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Meet Your ATS Staff - 2013 Edition

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posted on Jul, 24 2013 @ 12:50 AM
Hello fine citizens of ATS. We've come to realize that from time to time, it's difficult for you to get to know who the staff of AboveTopSecret is from underneath our jack-boots. So we thought that it's well overdue to have a thread where we can all introduce ourselves, and let you know what makes us tick.

I'll start.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I'm Bill, otherwise known as the "SkepticOverlord." Many mistake my chosen site pseudonym as indicating I'm somehow dubious toward conspiracy theories. Nothing could be further from the truth. I take the traditional meaning of skeptic: "a person inclined to question or doubt all accepted opinions," in other words, the pure definition of one predisposed to consider conspiracy theories.

My road to ATS began as a children's book author and illustrator. I specialized in speculative stories and realistic artwork that celebrated imagination and encouraged kids to daydream. I had awards. I had an agent. I had a tour schedule to read in many schools. But I wasn't published. So my wonderful wife encouraged me to use my computer science education to turn the stories and artwork into CD-ROMs. Bam! I started a company, learned new programming techniques for multimedia, got three titles on CD-ROM (and diskette) in 1993, and sold thousands to schools across the country. Too bad, as it turns out, schools don't pay invoices to independent publishers, and no collections agency would take the pile of unpaid invoices.

Here's an illustration from the first book/CD-ROM, "The Amazing Spectacular Ordinary Bottle"

About a boy who finds and odd bottle on the beach after a nasty storm and spends the day imagining where it came from, and what's inside.

And an illustration from "I Saw A Strange Little Man"

An unseen narrator follows an odd man with a magic paintbrush who paints a doorway to a magical land. The brush is a metaphor for one's imagination.

But from that failure, I had the skills to be an executive in advertising in the burgeoning niche of online and digital media. As a highly-paid egotistical NYC ad executive, my long-standing passion for UFO's and conspiracies had me wandering around ATS in 2000. After 9/11 and the related geopolitical issues, the ATS discussion board exploded with activity, and in 2003, Simon Gray (ATS's founder) could no longer afford to pay the rapidly increasing hosting fees. So, I figured if a highly-paid egotistical NYC ad executive with an office overlooking Madison avenue couldn't figure out how to get ATS to the point where incoming revenue could pay the hosting bills, no one could. Right?

Five months later and a nearly-full credit card, complete with angry stare from Mrs. Overlord, we were not successful in seeing meaningful revenue from the handful of pitiful ads I was able to get. On a Tuesday night I called Simon and suggested we probably need to pull the plug. The very next morning I got an email from Google, we were approved for AdSense advertising and one of the first sites with user-generated content to be approved. In three months we made enough to pay the bills. In six months, we were making enough to start improving the technology that drives ATS. The rest, as they say, is history.

All of that above is here on ATS in one form or another -- much of it in really old threads. But now a few things you may not know.

I cannot be stumped with trivia about the movie, "The Big Lebowski." Seriously, many have tried, and many have cried. It's the most important movie ever made.

I love to cook for my wife. Fish tacos are one of my specialties:

I also do some euphoric lobster tacos:


Here are our three pugs waiting for my lovely wife to come out with some tasty treats:

If you ever think about getting a pug, which you should, always get more than one.

Mrs Overlord and I are celebrating our 31st wedding anniversary this month. We got married exactly one year after we started dating... why wait? I love her intensely, when I need to travel and be away from her, I'm less of a person.

So there you have it. The opening salvo in understanding who sits in the secret rooms behind ATS, comparing the blood and guts we scrap from the bottom of our jackboots at the end of the day.

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posted on Jul, 24 2013 @ 02:21 AM
Evolution of a Conspiracy Theorist

Hello to all out there currently reading and posting here on ATS. Like a lot of people, going from what we see in the introductions forum anyway, I found ATS simply by chance while googling for something undoubtedly interesting. I’m not sure what it was back then in all honesty, I think something UFO related, but I’ve forgotten now though so couldn't unfortunately say for sure. When I first found it I wasn’t really all that familiar with the nature of forums either I guess. Ironically you could say It was all pretty alien to me.

Prior to the very first finding of ATS, which was also, if I remember right, when I was about 14 or so (coming up to 21 years old now), I had no prior experience with any conspiracy theory or any alternative topic. Again, It was all alien to me at that time. It’s actually only thanks to ATS and It’s knowledgeable members that I now know what I do, and I’m still learning everyday as well of course. That won't ever stop for any of us.

I remember in my earliest days of reading here I wasn’t only open-minded to literally everything discussed, from the crazy to the truly wacky, but I was just completely mesmerized by it all too. It was truly fascinating to me and I’m almost ashamed to say that I believed almost all of what I read! I think where I am now from where I initially was, that was the natural process to go through evolution-wise if you get what I mean. Firstly I always knew that I had this existing, lingering, also unknowing interest in the alternative, I then come across a venue such as this where everything seems magical and so informative, to then absorbing it all and feeling like a better, richer person for doing so, to now being more of a skeptical person more hardened to the obvious stupidity and untruths. And, I feel even better for that eventual outcome too, whether it’s as a more rational person or when it comes to my own personal research into something as I'm such a strong believer that skepticism is not only healthy, but It's also what keep's a true and proper researcher in line and more tuned towards that end goal.

