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The explanation of consciousness in the flesh

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posted on Oct, 17 2004 @ 10:24 PM
You modern people:

There is hardly any phenomenon greater in the universe than that of human intelligence and the origin of consciousness. It is the most gleaming gem of all this natural kingdom, and perhaps one of the greatest treasures of all the universe.

To gain an understanding of our own consciousness and its forms should be the business of every civilized person. It is the foundation upon which all our creation rests, it is the order of the nations, and the health of their peoples. Those skilled in this understanding are what your forefathers called prophets, sages, and wise men.

These things should not be mysterious, or arcane, or hidden at all. You do not hide the knowledge of the growth of corn, or the digging of wells, yet the understanding of the mind is the knowledge of the wellspring of life-force itself. Why is it hidden, and hated, and concealed?

Consider the forms of our beginning. When the child is born, His mind in most cases is full. All the parts of his mind are filled with the life-force, and each region of the brain is in proper order with the others. The child in this condition is happy, and peaceful, and is able to convey love and joy. In fact, love and joy are closely related to this perfection of form.

Those who say, we are born into sin, are perhaps the most ignorant men ever to live. We are born quite the opposite: Much like the flesh of the newborn, the new mind is healthy as well, with his capacity to develop still intact. There is no inborn limitation upon men: It is imposed upon him by his parents or teachers. It is this imposition into the mind that has caused the most damage to our race.

Children are not born with errors: Their nature is intact from the beginning. They are assaulted by errors and evil later on, and this can cause the mind to become damaged, deranged, and crippled, and from these are born all the maladies of mankind.

Why is this understanding so hard to come by? It seems to be quite a simple observation. Every child is born with the potential to develop into a god. It is the jealousy of other beings that destroy this. The popular notions of religion, and God, are obscene to me. They are a form of great madness, which takes a being already healthy, and causes him to become ill.

Many distort and maim the innocent, and they think that this is the necessary path, but in truth it is the way to destruction, and famine, and war.

The key here is the understanding of God, and how human consciousness relates to God. We are not "separated from God" at birth. We are actually immersed in God at birth, because we are WHOLE. As we are misled by fools and criminals, we are drawn out of the wealth of light and life-force by trickery and force, and led into the poverty of the thieves and the robbers who seek to rule by tyranny and law.

That is root of the madness of this world. Instead of developing the minds of the children, men and women seek to control them by brute force, and this causes disease. The inferior minds of the parents seek to dominate and overwrite the minds of the children, and imprint upon them the error of their being, which causes derangement, and so the cycle goes.

To call this "life" is an obscenity. It is actually the work of death, and it is an exercise in sin. Sin, in truth, is that which conceals the light, and has nothing to do with carnal laws, or the body of flesh. Those "laws" come from the envy of evil beings, and not from God.

Death is actually foreign to intelligence. Death came about because of this error in how we raise up children, and how we organize our minds. Otherwise, the essence of the intelligence would form itself into an immortal being, and would leave the body as a godly entity. That is simple truth - it is not the exception to the rule, it was the intention of God that everyone develop this perfection.

For example, most Americans focus their minds on the domination of the will of others. They immerse themselves in the mundane, and develop the awareness of animals. They LOSE what they HAD from the beginning because of their stupid lust for material possession, and the silliness of their will.

The whole lesson of modern churches - that men have fallen from the beginning - is an evil lie. We never fell from anything. It is simply how much of our minds we have kept alive and active. It is a matter of mental health and psychology more than any kind of miraculous universe of sin and redemption. There is no magic redemption. There is merely the wholeness of the mind, and the natural joy and healthy thought that comes from it.

People are driven to evil because of the forces that effect the mind. No one chooses to be miserable. but when the parts of the mind that emanate joy are damaged, or when the parts of the mind that govern fear are overstressed or jammed open, then the mind becomes unbalanced, and sick, and begins to emanate illness and corruption.

Jesus knew how to cure these illnesses because He retained his child-mind and did not fall into mental disorder. His emanation was so strong, he could re-animate the portions of the mind that had died in other people. He did not really work "miracles", He just knew how to re-activate an already glorious creation - The Human Being. But I guess you can call them miracles!

