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The big Bush handout to pharmaceutical companies

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posted on Oct, 22 2004 @ 10:05 AM
Drugs drugs and more drugs for the mentally deranged U.S. citizens, aren’t Americans lucky to have George Bush in control, who would have though the American populace is crazy, seems George knows, why else would he want to screen the whole population of the U.S.


The big Bush handout to pharmaceutical companies: mandatory mental health screening for entire U.S. population

The Bush administration's handouts to pharmaceutical companies just keep on coming. First, it was the Medicare discount drug card scam which turned out to be a system that guaranteed pharmaceutical industry profits thanks to sky-high prices of prescription drugs (the discounts were nonexistent). Next, it was the initiation of an anti-terror drug research program where the government would spend billions of dollars buying and stockpiling expensive drugs and vaccines to counter biological weapons. And now, it's the announcement that President Bush wants to mandate the mental heath screening of the entire U.S. population.

Why is this a handout to drug companies? Because these so-called mental health "disorders" are often fictitious diseases (like ADHD) that can easily be attributed to nearly anyone. And once a person is labeled "diseased," they can be put on expensive prescription drugs to alter their brain chemistry Make no mistake: this sweeping "public health" initiative is really just a clever way to dope up half the population with expensive prescription drugs that alter brain chemistry. It's a devious plan. And it's an invasion of personal privacy


This puts me in mind of a lyric from a song by Frank Zappa “ Wake up America your dreaming”


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posted on Oct, 22 2004 @ 10:20 AM
I have never heard of newstarget but I don't agree with the content of your post. First of all, saying that ADHD is fictitious is wrong. I have it and can guarantee you there is nothing fictitious about it. Second of all, just because someone is diagnosed with something does not mean that they have to take medication for it. The Government would never FORCE someone to take medication. And not all mental health disorders merit medications. If a disorder is severely affecting your life perhaps you would consider medication but if it is not, most people would not medicate themselves.

I think you need to take a look at Kerry's portfolio and tax records. He is heavily invested in pharmaceuticals. Kerry is the one that makes huge profits from the drug companies, not Bush.


posted on Oct, 22 2004 @ 10:25 AM
Medicate the entire country?

Prozium anyone?

Someone please know what I'm talking about

posted on Oct, 22 2004 @ 10:29 AM
Did I say Bush was making money? Did I say I agree or disagree, about the statement of ADHD being real or not?
I, like you have never heard of News Target, but does that make this article less creditable. Do you think it is right for the government to test people, and yes they will FORCE people to take their meds, don't kid your self.

posted on Oct, 22 2004 @ 10:33 AM
Rep. Ron Paul states that this will be mandatory:

This new proposal threatens to force millions of kids to undergo psychiatric screening, whether their parents consent or not. At issue is the fundamental right of parents to decide what medical treatment is appropriate for their children.

I like Ron Paul. He makes alot of sense in what he says.

posted on Oct, 22 2004 @ 10:41 AM
What this screening is going to do is to make the insurance business been able to raise the prices on insurance "medical and life" depending of what "level" of mental disabilities you have

So not only he is giving the ok for the drug industry to capitalized on "mental disabilities" but the insurance companies are going to hit the jackpot on this one specially the HMOs, thanks to bush they are doing a "killing" with Americans health business right now.

And then the "life insurance" business will get a nice cut too.

Hummm..............Mr. John Doe we are having some problems it seems that your doctor has diagnosed some "mental" problem on you so your car insurance is going to be raise because you have to take pills that can impaired your driving abilities, and also we have informed your life insurance that you may be suicidal, so you will have a call on that one too, and by the way your health insurance policy said that you have to review your coverage because the "mental" issues have to be specify.

What a whole bunch of BS.

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posted on Oct, 24 2004 @ 02:44 AM
You hit the nail on the head
sorry we don't insure nuts, unless God talks to you.

Is this part of no child left behind,

Originally posted by mrmulder
Rep. Ron Paul states that this will be mandatory:

This new proposal threatens to force millions of kids to undergo psychiatric screening, whether their parents consent or not. At issue is the fundamental right of parents to decide what medical treatment is appropriate for their children.

I like Ron Paul. He makes alot of sense in what he says.

Over 5200 Concerned Adults Refuse to Comply with New Freedom Initiative for Mental Health Screening in the Schools

(PRWEB) October 21, 2004 -- A Declaration of Refusal

Over 5000 people from all over the country and even from other countries have now signed up to oppose the President Bush's New Freedom Commission's plan to screen every child in United States schools for “mental illness,” and get as many as possible on expensive, dangerous psychiatric drugs, in order to profit some of the primary contributors to his presidential campaign. Voices from all over America are being heard, saying "We promise to actively resist further intrusion of psychiatry into the public schools, and will not cooperate in any way with those who act as agents of this wrong-headed government initiative.

We do not now and will not later consent to the psychiatric or psychological testing of our children by those who act as agents to implement New Freedom recommendations for universal mental health screening of our children." Republicans and Democrats, Green Party and Libertarians and people with no political affiliation alike are all raising a cry to say that this plan will NOT go into effect.

U.S. Representative Ron Paul is fighting in Congress to stop funding for children's mental health screening, and is the sponsoring author of HR 5236, a bill called “Let Parents Raise Their Kids,” which will deny funding for any mandatory mental health screening in the schools. Paul declared that “Parents must do everything possible to retain responsibility and control over their children's well-being… The federal government is slowly but surely destroying real families, but it is hardly a benevolent surrogate parent.”

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