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I am just a girl..

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posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 03:47 PM
Alright.. I am finally posting because I have been reading quite a few threads on here recently pressing the individuals who had not shared why they are here, to share!
I have lurked on this sight for over a long year now, and love it. I admit I read and read, until recently I read enough to realize this is where I should be. So I signed up. I have reached over 100+ posts and still couldn't find the drive to put my own experiences on here, always feeling who would want to hear them anyways? No one around me does, but then I remember..That is why I am here on ATS..So I can finally logically discuss my experiences and world issues with very intelligent fellow members. I am going to be honest and thank ATS, because I have finally found a place I fit in, in this world. And I couldn't be happier coming back to ATS every day to learn more and more!

Besides all of that, lets discuss some of the reasons I am here on this site. Make fun of me, Support me, Discuss with me, do what you will. But what I am about to put here I have never shared fully with anyone. (Making me feel a little vulnerable like Im literally hanging myself up as a target) we go..

A few years ago,I had an odd awakening, but it started with me becoming very sick. For a very healthy young active girl..being tested for Lupus and other things did not fly well in my book. My skin was no longer its healthy tan, but as white as a ghost. My gums bled, I was bruised to the touch, many other conditions came with it, do not feel like going into that list right now as I literally don't have the energy to list every thing I was physically painfully feeling at the time. Or still feeling. My body was literally fighting itself. And that year, I had my first stroke at the age of 19. Thankfully being around my mother, who got me to a hospital. I could not stand up or think on my own, It literally felt like a magnet pulled my head to the ground, spinning, vomiting, and yes I proceeded to piss on myself. Im sure you all made a gross face there. It was horrible. I still can not feel half of my face (lower lip chin area) Point being, It felt impossible! A young athlete, always known to be healthy, suddenly coming down with deathly illnesses? What are these deadly unknown pathogens invading my body that my immune system is not used to, nor prepared to fight?

Call it intuition, but I started looking to the sky. No one had to show me, because there is no way you can miss it. Every day I looked up and saw lines, planes criss-crossing my skies, leavings X's, A's, Cross hatches, as long as your eye could see. Am I breathing that stuff in? What in the world could it be I wondered? My sister was convinced I was so obsessed with these lines in the sky because I wouldn't give up the fact that they were not natural! She nick named me "X Marks the Spot" and you will see why when I upload pictures of Chemtrails over my own house. Friends still joke with me and say "Oh Hey Look up, X Marks the Spot, They're Spraying you again!" Little do they know, I'm not laughing. Nor should they be. And in no way am I blaming these chemtrails for getting me sick, because hey maybe I am deathly sick at 20! ( I sure hope not..) but I will contest that at the heavy peak of our spraying, that caused me to wake up and look up, has made a lot of my family and friends sick with a bug they still have not shaken. We are all going off an on of years of bacterial infections and vitamin D deficiancies. Might I add when I started watching these Chemtrails was years ago, and I do believe they have been around for a lot longer than I have noticed, but they are getting worse here. They cause colorful chemical clouds here that linger all day..eery. I noticed there is a huge ChemtrailContrail Debate on ATS that some members will literally fight over. If you came to my state for just ONE DAY. You would never deny a Chemtrail again. We are heavily sprayed, and quite a bit of the time. You see Contrails and Chemtrails on a daily basis and can easily decipher them. I looked all over the internet as anyone would, always typing "What are these X's in the sky?" Only to be brought here to a fellow ATS members page on Chemtrails, where I began to study and further my knowledge on them. But just knowing I wasn't crazy, and that people were looking up and being sprayed every where .. Was one of the first things that brought me here.
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posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 03:47 PM
reply to post by Katharos62191

Another thing that brought me here are my dreams . Since I was young, I always would love to sleep and dream , always bragging to my twin who has insomnia, that I could pass out at 8 pm after drinking a soda! Which now I realize was an ass thing to say to an insomniac, but it reminds me just how long and far back I have been an avid sleeper and dreamer. I literally used to believe I went to a different world when I dreamt. A place that my dad told me of, and he traveled too. My father has always been a lucid dreamer, recently telling more about his dreams and that he enjoys sleeping so much because when he is aware, he can control his dreams. His life here is hard, so I do see why he likes to escape to often to his Lucid Dream state. I will admit I have heard my father speaking in weird tongues and languages when asleep, speaking very fast so fast I could not understand. I always found it weird but chalked it up to the REM and NREM states and his mouth partially letting him speak or something and holding back the rest making it seem like jiberish. How ever, he is a carrier of acgromegaly, and lately his sleep has been interrupted by breathing issues and sleep apnea. Dreaming runs in my family. I feel in a weird way, I have lived a whole life in my dreams since I was young, and am now at a point at this age older that my dreams have become some what subliminal and puzzle like. I always wake up with a feeling or meaning needing to be discovered or deciphered.
I have ALWAYS had weird dreams, ones that would twist your mind into exstacy.
But the one dream I had recently,baffled me to the point I had to search it. Upon searching on the Internet also brought me to a thread here too. Odd since it was around the time Chemtrail searches had also brought me to this site.

