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Fearing FEMA

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posted on Apr, 15 2003 @ 01:02 PM
Most Americans know FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, as the helping hand that shows up after major natural disasters or large-scale terrorist attacks like 9/11, handing out blankets and dolling out loans like a friendly neighbor with a taxpayer-fattened bank account. But beginning in the early 90's, a small contingent of "conspiracy theorists" began to claim there was something much more sinister to the agency. They see FEMA as the nothing less than the stormtroopers of a New World Order, a dark force for oppression that hides behind its benevolent public image waiting to round up patriotic Americans who dare question the creation of a United Nations-controlled One World Government. Frequently, Jews are implicated as part of the scheme, as are assorted Rockefellers and Rothschilds.

Here is the rest of the article:

posted on Apr, 15 2003 @ 02:12 PM
that all it takes is a "declared emergency" and bang! Total Martial Law, with FEMA calling the shots.

Add to this the rather covert building up of a FEMA airforce, etc. and it just adds fuel to the fire...

posted on Apr, 15 2003 @ 02:14 PM
May I just add that our very own Simon has written a much better article about FEMA:

It was a good read though, pretty scary stuff. they get SO much power in case of a national disaster...

posted on Apr, 15 2003 @ 02:18 PM

. they get SO much power in case of a national disaster...

Yeah they can do whatever the hell they want basically.

posted on Apr, 15 2003 @ 05:22 PM
when the time comes, when the disaster hits, will you be taken, or will you hide to fight another day. you know they won't get us all. we'll fight back, right when it happens is my contigency. i'll leave with my two best friends and girlfriend, with carlos' guns. his dads a collector. and hide out in the woods somewhere, it's easy to live on the land up here. then we'll go looking about the ruins of towns. not even the ruins, the ghost towns, then we can start fighting back. however i'm more worried about what the actual disaster will be. if we end up goin to war with a nation actually able to hit us at home, will it be declared then?

posted on Apr, 15 2003 @ 05:50 PM
here is one i personally wrote

posted on Apr, 15 2003 @ 05:56 PM
that's a great report, it highlights the largest threats we would face during a time like that. is there nothin we as americans can do? i don't think we should just sit by. will you rise?

posted on Apr, 15 2003 @ 05:59 PM
You know I already have.

posted on Apr, 15 2003 @ 06:10 PM
i've been tryin to come to a way where i can leave on my own and be able to start my life as a rebel. i don't mean going around and blowing things up, but rather shedding light onto conspiracies and government corruption. if they make it a war against the people then that is what it shall be. first in schools, make the kids like myself, and others realise that the government is more than something dumb and smart people talk. realise that if FEMA has to act it will affect ALL of US. no matter your age. there will be nothing we can do unless we stand know. i urge everybody to tell your friends, tell your families. ask your teachers about it and let them know. they'll think your just inquistitve at first, but if they let it sink in and look some stuff up on it, they too will realise. school council, that is another part of education that can hold the power to show all people the truth about what the government is. maybe it sounds difficult or farfetched, but you have to do something. we have to do something, america will no longer be free, we must rid ourselves of corruption and lies. if you're older and have a job, tell those at your office, your coworkers, your subordinates, and contacts. the only way the people will accept is if they know.

posted on Apr, 22 2003 @ 03:05 PM
Lets not forget FEMA was present in New York City, like teams dispatched the night before set to arrive in NYC, the night before SEP 11. I guess now FEMA SOP incluses hiring psychics so they know when the next disaster is gonna hit, so they can arrive in time?

posted on Apr, 23 2003 @ 09:05 AM

Originally posted by Skadi_the_Evil_Elf
Lets not forget FEMA was present in New York City, like teams dispatched the night before set to arrive in NYC, the night before SEP 11.

That's not exactly true. FEMA has offices in all major cities, but there was no influx of people before September 11.

And there's been quite a few situations lately where FEMA was in control -- and (as per plan) relinquished control when the emergency was over. New York was one of those cases -- and in some areas (tornado damage) martial law was declared.

And nobody took over anything and nobody "suspicious" vanished.

posted on Apr, 23 2003 @ 10:40 AM

I dont understand what this FEMA is? I am not American and dont have the organisation over here. From what I can gather from comments they are an organisation that helps people in disasters or something and that people on this message board are paranoid. I maybe wrong I have not researched what it is - please tell me.


posted on Apr, 23 2003 @ 03:48 PM
FEMA is the Federal Emergency Management Agency

more info can be found here at

posted on Apr, 23 2003 @ 03:53 PM
The government was originally planned to be just the voice of the people. But nowadays.... they're the voice OVER the people.....

posted on Apr, 24 2003 @ 02:25 AM
The people should fear FEMA not because of what it has done but what it can do.
The powers that FEMA is reputed to possess is indeed a matter of concern.
Taken by itself, it would not be a matter of great concern, but when you look
at the total picture and "connect the dots", it is easy to reach the conclusion
that the government is moving to the point of suspending the constitution (of
course in the defense of liberty) and taking of complete control of the country.
Look at some of the other web sites and see what I mean:
1. Federal Reserve - Public debt (federal) is being artifically created where
we owe private banks trillions of dollars. The money supply can be
manipulated by private banks through fractional reserve banking. By creating
crushing debt, the powers to be are positioned to seize most of the property
in the USA.
2. IRS abuse - The agency most feared by the public. Look at some of the
Tax Movement Sites ( or and see
how the IRS misapplies the written law. Also check out prosecutoral
misconduct by IRS attorneys (Yours truly can testify about this from his
own experiences.) This wears down peoples will to resist. Since most of
what the IRS comes up with is not backed by actual federal law (such as
your children need SSN's to be deductable - this is not true), it trains
the average citizen to accept whatever a particular agency is saying as
"the law" and go along with it. Yours truly believes that the IRS has
been the federal "point man" (with the BATF close behind) whipping the
general public into a bunch of compliant boobs.
3. Black projects such as Enchelon with are reputed to be able to monitor
communications throughout the world.
4. Homeland security with is increased surveillance of "suspected terrorists".
(Also notice how the definition of a "suspected terrorist" has gotten a
lot more vague lately.
5. Etc., etc., etc.

So when the whole picture is considered, you better be concerned about FEMA.
(I'm not paranoid, the b**stards are really out to get us.)

posted on Apr, 24 2003 @ 11:50 AM
Hasn't anybody thought yet that the excuse needed could be on its way in the form of SARS? They are already putting people in 'quarantine camps' in China.

If it eventually starts spreading vigorously in the U.S and they start putting thousands into 'quarantine' Then what would you do...?

It's the perfect excuse, a Virus.
No putting people away for there views or politics etc..

"Its for our own good and the good of the country" & "They're only trying to help you"
Is what you would hear, and you would be made to feel like an idiot for advocating resistance to the containment of a disease.

Meanwhile they can 'quarantine' anybody they damn well like under the same pretense.


posted on Apr, 24 2003 @ 06:05 PM
fema is involved in it all probably

posted on Jun, 24 2003 @ 04:29 PM
when you start to check out FEMA look into the "REX 84"program it is an even scarier scenario

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