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28th of October 2011- What Shapes Our Future Today?

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posted on Oct, 28 2011 @ 02:52 AM
2011 10 28 - What happens today?

So, it has finally come to this magnificent date in the history of humankind. It is also Friday, which is always nice
I am on my way to work to do some rehearsal for a little theatrical play we're having and yesterday I got rid of a heavy exam at the university that's been haunting me.
I don't know how many people thought this day would start with raining fire and other means of horrible peril but from where I am writing the world looks roughly the same it did yesterday (I am still waiting for that solar storm to happen...aaany day now).
Other inhabitants of the globe might however wake up to a different reality; I am thinking of those who struggle to fend of a raging Mother Earth in transition (Thailand, NE Mexico, Turkey...) or those who wake to another day of bloody battle with the evil forces of oppression (Syria, Yemen, Iran...). We shall not forget these people who are in suffering, much due to the times in discussion. You know all of this is connected, right?
A quick look in the news what's going on so far today (roughly half the globe is in the 28th now) does not seem to report any UFO flotillas over Washington DC. Nothing is said about any rapture of any sort either. The #occupy movement in the US seems to turn violent soon. I think we should keep that in mind for what is going to happen today...

Since there were no "2nd Big Bang" or Nibiru bull-crap, I have more of the tendency to think that these changes happens in the silent, like they always did. Look at the 9 worlds and the 13 under-worlds of the calendar; the profound changes humanity has faced throughout the aeons seldom, if ever, involved an official happening with fireworks and stuff. I don't think people back in the day thought: "Oh, a new level of conciousness just happened!" For all I know, the Roman Empire did not collapse on one day and the internet was not "released" on a specific date either. No, it is the process that's in focus here. A seed is sown, a fruit is harvested.

Still, things happen due to an undeniable chain of action and consequence. There are defining moments in history, even if they aren't always appreciated as that when they happen. Hitler didn't join the predecessor of NSDAP with the goal to destroy the better half of Europe. The initiation of the development program that led up to the internet as we know it was not intended for Wikileaks to use or to fuel revolutions in North Africa and the Mid-East. But according to me, it was inevitable and part of the cosmic plan.

To return to the topic; what do you think happens/happened today?
What slight but all-encompassing shift in reality did occur?
What decisions where made that we shall face the consequences of, for all time?

I have my idea:
Somewhere in China the in-recallable decision is made to start buying European, and selling US, state obligations.
China needs a strong outside market to fuel their exports. The EU is this market since it has the possibility to grow some more. USA has had its time, it can never again rise to the same levels of consumption.
The empire has come to a definite end. Not saying that the EU hasn't too, we're most likely all in for the capitalistic apocalypse, but it will most certainly start with the mother ship USA entering the darkness feet first due to its symbolic and practical significance.
Some may dispute this and say that China can never rise without the US fuelling their growth but I believe that to be old news. China has already grown, the fuel tank is full and the US has an empty one. China looks for a new economical gas station and there is one in Europe, one that might still be able to bring forth some dough.
Adapt or die. It has always been the name of the game since the birth of time.

What positives can come out of this then?
Without making too many predictions here (eh!), I'd like to see how this investment in the EU fails horribly and that the links to the US economy are all too tight for us to shake off and we'll go down the depths with the rest of the rats. China will then turn to their new allies: the Third World. And maybe, just maybe, will this alliance turn to their favour as there is no more a EU or US to compete with their market. Hopefully they can rise to a new level of wealth and awareness that will settle the differences between us and unite the people of the world in a new age of stability and peace. Maybe. We still have some pretty massive obstacles to deal with before that can happen. China has to change their way of seeing things ethically. Climate change and pollution still poses a great threat towards all life on earth...

Anyway, what I think is happening is that we will adapt to the new world by casting aside the chains of the self-made economical tyranny that is the monetary system. Those who will not adapt will "die", either literally or symbolically. The world on "the other side of money" will probably contain a long period of trial and error but it will be a much better one.
I don't think we should worry too much about NWO take overs and such; without the tool of money, it can't happen on more than a very local scale and during a limited period of time.

So, I think that today, people in the highest ranks of power in China agrees that they will start selling off their US state obligations and start buying European ones.
When the US government finds out, it will be more like opening a can of boiling, nuclear thermite on fire than one simply containing worms.

