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Internet of Things

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posted on Mar, 4 2013 @ 09:17 AM
Here's a document from the 'Internet of Things European Research Cluster' (IERC). It states on page 84 that “The IoT needs to handle virtually all modes of operation by itself without relying on human control.” (IoT = Internet of Things).

On 28 February 2013, the European Commission published the results of the public consultation on the Internet of Things. See page 4, points 1 & 7, from Document 3, 'Internet of Things Factsheet Ethics'Internet of Things Factsheet Ethics

Point 1 states that

The user is engulfed and immersed by IoT and there are no clear ways of opting out of a fully fledged IoT, except for a retreat into a pristine natural and artifactless environment, which will be hard to come by in the remainder of the 21st century

Point 7 states that

Embedded intelligence and extended mind: Smart and dynamic objects, with emergent behaviour, embedding intelligence and knowledge function as tools and become (external) extension to the human body and mind. As is already the case to a certain extent with traditional computing artifacts, access the intelligent and data carrying IoT environment may come to be considered as necessary for human agents to get around. Similar to the info available through a mobile phone, and access to your Social Networking Site, people would feel cognitively and socially handicapped.

For more information regarding the Internet of Things (IoT), I would suggest that you read:

Common Purpose, the Internet of Things & Global Surveillance

Government gave us the web
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