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Know Thyself -- Trying to Understand How The Soul Really Perceives Its Human Self

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posted on Apr, 15 2012 @ 12:45 PM
(This is originally posted at my Facebook Spiritual group)

Lately, I have been trying to understand the perspective of the soul's mind of why the soul allows its human body to go through so many kinds of painful emotional and physical sufferings throughout its lifetime. People often experience so many emotionally-tormenting experiences that they would rather not have. They may then question whether the soul is such a cruel ruthless entity that is not concerned with the well-being of its human body? Or for those who do not believe in pre-life planning and their soul's involvement in their current life plan, they may then question why did God allow so much suffering on Earth to take place? Some people even lose belief in God and become atheists.

Well, I have thought about how the soul perceives its human body and I have come to a conclusion.

The soul perceives its human body as a form of a physical vessel that generates emotions that get relayed to the soul to experience. I have mentioned before that research studies have indicated that the conscious mind is conscious of its experiences 700 milliseconds after they have occurred. So this indicates that the human body is really like a relaying vessel that relays sensory information to the soul.

This relaying device known as the human body is actually like a vessel that holds a chemical solution, which aligns to the fact that the human body contains so much water. This vessel of solution that is the human body is actually a very mobile location where many chemical reactions take place. These chemical reactions are caused by sensory experiences that eventually produce different kinds of emotions. Dolores Cannon's Source said that the soul chose to inhabit human bodies so as to learn about emotions and limitations, which I believe to be true. However, this leads to the 'ethical' question of whether the soul only perceives its human vessel as nothing more than just an emotion-generating 'solution', a solution not much different from those being contained in a lab?

Perhaps the soul truly does relate remotely to its human body just like how we relate remotely to a beaker of water. Perhaps it is not the soul that is heartless and unkind but it is the limited perspective of the human mind that mistakenly perceived the human vessel as something too highly important to be easily smeared by unpleasant experiences. Perhaps it is the human mind's exaggerated sense of self-importance(Ego) that perceives the human body to be too much more than it really is, when it is perhaps nothing more than just a puddle of liquid solution meant to transmit sensory information. Could the human mind's greatly cherished and honored "individual identity" be just a fantasy delusion created by a mind desperately searching for some kind of non-existent self-worth?

Since the beginning of time, humanity has been obsessed with perceiving certain individual selves as someone much more important than the next person. It thinks that just because certain physical self has a certain solution vessel that looks a certain way to be more attractive than the others, it is therefore more deserving to exist than the rest. Humanity created various titles that places people in high pedestals to be respected, as though it is demanded without question. The perception of thinking that one is more important than the rest and therefore more deserving to exist has created the current social hierarchy where people have to fight aggressively like mad in order to get and stay at the top of the social ladder.

It is the small and limited perspective of the human mind that creates and supports its exaggerated sense of self-importance. Each human mind deludes itself to think that its individual identity of its 'solution vessel' is so priceless but yet so brittle that it should be protected at all costs from unwanted contamination that can create unpleasant chemical reactions. It even got to think that its own solution vessel that makes up its human body is the most important thing in the whole of existence that even the soul has to step back and worship it. The human mind thinks that its individual identity of its solution vessel is so great, the soul must also have been made from it, made from its image. Therefore, the human mind fantasizes that the body's physical and mental identity makes up the soul.

But the human mind is not well-aware of reincarnation, that the soul has experienced from different solution vessels before, which disproves the notion that the soul is represented by the qualities of its present body. Reincarnation is merely the soul perceiving and experiencing from different 'solution vessels'. The different human identities from previous lifetimes do not represent the soul's identity

I think many of us if not all, have entertained the idea that our current human identity is also our soul's identity. Perhaps such would be seen as a childish thought once our souls' perception have left our human bodies. Our own individual identity may seem like the best thing in the world right now, maybe it would not seem to be so in another circumstance. What if the soul's mind is so much more fantastic than what any human mind could be right now? Maybe then we would not be so attached to our current human identity.

I have heard Dolores' clients asking her whether they would get to take their current physical bodies into the New 5D Earth. But having such a desire only means that the soul is still too attached to its current human identity, which may not be a good thing or a good sign that one is ready to ascend.

I don't really hold much desperate need like I did in the past to take along my human identity as a "souvenir" that could also bring with it its own restrictions. Perhaps what was made in the Earth school should stay in the Earth school and not be taken out of it. I don't mind getting into another "identity", as long as it is not a 'bad' and restricted one.

Seeing through the perspective of my human self has allowed me to truly understand it and accept whatever it has done and also not do. Perhaps such a journey was the opportunity that was given to the soul to "know thyself". Once it has truly known and accepted all of its various human selves that it chose to experience from, it can then return to its soul and not return to the human reality anymore, this could be the true original meaning of "Ascension", that the soul leaves the illusion of its human confines to return to perceive from its original self.

I think that for people to truly ascend out of the human reality, they must be prepared to detach themselves not just from the human reality but also detach from their own human identity, which can seem impossibly difficult for many that are still too attached to their human bodies, and it can take a long time to accomplish. But like what Dolores' Source said, all will get there(return to their soul) eventually, it is only a matter of time. No one can rush into ascension and leave the human experience if their souls are not ready to leave their human experience. Spirituality can lead one to a higher reality or dimension but eventually it is Ascension that will lead the soul totally out of its physical body back to its light body form. If using an analogy to describe, it would be like how some students will move on to a higher-level class and some will graduate from the school.

(End of Part 1)

posted on Apr, 15 2012 @ 12:47 PM
(Part 2)

There are now so much information regarding pre-life planning from people like Dolores Cannon, Micheal Newton, Robert Schwartz, as well as the possibility to experience it first hand through hypnosis in order to help people not to get too attached to their emotional human experiences. Perhaps through such knowledge, people can detach themselves from their human identity and accept that whatever bad things that have happened to their human vessels would never have affected or contaminate their true soul identity. And they do not have to react to the unpleasant experience with such severe emotions such as intense blame and hatred, for not being able to prevent and protect their human selves from the unpleasant experiences. They should eventually be able to get their needed transition from their fears, restrictions, self-blaming, self-hatred, and then finally get to move on. Because the soul is really not the body, it cannot be stuck by the body forever, it has to detach away from its human body eventually.

Many movies such as the Matrix have expressed the idea that the human mind and body is trapped in a reality where it has no freewill but to do accordingly to what the evil characters have put it through. Perhaps the "evil characters" are in fact the souls themselves. Remember that the definition of "evil" can simply be interpreted from an intention to restrict freedom. So even the soul can be perceived as "evil" if it intended to restrict its own freedom. .

It is an illusion that the human reality is the true reality for the soul. It is also an illusion that the human self is the true essence that makes up the entire nature of the soul. Until the souls are ready to leave such an illusion, their human selves will continue to exist in such an illusion.

Illusion comes with much restrictions. I am quite tired of the limitations of the human mind that have often led me to do something that I thought was truly right at that moment but later led to an unwanted consequence. I am also quite tired of the lessons that the Earth school has to bring. I'm sure many people are also tired in certain ways of experiencing their own human restrictions and experiences. For volunteer souls mentioned by Dolores, they were said to desire committing suicide perhaps because they cannot identify with their own human identity much less the human reality. I don't feel in the extremity like the volunteer souls do, but I do wish to take a break from so much earthly limitations. This is why I really hope for the closing of the Earth school at the end of 2012 to be real. I am sure many others hope for this too.

(End of part 2)

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