Today I’m very much so a more skeptical person than I first was when I initially discovered and subsequently started reading ATS threads, learning about this strange, new, alternative world. And I think that’s a truly good thing too, definitely a forward progression in the evolution of a conspiracy theorist anyway I feel. With being skeptical you don’t flat out reject, but you deflect to a degree the nonsense and obviously untrue stuff, leaving yourself more with the stuff that genuinely does need attention and more research. At least that’s how I see things here. And I'm only ever interested about the stuff that's potentially going to get you closer to the truth too as otherwise, it's an unnecessary waste of time.

So, as I pointed out above, when I first came here I was initially more tuned towards the truly mysterious of topics that fascinate and make great stories, and were also potentially nothing more than that too. Much of which was related to our past and the like, such as the Dropa stones for example. UFO’s and the paranormal played a large role in my early interests too and they’re still something I find a little fascinating today, although they’re no longer one of my main interests apart from a few cases such as Rendlesham which I have a long thread on here.

Now I’m more of a politically themed conspiracy theorist and I’m fascinated by the big conspiracy cases such as the JFK assassination, which is a personal favourite and something I can often be found discussing across the boards, the RFK case, the BPP, COINTELPRO, Cover-up’s and scandals of any nature such as the News of the World Phone hacking scandal and Watergate for example and also mysterious deaths which range from Lee Bowers, Dorothy Kilgallen, Karen Silkwood, Dr David Kelly or even in more recent times Gareth Williams. There's of course many more. I’ve admittedly moved far away from my initial interests and I’m moved onto the more serious of topics, which reflects my real life personality more as well I think as yeah, I'm quite young, but also pretty serious, especially when It comes to something I feel is potentially quite important, as all the above cases are to me. It's why I spend so long learning about them.

It’s also for the more serious of topics which is why I chose to stick around and continually add posts and threads to ATS. Here we have a massive amount of extremely intelligent, caring and determined souls, most of which are trying to find the truth and are also very serious about doing so too I believe. I must be honest and say that if you, the membership, were largely different and were just like most other forum’s out there, I’d potentially have left leave and given my time elsewhere. We're a unique bunch here and the fact that there is so many here that are also so determined to uncover truths and dig a little deeper, well, that's just such a fantastic thing in my opinion. I love seeing, and also playing a part no matter how small or large, in combined research on a topic and I believe member’s here largely are better than almost anywhere else on the internet when it comes to this kind of thing. It genuinely makes me proud to have an active membership here on these forums and to be a part of this really quite special group of individuals.

With what I've wrote above I've probably made quite clear a few thing's about myself on a personal level already, the most obvious of which, I would hope, is that I'm passionate about the topics discussed and I care about this website and It's fine member's. It's the reason why I can sometimes spend weeks putting together a thread. I want to learn about the topic of course and I want to further my own research and come to my own conclusions, but I also want to share it with everyone here in the hope of spurring on a fascinating and enlightening discussion at the same time. Seriously, I love having the opportunity to do that. I also massively appreciate other's who equally put in the same amount of time and effort as it shows you genuinely care about what you're bringing up for discussion here and It's not just an attempt at getting stars and flags, a real pet peeve of mine I must admit.

Now, to speak to you all on a more personal level, the very reason for this thread here which is an effort for you guys to get to know us a bit more in-depth – I make no secret about it, and I'll always challenge those who blame the younger generation for a lack of caring and posting quality here on ATS, and I also have to say that think I’m safe in saying I’m currently one of, if not the, youngest staff member currently active as I'm, at this moment of time, 20 years old, although soon to be hitting the big 21 in a mere few weeks time however.

Looking at thing's from a younger perspective has It's pluses and also It's negatives, and I think that's potentially a given as well. One thing I am adamant about though, and I can assure you all I will argue till I'm blue in the face as I feel this is important and that's why I'm discussing it, is that age is nothing but a number. Some of the best contributions I've seen on these forums have come from younger member's, 3 of which became very good friends. Being a younger member of staff, I think anyway, has the potential for a new perspective on certain other topic's to be brought forward as well which is always a good thing.

Even so, I certainly feel as though I've experienced a lifetime at times, whether that’s through heartache or through various experiences and lessons learnt. Of course though I understand life never pauses and there’s many more joy-filled (Sarcasm? Yes, yes it was..) lessons to learn. Something to look forward (Yes, more sarcasm) to I guess. I’m also still at the stage of my life where I’m struggling for some direction, particularly career-wise and I'll be the first to admit ATS can work as a very effective distraction tool from all of that. And I do need that at times. I am working towards something though and whether I'll make it there is something time will reveal, but I hope I can.

I’ve certainly met some wonderful people in my time here too, some of which I’ve even had the pleasure to meet and share a drink with in person, and I know I’m going to meet even more wonderful people here as time continues to progress on-wards. Well, I really hope so anyway. For now, life is taken as it comes living in a run down area of Doncaster, England. I’m doing the thing’s I enjoy, meeting the people who make me laugh and smile, writing the thing’s which rack my brain and make me want to dig deeper and deeper in my personal research and I’m continually trying to progress and live life to my personal fulfillment's – all anyone can ask of another person.

How I come across is left for others to decide, but when not online I know on the one hand I'm determined, and strong in my opinions (trust me, just ask those around me who suffer having to listen to me) yet at the same time, when I'm unfamiliar with someone or somewhere I’m quiet, shy, reserved, and just different really. I admit this and I hope some can relate. With ATS, and the internet as a whole I guess, is the option there to be a bit more open with others and I’m quite thankful for that. Having the ability to be confident and assured, especially in your opinions, is something that's needed to literally "survive" in the heat of battle on these forums It seems.

