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''Gods" army-masonic psychokiller profiles.

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posted on Jul, 23 2011 @ 03:07 PM
It is interesting to compare the similarities between the Norwegian killer Anders Behring Breivik and
Timothy Mc Veigh the Oklahoma city bomber.Firstly is the direct Masonic link,Breivik was a member of
the Saint Johannes Lodge,Mc Veigh was a 32nd level mason with the Confederate Grand Lodge of
North America,both were 32 years of age when they perpetrated their acts of terror.

In fact the numbers 32 and 33 pop up quite frequently in terms of age in lone wolf acts of violence.These are
important numbers to Freemasons with occult significance of course Jesus's ministry was from 30 to 33 years of age both Mc Veigh and Breivik were right wing Christians with prejidices,Mc Veigh was reprimanded in the
Army for buying white supremecy items and Breivik was anti islamic.The fact these two could download the Christian meme means both were programmable.

Then there are the killers used for a purpose firstly the Dunblaine killer Thomas Hamilton it is rumoured that
he was a paedophile that supplied a local Masonic pedophile ring with boys and was one himself,of course
he was a scoutmaster,it was a very high order Freemaso Lord Robertson that procured this mans gun liscence.
Hamilton exhibited signs of former MK Ultra or Monarch programming which include multiple personality disorder,bizarre sexual practices or involvement in Satanic cult activity.At 44 and unemployed however he
would no longer be of long term use,so we could sacrifice him for a greater cause the Firearms Amendment Act no2 1997 which left only muzzle loading and historic handguns legal.

Finally Martin Bryant the Port Arthur massacre perpetrator was once again a sacrifice for the greater good
i.e some of the most restrictive gun laws on the planet.The Masonic link here is the Freemason run Tavistock
institute which if you research find that the Tasmanian department of mental health has been a front for this
organisation since the 1960's,Bryant had regular contact with the department from an early age.Now Bryant
a 'borderline intellectual disabled' a part of the bottonm 2 percent of the population demonstrated some
amazing skills that day the19 people in the cafe all died from a single 5.56 mm bullet to the head in 20 seconds
with the shooter firing off the hip he also executed moving head shots and Beirut specials.

Vietnam commander Brigadier Ted Sarong commented on the satanic efficiency something Breivik shares in
Norway,Bryants favorite movie was Childs Play were a lifeless doll animates for mass murder could the powers that be have downloaded some sort of demonic terminator spirit into Bryant to assist?

and what was Bryant doing in Hereford home of the British SAS in 1994?

Hopefully you find these musings interesting.

posted on Jul, 23 2011 @ 03:12 PM
reply to post by anglodemonicmatrix

Sooooo.....this is all from your brain? Original? If so, do you have any sources to confirm the information here?

posted on Jul, 23 2011 @ 03:20 PM
reply to post by DevolutionEvolvd

As Glen Beck says find it out for yourself,google is your friend,but beware of trojans some info is
guarded vigorously.

posted on Jul, 23 2011 @ 03:25 PM
reply to post by anglodemonicmatrix

Please explain the importance of the numbers 32 and 33 in Freemasonry. Please name all references the numbers are used in masonry. Except for the fact they are degrees 32 and 33 in the Scottish Rite appendant body of Freemasonry. Thank you.

posted on Jul, 23 2011 @ 03:32 PM
reply to post by anglodemonicmatrix

4 since/including Ok City?..thats all you have?..Thats a lot of time to be counting only 4 kilelrs...seems there would be more...

posted on Jul, 23 2011 @ 07:36 PM
reply to post by fordrew

11 22 33 are master numbers the highest being 33 Jesus was the master initiate at 33,31 to 33 are levels of development 33 being the hights 33 can also be in satanic numerology as short for 333 or 3+3 3+3 3+3=666

posted on Jul, 23 2011 @ 11:13 PM

Originally posted by anglodemonicmatrix
reply to post by fordrew

11 22 33 are master numbers the highest being 33 Jesus was the master initiate at 33,31 to 33 are levels of development 33 being the hights 33 can also be in satanic numerology as short for 333 or 3+3 3+3 3+3=666

a) Where are your references?

b) None of those things you mentioned are in Freemasonry. Unless you can show me your references.