But besides that, heres the dream..I dreamt of being in an all red room, no idea where I really was. I was laying on my back, teasing the figure in front of me, wrapping my legs around his legs, obviously being sexual trying to pull this man towards me. I look up to see a very tall, very muscular, all green in color man, with warrior looking black paint painted around his eyes. All he was wearing was a cloth , over his ya know, and sandals that wrapped up his calves to his knees. I was aware as to what I was doing, I was in a very randy state at the least.. He was conversing with a womanly figure next to him, who wore an all red and black robe, she had long hair and was so beautiful, she wore beautiful twisted horns on the front of her forehead.. He consorted to her about me, I could tell they were discussing what to do with me. She waved her hand, as to brushing me off or saying "Do with her what is needed".. I was too randy in my dream to worry, but I do remember wondering what in the world am I here for, and what are they talking about. Usually I am out and about traveling and exploring in dreams. Why am I here, in this room? The women left the room for the Green man to turn me around for me to feel an orgasm that I literally have never felt in real life. Yes I know you guys are like Okay is this a wet dream!? NO, there was no sex that gave me this orgasm. Just him touching me. He induced an unworldy orgasm to me I longed to feel again at the time. Later in the dream I found myself sitting next to this Green man, listening to him speak.. He told me.. (not using my name ) "Nameless, You can Play, You just can NOT play on the lawn."
I was baffled. Later to find an image online of a man almost identical to the man in my dream, and his consort almost identical to the female in my dream. I believe now I dreamt of Osiris and Isis. Warning me not to play on the lawn. whatever that means. I am still trying to figure this one out. I have had many odd dreams since then and before then I plan on posting in the dreams section one I am a little more settled in here.

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 03:48 PM
reply to post by Katharos62191

Another reason I am here.
I have read on here of people who literally have the power to take pain away with their own hands. Since I was young, I have also believed I could take peoples or animals pain away. Just by holding my hand over the hurt area, or person, to literally pull the pain to me through my hands and to leave the person I was healing in a good state. I have done this since I was young, coming in handy most recently when my last partner had her wisdom teeth out. She has never questioned whether I really can, because to her it is just as for sure as it is to me. She cried in pain until laying her head in my lap, with my hand on her cheek/jaw, to literally feel myself taking the pain away from her. Multiple times have we fallen asleep together with my hand on her head for headaches, or lower stomach for cramps. This is not the first time, nor last time I have tried to heal people. It is just the first time I was reassured that what I was doing was helping. I loved the fact I could literally take the girl I loves pain away. I do believe I have the ability to heal and I have learned lots of people here on ATS have grown up with these attributes as well. I never learned it, I have always just known inside me how to do it. I know that sounds weird and a lot of people will not believe me. But I do believe I have something weird going on with me.

Another weird trait I have, I also believed I could hurt you with my mind if I really was set on it. I believed if I wanted to, I could turn your world upside and hurt you, I could. Which is another thing I have learned to hold back.

I have always been very perceptive, always being able to tell how people are feeling or what they are thinking with out them telling me.
I have always claimed and it is true, that I go off of vibes. If I had the gift of speech taken away from me and so did everyone else I would still know how you felt or what you were thinking. Weird right? I can walk into a room and feel someone, and the mood they have put the room in. I know a lot of people on here are like that too and it is so relieving to finally hear of others existing doing what I do. It makes me feel again, not alone.
I am very empathetic, I feel when others feel. Sometimes it is hard when I can not decipher my own feelings from them. But it has gotten easier the older I get. But feeling for everyone, caring for every one, is taxing. But for some reason I do. I can not see someone, even If I do not know of them, without feeling for them in some way or fashion.
That is just who I am.