But even so, and who knows really, despite that real life reserved nature, I’d love to meet more member’s face to face and I’d love more drinks to be shared too, for being a member here is something I’m thankful for due to the knowledge learnt and the friends made, some being the best a guy could ever ask for in life. I do mean that too. However as I close this post I don’t know if any of you will feel closer to me on a personal level, what drives me and why I continually post here on this online forum, I do hope so if anything at all. If not then either way, I’m glad for the opportunity to share with you a little bit about myself, and also the opportunity to share a little bit about what was/is on my mind here as I continually browse through the forum's looking for something to grab my attention..

Thank you.

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posted on Jul, 24 2013 @ 02:50 AM
My name is Brandon, known on ATS as Kinglizard. My username comes from one of my favorite bands the doors....specifically Jim Morrison.

I was born in Anaheim California and raised in Washington state, now residing in Arizona for the last 16 years. I'm 42 years old and have been employed in many positions.

During my college years I was a single family home builder...then moved on to an electrician. Gaining my electrical licence and passing the Washington State certification I quickly moved to the position of the foreman of many different single family dwelling projects.

When I moved to Arizona the heat prevented me from pursuing and engaging in the field. My family background is with the grocery industry. I was in training to take a regional management position for the southwest.

Then I had some health issues.

During that time I attempted to keep working for a family business that had telecom contracts with Hilton and many other large hotel chains serving as the managing contract executive with specific hotel locations across the US.

I became interested in ATS after hearing about area 51 or commonly known as groom lake. Can't go into much detail but a family member worked there.

ATS from the beginning felt like an extended family after I joined in 2004. I loved the people and the exchange of ideas no matter the subject.

I'm just a normal guy that loves being part of ATS.

I was a rock climber, mountaineer and camping enthusiast. My current interests lies in history, knife collecting and firearms used in self-defense and target shooting.

I'm a christian that had a near death experience not so long ago and am privileged to stay part of this world, though the other side is so beautiful.

If you see me posting on the boards please feel free to address me as Brandon.

posted on Jul, 24 2013 @ 03:22 AM
I am Gemwolf. Obviously.

I love quiet nights inside and long walks on the beach. ... Huh? What do you mean it's not that kind of site?
Oh. Very well.

I've had the same identity since my very first login on the Internet in the late 90's. My claim to fame on ATS is that I'm the only staff member from the African continent - which also means I work the graveyard shift, where things are usually calm and collected. The fact that I'm in Africa would explain why there seem to be a delay in all my responses. I have to communicate with a djembe (African drum). The beats of my drum are carried over the vast African plains to the nearest village where they have a 56K dial-up modem. From there my posts are posted on my behalf.

I kid naturally.
I happened upon ATS via a Google search, and the very first post I read was someone that dissed South Africa - calling it a primitive third world country - or something of the likes. I registered with the sole intent of correcting the ignorance. While waiting for responses I looked around ATS and found that it was actually my kind of place. I've been interested in UFOs and the paranormal from at least the age of 7. I've also had several "paranormal" experiences throughout my life, so I felt at home. It didn't take long to get addicted to ATS. Some 8 years later and I cannot imagine life without ATS. The topic closest to my heart is Cryptozoology - which with the tasks of being a moderator I have sadly neglected.
I simply love the place and the people. I also love how ATS challenges you to think and to apply both intelligence and insight. I've undoubtedly learned more from ATS than any other site on the Internet.

As for my avatar(s)... The avatar I've used since day one on the Internet was Frank the Pug from MiB. At some point I asked 12m8keall2c to make me a new avatar and he presented me with the smoking pug. From there on the Pug evolved a personality of its own into what is known today as "The Sacred Pug" - a demigod from unknown origin with me as its Keeper and Spokesperson. Ironically enough, as much as I love pugs, I've never owned a pug, nor will I ever - because they are too stupid. (Sorry Bill, I know you'll disagree, but my two golden Labradors agree with me and they know what they're barking about...

I'm in the IT business myself - jack of all trades, master of none. Everything from programming, design, hardware support , databases, etc. but my favourite remains research and development of new technologies. The fact that I'm in front of a PC most of the day allows me to visit ATS as much as I do.

The other love of my life is cars... Sadly that's quite an expensive "hobby", but I try to drive as many cars as possible (well, not all at once
). I am now on my 14th car in about 8 years. The best car I've ever owned was arguably a 2012 Volvo C30 T5.
This is my current baby - Mini Cooper S Coupe - and I love him. I present to you "Noddy" (for obvious reasons) :

What's that you say? Very boring stuff? I know... But did you know that prior to being a moderator I was post banned once for being a very difficult customer, and SkepticOverlord called me a "Drama Queen" after I kicked up some dust about nothing (I guess he just likes stating the obvious).

I am also the in-house Fashion critic aka the fashion police. So if you like wearing socks with flip-flops you better watch your back... And that mullet really needs to go.

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posted on Jul, 24 2013 @ 05:20 AM
Well HELLO there my fellow Members, Friends and Comrades in Arms.. Garth here. I am also known as Semperfortis, Semper and many other names when I am in a bad mood.

I am a former Marine and career Law Enforcement Officer so you will seldom if ever see me posting in those types of threads; but what brought me too ATS. HMMMMMMM

I am not really sure what gravitated me to ATS other than the usual Google search. I just know when I arrived I found MANY likeminded people and experienced an immediate sense of belonging. I have never looked back.

Born in Virginia, raised and educated in West Virginia, Delaware and South Carolina; I have policed in Maryland, Delaware and South Carolina. I recently retired and I am now just beginning to start an entire new chapter in my life. I have travelled and served all over the world in the Marines and as a contractor. I am married to the most wonderful woman in the world. She has helped me to a point in my life where I now know what is valuable and what is just puff.