posted on Jul, 23 2011 @ 11:26 PM
reply to post by fordrew

Why does every piece of simple information on this website have to have a friggin bibliography,I do
not know how to post a link what I am trying to point out are the similarities between the army of
manchurian psycopaths on this planet not a thesis on numerology.

posted on Jul, 23 2011 @ 11:43 PM
reply to post by anglodemonicmatrix

Over here at Above Top Secret, we take our threads very seriously. Without your references, you are wildly making crazy accusations. Nobody, including myself, takes you seriously. If you want a legitimate discussion, you have to post a reference or two. Without any reference, nobody knows if you are lying out of your ass, or if you are telling even the slightest bit of truth. Deny Ignorance. You are spreading ignorance by spouting your crap on the forums. If you look at the best threads here on Above Top Secret, you will see some nicely written threads with a few reference articles to back them up.

I can say right now that I can fly. Will ATS believe me when I say that? I just wrote it down here so it must be true. See what I am trying to get at? I need some sort of proof that I can fly .

I am not asking for a bibliography. I need to know where you pull this information from .

Please remember, we can not read your mind. You have to explain yourself because we don't know what or how you think.
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posted on Jul, 24 2011 @ 12:33 AM
to the OP's defense, masonic material is usaly secret and'not easly referenced on the web...

posted on Jul, 24 2011 @ 12:39 AM
reply to post by jplaysguitar

Actually, it's been referenced nearly a million times on ATS.

You don't even need Google, just use the ATS search.

posted on Jul, 24 2011 @ 12:43 AM
reply to post by jplaysguitar

Look this guy can proove me right or wrong with about 4 hits on google Im used to it on my thread about
psychtronic warfare I poured my heart out about what I personally experienced for over 10 years; half called me
a nutcase the other half the Forum Nazis wanted references and bibliographies Im about at the point where I
couldn't be bothered anymore I am not a poster with great cyber skills or fantastic prose therefore considered
untermensch by the effite elite here,not every poster is a Gold content poster but that seems to be expected,it was nothing personal just I wanted a discusson,not a critique and if you disagree by all means post your contrary facts,it was nothing personal against this guy its something thats been building.

posted on Jul, 24 2011 @ 12:45 AM
reply to post by anglodemonicmatrix

I think your OP is full of crap, and IMO, this is Grey Area level material.

posted on Jul, 24 2011 @ 12:49 AM
reply to post by W3RLIED2

You are correct this may be in the wrong forum.

posted on Jul, 24 2011 @ 07:55 AM

Originally posted by anglodemonicmatrix
reply to post by jplaysguitar

Look this guy can proove me right or wrong with about 4 hits on google Im used to it on my thread about
psychtronic warfare I poured my heart out about what I personally experienced for over 10 years; half called me
a nutcase the other half the Forum Nazis wanted references and bibliographies Im about at the point where I
couldn't be bothered anymore I am not a poster with great cyber skills or fantastic prose therefore considered
untermensch by the effite elite here,not every poster is a Gold content poster but that seems to be expected,it was nothing personal just I wanted a discusson,not a critique and if you disagree by all means post your contrary facts,it was nothing personal against this guy its something thats been building.

and that is why nobody here should take you seriously. How old are you? 14 maybe?

"I can't be bothered to link a site as a reference so everything I post is true even though I admit that it takes 4 hits on google!"

You are a joke.

posted on Jul, 24 2011 @ 10:20 AM
reply to post by fordrew

No pal IM 46 and I have seen and experienced things in my lifetime only a select few on earth have
I am now familiar with your posts and in what threads you post, other than a self appointed forum nazi
you are both a shill and a troll you say deny ignorance but you sir as a blind as a bat as ignorant as
sh*t and an annoyance that should be removed for the good of all.

posted on Jul, 24 2011 @ 11:20 AM
reply to post by anglodemonicmatrix

At least I am not a fraud. You are a joke and most importantly you are a phony. Anyone who takes your posts seriously should be smacked in the back of their head. That is all that needs to be said. No legitimate reference = no legitimate and intelligent discussion.

You have failed to make any reference other than just your hearsay allegations presented in your thread. That makes you someone who just spreads disinformation here in these forums.

