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Remember the GA woman who states two black kids shot her baby...

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posted on Jul, 27 2013 @ 06:49 PM
Well it was more than suspicions of the daughter. The gunpowder on both the father and mother's hands is a little more substantial.

What a gorgeous little babe he was. So very sad he wasn't safe. Don't understand this world at all.

If those teens were being set up, could say the same thing for them too. And anyone used for political agendas including quite possibly Trayvon.
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posted on Jul, 27 2013 @ 07:38 PM
Wait a minute...

Didn't this happen outside in broad daylight? How could both of them be the shooters? Does it take two to shoot a baby? If they planned this out, wouldn't they have had enough sense for the other person to not handle the gun?

I'm confused... maybe it does need to be looked at closer but I understand why it wasn't protested. It seemed so cut and dry.

If the racist people of america made a big deal out of it, it really doesn't surprise me.
they do that when every black criminal hits the news but i consider them to be on their own isolated little mission and not the general consensus. I think most people just thought "how terrible, glad they caught the guys"

I'm still not sure why this would have sparked protests then, but can see why it would now if they don't examine this closely.

Can we believe the article is not just trying to start controversy???

Who knows at this point?

posted on Jul, 27 2013 @ 08:21 PM

Originally posted by DZAG Wright
reply to post by Oneofone

You will notice how quiet this thread will be, whereas any thread concerning GZ is bursting at the seams.

That would be because there is no debate in this case. It has nothing to do with race, it has to do with debate. These 2 black kids shot and killed a baby (supposedly) There was no self defense. The baby did not jump out of the stroller and attack.

Zimmerman case was different. We all had questions about who started the physical confrontation. What lead up to that confrontation. What happened during that confrontation. We had plenty to debate about over the specifics of the case.

Zimmerman was a threat to Trayvon. Trayvon was a threat to Zimmerman. A baby sleeping in a stroller is a threat to no one. You can simply not compare the two incidents- they have nothing at all in common.....

Unless you choose to focus on race. However the premise from the OP is not correct in my opinion.

When we look at the Zimmerman case and the Baby Santiago case side by side, what we see is how racism plays out in the United States. When a white man openly admitted to shooting and killing an unarmed black teenager, the public immediately jumped to his defense. On the other hand, when two black teenagers were accused of shooting and killing a white child, the public immediately cried out for their executions. Zimmerman was guilty, the two teens may very well be innocent, but public perceptions about these two cases shows that what matters most is the skin color of the accused killers.

First off, white America did not jump up in defense of Zimmerman. There was no shortage of White People who wanted him convicted, asked for Justice, asked for his arrest. I am not black, and I still think Zimmerman was guilty of manslaughter.

The story about the 2 black teens was pretty cut and dry. When an arrest was made, many believed it was a pretty legit arrest. There was no real debate on this one. Also, some of us did not buy into the story when it first broke. As proof of my claim, here is my post from a March 22, 2013 thread titled, "Georgia mom shot in leg and baby killed in stroller by kids with gun"


And what was my opinion on this story when it broke? What did I, Mr Wendal, the non black person say?

Stay tuned to this story in the coming weeks as the Mother will be arrested.

This story stinks to high heaven and we have all seen it before. As far as what is wrong with this story...

The Mother is shot in the leg and the baby shot in the head?

I don't buy this part of the story for multiple reasons. For starters, even a killer wants to get away. This is a common trait that any criminal has. No one goes out and commits a crime thinking, "I'm going to be caught for this". They always think that can get away. Kill an Adult, you can still get away. Kill a baby, and you will be hunted to the ends of the earth. It will make national news, not just local and every criminal knows this.

Secondly how many cases have we seen where the main actor was wounded. Even put themselves in danger to sell the story they are telling? We have seen it with mother and babies, husbands and wives, wives and the whole family and vice versa. We have seen this before and the story is questionable at best.

You can read more of my argument at the link provided.

So sorry to tell you, race has nothing to do with any of this. Unless that is all you choose to focus on then I suppose it has everything to do with everything.
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