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Re-appearing Vivid Dreams of Alien Beings

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posted on Jul, 25 2013 @ 02:11 AM
I hope I'm posting in the right area for this. For the past couple of nights, I have been having vivid dreams, where in them, I go about a usual dream. But then feel a slight vibrations and a panic like feeling. I can sense them coming, this has been happening all my life but with the usual grey aliens but these new ones are very different. They are black obsidian in color, 3-4 feet in size, thin, and oval heads pointed at the bottom. They have no facial features whatsoever. When I would sense them in the dream, I would run but yet still see them and they would eventually catch me. I would still be asleep but the rest of the time, no dreams just pitch black. Though the last image I had last night was of a galaxy.

These vivid dreams have been happening to me most of my life, though with the usual grey types. I get more panic with the usual greys but with these new obsidian colored beings, there isn't much panic involved. Any ideas on who the newcomers are? And could these be a lot more than just vivid dreams going on? Thanks.

For the record, I have witnessed multiple UFOs and have had a close encounter with one for 3 days in a row about 2-3 years ago. Also I haven't even been doing anything that would influence my dreams such as reading or watching or even thinking on the Alien/UFO subject for the past month or so. It's usually these dreams that gets me reading into the subject again.
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posted on Jul, 25 2013 @ 02:28 AM
reply to post by UFOTruthAgent

The buzzing and panic are very much attributable factors with sleep paralysis FYI.

Get yourself a GPS device to wear that tracks your location and updates a data log to the internet automatically where the status, location, and location log can be checked online without any need to have access to the device.

If you have dreams about going somewhere and your GPS log shows you stayed in bed, then, yeah, you're just really obsessive and you dream about aliens a lot, perhaps even experiencing sleep paralysis often.

If, however, your GPS shows you going 80,000mph somewhere, you'll have lots of fun data that you can even show us here on ATS.
If GPS shows you actually going to a specific location, you can then call any and every UFO agency to go poke at the location to look for secret alien bases or something, or whatever they might get up to.

posted on Jul, 25 2013 @ 02:32 AM
reply to post by Druscilla

Dru.... i agree with you here, but do you think that a Garmin would work in outer space... *winks*

Kindest respects


Ps. Just ribbing you

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posted on Jul, 25 2013 @ 03:00 AM
reply to post by UFOTruthAgent
To dream that you are an alien symbolizes the undiscovered part of yourself. Your manifestation as an alien may be your way of "escaping" from reality. Dreams of this nature also symbolize your outlandish ideas and your wild imagination.

To dream that you are being invaded or abducted by aliens indicates your fear of your changing surroundings or your fear of losing your home and family. You feel that your space and/or privacy is being invaded.

To see aliens in your dream signify that you are having difficulties adapting and adjusting to your new surroundings. You are feeling "alienated" and disconnected. You may also be having difficulties with how to handle or deal with a certain situation or person. On a psychological level, seeing aliens represent an encounter with an unfamiliar or neglected aspect of your own self.

hope this helps...

posted on Jul, 25 2013 @ 03:49 AM
reply to post by Rodinus

Well, within the UFO mythology, there's the stories coming from people claiming to be taken to secret underground bases. Wearing a GPS device to bed, preferably clamped or locked onto the body such that it's difficult to take off or remove, if there were an actual abduction event might give us at least some data.

1. It goes nowhere; indicates the subject is just dreaming.
2. It goes dead; indicates the subject consciously tampered with device to disable it, or device went out of range (vertically?)
3. It actually travels;
a.) could indicate subject attempting to lead false trail to hoax abduction event.
b.) could indicate subject experiences sleep walking.
c.) could indicate subject simply consciously went out.
d.) could indicate something significant if rate of travel is shown to be beyond capability and range of subject using any civilian transport.

We're of course hoping for something like 3d; movement that would be very difficult to fake over ranges a subject wouldn't have access to or ability to achieve at speeds typical or better than known military aircraft.

If also data indicates 3d where a location like disappearing into the side of a mountain range seems to occur, then, you've the added bonus of a destination to go poke at, wide awake with witnesses.
If location turns out to just be the side of a mountain, well, GPR and TNT at that location might suddenly sound like appealing past times.
If location turns out to be a military base, well, then, hmmm. Such would then seem to indicate a validation of some of the UFO mythology.

Either way, it's data and it's data no one has ever captured. Never.