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posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 03:49 PM
reply to post by Katharos62191

Another reason I am here.
I have been told I was born without the vail. Doctors called it Schizoprhenia, and proceeded to dope me up from a young age. For such a person who seems 100%, if you met me you would no want to put me on any man made pill. I am fine. I just see and hear things others do not. Let me go ahead and state I haven't taken the meds I was perscribed back then, for years now, it did nothing but cause kidney problems and chemical imbalances. My family and I are all thankful I am living again healthily and awake, off my meds. I was a zombie. I do NOT believe I am or was Schizo. And have had multiple doctors second that opinion. Nor do I believe a lot of people who are told they are, are.. I believe we are perceptive in a way others are not yet. And doctors do not like to hear this. My doctor the older I got, when I requested to remain off medications, agreed, but proceeded to pry and ask me what I would see or what I was being told. Truth is she knew, I wasn't lying. And she wanted to know more. However, I felt like a lab rat after the years of different horrible concauctions she put me on before this time, so I got out of there asap, not letting her study me any further. (She was literally studying me) Multiple times she told me over the years I have experienced very crazy things and that my life was in no way Normal, and she proceeded to write pages and pages on me. I will never know where they will go or what they will be used for.

I will always remember one thing she told me though.. Is that I have one foot out of the door of reality and one foot in, where do I want to go? How do I want to live? Fortunately I don't think I had the ability to choose, I think life just stepped me in the direction it made for me anyways. Which is one foot in the real world and one foot out..
And to be honest.. I like it that way. I do not think like others. In all honesty that is fine with me.

I do believe in Spirits, Ghosts,entities, passed away family members and friends contacting people etc. And I have had an entity of some sort recently follow me from House to House, to apartment. Only furthering my opinion to believe, even when I am alone, I am not alone. Just because I can not optically perceive something fully and physically, does not mean it is not there. I do believe, my fathers mothers, my grandmother, who passed away this last year still tries to reach me and communicate with me on a almost weekly basis. With her signs and communication, this last time she lead me to an old box I found, full of her jewelry and notebooks. It is one of the most important things to me right now, and I wear her ring every day. I will not take it off but to shower and other things. I feel her around me, and I feel other spirits as well. I know they are trying to tell me more. & for the time being, I am always trying to further my perception to them. One spirit however that has followed me home to home, I can not tell its intentions. I have had strange feelings of more extreme presence when showering, changing, laying in bed etc..Then to feel like someone is always looking over my shoulder when in deep moments of study or thoughts. I literally feel as if some times, when I am alone and all the roomies have left. That I am still never alone, I have never felt alone alone. If that makes sense. But this last spirit, entity thing, not of my grandmother, but another, literally will blow my hair in front my face, (especially when I am ignoring it) when there is not current in the room, or Ill feel a hand on my shoulder, almost every time I cry here. I can not tell if I am being consoled, or mocked.
Point being, they are real. I know a bunch of you will throw in the mental illness flag like I see you guys to do people who have real experiences of seeing things. But I know first hand, what I see, feel and hear is real. I question its existence no longer, but embrace it.

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posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 03:49 PM
reply to post by Katharos62191

Another thing that brought me here...
My state was the top state and one of the first to experience massive birds and fish deaths. That did not fly well with any of us living here. I woke up one morning to black birds spread all along the highway, when I mean all along the highways, I mean ALL ALONG THE DANG HIGHWAYS, dead black birds.. You could not step nor drive without tramping across one. Horrible right? Then the massive fish deaths the same week. I was NOT okay with being told our fireworks shocked the birds to death or that the power lines hit them.. We are NOT allowed to shoot fireworks in city limits, so that cancels out their first excuse! And also Im going to be straight up, birds who fly everyday, don't just one day go "OOP's ran into a power line, 10000 of us" Who might I add sit on power lines perched everyday. Birds are not ignorant. But my states officials excuses surely were ignorant! That is another huge conspiracy of mine that drew me to this site. Me and my sis sat baffled watching the news and stepping outside of our own homes to see dead birds every where, and the river to be up to the brim with dead nasty smelly stinking fish all of the sudden. Fishy eh? I STILL am investigating what has caused this in my state and hope it helps me find connections with other massive animals deaths..I will gladly accept any info or ideas, theories people have about these massive animal deaths. Because my state seems to be a huge contributor to the fact.