Goodbye sir.
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posted on Jul, 24 2011 @ 11:53 AM

posted on Jul, 24 2011 @ 12:08 PM
reply to post by fordrew

Mene mene tekel upharsin

Yes goodbye sir you are not worth a moment of cognitive thought and on permanent ignore.

posted on Jul, 24 2011 @ 12:13 PM
reply to post by fordrew

it seems you've come to this thread with little knowledge on the subject. ATS used to be a collection of 'investigators' who, when confronted with new material - or material contradictory to their predisposition, would further look into the subject.

please don't take this the wrong way, but lately ATS has become little more than a forum, with users who literally know nothing other than what they see posted in the forums and have no motivation to do their own 'work' in developing an understanding of something other than what someone else at ATS had to say about the subject.

that especially puts alot of weight on someone trying to reveal anything masonic, which - the masons - are their own secret society. usually there is a breach in a person's rational when confronted with some of the material concerning the masons. anyone could spend a LIFETIME on that subject and the material that branches from it.

anyhow what i have come here to say to you is that i urge you, if you are really interested - which you seem to be based on you coming back a couple posts here - to further look into some of the subjects you've questioned. this is not a blow to you, don't take me the wrong way.


At the Vatican there are 32 archways on each side of the courtyard with a giant obelisk in the middle. The Pope's cassock has 32 buttons and his head represents the 33rd.

The symbol for the Soviet Union has 32 rays emanating from the sun being the 33rd.

On 3/3/03 the UN World Prayer Center called for everyone to pray simultaneously at 3:30pm. The ceiling in the United Nations General Assembly room has a large circular light surrounded by 32 smaller lights. The UN building is 39 (13x3) stories high and sits on land donated by Mason/Illuminist David Rockefeller. The United Nations flag shows the globe divided into 33 sections encircled by olive branches.

The flag also happens to be blue just like the first 3 “blue degrees” of Masonry.

There are 13 degrees of YorkRite Masonry and 33 degrees of ScottishRite.

Our measuring system originated in Masonic France in the 1790s which explains why 13 standard inches is equal to exactly 33 metric centimeters. Ice freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit and changes to water at 33 degrees, corresponding precisely with the Masonic degrees of illumination. 33 is the first “degree” solid ice can melt/move freely.

The very idea of measuring heat by degrees is Masonic. So is your diploma (degree), and getting “the third degree” comes from the Masonic third degree ceremony in which the initiate must answer many probing, personal questions.

The eagle, one of the main symbols of ScottishRite Freemasonry, is found on the dollar bill. It has 32 feathers on its right wing symbolizing the 32 formal degrees of ScottishRite Masonry, but he’s looking at his left wing which contains an extra 33rd feather representing the 33rd degree held by many world leaders and historical figures. Head of the Supreme Council of World Freemasonry Albert Pike invented the 33rd degree of Freemasonry in 1832.

He was Chief Judicial Officer and CoFounder of the KKK (K = 11th letter, 11x3 = 33)

“In Hebron he [King David] reigned over Judah seven years and six months [7+6 = 13]: and in Jerusalem he reigned thirty and three years [33] over all Israel and Judah.”

2 Samuel 5:5

There are multiple references to 33 in the bible: 33 days of purification (Leviticus 12:4), 33 sons and daughters of Israel (Genesis 46:15), and 3300 officers of King Solomon (1 Kings 5:16). King David reigned in Jerusalem for 33 years (1 Kings 2:11). The Star of David is two triangles, meaning two 3s – 33. There are exactly 33 titles in the Old Testament for the antichrist and 13 in the New Testament. Most importantly, Jesus was baptized at age 30, began his 3 year ministry, then died and was resurrected at age 33 (Luke 3:23).

Also see (1 Chronicles 3:4, and 1 Chronicles 29:27).

“The sun enters at the 30th degree but is not totally clear until the 33rd degree, as it is of a certain size also. This is why they said in the Bible that the ministry of Christ begins at 30 and finishes at 33. This reference would have been unmistakable to anyone aware of the secrets of astrology. The number is connected to the initiation of the ‘Sun’ of god not ‘Son,’ passing through the zodiac. This is why the Freemasonic lodges also utilize the number.”