However, the lesson here is that Jesus should not be a singular being. We all should be like Jesus. I don't mean this as a moral lesson. I mean this as a lesson in mental health and wellness. That is the Key to the Kingdom.

We are so abused by our errors that we cannot understand much. People end up learning how to emanate power over other people, and they build social structures around this corruption, and great evil comes about, and horrible conditions. Now entire populations of men live this way - millions upon millions of beings are drowning in this terrible darkness that has come into the world because of those who have concealed this simple understanding of truth.

Children grow up thinking that it is "right and proper" to develop the power of emanation over other people, that this is somehow the natural law, and that to take advantage of others is somehow better than other ways. Yet on the outside, we do not live this way. We pretend that we are kind and honest, and we do not reflect the thoughts we have inside. When is that ever ok? Is it ok in your mind to dwell in such a deceptive form? How can such a think be healthy at all? Silly ones, that is the test you must pass. Many of you are failing, and you do not understand it.

Well of course, the answer is that it cannot. A house divided against itself cannot stand. And such a high level of schizophrenia in a person's mind leads to the death of the mind. The result is always the same: Once a person learns the way to emanate and use his or her forces against other people, they delight in it, because they believe that there is no consequence for it in the other parts of their life. Our culture has refused to confront these things, and has pretended that they don't exist, which has only inflamed the problem and made the suffering of mankind all the worse.

Human relations have broken down under this great evil, such that no one trusts one another, because each and every person is merely a pretend-person, vying for the power over other people around them, seeing who can dominate who, for absolutely nothing at all. This is the observation of a very great evil, and THAT is what is destroying the world.

There exist some of us among mankind who have managed to retain our wholeness, and did not give into the temptation of mental demonism, and the manipulation of the emanative forces for personal will. That, perhaps, was the final test for mankind, as the minds of all human beings were opened and filled with this key awareness. Whoever remained true and faithful to what is good, and overcame the temptation to become evil, will be successful.

The truest test of all is to see who maintains their good will in this brief time of humanity where this madness can exist. Our culture cannot exist under this kind of lie forever, it will eventually reach a threshold of change where the people will no longer suffer it. Nothing built on a lie can exist for long, the same thing goes with the current era, it will end quite soon.

The whole problem is that people think there is no consequence for their mental actions. They think they can do whatever they can to others, and there exists no law, punishment, or order on the earth that can reprimand them. This is the gateway to evil, and many people fly into it as fast as they can. They simply do not have the understanding because of the numbness of their minds, which was caused by the damage they took to their awareness during their development. Thus the root of evil is explained and uncovered.

So the Gnostic mystery of the descent and degradation of the consciousness of man is revealed: We begin whole, and then as the madness of the world and the forces of emanations set to work upon us, We lose the integrity of our mind-fields and body-fields, and consciousness degrades accordingly, and because of the construction of our physical minds we descend lower ad lower, the male becomes female, because of the damage of the female impression upon the male. Then, if he continues in ignorance, he becomes animal, resembling neither male nor female. This is due to the energies of his mind becoming deranged by the constant and brutal misuse of the forces of power.

A crucial understanding arises that must be understood: The interactions between males and females is a dangerous sport. It is much more than a simple body-function. Female power is quite foreign to the male constitution, unless certain precautions are taken, the male becomes degraded and his patterns become damaged. Few females exist that are willing to care for the male in this fashion - they mostly are brutal in their application of the forces. They are often silly in the judgment of such matters, resulting in societal instability, and harsh judgments upon young persons. That perhaps is a whole different post, but the female misuse of mind power is the primary reason why American males are so degenerate. They harm their own offspring with it, and form malice, and maintain a kind of petty tyranny over our society by this force. Such an arrangement is unsustainable, it will eventually sicken to such a degree that it will destroy itself.

Please, someone make it through this long post and ask me a question or two. I am sure someone out there will understand the importance of what I am talking about.


posted on Oct, 18 2004 @ 02:22 AM

The explanation of consciousness in the flesh

You have gone through a devine disposition of consciousness in man, but, sadly, did not explain other than providing a praxeological discourse, what errected the facutly of consciousness in man; assuming we are all but a whole of God seems unfounded.

Consider the forms of our beginning. When the child is born, His mind in most cases is full. All the parts of his mind are filled with the life-force, and each region of the brain is in proper order with the others. The child in this condition is happy, and peaceful, and is able to convey love and joy. In fact, love and joy are closely related to this perfection of form.