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 03:50 PM
reply to post by Katharos62191

Another thing about animals that brought me here...
I feel like Mrs.Doolittle. Jokes. But at this point in my life I feel I have a strange attraction and connection with animals. The reason the black birds got to me so much was because recently I had attained some followers.. no not like on twitter. But followers of every day life.
The main followers of mine being, crows, black birds, and occasionally a huge raven,buzzards even followed me for a while making me a bit uneasy until I studied them more and realized I had nothing to be scared of. But it was to the point I would wake up to a crows caw, only to go outside to see one perched on my mailbox, street light, anything.
Following me in my car, flying along with me, showing up in places I have no idea how these birds knew where I was or where I was going. Nor did I know if they were the same birds, but then I thought, well I don't just have a bunch of crows and buzzards chasing me, it has got to be some of the same ones.
I started to notice this 'following' of animals around the time I started looking up years ago and learned about the chemtrails things. My awakening all kind of lines up and odd things all start happening at once. But it got to the point I told myself I was paranoid, and to slow down on the thinking the birds had any interest in me. Only to learn later that these birds might be my spirit guides, or just watching over me. It has gotten to the point they watch me get to work every morning and home every night, bringing me to the conclusion and hopes they are just looking over me.
I also have this connection with dogs and fish. Have you ever seen the movie where Steve Carrell is Noah and has to build the Arc? Well the scene where literally all the fish in the tank followed him move for move. This has happened to me many a times. At Petco, where I love to get my awesome beta fish, if you don't have one, go rescue one today from that horrible shelf at the store. But besides that, I caught quite a few comments having fish literally flocks to me in their aquariums, for me to walk up and down the fish isle only to have them following me the whole way, tank for tank. It was an odd thing, and happens every time I go in there.
With dogs, it is a given they are my counter part. They don't need to speak for me to understand them. Stray dogs come to me, homed dogs, any dog ... I am determined before I die to rescue, re-home and raise and many dogs and I can. Give them the good life they deserve while here. But the point Im trying to make here is am extremely close with animals, from domesticated to free and wild. I love them and understand them all. They all have a comfort with me and I do them, knowing we could live coinsiding. We communicate without words.

I know this is weird, but I do believe my animal connection is helpful and could be in the future as well. Recently I went on a turtle rescuing binge though, they were all leaving their swamps and homes and trying to relocate at a haste pace for turtles. Only for my mother to tell me to be weary when animals act a muck, they have more senses than we do. That month of rescuing in the double digits of turtles, we had one of the biggest tornado and flooding epidemics we have had in years. Odd right? I do believe animals know of things before we do. & I am thankful for my odd animal connection.

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posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 03:50 PM
reply to post by Katharos62191

I do believe I have typed a lot and started to give you a just of reasons I am here on ATS. I have had many many other encounters and reasons I am here, that are so long to list you would all get bored.
I have had many UFO encounters, with other witnesses, only to still wonder to this day if it was our own government intelligence or other worldly. I have watched stars, change directions, come towards myself and my roomie, only to get from what looked like a mountain top to us in a matter or seconds, believing at first it was a star, only to now literally watch a craft drift over our heads, not making a sound, completely quiet, with large lights of strange colors, so black you can barely see the outline and decipher it from the night sky. Never knowing what it really was.
I have witnessed a 'satellite' that I watched every morning in the sky leaving for work in the A.M hours.. disappear, move or get brighter. Only to disappear completely some morning/nights. But I still do go outside every night or morning, and can see it. It is one of the brightest stars here, but sometimes I will admit, I do not always believe it is just a satellite, star etc.
I have also rode for hours in the mornings in the a.m hours watching that star, driving all over the state for that dang job. Always to stare up and watch and wonder, to have at least 2 different episodes where time was lost or time had slipped, and I do not know what happened or how I got to and from work so fast, I also chalk that up to my being up early, and not being all quite there yet.

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 03:51 PM
reply to post by Katharos62191

I have had dark figures, the shape of a tall man, in my room at night.. No he wasn't wearing a goofy hat nor trench coat, just a black shadow of a man. Standing at the end of my bed, for me to freak out so bad at a young age. I began to throw pillows at this being as it walked towards me, I was petrified. As it got around to my bed and the side where I could literally feel it, it reached out to touch my face and I did what any young girl would do..Bit the HELL out of its finger and shut my eyes hoping for it to go away. Only to wake up the next morning, relieved it was a actually see my pillows thrown all across the room. Yes I do believe I had an encounter with something that night of my teen life, but I had also lost a coach amongst that time and sometimes want to believe it was him visiting me. But I have no idea who or what it really was.

