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Hail and Well Met!

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posted on Jul, 25 2013 @ 10:19 AM
So, just another introduction post from a new guy!

I've lurked around the site, reading for a very long time now. I'm not much of a joiner really, but I figured I had spent enough time here reading that it was about time to create an account to show my support for the site.

I am a native Texan and I am also an IT Geek. I have a long history of work in the IT field from desktop to network security. I'm a strong supporter of our constitutional rights and being from Texas, naturally a strong 2nd Amendment supporter as well (despite that, I'm not much of a gun enthusiast).

I've always been fascinated with all things paranormal. I've had experiences myself while growing up. I love to read about other people and their experiences as well. Many of my family members have had paranormal experiences, so it seems to be something that is prevalent along our line.

I'm an avid role player (e.g. Dungeons and Dragons), a gamer ()pc, ps3 and xbox360), a huge sci-fi/fantasy tv/movie buff and e/book reader, spiritual but not religious, prefer classic rock to new stuff, old coke to new coke and lastly I am an animal person (having birds and cats - that get along).

So, I hope that introduces me well enough

I look forward to getting to know everyone. Well, mostly, I am sure.

posted on Jul, 25 2013 @ 10:39 AM
reply to post by Thanatos0042

I hope you enjoy your time here; see you around the forums!

posted on Jul, 25 2013 @ 11:47 AM
reply to post by Thanatos0042

Welcome Thanatos0042

You'll be playing with this member in no time. He's a great guy

Just click the green bit

You'll need this until the schools go back

If you get upset Boymonkey will always give you a cuddle

Don't sweat some of the replies, after all

You may occasionally feel like this

Or This

But at the end of the day we are all like one big family here

If you have any questions don't be shy to ask everyone here is very helpful

You may notice my signature banner
One for members of the group is on the way
Be careful or you may need it

This thread is very helpful it explains a lot about how to do various things on ATS. Well worth a scroll and a read. Again click the green bit

You'll get used to me


posted on Jul, 25 2013 @ 12:43 PM
reply to post by Thanatos0042

Welcome. I never snub my nose at a guy who uses gunslinger lingo.

posted on Jul, 25 2013 @ 12:52 PM

Originally posted by Cuervo
reply to post by Thanatos0042

Welcome. I never snub my nose at a guy who uses gunslinger lingo.

Well Met, and thankee sai to BOTH of you for making my day with the gunslinger references! Fantastic! We are ATS ka-tet!

posted on Jul, 25 2013 @ 03:14 PM
Lots of gamers here, welcome to the family, you are just in time for the Mods introducing themselves: A helpful bunch, if you need help you can give one of them a hollar.

posted on Jul, 25 2013 @ 08:30 PM
Thank you for the welcomes and replies!

I am glad the gunslinger reference wasn't lost

and I appreciate the story of the pictures -- I got a good laugh out of it. That is very helpful information none the less though and I am still reading through it as my busy day and night permits. I used to run a website forum long ago (for my game guilds), so I have some passing familiarity with BB code and embedding pictures and sounds.

I also can't wait to meet up with more of the gamers here.

I'll do my best to get along and squelch the people I can't get along with.

It's a pleasure making y'alls acquaintances. It's a most excellent welcoming committee lol

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