Oh ? How so ? Pyschology has come to the conclusions that new borns take a good 6-9 months to gain any cognitive skills; prior, a childs man, whence born, is "pure" and "uncoditioned", he/she can simply not articulate any form of social syntax.

I have to go to bed, i will come back later though, but, for the sake of me, pray tell how humans are gifted with consciousness, and please, no ontological postulations.


posted on Oct, 18 2004 @ 04:32 AM

Youll be the poster child for the future that is quickly approaching us all.

posted on Oct, 18 2004 @ 11:17 AM

Originally posted by ZeroDeep

Consider the forms of our beginning. When the child is born, His mind in most cases is full. All the parts of his mind are filled with the life-force, and each region of the brain is in proper order with the others. The child in this condition is happy, and peaceful, and is able to convey love and joy. In fact, love and joy are closely related to this perfection of form.

Oh ? How so ? Pyschology has come to the conclusions that new borns take a good 6-9 months to gain any cognitive skills; prior, a childs man, whence born, is "pure" and "uncoditioned", he/she can simply not articulate any form of social syntax.

Even an empty cup is full. It is our perception of the seen and unseen that clouds the reality of it.

posted on Oct, 18 2004 @ 01:07 PM
It's true that the earliest months of a child's life are formative, and perhaps shrouded in mystery because of this formative process. Part of that mystery is how the "seed" of conciousness comes to be in the child's being. Therefore let us focus on the mind after this brief formation, when the mind is more fully expressed. You must understand that the primary mode of expression in human beings in not verbal at all, but is the emanation of the mind and its faculties, which is subtle. Verbal communiation is a gross invention, and in our culture has become detached from the more subtle forms of emnanation that form the foundation of our minds. Little children still use emanation more than verbage, thus are better studies in this nature of our consciousness.

Simply compare the mind of a healthy child, and the mind of an adult. The child is able to expres joy from his own being. Most adults have lost this ability. If you were to compare the too, you would see parts of the adult mind to be deformed - or dark. In order to understand these things, you must have developed the ability to perceive the subtle energies that I am referring to. Otherwise you will not understand what I am talking about.

It's hard to describe this because I am not referring to the physical matter of the brain, but rather the spiritual matter that occupies the space of the brain. That is what is different between children and adults - in children this bright and fine matter is retained in the body, and in most adults this matter has been displaced or lost.

Modern science refuses to address this "material" because of its inability to measure it with our current instruments. However, our HUMAN senses can perceive this matter, it truly exists as a form of spiritual energy. Now I say this soberly, and I believe that most people are able to perceive this matter. It appears as a power of light, and that is what draws people near to those who have it, and its absence is what causes mental illness.

That is why greatly spiritual people are described as shining, because of the abundance of this light, or emanation. Understanding what this light is, and how it functions, and how it benefits the human being is key to understanding the human condition, and ultimately the phenomenon of intelligence itself. Western psychology is fundamentally flawed in its search for this, because it will not address what even ancient peoples understood and observed about the emanative portion of the mind.

That is why I do not trust western psychology, and consider it to be mainly a sham science, because it flees away from what is, and invents things to fill that oversight.

For instance, the sudden appearance of Attention Deficit Disorder among the diagnoses of American children is perhaps among the most misguided of all psychological inventions; it is caused entirely by of the abuse of the child's mind-energies by his parents, and others. It is not some kind of "chemical' phenomenon - it is a spiritual one. That brings us to the concept of the abuse of the energy, and how it can be stolen, drained, or deformed by the malice of other beings.

Those acts of malice are the causes of ADD in children, because if you put those ADD children with a being who is whole and perfect in his mind-light, the "symptoms" of ADD vanish in these children. ADD is not a disease, it is the outcome of spiritual abuse of children.

You did not address the key point of my post - that the human mind has an emanative aspect and a power that is able to be projected. It can manipulate other minds, and cause either harm, or healing in others. To attempt to understand human consciousness without this key is a futile effort and will never be complete.