Since then I had no problems of shadowy figures in my room at night until I turned 20, and had moved into a dingy little apartment for college. My roomie had left one morning for work... I do not remember her leaving. But I do remember something woke up me, so I said "Roomie?" or at least thought I was saying something at that time..Only to be awoken again seconds later, scared and seeing my roomie no where to be found, wondering what had caused that awful racket to awake me? I continually tried to say, "roomie, roomie!" but realized my mouth was not moving an inch. Only to look out of the corner of my eye and see my dog curled up in the corner with his paws over his eyes. Might I add he's a big blue pit bull he doesn't get scared easy. I realized my body was paralyzed. I could not move, nor barely breathe. I felt the most unbearable pain sinking on my chest. I did not know at the time, but I was experiencing my first, and hopefully last episode of sleep paralysis. I felt this thing on top of me, it black arms and hands so heavy they pinned down by my shoulders and were strong and long enough to reach my lower hips and pin me down there as well. It had pointed black fingers, or fingernails, whatever they were scary as heck and looked like they would cut me. It was so heavy, its head was at my head, lurking by my left ear, whispering horrible things to me and licking my ear. (I woke up with blood in that ear btw) All I could see what the immense amount of black the creature created on the wall behind me. It even appeared the entity had black smoke around it too. It was as big as the wall I perceived or stretched along the wall and I have a big room so that was scary. This shadowy dark figure held me down and in my head I thought "Oh my god Im seriously dying its literally happening, not now why now? Please let me move!" When you are in a state of paralysis you brain literally goes into freak mode and panic, and boy was I scared. I could not move, when I tried to scream I sounded as if I was not even making a mumble, I felt so helpless. And whatever the shadow thing that I experienced or that my mind hallucinated during this episode, was so evil, so big, and so scary, I do not want to ever meet it again. I was extremely exhausted and fatigued the next few days, a good word is drained. This may sound weird but when trying to draw it later, after that morning. I will show you later in an upload, I perceived it to have 2 spikes on its head, tilted back. If that makes any sense or if anyone knows of any being with that physicality they could help me put A and B together. But those are just some of the things I experience.

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posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 03:51 PM
reply to post by Katharos62191

When I was young I attended a Christian academy. Where I was always told to "Cover up! Not to temp anyone!" Only for my teachers and coaches to tell me to "Take it all off" behind closed doors. Me and other pretty students..The same principal who decided if your skirt was too long or short to be sinful, would bring you in his office, put you on your knees, and put a ruler up your skirt, if you get what I'm saying. The reason I did not graduate from that High school is because the same teachers who tried to befriend me and teach me the word of God. Also tried to teach me a few other despicable things. I and my twin brother always asked "why" and that being the ultimate downfall to our runs at that school. You don't question Christianity at a Christian school! My twin failing Bible, was kicked out of the school, and me being sick of the hypocrites, left. Never have I been so harshly judged by people who claim, only God can judge you. That is where my twisted views on Christians, especially Church of Christ conspiracies came to life and I CAN NOT WAIT, to share some of the ass backwards things a man does when calling himself Christian. And "In the Name of God." I can not wait to share the stories with you all to hear some opinions on the matters I was faced with as a child.

I also am on ATS because I have noticed people share interests in numerology here.. my numbers that reoccur almost constantly to me are... 21, 12, 33, 10:21, 1621, and others.. I wish to further study the meanings of those numbers and why they are used in my life so avidly! 21 being my birthday, favorite number, number is all sports growing up, number of letters in my name, reoccuring to the point of confusion. I am determined to figure out the significance of numbers in every day life as well.

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 03:51 PM
reply to post by Katharos62191