–Michael Tsarion, “Astrotheology and Sidereal Mythology”

In astrology, the sun officially transitions into a new sign of the zodiac at the 33rd degree (a concept well-known long before Christianity). For more information regarding the astrological origins of the Christian mythos reference the chapter titled “Astrotheology.”

Dante’s Divine Comedy divided into 3, 33 cantos sections: 33 Cantos of Inferno, 33 Cantos of Purgatorio, and 33 Cantos of Paradiso.

The human foot has 33 muscles. The Indy 500 traditionally starts with 3 rows of 11 (33) race cars. There is a band called 311. The Bank of America logo is 3 sets of 11s making 33. The Queen Mother’s time of death was reported 3:15 (both hands on 3 = 33).

Enron CEO Kenneth Lay bought the entire 33rd floor of his building and lived in condo number 33. The “Windows” logo covertly encodes 33 in the window panes.

The double Bali Indonesia bombings on Oct. 12th, 2002, and Oct. 1st, 2005, were 11 days short of 3 years apart.

“11/11/2004 they offed Yasswer Arafat and pronounced him dead officially at ‘3:30’am. The same day the UN/WHO meets to discuss the 'bird flu' for the first time.

‘3 months and 11 days’ later on 2/22/2005 the CDC starts scaring the American people with more avian flu mutation propaganda, mentioning possible military enforced 'quarantines' coming for the American people. All true. Already happened …

The space shuttle taxis to launch pad #39 on runway #33 in Florida. The elite sacrificed Columbia STS 107 with 1 astronaut from each of the 7 continents over the 33rd parallel on ‘2/1’/03, [33] the 11th year anniversary to the morning of a speech Bush I delivered in front on the UN calling for the "New World Order". Bastards! again and again. …

Janet Reno was appointed on ‘3/11’/1993. 39(13x3) days later they burned everyone alive in the WACO church. ‘3/11’/1985 was also the date of Mikhail 'NWO' Gorbachov's inauguration.”

Eric Rainbolt, “The Cryptocracy Book” (78)

Roosevelt and Hitler came to power in 1933 and both were committed to the establishment of the New World Order. The Masonic Great Seal with the Latin “New World Order” was added to the dollar bill in 1933. Walt Disney was a 33rd degree Freemason and Disneyland has a “Club 33.”

The Magic Kingdom castle was designed after the New Shvanstien castle in Bavaria where the Illuminati was formed. During WWII 33rd degree Winston Churchill gave us the “V for Victory” two finger salute which since the 60s became “Peace.” Before this Masonic sign stood for Victory or Peace, it was a symbol of the 33rd degree.

There are 3 joints to the knuckle on two fingers making 33 then held apart like a V is about 33 degrees. 33rd degree Mason Buzz Aldrin and son of a 33rd degree Mason Neil Armstrong Jr. supposedly performed a Masonic ceremony 33 minutes after arriving on the moon, held the Masonic flag, and took pictures of each other.

On 2/7/03 a Columbia night club blast killed 33.

33rd degree Free Masonic director James Cameron attended the Houston, Texas opening of his film ‘Titanic,’ which began playing at exactly 3:33pm, with 2 other (making 3) 33rd degree Free Masons.

Stanley Kubrick was murdered exactly 666 days before the start of 2001, his Space Odyssey. 2001: Space Odyssey was first shown in 1968, 33 years before 2001.

Rosemary’s Baby was filmed in the Dakota building where John Lennon, who personally knew Polanski, was shot to death. In the movie, the elites (including cameo by Church of Satan founder Anton LeVay) demand her baby for success and fame. One year after, Polanski’s pregnant wife Sharon Tate was murdered by Charles Manson’s followers.

Manson was later seen frantically waving Masonic gestures at his trial.

“John F. Kennedy was killed over currency right next to the 33rd degree latitude line in the 11th month on the 22nd = 2 x 11 right when he entered the pyramid. Where they killed him, with a triangle hit of masonry, they erected an Egyptian obelisk with the eternal flame of masonry on top. Ronald Reagan was shot in the 3rd month on the 30th day 3 + 30 = 33. George Bush Sr. aren't you a 33rd degree mason, and wouldn't you have benefited from Reagan's death? Were not your policies radically different from Reagan's? Didn't you ride his coat tails into office? You would have NEVER have been President if it wasn't for Reagan.”

