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Will Masonic Lodge Have Treasure Signs on Courthouse Destroyed??

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posted on Mar, 16 2012 @ 12:20 PM
A couple of years ago I wrote (on a major treasure hunting website) about the fact the Courthouse in my home town of Harlan, Iowa, had treasure signs carved into, signs which lead to the first treasure room established in Shelby County.

These treasure/tunnel signs carved into the stone of the Courthouse are the very same signs that I was studying in Tucson, except the signs in Tucson were left by the Spaniard and the Church(es).

These treasure signs on the Courthouse exist mainly on the East side of the building, the reasoning for this is that as the sun rises there are shadows and sun signs that will "point" you to the pertinent information needed in order to gather the information that leads you to this Masonic treasure room near The Brickyard Orchard, just east of Harlan.
(the information about shadows and sun signs comes from Charles Kenworthy's book titled: "Treasure Signs, Symbols, Shadows and Sun Signs.")

The Shelby County Courthouse was built, in the 1880's using brick, which was veneered with Berea sandstone shipped in from Joliet, Illininois. It is my opinion that, after the veneer of sandstone was applied over the brick, that master carvers from the Masons came in and chisled the treasure signs that exist to this very day (the reason I say they waited until the end of construction was so they could observe these sun signs and shadows as the sun rose, and know exactly what sign to put where). These "courthouse" treasure signs include the number "8" as well as Owls and carved faces, as well as others. These "faces" look at the building(s) around the square (around the Courthouse) where there are/were tunnel entrances. The buildings that contain the tunnel entrances include the old Shelby County Bank, an old tavern, and a few others. All these tunnels from these other buildings hook up to the Courthouse. These tunnel openings, which are found in the basement of these surrounding buildings (with the tunnel approximately 22 feet below the basement), have long ago been covered over with concrete, however, there are signs carved in the concrete (I have seen then with my own eyes) as well as other signs that lead right to the "place to dig" in order to get into, and clear out, the shafts that get you into the tunnel system. Also, some of the architectural work on the Courthouse "explains" what type of "design" to look for in the surrounding buildings in order to know that that building has a tunnel opening in its basement.

After writing the article for the treasure hunting website and posting it a few years ago, I wondered how long it would be before these treasure signs would be eliminated. I also wondered what method would be used to destroy them.

Ten minutes ago I picked up the local paper, "Harlan News-Advertiser," the Friday edition. In the left column, where they run short, two to three paragraph articles of misc. information I noticed the following:

"Courthouse to get tuckpointing repair in late summer"

COUNTY--Shelby County's courthouse will see up to $50,000 in tuckpointing repair this summer.
The county's board of supervisors approved the expenditure with Andrew Tuckpointing, Clarinda (Iowa). Work will begin in late summer ON THE EAST SIDE OF THE BUILDING, WITH STONE REPAIRS ALSO AS NEEDED. (obviously, I capitalized the words in order to stress th ewords of the Editor)

This to me is AWESOME to say the least. The statements about it being the "east side of the building" is more than enough, but to say "stone repairs also as needed???" Folks, I have pictures of the entire east side of the courthouse, with close-ups of the treasure signs included. It will be interesting to see if, after these "stone repairs as needed" are done, if the treasure signs still exist. I'll bet they won't, they will be "erased." The Masons have, once again, been exposed. And they will do what has to be done to "erase" this trail that their former brothers left for the modern day Mason. It's just that these "long gone" Masons that carved these treasure signs, they NEVER expected someone like me to come along and learn of their secret system and then expose them and their treasure signs, treasure rooms, etc,.

Hmmmm! Sounds like I need to do a video!!!!

Have a great day, Ladies and Gentlemen.

posted on Mar, 16 2012 @ 12:30 PM
Do you really think you are that important?

Did you take pictures of the symbols?

If you did, then there is nothing "they" can do to take them away.

If you weren't crazy, I would wish you luck in your treasure hunting, but I suspect that you are just looking for someone to blame for all your problems. Try a mirror.

posted on Mar, 16 2012 @ 12:32 PM
So you exposed the secrets a few years ago and they're just now getting around to covering it up? Sounds like they're slacking…

posted on Mar, 16 2012 @ 12:44 PM
reply to post by dign4it

Didn't you already abandon This Thread after only 3 posts? Now you want to start a new thread, with silly claims, and no pictures? Have you responded to mine or any of the other inquiries in the other thread? Even Albert Pike showed up to debunk your misconceptions about him, but you haven't responded?

A 150 year old building needs tuck point repair. This is no surprise. I'm just glad they are repairing the historical old building instead of tearing it down and building a metal building like so many places do these days!

Yes, Masonic signs are everywhere, except Owls are not Masonic Signs, and neither are number 8's, but I'm sure the old building probably has a Square and Compass emblem on the NE corner of the building. Good for them! There used to be real craftsman involved in building these buildings, but these days it is rare.

posted on Mar, 16 2012 @ 01:13 PM
You say they are going to dump $50,000 on a county budget level for what you believe is likely just work to erase signs by the Masons back when it was built? How would this be a good thing? If MY county was approving $50,000 for cosmetic work of ANY kind of a county building, I'd be absolutely furious. If nothing else, there are schools and other facilities which need FAR more than cosmetic work, and that $50,000 would be real handy. Is it not that way where you live?

posted on Mar, 16 2012 @ 06:44 PM
Thank you all for your replies.
No..I haven't abandoned any thread, I CAN multi-task. Right now my task is to expose the Masons with the truth. Truth that anyone in their right mind can research with the simple push of a button.