I am just a girl. A very young, very naive girl. I come from a city in the South. I was born and raised in the Bible belt, by a family of a Christian mother, and an open minded, father. I do not see eye to eye with my mother or my state. I am an artist, and love to learn and study. Im an animal lover, and a strong willed woman. I come from a family of giants, geniuses, failures and successes. I have witnessed troubles, pain, and experienced things in my life time others would call unfortunate, but I believe everything to happen for a reason. I believe one day all of these silly, confusing things will make me wise. I believe you have to grow up and be treated badly to appreciate the good. I believe you have to grow up and make mistakes for yourself, to learn on your own, your way and your own beliefs. I do not believe any one can tell you who you are and define you unless you let them. I am just a young girl, studying this world around me. Thirsty for knowledge of my ancestors, and of your ancestors. I want to learn this so called life, why I am here and why you are here. I want to study what these strange occurences are happening to people world wide. I want to learn the Truth and deny the Lies. I want to question everything I am told. I want to form my own opinion. I want to be myself. Never again do I want to go to a place, where they tell me my family is burning in hell because gay runs in our family, that I will go to hell for practicing and studying of other religions, just to educate myself on what was out there. That I will burn because my damn skirt was too short or that my polo was too tight. That I will burn because I did not believe that the silly edited book put in front of me was true? I never again want to be told, READ AND BELIEVE THIS REVISED AND REWRITTEN BOOK AND FOLLOW OR YOU WILL BURNNNN! Never again do I want to hear, Oh you see and hear things out of the Norm? Take a pill and shut up, heres some Risperdone! Just ignore it! Never again do I want to be told because I love females, and because my uncle loves a man, and my grandmother loved both, that we will all burn for eternity, by the same hand that made us love this way?! No way. I am here on ATS to form my own opinions on Life, Religion, Family, Space, Science, and History. Never again will I not question something some one tells me. I do not want to look up into the sky anymore and be told, you are crazy. If thats the case, I'm bat# crazy. & I would never a day in my life chose to be normal. I want to be ME, with everything that entails and be accepted for being ME. As weird as I am.

Here is the first target, I am putting. Most likely to be shot down. But I do hope, with some of the little things I wrote of, hopefully others here have experienced or have knowledge on that they could help further my knowledge with. I have many crazy, funny, sad, insane, and incredible stories and questions I can not wait to share with my fellow ATSers.. I guess this is just me finally breaking the ice and saying Hey.. Here I am. Just another different girl in this world, Looking for answers. And life brought me ATS..
I enjoy everything on this site and love the rules, regulations, even the occasional laugh at trolls. But for once, I finally feel like I fit in somewhere.. Like I can talk and some one might actually listen without tossing the crazy card. If you did read this post, thanks for taking the time to read my out of order rambling and my horrible trait of constantly making extremely long run on sentences. I am working on that. hehe. But my blue baby is pulling at my hands trying to get me to take him outside on this beautiful day! So I am out, Hope I get a few comments!

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 04:32 PM
wall of text, very hard to read, thank you for sharing though, its hard to open up for most people, i will now go back and read those posts, (didnt at first cause was overwhelmed by the lack of structuring)

seriously just go throw in like 5 or 6 paragraph breaks in each post, even if you do it totaly randomly itll still make it easier to read

no matter the structuring sharing at all is better then not, thank you.

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 04:39 PM
Hi and an interesting story, what i would like to know is why you chose that particular name as your log in name (clean) Katharos

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 04:39 PM
reply to post by pryingopen3rdeye

I did try, unfortunately all of my indentions, starts of paragraphs etc. ran together when I copied it over to ATS and made it look like a huge pile of mush! I am still new, and bad at posting I will admit. But I tried! I am trying to go back through and put in the original spacing and so on so forth. But I do thank you for at least attempting to read some of it! I do hope my poor posting skills does not leave my story unheard! Thanks for the tips.. I am on it!

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 04:45 PM
reply to post by cerebralassassins

Hello CerebralAssassins!
Thanks for taking time to read my story! It really does mean a lot. And the name eh? Well, It is an original and very old Greek version of my own name, and I find it quite intriguing. I love to study origins of all names. Personally, If I did not go by own name, I would choose to go by Katharos. I believe it is beautiful in its own way. I am extremely infatuated with Greek Mythology and History and anything Greek makes me happy. So I stuck with this name!
And the numbers at the end... 62191.. Well I am young, and it is my birthday! So my name really just equals out to little bits of info about myself.

Thanks for asking!

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 04:47 PM
reply to post by cerebralassassins

I guess I should go ahead and admit, I am not as clean and pure and the name insinuates. We are all scuffed and dirtied up a little.

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 05:09 PM

Originally posted by Katharos62191
If you came to my state for just ONE DAY. You would never deny a Chemtrail again. We are heavily sprayed, and quite a bit of the time.

First and foremost, the word "chemtrail" is not a known word in the English language and doesn't exist:

It's a made-up word created by a few hoaxsters / fearmongerers.

If one were to do the most miniscule amount of research, one would find that CONtrails have been criss-crossing our skies since before most of us were even born.

