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Need a Help Regarding My Experiences

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posted on Oct, 27 2013 @ 11:28 AM
Sometimes the light from a blinking star are so bright, you'd think they trying to get your attention. Especially in the winter time, where the stars seems to get brighter.

I thought you were talking about Jack-o-Lanterns.

posted on Oct, 27 2013 @ 11:43 AM
reply to post by deccal

Family is very important. Its the thing they try to separate nonstop for its a part our infinity and progression, and usually our soul groups, sometimes there is karma to work out. Its always best to approach it as if you are at fault, ie. take responsiblity, not for all that occurred, but we never know the past, the reason behind things, and so striving to grow up and understand others, to help them along, nudges, smiles, listening, and be the grown up in the room so to speak, if everyone is behaving like children, but compassionate grown up who uses understanding and doesn't let the barbs or hooks hurt them, but rolls them off.

Dr Hew Len 1 of 9, ho'oponopono

I do this by, not the method he does, though did in the past and it raises frequency, when you use a meme or simple repeatable phrase, that means seeing past duality and all the dark masks, seeing instead the person whole and complete, the light/love essence of them before the distortions set in, ie any we are having problems with, and getting out of Source's way to improve and inspire them, in other words, not holding their muddied up mask in our minds as thought creates.

What I do is just, my version is, in my heart, a fast heart chakra meditation before sleep, breathing in and out, letting warm colors such as pink and love flow through my body and auric field from my heart beat, and then picturing this space of understandign and love within my heart, to speak to them, the light they are, and spontaneously deciding how to go about it, for some it may be, my son for example who took off angry and was having anger issues after moving, and so I pictured him back where he was happy, tried to find out what makes him happy, how he feels about things, understand him, and tell him I love him and he is light and love inside. Then though his older brother had spent long time looking for him, within minutes he was in the house, lying beside me, hugging me. The love glowing from him.

We have an innerspace connection to everyone, and we can talk to them, in the space of our heart and see beyond the muddied up masks to their real essence, and be there for them.

But the Family/ET in infinity, where there is no time except for programs in our brain, we need to have a channel to work with, its like this role we're in now is a specialty, so extra info is removed so we can deal with this area of growth. Petri dish earth, out of infinite possibilites and frequency channels this is our work now, and even seeking to find what it is we're to do, overcome negative things in us, gain skills in communication or learning, see if we can transmute negative to positive, toss out ego and overcome this system? Its finding what we can do thats important with gratitude and alot less selfishness.

When I say family, mean our past steps in the multiverse and those who love us, and even future steps in the cosmos, in which case, this can be some of our family here.

On the other side of things, those working as cosmic pirates and for control agendas in the cosmos, well no time means, if they're outside our program this can be ET/past/present/future as well.

But it seems to be getting your attention, not too obtrusively, gently kind of, so think this is for you to wake up more, Family who care.

We see things as if, evolution, and progression is all based on diverse domino's and even accidents ,as if its pushed from behind.

Terrence McKenna just prior to death revealed, that it appears instead, to be an intelligent plan, and that we are progressing to the beyond the eschaton, or from Beyond. We are being pulled forward, from what we would perceive as the Future....outide our time, the Wholeness or Holistic Perfected Infinity.
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posted on Oct, 27 2013 @ 04:18 PM

reply to post by Drunkenparrot

It was stationary though. Faded away without any movement and above my city I don't think they drop military flares although I am not sure.

If it was stationary you can discount an Iridium satellite however illumination flares fit your description well.

At any distance they appear stationary, slowly fade out and you can see them many miles away.

If you don't mind giving me a general idea of your location I can check to see if there are any military reservations with practice ranges near by.

As I said, I once had what I thought for a few moments was an amazing sighting of something extraordinary that turned out to be these types of illumination munitions.

I'm not trying to rock your belief system, just sharing what I know.

posted on Oct, 27 2013 @ 10:19 PM
reply to post by Drunkenparrot

I would also point out the possibility of something similar to Chinese lanterns...

posted on Oct, 28 2013 @ 04:50 AM


It was a ghooooosssssttttt, ohhhhhhh , awwwwwwhhhhh

Good start to deconstruct my experience

I wonder though, do not anynone else experience those samt sightings: bright object(s) disappearing as soon as you spot it at the sky...

I saw a shiny object in the sky once. I was about 22. I was driving to work. It was an extremely windy day. The object was motionless. I was completely baffled by it. It was a ufo sighting of some sort.

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