I host the Survival Show on Thursdays and the After Midnight Music Show on Fridays as well as Co-Host the ATS Live Show on Saturdays. Like being on Staff, all volunteer and WAY FUN!!!!

We routinely have dogs around the house as we save animals as best we can, but we have 6 cats as permanent residents and they all have their own personality as any cat person will tell you. I love all animals and do what little I can to ensure at least some have good homes and live happy.

My life is pretty much an open book and I always manage to check in on ATS at least once per day. If I can ever be of any help to any of you, please do not hesitate to call on me. My life has been about service to others and I will never change that.

posted on Jul, 24 2013 @ 06:10 AM
I'm Hellmutt, and I've been an ATS addict since 2004. One day, I stumbled upon a link to an ATS thread (I can't remember where I found it). The thread was about "Aussie Bloke", who in the end turned out to be a hoax. I soon found many other interesting topics, and was quickly hooked. I've been a moderator on ATS since March 2006.

English is not my native language. I was born and raised in the Kingdom of Norway. I've been traveling here and there. I.e. Taiwan, Siberia when it was still USSR, Iceland, Finland, Faroe Islands, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, +.

I was in a band in Norway with a couple of friends, and some day we decided to move to Denmark and try our luck there. I was 22. We had no money, but we survived. The band broke up a couple of years later. The others moved back to Norway, but I'm still here. Maybe I'll move back too some day. Time will tell. Here's a short sample of the band (we never released any albums) :

Since then, I've had a couple of jobs where speaking to Bilderbergers were among my duties for several years. I like to take photos, I like fishing, I like listening to music, and I play chess.

posted on Jul, 24 2013 @ 08:18 AM
Hello there all you happy people,
I’m TheBandit795, but you can call me Bandit for short. I’m from the island of Aruba (yes a mod can live in paradise!). My ancestors are all from Dutch islands (Sint Maarten, Sint Eustatius, and Curacao) and from Surinam. I’ve lived all but 4 of my years here with the other four being in the Netherlands. My present function is IT. I have years of experience in servers and networks. A year ago I got married to a beautiful, intelligent woman who loves me very much

My nickname starts for my late dog Bandit (a German Shepherd) who was born in July 1995. During most of my time on ATS I’ve had his picture as my avatar (Some other times I’ve had his son Diesel as my avatar). I was a Johnny Quest fan at the time, so I named my dog after his dog.

How did I come to ATS and how did I come to be interested in UFO’s, conspiracies and the paranormal?
As far as I know I’ve always been interested in these subjects, I’ve always felt drawn to them. As a teenager in the 90’s I was constantly looking at “Mysteries from Beyond the Other Dominion” with dr Ruehl on the sci fi channel, Unsolved mysteries on lifetime only for the UFO and paranormal episodes. Anytime they had crimes or missing people I changed the channel. “In Search of” was also one of my favorite shows. And I also love “the Real Adventures Johnny Quest” because they always had something mysterious and/or paranormal in their episodes.

Weird enough I’ve been on the internet since ’96, but I didn’t really start to search for paranormal stuff until I was already a few years in college in the Netherlands around the year 2000. Also mainly because I learned about “reality creation” after reading the “Conversations with God” books. In early 2002 I found someone on a forum (not sure if it was fellow mod Alien) mention ATS while on another forum, so I followed him here. ATS was on a small board back then and the main feature was the website with its UFO articles and secret aircraft projects. I took a look, like it a lot and here I am 11 years later still on ATS, enjoying the site ever since.
I was asked to become a mod in 2003 and in 2004 I was asked become a mod.

Alternative topics and conspiracies are not my only interests though. I love music with my absolute favorite music being Soca. My favorite songs coming from Aruba and from the small islands of the Caribbean (Virgin Islands, SXM, st Kitts, Antigua, St Eustatius etc) I also love Reggae, Dancehall, Hip hop (pre 2004),R&B (especially older songs), Ritmo Kombina, Zouk, Kizomba, Soul, and other genres of music I enjoy a salsa, merengue, rock and other types of music once in a while.

I also love carnival, especially Jouvert morning which to me is the best time of the year period. Search jouvert morning on youtube to see videos all over the world ( you might see some of my own).

Never mind that last part. Posting my own video:

posted on Jul, 24 2013 @ 08:20 AM
Stephen here, aka Crakeur.

I'm 44 years old, I've been with my wife for almost 20 years (13 married) and along with being the most understanding, and forgiving woman on the planet (she puts up with me), she is an incredible mother to our 2 children.

I stumbled across ATS by complete accident and wound up spending far too much time hanging around the site, primarily in the Aliens and UFOs and 9/11 threads. I started getting involved with the ATS contests and managed to win a few mini prizes along the way. Those contests, and the long hours in chat discussing the various questions, allowed me to get to know some of the members and, eventually, some of the owners. I'm sure Bill remembers the day I argued over his lipstick building question and answer.

My participation in the games led to my involvement in the SERPO affair. I had the pleasure of pinpointing the first crack in the facade of the SERPO story - the math error in calculating how many humans left for SERPO and how many returned. This led to my being asked to join the staff which I turned down as it was something I feared was out of my area of expertise and, more important, was unpaid.

I wound up accepting because Springer is persistent and, in the course of our conversations, I learned that ATS was looking to raise some money to support the growing membership. The rest, as they say, is history.

posted on Jul, 24 2013 @ 08:46 AM
seagull here. Outside of ATS, I've been known to answer to Jon.