God speed to us all and welcome to the crown of creation everyone!
I am just so god damn happy to be alive today and to have the privilege to watch the transformation!!!
Let's do it!

posted on Oct, 28 2011 @ 04:45 AM
This is one of the most intelligent approach to this topic I´ve read so far, so thank you, OP
That´s well said, that in great changes in history people usually don´t realise, that yes, this is the moment when we reach higher level of conciousness. Yet it has happened throughout history, human mind is developing and continous to do so. I agree, that we definitely are in the middle of big changes and probably we can tell what it is or where it leads us only looking back to this time. It´s a process. I have thought, that today might be some bigger leap, something intensifies, but still it might be unrecognizable at the present. I believe most important keywords about changes are "ecconomy", "money", "sense of personal freedom" and "unity". It takes time, but it seems to me, that we have come to the point, where all systems based on power-hierarchies, oppression and violence are going to fall. People start to believe in themselves and in unity more than relying on their leaders and outside system. China may try to bocome next empire, but world is changing faster and faster and I don´t believe there´s gonna be another empire. Old ecconomic and power systems are collapsing and can´t continue in old ways for much longer. It´s global and fundamental change in social system as a whole and it already began with Arabian Spring. It can´t happen in a day, but there might be shifts on some particular days, that fuel this change more. Maybe today is one of these days.
I also think, that people should think deeper about these messages and changes (for example what Calleman has written) and contemplate on the changes around them, try to see bigger picture, not just ironise how "another doomsday is over and we´re still here"
Internet is great example. Noone could say, that this day, when internet was first created had any significance for people lives, everything continued as it was and noone had any idea, what was just created, yet some decades later internet has changed the world in very many ways. It even changes our brains as some researches have shown.

ETA: I´ve also thought about real meaning of Nibiru. In Sumerian it means 'point of crossing'. In that sense yes, Nibiru has come and we are colliding with it, symbolically. Nibiru might be crossing point in human evolution, these changes can´t be easy, so in a way it is like colliding with something big and unknown and that´s why many people feel, that Nibiru is definitely coming. We already see it

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posted on Oct, 28 2011 @ 11:10 AM
Why are the delusional so desperate to make excuses for every failed doom date? Why can't a prediction just be wrong, like every other prediction has been?

I'm so tired of people coming up with excuses or making up these ridiculous stories about "some little thing happened that will snowball into bigger things that we'll notice 10 years from now just because I say so because I wanted today to be special blahblah" or "people feel different" (cause you know, you can speak for the other 6billion people in the world, yup. Just because you 'feel different' because you want to to confirm your fantasy means everyone else does). Little things happen every single day that lead to other things, it doesn't mean anything other than there's 6 billion people in this world doing stuff and stuff happens everyday, it doesn't validate some "prediction" of doom or massive change.

It's so intellectually dishonest and pathetic to do this and I see it every time from at least one guy when a doomsday prediction fails. For once, can you "believers" just freaking accept that these predictions were bogus when nothing happens??? Why so desperate to make all these stretches and excuses instead of just accept that people desperate for more to life than their boring existence have been predicting doomsday/shifts in consciousness/yadayada since the dawn of man and this is just another failed one.

The prediction was wrong, October 28th was no different than any other day, stop looking for meaning where there's not just because you WANT there to be meaning.
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posted on Oct, 28 2011 @ 11:13 AM
I will say, that this world desperately needs a change..
Hopefully it is for the better,.. what ever that may be

posted on Oct, 28 2011 @ 11:42 AM

Originally posted by darkest4
Why are the delusional so desperate to make excuses for every failed doom date? Why can't a prediction just be wrong, like every other prediction has been?
The prediction was wrong, October 28th was no different than any other day, stop looking for meaning where there's not just because you WANT there to be meaning.
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I think you miss the whole point of this thread. The most significant days in history might not be days when something catastrophical occures, but days when something starts, that´s going to effect futher development of people and world. Internet is good example. For me it has never been about one event. It´s about seeing big picture. World is changing around us, many people sense and explane it to themselves and others and it´ s interesting to look at. Also interesting to be part of it. Since ancient history there has been points in time when qualitative change occures in social stuctures and in the ways how people see their reality. There are long periods of stability and then something changes. We are definitely in the change period at the present.