Too often so called researchers invest all their time inside books, or chasing after events that have already happened. How many are baiting traps? How many are being proactive in attempting to capture data when it happens, as it happens?

All abduction and space alien contact phenomenon has so far given indication of being purely psychological. Anything involving sleep, bed time, or even long drives that could involve hypnopompic states are pretty much inadmissible. Actually, stories and only stories are just stories.
Real data that would indicate actual travel beyond the capability of current known technology would be a score for all the pouty lipped believers that call people like me a 'debunker', or other names with derogatory connotation.

Stories and dreams we've heard plenty about. No one other than the types that are pretty much part of the religion of UFOs and aliens cares about stories. The rest of the planet that has at least a little bit of sense wants data; something that can be looked at, examined, poked, and questioned, and preferably data that can't be, or would be very extremely difficult to fake.
GPS data logged to a read only online database would be a good bit of data.

posted on Jul, 25 2013 @ 04:08 AM
reply to post by shells4u

Thanks for the info. The one part seems to fit with what I'm going through in real life. It is just intense as the dreams progress that brings some lucidity to them.

Dru, I agree with you. More data needs to be recorded in cases of abduction. Only real data can solve this phenomena. Same reason, I left most of the New Age UFO type of forums everything was left to interpretation and no hard data.

posted on Jul, 25 2013 @ 04:39 AM
reply to post by Druscilla

You're right! Those aliens, you know, with the vastly superior technology that is required to pull off these clandestine operations of theirs, while remaining practically undetectable, would be totally trumped by a GPS device!

They'd probably just be too stupid to recognize it and leave it behind while they abduct their victims.

I mean, I'm sure they don't even know when and how people are trying to gather physical proof of their existence: with that video camera on a tripod set up in the corner of the room, or a GPS device attached to their "subjects." I bet they'd even stumble over a trip-line with tin cans tied around it as they approached my bed..providing of course that they slipped on the banana peel underneath the windowsill.

I mean, why would aliens even bother to reconnoiter and gather intelligence about Earth to learn of our technologies so that they can circumvent or counteract them? Seems like a major waste of time for them to know what they're up against and plan ahead accordingly!

No, I'm sure those aliens are just too feeble-minded to do the job right and leave no trace behind. It's impossible, right? If they're not goofing off like the 3 Stooges and compromising their covert maneuvers every visit they make, they must not even exist at all!

Good job, Dru. You just outwitted all the beings in the universe with your GPS device. I knew you could do it

(Oh, and like you've not called dozens of us on ATS derogatory names

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posted on Jul, 25 2013 @ 05:29 AM
reply to post by NarcolepticBuddha

I think that post would indeed qualify as mediocre content contributed, if not a bit south of mediocre.

I cheer on your attitude of giving up and not trying anything at all because trying anything at all is entirely pointless since the aliens are so advanced they've completely and totally wiped all memories of any abduction events so no one ever ever ever remembers even the tiniest bit about their alien abduction event. No one has any dreams or recollections at all. None. Ever. They're so advanced that no one even knows they exist and entire threads online about alien abductions have never ever happened.
In fact, we're not even talking about it right now.
Yep, it's entirely pointless to even try.
Excellent attitude.
That's the way to get behind any effort or suggestion to actually quantify a phenomenon riddled in superstition and mythology that's only confirmed positive as psychological phenomenon readily replicable in the lab.


I can see why a believer wouldn't want any actual real data to be pursued since any real data risks exposure of a cartoon for being just that, a fiction.
Let's just tell stories and ooo and ahh and gosh away at the stories accepting them as total and complete fact without any attempts at finding where these stories come from.

Yes, i can see how that attitude can be totally productive. Well done.
We need more contributions like that here.


Now, if you anything actually productive to offer, we'd love to hear it. Our new member, the OP is asking for some assistance and certainly some of your boundless knowledge on the subject could offer them some kind of solace or or enlighten the rest of us with some informative tid-bits.

Meanwhile, I'll continue to offer advice based around feasible action that might, or might not garner some results.
If, for instance, these supposed fantastic amazing magical aliens were to disable a GPS device, then, data logs would show the GPS inactive. GPS going inactive would, in fact offer a data point, if only a data point that might be considered suspicious and overly convenient.
If the subject has secured the GPS onto their person in such a way as to require a key to unlock it, and the key were for instance frozen inside a block of ice for purposeful inconvenience, yet, somehow the device was still removed or unlocked with the key left undisturbed, well, we'd only have the subject's word for it, but, that in itself might be worthy of exploration.