As you might surmise, I'm a fan of Jonathan Livingston Seagull...

I found ATS quite by accident the first day I turned on my very first computer. Lo and behold, there was this incredible site that had people talking about just about every topic that interests me... How could I not be hooked? I lurked for about a year, then joined. Been here nearly every day since in one capacity or another.

I'm rapidly approaching the "dirty old man" stage in my life, with the various aches and pains that that stage entails (dammit...). No kids, unmarried. I live in an apartment building that contains a large proportion of college kids, some of them women...(refer back to the "dirty old man" thing...

I'm a Seahawks fan... Actually that's too mild a term, I'm stark raving insane where the Seahawks are concerned. So if I come across cranky on Monday's? The 'hawks might have lost on Sunday...

When on ATS I'm generally to be found on the political forums, and the cryptozoology forum. I do bounce around quite a lot, so if you want me to respond to your threads? Make the title catchy. That'll get my attention...

As some of you know, I'm very into personal accountability in the political realms. I don't buy into the helplessness of Americans to control our destiny... My fave soapbox, if you will.

AboveTopSecret means a lot to me. ...and I tend towards cranky when it, and by inference, the friends I've made here, is attacked by those who know nothing of us. ...and that's the whole idea behind this thread that SO has started.

I'm cranky. I'm opinionated. I tend towards reactionary, though I can usually mellow my initial reactions enough to give other opinions the thought they deserve, whether I agree or not...

Should you contact me, you'll find that I'm actually very easy to talk to, and I'll certainly do everything I can to help you out, or direct you to the staff members that may have knowledge I lack. 'cause I make no claims to knowing it all...that's far, far from the truth.

As I said above, ATS means a lot to me. It's opened portions of the world to me that I've only heard about, I've met people from all over the world, and I've had the chance to argue with most of 'em. Sometimes hard won wisdom is gained through a polite, if passionate, argument.

Thank you for your time. I hope this stream of consciousness reply wasn't too confusing.


posted on Jul, 24 2013 @ 08:55 AM
I'm Mark ("Springer" came from my Harley Davidson Springer Softtail my beloved wife bought me for my birthday a couple weeks before I joined ATS - NOT Jerry
), and I found ATS 10+years ago via my wife who was fascinated by the fact there was discussion site online that wasn't full of inane flame wars.

I was hooked immediately due to my 30+ year fascination with UFOs, government corruption/conspiracies, etc...

At the time I was a mortgage bank executive with about 60 people working in my division, I tried to get them all hooked as well. Somewhere around February 2004 SkepticOverlord let me know that the site was in dire need of a significant security upgrade to protect the servers and all the content that was pouring in. It was going to be expensive and the site couldn't cover the cost. It was a no-brainer for me to offer the money so I did, that started my involvement in the management of ATS.

I love my wife, my kids and my grand kids and my Great Dane dearly. Nothing is more important than family and friends, absolutely nothing. I also really dig music and play guitar and sing badly.

I'm also a sailor who loves boats of all kinds, I guess that's why I joined the U.S. Coast Guard a million years ago when I was a young buck. I got travel the world at very young age it taught me a lot about people and different cultures. Something that stuck with me is my respect and love for people, good old human beings. We're an imperfect bunch but we do some amazing things when we can put the greed, anger, and hate away and focus on the good.

I love working with my hands making things.

My passion for ATS and the topics we delve into makes every day interesting in one way or another. I've had the privilege of getting to know some fascinating people over the years thanks to ATS and made some of the best friends a guy could ask for.

While there is much wrong with world there's a whole lot that is good and wonderful, I like to think ATS is one of the really good things and I hope you'll discover that too.

posted on Jul, 24 2013 @ 08:55 AM
My name is Chris, aka Gazrok. My username comes from a character I never got to play, on a MMORPG that never really came to fruition. But, I usually find it's available as a username, and without having to stick numbers after it, so I've used it for a long time online. I've been with my lovely wife for 10 years (married for 9, but best friends for many years prior).

Pics of us:

We live on a small ranch just outside of a small town that calls itself a city, with enough animals to make it feel like a zoo (horses, dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, etc.). We both work in larger, nearby cities, but also have some sideline business endeavors (we board horses, paint murals and do drawings, decorate cakes, and have a small saddle/tack shop at the ranch). We're also big geeks, and love dressing up in costumes, armor, and generally doing geeky things (and making our home into Nerdvana).

I first came to ATS while researching UFOs in the early 2000's (Bob Lazar, specifically). I have been interested in the subject ever since a weird sighting as a kid (still remains the one unexplained sighting I've ever had). Being a military brat, familiar with aircraft, I've always been able to identify other sightings. I've tried to read every book, and see every documentary, etc. on the subject since the 80's (and then going back and looking for everything prior to my childhood on the subject). I have to say though, being on ATS opened my eyes to a lot of other possible conspiracies in the world, and it really helped me look for and see the REASONS behind the things that happen in the news. Rarely is it ever for the reasons reported, and this was a pretty big wakeup call. I've been here ever since. Researching has always been a hobby, so I began sharing things I learned, things I pieced together, here on ATS, and I guess at some point, the staff liked what I was doing, and asked me to join. (Something they've probably regretted more often than not...but eh, can't please all the people all the time).

Example of cakes we do:

Example of drawings I do:

Example of murals we do:

Geeky photo of us:

Fun around the ranch: (a friend's grandkids coming to visit)

My wife on her horse:

posted on Jul, 24 2013 @ 09:13 AM

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posted on Jul, 24 2013 @ 09:59 AM
Hey ATS… how's it going, eh?