So, what´s wrong with it if some people sometimes want to contemplate over these predictions and ideas more intellectually? It´s of course everyone´s own choice, how they see the world and changes. Or wether they think about predictions or are tired of them (but still read them)

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posted on Oct, 28 2011 @ 11:51 AM
Don't know about you guys, but what shapes MY future today is ME. I don't believe in predictions.

posted on Oct, 28 2011 @ 11:58 AM
just some earth changing news , UK the first born male or female will be set for the thrown , marrying Catholics is ok as well, Monday the UN will take vote for the Palestine state, Obama has war of words with the New Yorker, just a few news head lines for today the earth has not stopped the sun still shines, the web is still up.

posted on Oct, 28 2011 @ 12:11 PM
2011 10 28 - What happens today?

Nothing will happen.
Get over it.
It's Friday, have a nice weekend.

posted on Oct, 29 2011 @ 04:00 AM
Thank you everyone for the inputs.

I don't expect anyone to believe me on this, but this thread was composed by me on the 27th and posted during the early hours of the 28th. By then I only had the idea of the state obligation "shift" but later on the 28th I read that it might very well have turned out that way.

The story @ reuters

An EU source had earlier said Sarkozy was expected to speak to Hu about Beijing's possible participation in the bailout fund.

(note that I did not read of this at reuters but on a source in my native language which has very little impact on ATS).

And for you who keep saying that this was "just another failed doomsday prediction", please just quote me once where I would have said that the world was to end yesterday.

And for the argument that I am speaking for "6 billion people": I don't but you aren't either (besides, it's 7 billion now).

posted on Oct, 29 2011 @ 04:57 AM
I´d like to add, that on 28th october was the final test of E-Cat Cold Fusion device and it was successful: Link. It again kind of reminds me internet. At the beginning noone realise how important it is and how much it´s going to shape the future on this planet

posted on Oct, 29 2011 @ 05:50 AM
Well, what happens today is the following:

1. Mow the lawn. I predict I'll get really sweaty....
2. house chores...
3. feed the pet.. the king shall become disgruntled if he doesn't get fed.

4. relax.

Nothing that significant.

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posted on Oct, 29 2011 @ 06:21 AM

Originally posted by Pharyax
Well, what happens today is the following:

1. Mow the lawn. I predict I'll get really sweaty....
2. house chores...
3. feed the pet.. the king shall become disgruntled if he doesn't get fed.

4. relax.

Nothing that significant.

Unless your "house" or "lawn" are of cosmic proportion, I think we all can disregard that.
Totally pointless input.

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posted on Oct, 29 2011 @ 06:25 AM
reply to post by Amandla

You beat me to it!
I dearly hope that the impact of this device is as profound as it appears to be

posted on Oct, 29 2011 @ 08:18 AM
reply to post by Raud

Yes, me too! I don´t believe humanity can go on with it´s own ways anyway. Something new and better has to come and very soon.

posted on Oct, 29 2011 @ 09:34 AM
reply to post by Amandla

Without sounding too sinister, the name of the game is, and has always been "adapt or die", more or less.
Look at the world and what standards it sets up for us now; live with limited water supply, changes in climate, polluted oceans, diminsihing fossile fuel sources.
We better adapt to that as late as yesterday because today and tomorrow, it is NOT business as usual. Those who still think that will not make it.
I'd like to count in all the "nothing special is going on"-people among those who fail adapt because they either won't or can't.

Too bad the joke isn't entierly on them since we have to suffer the consequences of their ignorance.

posted on Oct, 29 2011 @ 10:00 AM
you are absolutely right op, i didnt think for a second that the world was going to end. the only thing i thought was that something life changing was going to happen. and it did, building up to october 28th i had so many realizations and actually on october 27th it really came into fruition, i realized a couple of things. When a man tells you he is blind and cannot see, do you yell at him for it? When a man who cannot walk tells you he cannot move, do you yell at him for that? do you show hate for him? no. This applies to the concept of love, you have to love everybody simply for the fact that were all humans, were all just trying to live a human experience. And when a child is born, he does not think evil thoughts or anything like that, he is happy. But somewere along the line that changed for him. This is what i realized which is the end of the world for me atleast lol. Love everyone because even if they wrong you they simply dont know any better. deep down everyones soul just wants to co exist and be happy, but whether it be to a violent upbringing or just society in general, they lost theyre way. these realizations are only going to progress as we all enter into a new age. but youll only see these things if your trying to enter the new age, if your not, then the world will seem exactly as it was.

posted on Oct, 29 2011 @ 10:47 AM
These are the days when we define ourselves to our self as to what our core consists of in our expression outwardly. After all of "this", what ever that might have encompassed for the individual, we can finally stand on our own personal principles as we partake of this "transformation" we are about to step into.