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posted on Jul, 25 2013 @ 06:05 AM

Originally posted by Druscilla
If, for instance, these supposed fantastic amazing magical aliens were to disable a GPS device, then, data logs would show the GPS inactive. GPS going inactive would, in fact offer a data point, if only a data point that might be considered suspicious and overly convenient.

That only works if someone is unbiased and objective in their analysis. No, not all scientists are impartial--surely you're aware of that! When you approach this with an "absence of evidence is evidence of absence" attitude, you're doing a horrible disservice to science. As you posted above (and quoted again below) this "data point" is all nice and ready to be dismissed by you as a hoaxer's "tampering."

Yes, I can see why you push this GPS idea so hard. By its very nature, it's a test designed only to confirm your doubt.

Look at your prearranged conclusions for this hypothetical test. You're already determined to say that the person was dreaming or hoaxing. We all already know you're unwilling to listen to anybody's testimony, so where does that leave us? Case closed, right? Aliens don't exist because Dru said so! That's where it leaves us.

Originally posted by Druscilla
1. It goes nowhere; indicates the subject is just dreaming.
2. It goes dead; indicates the subject consciously tampered with device to disable it

..and just because you don't understand these aliens doesn't mean they're magic

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posted on Jul, 25 2013 @ 07:01 AM
reply to post by NarcolepticBuddha

Well, testimony IS just testimony. Stories are just stories.
Of course, if you really just want to hear what you want to hear and believe any old story accepting them all as true because there's no such thing as people lying, or even just being honestly mistaken due commonly mistaken psychological phenomenon, we've got people like Buck Nelson.
Old Buck was a good old Christian value boy that rode around with Naked Martian men and their dog.

or, maybe that Billy Meier fellow is more up your alley? He's got this whole religion based on the teachings of these aliens called the Pleiadians, where coincidentally he just so happens to be the literal reincarnation of Jesus Christ.
Hmmm. Who'd of thunk a one armed German farmer that fakes UFO photos with miniature trees would be the 2nd coming?

You're of course more than welcome to believe anything and everything you want to believe without any kind of evidence at all. That's entirely your prerogative.
Don't let me stop you.

I'm just offering to the OP the suggestion that should they happen to capture data showing them going 80,000mph, well, that might just be significant, no?
All the other data, well, hey, it's self reporting and little old Dru can't say anything about anything that isn't reported now eh? Or maybe you think I might just make up a thread about nothing happening a year from now when we don't hear anything back from OP where my entire thread consists of pointing at this thread claiming that since OP never reported back that it's PROOF that aliens don't exist?


You go right ahead and fear factor people into not trying something that might maybe could possibly on a very slender slim chance give some data.
Of course, if they DON'T try, then, they very definitely won't have any data at all, definitely not anything showing anyone going 80,000mph.

I wonder who profits from your convincing people to not even try?

It's a little conspicuous don't you think?
Here I am the spooky skeptic and I'm a proponent for getting evidence that might actually give some strong evidence in favor of the believer side of things, and then here you are saying "Don't Do it!".
It seems all a little fishy to me.
It's almost like you don't want someone to bring back data logging rather eyebrow raising travel at 80,000mph.

What's up with that?

posted on Jul, 25 2013 @ 08:18 PM
In my opinion it is useless to try to gather data unless we have new measuring equipment which can detect the kind of energies we are dealing with here. There are thousands of people who claim they are getting abducted or visited every single night and this apparently often runs in families and often with military families too. Why not get a bunch of scientists together and study this group of people in order to develop equipment which can measure these things and then we can start to record and note-take about these events.

There are IR cameras which go a small way towards showing what is happening, and some other ghost-hunting equipment which may be able to help, but until there are scientists who start to do this, other scientists would not take the whole thing seriously and the scientific journals may not bother to review the papers published.

It is sad that science needs funding and the funding determines what is studied. Dru - what scientific bodies do you know of which would be able to do something like this? None, I guess. Point made.

posted on Jul, 25 2013 @ 08:23 PM
reply to post by Druscilla

Assuming somene was abducted with this gps thing, and did show you some stats, im pretty sure you'd just say its fake or a hoax anyways.

posted on Jul, 26 2013 @ 02:08 AM

Originally posted by LevelEleven
reply to post by Druscilla

Assuming somene was abducted with this gps thing, and did show you some stats, im pretty sure you'd just say its fake or a hoax anyways.

