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Stanton Friedman: Lazar, White & our government

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posted on Oct, 9 2004 @ 05:58 PM
It is a real honor to talk with you Mr. Friedman here on the ATS. Thank-you very much in advance. My first question requires a short background concerning Investigative journalist George Knapp.....

George Knapp is an investigative journalist for KLAS television in Las Vegas. He acquired an official internal Los Alamos staff telephone index. The name Lazar, Robert was listed there. "Presented with this evidence, Los Alamos were forced to concede that Lazar had indeed once worked there, but only on "non-sensitive projects." In August of 1990 Knapp uncovered Lazar's W-2 wage slip and tax statement for 1989 which showed payment (after deductions) for his spending five non-consecutive working days at 'S-4' claimed earlier by Lazar to be the facility housing the alien craft within the Papoose Dry Lake region of Area 51. Knapp discovered that the pay slip was genuine and issued by the United States Department of Naval Intelligence in Washington. He also received an acknowledgement from Nellis AFB, Las Vegas, Nevada that a facility known as 'S-4' does exist and "operates certain equipment" there, but they refused to elaborate on what exactly."

1. I know what you think of the Bob Lazar story and rightfully so, however I would like your opinion on what George Knapp found. Also if Lazar did receive a W-2 slip from the United States Department of Naval Intelligence wouldn't he had to have a security clearance?

2. Have you seen or heard of the Bob White UFO object? (which does not resemble the retrieved Roswell metal, in any way. It's bulky certainly not flexible, but does have unusual properties). If so.... what's your opinion of it?

3. In your opinion... why would the use of electromagnetic and psychotronic devices' to create artificial UFO abductions' be of value to our government?

posted on Oct, 19 2004 @ 07:45 PM
I have an article about Lazar on my website . It should be Office of Naval Intelligence not Dept. The phone book lists everyone who worked at LASL. At the top of the page it notes that employees of the DOE, LASL, Kirk Meyer etc are included. After Bob's name it says K/M. He worked at LASL not for LASL as a technician at the big Meson facility which was unclassified. He of course had no degrees, was not a scientist, did attend Pierce JC in So. Calif. not MIT or Cal Tech as he claimed. I checked with LASL Personnel giving them the name of somebody
I knew worked there and had a TS clearance. He was listed; Bob was not. One doesn't get a high level security clearance in 5 days etc etc.
I have spent time with George Knapp and think he is a fine reporter . He had thought at one time that everybody at LASL must be a scientist.. about 30% were. He was getting to the point where he was ready to accept that Bob had lied about his credentials. Bob lied about who his profs were at Cal Tech; the element 115 scheme makes no sense and LASL certainly hadn't collected 500 pounds of it since its stable half life was less than a second, etc etc.
I have touched the Bob White object. At best it is in my gray basket.. at worst it has nothing to do with flying saucers.

I don't see any good reason for creating artifical abductions and have seen no evidence the government is so doing. One might say the prisoners at Guantanamo and in Iraq were abducted but....not by ETs.
Stan Friedman


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