With this key, at once the "mysteries" of God become clear, along with the great ones like Jesus Christ, and how their fame came to be. Their power was indeed real, it sprang from the power of this light. Differeint names have been aplied to it, but it is all observable and understandable phenomenon. They healed by this light, by reforming the mind of others, filling in the light where it had become absent, pushing out foreign spiritual material that gets into our minds, thereby removing the derangment associated with this kind of disease.

And that is my first step into uncovering the mystery of God - which is the mystery of consciousness itself.


posted on Oct, 22 2004 @ 08:55 AM
Arkaleus is, in my opinion, not far from the truth. We all as human beings give off, and receive electrical signals from all living things in the world. Some of us have the ability to respond to these impulses better than others, and these people we call mediums, clairvoyants.
Over time the species we have now become has lost this 'sense', although children do still have an ability to 'read' it.
It is also a fact in my life that women seem to possess this ability more than a man - we call it 'female intuition'.
Could it be so simple that 'God' is this circuit of electricity (God is everywhere)? That if mankind found it's way back to being able to control this 'field' then we would find true peace and the ability to live with each other as defined by the Bible?

Interesting stuff..................

posted on Oct, 22 2004 @ 10:08 AM
There are more players in the game. Mankind is suffering on several different levels because of the attempt to manipulate people through these fields and powers.

You have to understand the concept of the immortality of the soul, and the persistsent nature of human intelligence in order to conceive of these things. Evil beings have attained a kind of extended existence of their own: At the expense of the life on this world.

When human beings degrade their auras and minds in the life, when they die they emerge from their bodies in a weak, degraded form. They would normally dissolve and vanish into the background of the universe, but in this present era there exists another choice for them - they join into a much larger black mass, a huge group entity of demonic and degraded beings that has learned to influence and occupy those still living.

They feed like parasites off of the life energie sof us living folks, using our pleasures to feed off of. They tempt us to desire, so that they might harvest their food from us. If greatly successful, they can gain possession of parts of whole bodies, imprinting their dead patterns on our living minds. This is the nature of THEIR immortality, and how they express their will and power on this earth.

Because of the immense size this group entity, the black mass, has grown, it has attained remarkable influence on this world. Most peole secretly perceive this matter, and submit to it, giving itself over to its will in order to temporarily avoid its wrath.

Even more frightening, is that a large number of Americans are willing participants in its rule, allowing these forces to rule them, guide them, and generally own their beings. That is what the book calls, the church of Satan.

You can spot these folks by certain physical and psychic signs. The most obviou sone is that fact that these peoplpe have no light - it has been stolen, or siphoned off by the demonic spirits, or even other possessed humans who gain the powers of the demons. Black spots of energy will often appear in their aura, centered around the energy centers of the body. The forehead is a common place, because this is the place where our minds project a connection to other things. The get it here, and interfere with the normal functions of the spirit, in order to dominate and rule others.

That is the mystery of man's torment and struggle, and of the real state of men's world at the present. This threat has grown intermingled with men's nations, and especially so in his corporations, where it has taken root like a great huge weed because of the structure of the environment - a mass of humans all squished together, forced to conform to a single authority structure. These dark powers are able to rule these groups quite effectively, spreading checked through the people there. The upper levels of corporations are not immune either - a form of group mind exists for them as well. It makes them conform to its wishes, in exhange for their wealth, it expects them to march to its tune - which is the spread of it's kind of lifestyle and culture for this nation, and ultimately the world.

It's a kind of collusion and combination that these has emerged from the corporate classes. Our offices have become their hives, our management their wicked whips, and our executives their agents. And all of this exists entirely in the level of consciousness right above the manifestly physical. But in truth, it has become more powerful than man's exterior culture - It has taken over the show.

It's rule isn't 100%, but it doesn't need to be. This black group entity has become frighteningly intelligent, and has intermingled with the power structure of this nation, so that on the surface we can appear to be "normal", but in truth all power is being channeled through its will. Men have become powerless against it. Politicians are useless against it, because they thrive on the lie of perception, which is what the church of Satan relies upon to rule over mankind.

This power has gradually replaced everything "real", or anything that possessed an individual substance, and replaced it will illusions that resemble real things, but on the inside are filled with this dark power. This dangerous split in our reality has caused our entire nation to degrade, and the population of America to fall into great confusion.

When you understand how this correlated to the book of revelations, you will understand. I have attempted to translated this book into an American understanding in my other post - The secret History of the Final American Generation.


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