As I stated before, I have LOVED this web site from the start, the major reason being all of the so-called 32nd degree Masons on this site. You don't get that ANY Masons..PERIOD, if ever, and you NEVER get any admitting that they are Masons of the 32nd degree UNLESS the Masons are doing "damage control." I happen to know that, IF there truly are any 32nd degree Masons on this website, that it's all about damage control. The "people who know the truth about the Masons" on this web site have stirred up the "Masonic hive of bee's." Folk's, the Mason's being what they are, ask for proof, for pictures. You show them proof, you show them pictures, and then it's something else that they need for proof of what you write...they are never going to admit that they are who they are!! That is a FACT!!

Folks, don't ever be fooled by an idiotic title to a post that reads : "I am a 32nd degree Mason, Ask me any question." The bigger fool is ANYONE thinking that they will get the truth from this so-called 32nd degree Mason.

Don't be fooled folks. Especially in this post, I have given MORE than enough information as to where these people CAN PROVE ME WRONG. You want to prove me wrong....come to Harlan, Iowa, and look at the courthouse....and PROVE ME WRONG (they don't want to prove me wrong, just discredit my information). I promise you that they cannot prove me wrong. The Masons are the lowest of the low......reptilian in nature, just like their spritual father.

posted on Mar, 16 2012 @ 07:15 PM

Originally posted by dign4it
Folk's, the Mason's being what they are, ask for proof, for pictures. You show them proof, you show them pictures,
Funny, but you still haven't produced any pictures. Just sayin’…

posted on Mar, 16 2012 @ 08:35 PM
reply to post by dign4it

Don't be fooled folks. Especially in this post, I have given MORE than enough information as to where these people CAN PROVE ME WRONG. You want to prove me wrong....come to Harlan, Iowa, and look at the courthouse....and PROVE ME WRONG (they don't want to prove me wrong, just discredit my information).

So it is easier for us to travel to your state, and see the symbol that you have described and we have already identified, than it is for you to just post the pic you say you already have? How does that make any sense?

posted on Mar, 16 2012 @ 09:07 PM
reply to post by dign4it

Look, you are the one who came here with your claims and promises of photo and video evidence. You can't get angry at anyone who asks to see this proof can you?

It is my hopes to have the video of these signs on the lodge and on the courthouse posted to You Tube in the very near future.

Folks, I have pictures of the entire east side of the courthouse, with close-ups of the treasure signs included.

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posted on Mar, 16 2012 @ 10:51 PM
I have just read your three post. I find it entertaining.Trivial. Entertaining none the less.

So I ask myself. Why look for the candy store if not vised by a sweet tooth?
I say say to myself. Secrets.

So I ask myself. Why tell I know secrets?
I reflect on what the dangerous one said a few days past. Why? Why not?

I so I will tell you a secret. I know that before the eye you see today was opened the eye was closed. I am the carrier of the ashes of my grandfather. I am the son of the worm. Born in the light of the star of Sirin. I am an angel of those alone of neither Sar Happanim nor Samual.

Do you see. I know secret secrets.

I must admonish you. Not that you should discontinue the hobby you enjoy so much. By all means continue it seems a great adventure. I have so far enjoyed the stories. But there are many societies that keep secret amongst themselves. Some to be wary of and some you shouldn't care that they have existence. So careful the extent of knowledge you reveal.

As those societies who believe they have no history. What do they know. They know if they set but one of their lowest degree in test of promotion. To walk steady on from Arizona to Iowa the novice will have achieved this in twenty days.

So if you find yourself confronted with the drop of a coin in your path. Allow your self to step over and around it.

If you understand say it. And I will reveal to you the treasure more precious than the strawberry leaves of the premier earldom of Great Britain.

Why? Why not? Haha.

posted on Mar, 17 2012 @ 01:11 AM
reply to post by dign4it

Why would Spanish treasure be hidden in a courthouse built in 1890? That makes no sense.. I even went as far as to look up (the completely bizarre by the way) culture of treasure hunting for Spanish treasure. The "signs" usually being religious symbols on trails in the middle of nowhere created int he 15-1600's by Spanish explorers in South West US territory as well as Mexico. I've also noticed that very few people ever actually find anything of value aside from a stray coin or artifact from the explorer probably lost while breaking camp.

But what that has to do with Freemasonry I have no idea.. you cannot make a clear connection between the two? And even if you did find these trail markers and they were in fact made by a Masonic explorer ....... so what? What does that prove, other than there was a Masonic explorer?

posted on Mar, 17 2012 @ 01:15 AM
reply to post by dign4it

No offense, but to spread truth you need more than just your word, you need some evidence.

It's not about damage control, its about defending against stupid theories and defamation. You haven't shown us proof of anything. When I ask for evidence I have never been shown definitive, concrete evidence. You are a prime example of that.

I've never hid my Masonic membership or what bodies I belong to, to just bring out when as you say "to do damage control". Look at my signature, its as plain as day.

I'm not wasting my time and money (I am on a budget to save money) to give in to your petty notion of self importance in deciphering a code.

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