For me, I see the Spiritual growth that is about to occur, in the physical of course since I am not dead, inside or out.

For the OP they see the inclusion of "potential, growth, and advancements" on the level of Society not the individual, at least this is how I perceived the thread as it talked about China and the Future or "futures". I can personally see how the "benefits" of such things could possibly usher in a one-world idealism. Money, Governing Laws, Food sources, Medicines; across the board these things will grow where ever they can take hold based on needs. NWO; this also means the "Mark". It means that this "mundane" existence is the choice, the pain and suffering, the "breaking down" or decomposition of Spirit within. The Machine! It will move forward regardless.

Sorry, not my cup of Tea! I will do everything in my power to release myself of that future as I see one of a different nature entirely. I see the Demonic influences that pervade Man being removed and the true "pleasures" that come from such an experience put in its place.

The Mayan 13 Skulls, the inclusion of Chrislam (Islam and Christianity combined), the New-Age Occult, the Symbolic Nature of Society expressed through Materialism and Power. The Sacrifice of Spirit on TV! It has us already into finally accepting public executions for our pleasure; need we go further than this past week? I am speaking of Gadhafi who held more gold than any one person on this planet (that we are aware of).

Yeah, the Future! Time for folks to go back to school and face the gas as it rises out of the canisters of man's hearts! Sorry to say that but where else can all this lead to?

It's all just a choice, with or without Spirit within, we will all get what we create to be our Truth! Now? Now on to the Show!

posted on Oct, 29 2011 @ 02:37 PM
Hello Green Sage and welcome to the thread!
First of all, thank you for a wonderful reply. You write so much better than many members on here, and I don't speak about spelling and grammar, no your words are magical.
Second, that is one adorable avatar you've got there! Don't wanna get all too OT here, but what is his/her name?

To return on topic, you have to misunderstand me right here.
The turn in economical balance here is just superficial. What is profound is that the US domination is now over, for real, for good. Without the backing of the Chinese, there is nothing more to provide for a faint light at the end of the tunnel no more.
This doesn't mean that capitalism is "saved", oh no. It is a mathematical impossibility to have that kind of system running forever. It has to end but there might still be some more years, if I was to give it a guess I'd say maximum 10 years from now until the whole thing goes. We have, globally, ventured too far into the dollar cavern. If that currency is gone, we'll realize too late how dependent we are on it but there will be no way of turning back. The dice is cast.

The dystopia you are drawing up as the "one-world idealism" I can understand. Still, I do not think that global understanding and unity can be found by us closing our borders and going in for a second round of the 1930's.
Living in Europe we have a little project called the EU and I personally think that that is the way for us to try and get along. The union as it looks today might not be a very pretty sight, but it is the best we've done so far and it sure has kept war out for quite some time. That is proof enough for me that the days of nationalism are the days of old we shall never return to (still, some countries just can't seem to get enough of it).
I think that the problem here is that the union is built on obsolete standards such as economical growth and industrial expansion. We cannot build a new just world with cracked bricks and rusted iron. We need a whole new way of understanding what freedom and justice is all about. This is very hard when our minds are still hundreds of years back in time.
I guess that is really what this change is about; the birth of a new way to understand the world and humanity. To fully get through with this we have to let go of monetary relations. Those are the heaviest shackles we carry and they reach into so many levels of our social existence. Nationalism is very much excused with financial issues. To leave behind the thoughts of nation, nationality, patriotism etc. is sometimes as hard as to even imagine a world with out currencies for trade. I personally have no idea how that is going to work out.

All these ideas of the great apocalypse, in entertainment, on the discussion boards, in peoples weary minds, are they there because we somewhere deep down inside know that it has to happen? Is there any way out of this trap, this self-constructed prison of consumption and humiliation without getting rid of our own kind?

I hope for a new, eternal golden age because without that hope in my heart, I would have succumbed to depression a long time ago. Of course I have many worries about what will happen to my immediate surroundings, the people I love and places where I belong...but there are also things that must happen. Some things that are very sad.
Luckily, the spirit lives on.

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