“Masonic – Occult Numerology” by “Duke”

“Little more than two months after taking office, President Reagan was struck by an assassin's bullet which, but for a quarter of an inch, would have propelled Bush into the Oval Office seven years before his time. Oddly enough, the brother of the would-be assassin, John W. Hinckley, had scheduled dinner with Bush's son Neil the very night Reagan was shot. Hinckley's Texas oilman father and George Bush were longtime friends. It should also be noted that Bush's name—including his then little publicized nickname ‘Poppy’ along with his address and phone number were found in the personal notebook of oil geologist George DeMohrenschildt, the last known close friend of Lee Harvey Oswald.”

Jim Marrs, “Rule by Secrecy” (32)

Jesus was crucified by the Roman government and died for 3 days at age 33. Alexander the Great also died at 33. Pope John Paul I was murdered after being in power for only 33 days.

David Koresh, leader of the Branch Davidians at Waco Texas was killed by the US government at 33 years old near the 33rd parallel.

Oklahoma City bombing suspect Timothy McVeigh was also murdered by the government at 33. There were 33 victims in the suspicious Virginia Tech shootings in April, 2007.

“Significant though it was, the JFK assassination is only one among many calculated murders that have happened along, or close to, the 33rd Parallel. The number of murders of people of high position and key witnesses along the 33rd Parallel is significant.”

Day Williams, “Masons and Mystery at the 33rd Parallel”

Many significant events in modern history have taken place on the 33rd parallel. For example 33rd degree Free Mason and 33rd president of the US Harry Truman entered us into the Nuclear age with the A Bomb test at the 33rd Parallel Trinity Test Site in White Sands, New Mexico. He later authorized two more to be dropped near the 33rd parallel at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

About 3 years later at the 33rd parallel in Roswell, New Mexico was the famous UFO sighting and subsequent AREA51 base. JFK was murdered at Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas near the 33rd Parallel on 11/22/63 (11 + 22 = 33). Dealey Plaza is shaped like a pyramid with missing capstone and was also the site of the first Masonic temple in Dallas.

The Olympic Park bombing in Atlanta, Georgia was also on the 33rd parallel.

“In Spiritual Numerology, '33' symbolizes the highest spiritual conscious attainable by the human being."

Elizabeth van Buren, “The Secret of the Illuminati” (1612)

Three very significant 33s relate to the human body and spirituality, and it is likely the esoteric understanding of these 3, 33s that is coveted by Masons of the 33rd degree. First, there are exactly 33 turns in a complete sequence of human DNA.

This biological fact was likely known by the ancients, whom as will later be shown, were far more advanced scientifically/technologically than portrayed in the Rockefeller vertebrae in the human spine.

In ancient Kundalini Yoga, the Kundalini serpent energy is said to rise from the root chakra, coiling up and around the spine until illuminating the crown chakra of spiritual enlightenment.

This may sound like bogus Eastern mysticism until this sacred number 33 shows parallels in the world of Western occult studies. The ancient Hebrew/Kabalistic “Tree of Life” contains 33 permutations of consciousness 22 paths, 10 known/drawn sephiroth, and an 11th hidden sephiroth left undrawn in most renditions.

Just as the Kundalini serpent coils up the 33 vertebrae of the spine, the Tree of Life is often drawn with a serpent coiling up and around, showing the path to take towards Kether, the crown (chakra).

“The Paths represent the successive stages of the unfolding of cosmic realization in human consciousness; in old pictures a serpent is often depicted as twined about the boughs of the Tree. This is the serpent Nechushtan ‘who holdeth his tail in his mouth,’ the symbol of wisdom and initiation. The coils of this serpent, when correctly arranged upon the Tree, cross each of the Paths in succession and seem to indicate the order in which they should be numbered.

With the help of this glyph, then, it is a simple matter to arrange all the tables of symbols in their correct positions upon the Tree, granted that the symbols are given in their correct order in the tables. In certain modern books which rank as authorities upon the subject the correct order is not given, the writers apparently holding that this should not be revealed to the uninitiated.

But as this order is given correctly in certain older books, and, for the matter of that, in the Bible itself and the Qabalistic literature, there seems to me no point in deliberately misleading students with spurious information.”