The following image of contrails is from 1967:

And this following image is from 1944:

As far as "spraying" you, when you see the contrail in the sky and it persists all day, that contrail is in the sky, meaning not coming down to get you. The water vapor released from aircraft engines quickly turns to ice crystals and lingers in the sky just like clouds do because the water vapor from jet engines are made up of the same exact thing as clouds: frozen water vapor.

There have been many of us on this forum that have repeatedly asked for some verifiable, repeatable scientific evidence that chemicals are being sprayed on us. To this day, nobody has bothered to provide that proof.

I have also repeatedly asked for someone who believes in "chemtrails" to go do a simple and very inexpensive evidence-gathering exercise. If you are so adamant about planes spraying us, then maybe you can be the first to follow through.

The exercise consists of going to buy some Q-Tips and plastic zip-loc sandwich baggies. Now, take the Q-Tips and start swabbing everything outside like grass, bushes, trees, your house, car, swing set, dog house, anything and everything that sits outside all day and night.

Now take those swabs to a lab and have them tested for chemicals. If a certain chemical(s) show up in every swab, then you have scientific evidence that something could be sprayed and is falling over everything sitting outside. If the lab tests come back negative, then the "chemtrail" hoax should be laid to rest once and for all.

As I've stated earlier, there's no sense worrying yourself over all of the contrails in the sky. They've been up there long before we were born and will continue to be up there after we're gone. Though, I will say that aircraft engine manufacturers are looking into ways to reduce contrails since they're blocking out the sun more and more as the population on Earth grows, more planes are built, and thus more planes are in the air making contrails.

** Edit to add**:

If you would like to see more pictures of contrails from the "olden days", and learn more about contrails, you can go here:

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posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 05:11 PM
What amazing reading...
For a 20yr old girl your very sharp minded, that was all CLEAN taughts, and would like to thank you for being open, also for your bravery.
I wish I know you in person.
Stay uniqe...

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 05:11 PM
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The numbers you have point to a violent period in Greece 1912 1916 1921 and the use of the name seems that this has somewhat of an influence in your upbringing. On a side note, the weight and so called sleep paralysis is very familiar to me. It had happened to a family friend who right after the incident and him waking up his family an odor swept through his home forcing him and his two other brothers and mother and dad to come stay with us. I remember that incident as if it was yesterday.

The later results are something i avoid discussing as it does involve religion and beings not of this world. Priests were flown in to perform what the west call an exorcism. The car that drove him to the monastery suffered in total 3 blowouts, the first was replaced by the spare and then two minutes later all three tires were blown out. The person spoke fluent english and very little of another language. His constant ranting in a non-knowledgeable to him language that has been recorded and was also given to high priests was a trade mark of not of this world. The car and subsequent car that was called to continue the journey encounted a flat battery and mechanical failure roughly 10minutes walking distance from the monastery, the same foul odor smell that was described at his home was also in abundance in both cars and it proceeded to follow them into the monastery. What happened later i will never know as my parents refuse to even touch the subject and reply in a words to this " have faith "

As a person i openly say that Aliens do exist, i have never hidden that fact, as a person i have openly said that these "Aliens" are here to conquer and not share love and peace amongst this life form we call "Human's" As a person i fully acknowledge that energy beyond our comprehension is very much real, some may call him God , others Buddha etc...the fact remains that we are not alone, in a physical plain or on a multidimensional plain.


P.S. Keep in mind, i am very much a high tech person working in and on the fringe side of the internet so i can cross myself out as a religious fanatic, all i do know and acknowledge is what i have replied to you. No if's or but's

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 05:21 PM
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For also being in 20s, I'd give you this advice - don't let it go over your head. Always think with measure and objectivity, accepting what could be true and denying what is fake, do not believe everything, do not think everthing you see is true, do not deny without knowing, keep an open mind for both.

You really don't want to end up like a shizo or people with hallucinations and paranoia. This could happen when staying at such forums too much, it acts like reprograming, it makes you start doubting at lots of things, it turns into paranoia.
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posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 05:48 PM
Dreams are an undiscovered field of powers and this is no craziness, it's nice that you dream and you can use your dreams, they tell you something:

[color=00CCFF]2007. I'm standing alone outside near the (.... in my city ) It's night and
very dark. What I see around is grounded buildings everywhere, some ruins are still on fire.
(....) mountain is an active volcano, lava is flowing down the peak. I feel fear.

2007. I'm on a sandy beach, it's daytime, I decide to enter the sea. The sea has no water,
just sand and dry/dead algae lying on the ground. I continue walking further from the beach
and there is no water, only slightly wet sand and algae. I look back at the beach to see how
far I am and I still see sand from the beach to me where water is supposed to be present.