That's where you would be wrong.
It would seem you're of the opinion that I dismiss everything, yet, here I am advocating for a solution that could bring confirming evidence, regardless of how small the probability for such having a positive hit is or is not.

I would suggest you see to your very own bias. I'm certainly more objective than anything you've demonstrated. I start from the most rational and down to earth probable explanations for phenomenon and behavior, and work from there.
To the chagrin and stymied disappointment of those taking the opposite approach of screaming "Aliens" without any evidence for there being any such thing, and staying with Aliens in an all or nothing attitude, this approach of starting with rational explanations first creates an attitude of resentment for the fact that no matter how hard they wish and want for Aliens, they never actually do seem to turn up, so, they vent their frustrations on those who've taken away their invisible lollipop though there never was an invisible lollipop to begin with.

Were the subject, any subject to come back with GPS data indicating that they did indeed travel at some phenomenal speed beyond the capabilities of known aircraft, I'd certainly question the integrity of the data.
If the data is written with ball point pen on a napkin, that would indicate some several possibilities where if the data is accessible on a website where the data gets logged in a read-only format such the subject won't be able to tamper with the data, then that would indicate another thing altogether.
If the data is less the former and more the latter, then, we could with good faith examine the data as having a higher probability for being true.
From there, we then plug in the data log to a map to plot the points according time stamps.
Such a thing would give us a direction and path of travel.
We then follow the path of travel to see where it goes and or if the time stamps are consistently regular, looking for plot points physically close together which could indicate a destination.
We then examine all suspect destination points for anything out of place or of any interest.
If we find a plausible suspect destination area, and it's general location is conspicuously remote from any human habitations, then, we might very plausibly have a good candidate for on-the-ground investigation.
If we examine a suspect destination and find that it's a military base or other conspicuously Military Industrial Complex, or Government associated agency, then, that too would be quite very interesting.

If the data does not give any indication of a destination, then, further data sets may reveal a pattern, and/or eventually point out destination locations that might present good candidacy for on-the-ground investigation.
Wouldn't it be neat to send out some UFO field researchers and have them disappear without a trace?
Wouldn't it be neat if they didn't disappear but instead found a secret UFO base of operations?

Of course, zero data gives us absolutely nothing to work with.
If no one tries, then all we have is the same we're stuck with today; nothing.

posted on Jul, 26 2013 @ 07:00 AM
Well, failing a GPS you can always just put up a webcam or something. Record the nights.

Regarding dreams themselves... Well dreams are weird

If you get the panicky "sleep paralysis" type experience again simply try to... wake up. Acknowledge its a dream even though you feel awake. In my experience whenever that laying in the bed/buzzing/unable to move thing happen, I am actually asleep but the brain seem to think I'm awake (instead of the opposite, you're awake but the brain think you're sleeping). If you think you're awake in your bed in a dark room with shadows everywhere but you're really dreaming... Weird things will undoubtedly happen.

posted on Jul, 26 2013 @ 03:48 PM
My best advice would be to keep a journal close by upon waking up and immediately writing down the experience as accurately as you can remember. If you write all of this down in detail the fragmented memories may make more sense to you and help you understand. Even if none of it makes any sense still write it down, and if something comes to you later on it definitely wouldn't hurt to carry a small notebook.

As for the experiences themselves, there's no real way of proving whether or not this is happening I'm afraid. The very best you can hope for is finding some kind of closure, which you owe to yourself. I know this is much easier said than done, but should it happen again try to stay calm and think of something positive, for instance your family or loved ones. Positivity and love will always trump fear and darkness, focus primarily on good energy and try your best not to submit yourself to panic. Don't let whatever it is that's happening conquer you.

Good luck!

posted on Aug, 26 2013 @ 02:58 PM
Talk to others in your house. See if they are having unusual dreams. I just discovered my 13 yr old who was 7 at the time, was having dreams about the same being in our laundry room door way and both our dreams stopped once we moved from that house. I never spoke of mine because i assumed it was a dream until this past weekend she brought up the dream of the black figure, i started to cry it freaked me out.

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