To begin describing myself is going to take pages and pages, if only because I'm the oldest staffer here at 67. You'd think that would give me an advantage, what with being around the block a few times, but, in all honesty, that's just not the way the world works. The one thing I've found to be an absolute truth is that I should never underestimate the intellectual potential of any other human being. To assume that one is superior to another is a mistake of the highest order. That notion you can take to the bank.

What interests me most in this world are people… what they think, how they socialize, what they believe, what they hate and why they conflict with each other so horribly over the most inane ideas. As a result of that interest, I've researched psychology, philosophy and theology for most of my life. These subjects can take many forms. It was Science Fiction which happened to start me on that inquisitive path to great thinkers such as Plato, Leibniz, Hume, Locke, Russell, Jung and many others. Sure… you might say that's just boring to a killing degree, but then, I'm a bit of a dreamer myself, just like those old dudes.

So… you might well ask why I initially came to ATS. Well, that's quite simple, really. As a dreamer so engrossed with the human journey, there was always this lingering notion; a seed planted by my teenage years reading Science Fiction. I began truly believing that there is life on other planets like there is on earth and so my eyes often wandered to the stars on clear moonless nights.

If there is any website on the internet which would be first to find any hints of intelligent life 'out there', it would be ATS and that's what brought me here over 9 years ago. It's my most fervent hope that finding a community of alien civilizations within our galaxy will make humanity realize that we are, indeed, not alone and that our constant internal squabbling, resulting in bloody conflict century after century, is nothing more than a deadly immaturity based on greed.

My life, otherwise, has been fairly normal. I married my high school sweetheart 43 years ago and she is the rock that keeps me sane. I've two wonderful sons who are now also married, living their lives in places it takes a long drive to get to, but we keep in constant contact. We are a 'tight' family and that means more to me than anything else… and I do mean anything.

Ever since those teen years I worked hard to provide all the things my family needed and finally retired back in 2005 to seriously begin pursuing art as a way to express all that I've learned and experienced in my life. Most of my days are spent painting now and the result of that renewed effort (I've always been an aspiring artist) is slowly beginning to bear fruit in the wider art community, with requests for shows at galleries and other venues. I've also joined organizations which promote art and culture in my area and that is very exciting as well.

You can call me Tony, btw.

Masqua is the username I chose because it has great meaning to me in the grand scheme of life. There's a mystery involved and I'm not going to tell you what it entails because then it would no longer be a mystery, would it?


posted on Jul, 24 2013 @ 11:39 AM
Hello fellow members!

Tenth here, or as people know me outside of ATS, Travis.

I've been a member of ATS since 2008 and joined staff a few short years ago. As many of you have, I found ATS during research into 911. I wasn't new to conspiracies or the feeling of wanting to know the truth, but I was new to a community of like minded people who were willing to discuss these issues in a calm and respectful manner.

I joined my first day and I've been hooked ever since. For anybody whose become a friend of mine during these last, almost 5 years, you'll know that I'm married with 4 children, live in Eastern Canada and my interests are quite varied as my posting history would suggest.

To me community is the most important aspect of ATS. I pride myself in being the person that any member can come talk to about anything, be it personal or ATS related. You'll often find me defending this community every chance I get. Not because I am staff, because I know this community and I believe in it's values and it's members.

A little more about me, well I'm retired and in my mid 40's. Been married to my husband now since same sex marriage was legalized in Canada in the early 2000's but we've been together almost 20 years. We have 4 beautiful children, the youngest of which will start middle school next year and the oldest is on sabbatical from university in order to travel Europe.

Much to my chagrin I might add. I'm sort of a nervous, worrisome father

I worked in Telecom for much of my career, the latter of which was owning and operating my own call center for a various Canadian and American telecoms. A few years back I sold it to my employees and decided it was time to stay home and raise the 3 kids at home.

So that's me, just a regular middle aged guy who was seeking an online community, worthy of spending countless hours here. I sure have found it and I'll be here until they kick me out.


posted on Jul, 24 2013 @ 12:20 PM
The Redneck, reporting as requested.

Name's Doug, but those of you who have heard me live on the radio already know that. I was born in a
small one-horse town in Alabama and still live on the same side of the same mountain I grew up in. I love nature, and actually shudder whenever I think about living inside even a small town. The woods that start at the front door of my home are virgin forest, untouched by mankind for at least 100 years. I plan on keeping all 90 acres that way. It's my church, my altar, my place of solitude, and my real home, much more than these four walls that I sit inside. My last wish is for my ashes to be scattered across this mountain; back to where I came from. If that doesn't say how I feel, nothing will.

I've never been much socially... I'm sort of mentally challenged in that area. Growing up, I was always
the quiet guy, the wall hugger, the last one to be noticed. I guess I like that as I still live as something just shy of a hermit. I had no friends who lived close enough to visit until I was 13, and then only one (who still lives on his father's place 1/4 mile from me). I have lived in towns a little from time to time. Never liked them. I felt like I was living among a roach nest of humanity. Even worse, sometimes I think I would have preferred actual roaches.

Nah, I really do like people. I just wish they were a little more civilized.

I finally found a woman who could put up weith me. I am married, 25 years to the same woman. She stuck with me through thick and thin, and I am still amazed at that. We have two kids, both grown now. My daughter married and moved to town, while my son is still living here until he can get a better start in life... and that with my blessing. It's great to see him growing and learning to apply everything I tried to teach him all those years, things my father tried to teach me. No grandkids yet, but I'm hoping one day soon to hear those little voices calling me "Gramps."