Dion Fortune, “The Mystical Qabbalah” (256)

"A symbol for the limbic system and the kundalini energy, the lizard, also represents the cyclical movement of energy through the universe and the space/time continuum: birth-death-rebirth ad infinitum."

Aurum Solis

“Many people regard Kundalini as a new age fad. Nothing could be further from the truth. Kundalini can be considered the oldest known science. In previous ages, people raised Kundalini under the guidance of teachers and in controlled circumstances, preserving what they learned as an esoteric knowledge. But we have entered a period of time in which the esoteric becomes exoteric.”

Genevieve Lewis Paulson, “Kundalini and the Chakras” (7)

The serpent wound around the tree that talks with Eve in Genesis references this process of spiritual illumination. The ancient caduceus symbol of Hermes/Mercury/Thoth, now used by the western pharmaceutical industry, also symbolizes this process. Two intertwining snakes (which look exactly like our 33 sequence double helix DNA) climb a straight, vertical pole (which looks like our 33 vertebrae spine) and end at the “circle of light” crown chakra which has sprouted wings.

These are the same “wings” pins worn by the military/police/pilots and given to children on commercial planes.

The origin of this symbology goes back to the ancient Atlantean myth, precursor to the Genesis story.

At the center of Atlas’ garden was the great Tree of Life, just as in the Garden of Eden. This tree produced unique golden apples of immortality, reserved only for the most purified and holy beings. Atlas’ 7 daughters were known as “the Hesperides” and their main duty was tending and defending the Tree of Life.

Assisting them in its protection was a familiar friend coiled around the tree.

“To assist the Hesperides in its protection, a serpent called Ladon entwined about the bough … The Hesperides are sometimes given as seven in number.

As such, they may correspond to the seven major chakras, or metaphysical energy centers that, collectively, comprise the human personality.

So too, the Tree of Life symbolizes the spinal column, along which the chakras are arranged. This interpretation suggests that kundalini yoga originated in Atlantis, from which it spread around the world.

Indeed, the Tree of Life is a theme frequently encountered in many European and Asian traditions of Atlantis and Lemuria, respectively.”

Frank Joseph, “The Atlantis Encyclopedia” (121)

Thus it would seem that the secret of 33, the secret held by 33rd degree Freemasons is one regarding spiritual consciousness, one that dates back to ancient Egypt and Atlantis. The Masonic symbol of a pillar holding up the Earth no doubt relates to this Atlantean mythos, in which Atlas held the world on his shoulders. In the dictionary, one definition of “Atlas” is the anatomical term for the first cervical vertebra which supports the head.

This means the 33rd vertebra from the bottom (as the serpent travels), the very vertebra which supports our heads/minds, is actually called “Atlas.” So the Atlas vertebra holds up the world (our minds).

Atlas has 7 daughters (chakras) who guard the Tree of Life (spinal column) and its golden apples of immortality (???).

This mystery will be further explored in the “Atlantis” chapter.

ABC (American Broadcasting Company)– 1, 2, 3 =1+2 and 3 = 33 (Note: ABC towers in LA are two triangular buildings. Two triangles of 3 sides signifies 33)

PBS (Public Broadcasting System) – 16, 2, 19 = 162+19 = 33

XFL (Extreme Football League) – 24, 6, 12 = 24+6+1+2 = 33

IBM (International Business Machines) – 9, 2, 13 = 9+2[11]1+1+1 and 3 = 33

UK (United Kingdom) – 21, 11 = 2+1[3]x11 = 33

UN (United Nations) – 21, 14 = 2+1[3] and 41[3] = 33

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) – 14, 1, 19, 1 = 141+19+1 = 33

HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) – 8, 1, 1, 18, 16 = 8+11+18+1+6 = 33 tlantean_conspiracy/atlantean_conspiracy39.htm

again, part becoming a 'seeker of knowledge' is actually seeking it. you can go whereever you want from here. i don't provide anything here because i feel it will change your mind, i only hope it interests you in the most.

if you are interested in the subject you can find more than enough sources of interest that could lead you in your own direction of study. of course, to some of people this material means nothing and is not interesting, you might be one of those people.
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