cooking with cast iron is do not put anything in the pan until it is heated. Cast iron holds and absorbs the heat better than any kind of aluminum pan...

Another important thing is seasoning the pan.
We've done it three different ways and the way my grandmother recommended was the best. Lard and red hot coals.
Washing should always be followed with coating the pan with lard as well.
This product will provide generations of use.
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posted on Oct, 27 2013 @ 08:23 PM
Wish i had the extra$$$. Great deal! I have one cast iron skillet, i use it rarely though because it is huge and weighs a ton!

posted on Oct, 27 2013 @ 10:40 PM
People who cook regularly on cast iron are NEVER anemic. Just be sure it's the kind that rusts and isn't coated with a ceramic lining and that you don't have a blood condition that makes you have too much iron...

posted on Oct, 27 2013 @ 10:51 PM
Thanks OP! Just ordered.

I now have a question. The last time I used cast iron I was cooking steak. I was doing the sear it on the stove, put into oven method. Smoke EVERYWHERE. Like bad. Used high heat oil etc. Entire place was so thick with smoke I thought I was going to start setting off the neighbors smoke detectors.

Any tips on this? I'm the kind of guy that seriously serially burns cereal, so any advice is much appreciated.

posted on Oct, 27 2013 @ 11:36 PM
Lodge is made in America and family-owned by some fine folk. When it comes to certain foods, only cast iron will do.

I can smell that cornbread now!

posted on Oct, 27 2013 @ 11:58 PM
I have Lodge cookware. I am weary of buying any that isn't that brand because of possible lead in them.

I just seasoned all of my cookware the other day. I don't like cooking on anything but cast iron. Once you've tasted burgers cooked on a cast iron skillet or tortillas, you will never want to cook on anything else.

posted on Oct, 28 2013 @ 01:13 AM
reply to post by seeker1963

Yeah, that free shipping made it a no-brainer for me. Thank You for the heads up!

posted on Oct, 28 2013 @ 04:56 AM
reply to post by Domo1

Simply "deal with it" is what I do.

Use a ground fan and point it out the nearest door, turn off the smoke detectors every 5 minutes.
And keep the stove hood fan on high.
Tonight we did steaks and same story, best steaks this side or that side of a 5 star steakhouse, but we man the fans and detectors.
I got a big ole 2 burner double sided griddle that cooks em perfect....along with a couple hundred pounds of other cast of course.
Or.... you could cook on the fire in your fireplace I guess. I did that years back one Christmas morning when the power went out, twas a blast.

posted on Oct, 28 2013 @ 09:15 AM
reply to post by Domo1

Too much oil? Too much heat?

I cooked some fat sirloin steaks last night, as a matter of fact, no more smoke than if I were using any other pan. If you're getting a ton of smoke I would wager you've got too much heat and oil on the pan.

posted on Oct, 28 2013 @ 10:28 AM
Well, OP, aren't you just the sweetest thing!? I love cast iron cookware and would not have known about this AMAZING DEAL had you not shared this information here. Thank you so much. I ordered a set!

posted on Oct, 29 2013 @ 11:19 PM
Woo Hoo! Got the order today! As usual stuff from Amazon was packaged awesome though I doubt there is much hurting these guys. Factory packaging was awesome too! If you're on the fence, the entire box is lined with big bubble wrap. The box they put in the other box that's lined with paper that is...

And here is a pic. Pardon the crappy quality and my counters are actually really clean.

posted on Oct, 31 2013 @ 11:04 PM
Got mine today. Beautiful set. Thanks again, Seeker!

Doing a pot roast in the dutch oven tomorrow.

posted on Nov, 1 2013 @ 01:38 PM
reply to post by seeker1963

I love all my cast iron cookware! I have all the pieces shown plus many more, including a long cast iron griddle that sits over two burners, several different sized skillets, and in addition to the large Dutch oven I also have a smaller one. I seldom use anything but cast iron except for making eggs and pancakes- I cheat and use a Teflon coated skillet for those. A big plus is not having to have separate cookware for camping or for cooking outside because cast iron is almost indestructible!

posted on Nov, 1 2013 @ 01:44 PM
reply to post by seeker1963

Wow! To all of you who bought the set, I got mine two days ago!

I was blown away to come back to my post and see all of you who bought it!

No thanks necessary!

Just glad to help!


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