I may not be much socially, but I love mathematics, physics, and the like; I'm certified as a professional math and physics tutor. I actually own a substantial library of technical books I have accumulated over the years. Someday I need to build a building just for books.

So it may not be a shock that my real interests are tecnhincal... when I hear about a UFO I don't think about who might be visiting, but I want to know what's making it fly. When I hear about a cryptid, I start analyzing whether or not it is related to other species and what the best way to trap or photograph it is. I'm big into alternate energy, quantum physics, and anything that promises to use technology to improve lives.

I started my life as a draftsman, then moved to designer and engineering aide. I started college, but was forced to drop out when the local economy went belly-up. After I got married, I had a run-in with the boss at my job and left to start my own company. I transferred $500 into the corporate structure I set up, most to pay the lawyer for the paperwork, and started a company that would become the most sought-after design service in the area for ten years. Unfortunately, after ten years I had some medical problems and lost the business.

After recovery, I took a job driving a truck. For eight years I criss-crossed the United States and a
little of Canada. It was a good job, and made a good living, but I missed so much of my kids growing
up... part of me hates myself for that. After eight years of thinking, considering, designing, and scheming, I finally made the decision to come back home and built something I had always wanted: a shop to work in. I've always had ideas for helping mankind with technology, but I never had the time and the money to do anything about them. I had the money from trucking to build the shop, my first step toward working on my projects. Today, I am proud to say that I have my own machine shop, woodworking tools, electronics shop, and computers to handle my growing design needs. My next step will be a chemical set-up.

I have played with electronics all my life, making things I wanted which were either not available or
that I couldn't afford. I set up alarm systems around my room before I moved out of my parents' house; I had flangers and reverbs I built myself on my stereo; I had a diesel horn in my old Volkswagon wired up to a pull chain like a real truck; I even had a cheap car clock that someone gave me wired up to a 8" gong over my bed for an alarm (I'm a deep sleeper). I don't just assemble kits; I design the circuit from scratch, spec the parts, design a printed circuit board, etch the board, solder in the parts, and test it out... all right here. I've learned over the years to take what others throw away and make something I need from it.

I do all my own mechanic work under a shade tree.

I wired and plumbed the house I live in.

I built my shop with my own two hands.

And now, thank you God, I have finished my AS degree in Engineering and start attending UAH for a BSEE this fall. I finally get to finish something I started almost 30 years ago. Not bad for an old decrepit redneck, eh?

Being technically-minded, I always loved the Internet, and the more I would search for stories about
scientific curiosities, the more I would come across this site called ATS. Finally I decided to go ahead
and join to make it easier to read. A short time after that I started posting to explain some things to people who didn't understand them. Then I became fairly well-known around here, and that in itself was a new experience to this semi-hermit. Then one day I received an invitation to become staff. I still say it's a conspiracy; someone typed in the wrong name and was too proud to admit it. But I accepted, more as a way to say thank you to the owners for the site by helping out than anything else.

I really am here to help. I always try to help anyone who needs it. Just shoot me a message.

My hobbies show just how weird I really am... electronics, chemistry, and reading textbooks top the list. I also like natural things: just taking off (sometimes for a few days) in the mountain, fishing, or just sitting on a rock alone somewhere thinking.

The name? Oh, that's really my name too. Back in high school, in the largest town around here, I was the most hick guy anyone had ever seen apparently. Kids started calling me (among other things I can't/won't repeat here) "redneck." It was a serious insult, and it hurt... it hurt bad! I felt like I was less than human. The one day I was reading history and found out where the name came from. It was associated with hard work, a refusal to give up, and a fierce pride in one's heritage. I really was a redneck! I decided to adopt the name, and started referring to myself as "redneck." The insults stopped, but I kept the name. It was my online name way way back on Geocities, it was my CB handle, it was my nickname at work, and it is my name on ATS. Today, if you yell out "redneck" in a crowd, I will turn around. I AM the redneck and I am proud to BE the redneck. It's not an insult any more; it's my badge of honor and who I am.


posted on Jul, 24 2013 @ 01:27 PM
Been on ATS as a participating member since 2005. Lurked off and on for several years prior to joining. I believe I ultimately joined for the ability to do a deeper search for any info surrounding Major Jack Downing, purported to be, and I happen to believe was, a MiB. Long story.

Anyway, I'm old enough to remember the JFK assassination clearly. Probably the first conspiracy I was aware of, and I don't think any of us believe we yet know what that was all about.

I was interested in all things Fortean, especially UFOs from an early age. My dad (who was a hardcore skeptic/pragmatist) used to humor me, and in fact had bought me some Frank Edwards books although he wouldn't be caught dead reading one.

I see all these experiences people allegedly have, and I always feel a little left out. I've never had a real 'woohoo' bizarre experience with the paranormal, or extraterrestrial, or cryptid. I like hearing the stories, but have nothing to share.

After taking the plunge and joining, I was soon drawn into a variety of discussions and discovered a few people who shared my inappropriate and unconventional sense of humor. I like discussion, but eschew arguments. I have this fantasy that someday we can become a place where a cooperative search for truth is more the norm, and we eradicate the bickering among those who apparently think they're going to win something other than an argument on the internet. How that happens, I do not know. But if it can, I hope it happens here.

I'm anything but a social media guy. No MyFace or whatever it is. Just absolutely no interest in any of that. My wife of 25 years is the designated social contact in the family. I don't even answer the phone.

I consider myself to be a classical liberal which today probably makes me a libertarian. Did I mention I hate labels? I hate a lot of stuff. That would be a forum all its own.