2007. I'm at our villa in (... my city), daytime. What I see on the north where the
downtown and the city is supposed to be in the lower altitude, it is one big lake or sea,
all buildings are underwater. The water somehow reaches the altitude of our villa and we
hike upper in the mountain to avoid the rising water.

2007. I'm standing outside at a grassy square with buildings around very much like the
campus in (...). It's night. I'm watching the night sky and I see a very bright
white-yellow light coming from the sky. It later turns into a falling meteor. As it hits the
ground, a massive shockwave is released that causes strong wind and blows me away
from where I am standing. I see myself blown by the shockwave, about to collide with a
building. The feeling inside the dream is very real.

2008. I'm at home in (....). It is night. I hear some strange sound from outside.
I look at the window and I see green lights in the sky. Then I recognize something like a
a spaceship, more than one craft appears.

18.03.2011. I'm in my city, outside, it's dusk or early morning. I see a light orb in the sky.
I want to take the camera and record it but I miss it. Then during the day me, my family,
uncle, aunt, cousin are outside the city, hiking on some rocky mountain place. We all see
a light orb again, this time I record it and I have brought my binoculars too. Next we see
2-3 missiles (like the ones used for launching a shuttle in space) launched into the sky, like
against something flying in the sky.

7.04.2011. I record with a digital camera a greyish orb with light in the sky. The sky is
cloudy. Then I want to show the record to someone and see again what I have recorded.

24.04.2011. Someone I do not see gives me the ability to use other parts of my brain that
allow me to do things I generally cannot. I am able to fly without wings, or move to any
place I want, create fire out of my hand and even destroy a person by just using my mind.
In the dream I feel I have more power than others who don't have these abilities. The places
where I apply these abilities are in are in the forest, in the mountains.

4.05.2011. I just enter what appears to be the Denver Int. Airport and I immediately start looking
for the murals and time capsule that I am already aware of. I notice the mural with the masked
man holding the gun. I look around to see if someone has a camera or anything to take pictures.
I see my brother and my cousin, my brother having a camera with him. I don't find the capsule
or all of the objects on the first floor and I climb up the escalator that goes to the upper floor.
Then I find myself in a concert room with my grandmothers sitting at some chairs and I ask
them how are they here in America!? then my brother laughs over me thinking I'm in America.
I facepalm.

17.05.2011. While sleeping in my bed and the night sky can be seen from a part of the window
without a curtain, in my dream I see some strange pink-red lines in the sky like a text but they
are neither recognizable letters, nor any known symbols. They appear like many random lines.
When waking up I feel some tension or pressure in my brain.

19.10.2011. Someone, not seen who, tells me how to levitate myself using my mind and thinking
of something related to charges. I can then see myself levitating any time I want and with ease. I
feel the levitation as absolutely real. I state that at first it was hard, then it became easy to do.

6.03.2012. I'm at my villa (...) Then I learn we have little time before some explosion
happens or a nuclear strike. Me, my brother, my family, start
preparing to leave our villa and the place quickly before that explosion happens. I take a few things
in a hurry and just when we're about to leave, I don't see other than my grandpa around and I ask
him if we weren't supposed to leave already and if it was not too late. Then I hear some very loud
wind noise all over the sky, I see the trees shaking. Then my grandpa says something about
hundreds of thousands being killed. What happens next is I feel the wave of the nuclear strike
is going to reach us any second, I wake up and quit the dream before I feel it happens. I feel fear
and helplessness against what's coming.

After the latter dream I learned that there's been a tiny robbery there, some homeless fools have stolen some metal pipes that they can usually sell for money.

See, you're not the only one. In my research on dreams I have dreams that I call 'level 1' and dreams 'level 2'. Level 1 are more connected to more ordinary life, level 2 are distirbing realistic and presenting a very possible future with very real feeling. I exclude nightmares and dreams that may have simply symbolical/emotional meaning. This is not the case with the dreams I'm recording. And also it was long before the movie 2012 was even promoted, as some of them were in 2007.

Example of a recent Level 1 dream was after I got almost yelled at by my boss 2 weeks ago, I had a dream that I was going to be more rough with her the next time I meet her and I met her in the elevator, so I knew we were going to talk again, and I was more rough and did stand for myself more. It's like the dream informed me: 'You will meet her again, this time tell her all you didn't last time' and so I have many cases where my dreams give me the idea.
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