Bottom line - I'm really not all that interesting. I guess I should've said that first and saved y'all the trouble of the read.

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posted on Jul, 24 2013 @ 01:31 PM
I'm Johnny and have been an amateur researcher and investigator of pretty much all things strange and paranormal. But finding like-minded folks to discuss in a serious manner these out-of-the-box events was very trying...

It was about eight years ago when I was still looking for an intelligent online way to share experiences and thoughts that I had found this website. My 30+ years in the Radio and Television in no way prepared me for the evolution I would soon be a part of by becoming a member of ATS.

Finding ATS has been a "nugget" in my gold pan that I hope to be involved with for many years to come...

posted on Jul, 24 2013 @ 02:07 PM
Quoth the Raven... Neformore

Or... Baz to those who know me and listen to the ATS Live! and Sunday Night Euro shows on ATS Live Radio.

The spelling of the name is by design, 'cause I started on the net way back when it was a brave new frontier, 9600baud dial up was considered ultra fast and AOL ruled the world, and the actual name Nevermore was Neformore was chosen as an alternative and its just stuck ever since.

I did three years as a staffer and chat room host for AOL's Parascope forum before getting lost in the www wilderness and finding ATS in 2006, and I've not looked back since.

As one of the two main hosts of ATS Live I try and be well-rounded in just about every subject discussed on ATS - equally comfortable covering such diverse topics as world politics through to alien abductions, cryptids, black projects, clandestine operations and social issues - its not easy! My real passions though are UFO's and anything that flies.

I hope I can bring a balanced approach to the subjects discussed on ATS and I like to take a "stand off" logical approach to the things we talk about here - trying to be as fair as possible.

But be warned. This Englishman bites (and bites HARD) sometimes when I see or hear obvious hoaxes, historical inaccuracies or just plain old BS and I don't shy away from asking difficult questions and making my views heard plainly and clearly.

When I'm not doing this stuff, I'm running the ATS Live Radio channel, and if not doing that I'm either making music with my band Illustrial (4 albums and counting!) or paying a visit to one of the many MMORPG's that sit in my game folder (WOW, Conan, Secret World, Aion, World of Tanks, EvE to name but a few) - See if you can find me on one

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posted on Jul, 24 2013 @ 03:07 PM
Hi, DTOM here

I found ATS while discussing JFK on a lo carb long gone. Someone there mention AboveTopSecret...and the rest, as they say, is history.
I was totally amazed when I joined that no one had already taken the very cool username I now wear: DontTreadOnMe.....

So, I love conspiracies....must be part on my private and non-trusting nature

Not so much a fan of political debates....although I do have some strong opinions!!!!.....I have a healthy distrust of government ....another key ingredient for us tin-foil hats folk....don't like labels much, but I'm neither a Republican nor a Democrat....really more of an old hippie.

I also like to read about earth I often read a lot of the material in Fragile Earth.

In real life, I like to garden...mostly flowers with the occasional cucumber and tomato plant. I also grow orchids indoors...well, really I give them light, water and a bit of food...they do all the work

I tend toward alternative therapies in health and medicine.
I love to cook, when I am in the mood, and pizza is one of my favorite foods.
I have a dear husband who also reads ATS, but is only a lurker.
We have a wonderful Siberian Husky named Emily.

We both find ATS to be our best source of news....

I enjoy spending time here...and enjoy all the cool members I have met in the years I have been here.

posted on Jul, 24 2013 @ 03:47 PM
Call me Blaine of course. When deciding on names to use on the Internet I started just using my first name many years ago and soon found I had to add numbers and that my name was not as unique as I once thought.

I simply do not remember finding ATS or even registering to join. I imagine I registered at first for less ads or some other reason. I see from my profile I’ve been here since October of 2004. It seems like far less than that. I imagine I found this place like I find most interesting things on the Internet; searching while bored on the days when I sit at my desk waiting for something to do.

What I found here was the most amazing community of open minded people I’d ever seen, discussing topics I thought no one else was interested in. Much of what I read here was completely new to me, but some were things I’d had an interest in since my youth. I’ve always had a strong interest in all thing Alien and UFO’s.

I managed to get myself banned once and I’m happy that happened as it woke me up to my less than tolerant nature on some topics.

August of last year I found an invitation in my inbox to become a Mod at ATS. My first thought was no and then after mulling it over for a bit I realized I had gotten a lot out of ATS and it would be an honor to say yes. I am not sorry I made that decision.

I’ve come to know a staff made up of some of the best people I’ve ever met. I had no idea what went into the decisions made here and I’m still impressed daily by the open mindedness and fairness exhibited by everyone on the staff. We are as diverse a group of people as you would ever want to meet, but what we have in common are open minds and a desire to keep ATS a sane place that people will want to be a part of.

I’m one of the older members of staff and fast approaching 60 years of age. I’m blessed to have a wife who has been with me for almost 24 years. I say blessed as in all those years we’ve never had so much as even a serious argument and I love her more each year we are together.

I was born in Southeastern Idaho and spent most of my childhood in a small town in Utah. I ended up in Southern California my senior year of High School and attended a College and University there also. I’ve traveled a lot in my work over the years and lived in many States. I now reside in Anchorage, Alaska and have been here for nearly 14 years.

My only regret for deciding to join the staff here is that I don’t have more time to spend here both participating and helping to moderate.

Never hesitate to contact me for any reason; whether it be questions or help you need with something. I’m often not here for more than a few days during the week so please be patient when you try and reach me if you should need to.

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