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Tehran’s gamble paid off

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posted on Sep, 22 2010 @ 10:10 PM

The Gamble

Iran was bluffing, it put everything on the line, everything meaning its infrastructure, its economy, its independence etc..

Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) notes that Tehran’s gamble is making “Iran a great power in the Middle East.”

The product of the gamble

The plan is to influence heavily the Middle East, South East, and Central Asia. In order to do that, it needs co-operation with China, and it has that. Russia is another story:

In Asia, Iran has focused attention on Tajikistan and Afghanistan—challenging Russian and American influences there. It initiated negotiations to lay a natural gas pipeline via Pakistan to India to become a major supplier of energy to South Asia, a scheme unlikely to materialize for decades, however.

India is under heavy influence, and pressure from US, but India will also fall for the Iranian charm, and attraction of trade. India is hoping that Iran doesn't have strings attached to the trade deals they make, as you can see Russia and US, probably even China have many strings attached with their dealings.

he will be met with pleas from the government against the imposition of US sanctions on a consortium of Indian state-run oil firms that plan to invest nearly US$8 billion in Iran's rich Farsi gas fields.

India has already lost money because of US, I don't know how much the US can afford economically, to counter deal with countries such as India. In the sense that the US is in trouble grounds economically, countries such as India will shift its allegiance slowly and efficiently towards Iran:

But India, having lost out on a US$7.5 billion Iran-Pakistan-India (IPI) pipeline pact due to security, transit and geostrategic issues, is looking to secure investment in Iran's Farsi gas fields to satisfy Delhi's voracious need for energy.

Tehran and Islamabad have formally signed a gas pipeline deal under which Iran will supply India's energy-deficient eastern neighbor with natural gas from 2014. It will be a truncated 1,100 km version of the larger 2,600 km IPI project.

While India is crying for America to allow deals with Iran, Pakistan is already positioning itself closer to Iran than America.

Iran recently proposed to bring in Bangladesh in the cross-border gas pipeline. China too has expressed interest and would be a major investor in Pakistan-portion.

Thursday, September 16 According to Armenian media sources, this autumn an Iran-Armenia oil pipeline will begin its construction. The cost of this pipeline will be approximately USD 180 million. The costs of which are distributed evenly between Iran and Armenia. However, in practice, all expenses will be paid by Iran with half of the total amount being registered as a loan to Armenia. This debt will be settled from the profits received through exploiting the pipeline. Armenia believes it will receive petrol from Iran and diesel through this pipeline. The price of these products will be cheap and affordable for Armenia’s consumption as they will be cheaper than European product prices. So, this project could potentially be rather beneficial for Armenia.

Iran pushing towards Europe, through Turkey:
Iran is our gate opening to Asia, Erdogan

"I think that there are initiatives we can launch together to ensure welfare, peace, stability and confidence in the entire region," Erdoğan said during Turkish-Iranian Business Forum at Istanbul's Ceylan Intercontinental Hotel.

Turkey is already moving further away from Europe, and getting closer to Iran, economically..

With increased competition by the emerging powers from the global South, it would appear that Western actors can no longer claim a monopoly over Africa’s resources.

Iran is helping Africans to produce their own cars and tractors and gives them cheaper technological science and technical services

Iran is stepping in Africa, and trying to create economic tied with Africa. The reason why there is such a fuss in regards to Iran, what ever you hear, whether true or not, has much to do with the fact that the Western powers want Iran to be isolated, it is better for West to keep Iran isolated, thann for it to flourish and make friends, which will gossip about Western crimes, past and present.

Iran's Latin American Power Play

In January 2007, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad led a five-day official visit to Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Ecuador. His visit coincided with the inaugurations of Nicaragua's newly-elected president Daniel Ortega and Ecuador's Rafael Correa. While in Caracas, he signed 11 new agreements and approved a $2 billion joint investment fund to finance projects intended to "thwart U.S. domination."

Iran now has fully operational embassies in Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina, with plans to strengthen its diplomatic presence in Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and Uruguay.

The influence is killing the Western domination, the decline of Western economic monopoly is now.


Through this Gamble, Iran has gained much militarily, first, since it was isolated for so long, it has designed and created its owned domestic weapons, for example the newly built drone, and the newly launched satellite. This means Iran can militarily influence many countries, under a common theme, to end the Western domination of the world. Russia is quiet happy with Iran for a reason, but at the same time keeps little pressure on Iran, because Iran is also pushing towards Russia. That being said, Russia is in a position where it can either join Iran against the West, or join the West against Iran, both ways Russia will be effected lol.. Perfect place Iran has placed itself, like they say, they are the inventors of chess.

Iran has reinforced its links with Shiite militias and politicians in Iraq so that successful nation building there requires Tehran’s cooperation. Providing material support for Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza gives Iran clout among the Arab public.
The Shiite support for Iran, in Iraq has completely frozen the West from making any moves militarily.

If Iran is attacked, the important Iraq is gone out of Western control, not to mention Israel, which is an important player. Hezbollah and Hamas are supported militarily for that purpose, for Iran to have the ability to counter any imminent attack against itself.

As part of Iran’s adventurism in the western hemisphere, the IRGC engages in arms sales via its ally Syria to Venezuela and Bolivia. It now expands that activity by sharing “weapons know-how and the finished products” with many other developing nations.

Iran is Arming anti-US nations, in the South of the American continent. It is a good strategy, to empower your enemy's enemy in its backyard.

Ensuring robust diplomatic, economic and military ties with Latin American nations is yet one more aspect of the Islamic Republic’s globalizing its influence. Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua, and Cuba are forming alliances with Iran aimed at replacing U.S. visions of democracy and security.

Following the cancelation Iran announced that it will construct a domestic missile defense system similar to the sophisticated Russian anti-aircraft system.

Iran is building its own version of the SA-20 after the denial of trade from Russia.

This will boost the Iranian military capability once more, and Iran will sell these weapons to anti-American countries to counter its domination.

Every time something is banned from selling, Iran invents, designs and creates it domestically The isolation has forced Iran to become independent, that is the biggest failure of the Western empire, in regards to its policies.


Iran is heading to counter the Western monopoly.

Iran is proud of its history, and sees the Western powers as newly formed powers who are not mature yet and shouldn't lead the world because kids usually make mistakes such as Iraq, and also try to hide important facts there of.

I will leave you with this quote:

Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki claims that Western nations “lack political maturity.”

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posted on Sep, 22 2010 @ 10:29 PM
This is certainly not the time to be selling Arms to Saudi Arabia because I believe their loyalties lie with Islam, regardless of the Country.

I wish I could comment more, this Thread just about paints the picture as accurately as I could imagine. S&F

I will leave my "Armageddon" thoughts for the Alien and Obama Threads, this is definitely Political and I do not want to cloud it with my rantings as I always do in most Threads.

posted on Sep, 23 2010 @ 12:29 AM
Iran is the greatest glaring failure of American foreign policy of the last century and true to form we drag the baggage with us into the next.

Like most of our monsters this is one we built ourselves. With the oil companies dictating foreign policy in the region we shouldn't be surprised at the mess we live with in the modern age. We've had many opportunities to engage Iran on friendly terms and had we done so the middle east would be a much different place these days.

One of the hopes that I held out for Obama was the hope that he'd make friendly relations with Iran a priority. I really thought that Obama would tell the Israelis to bugger off and with or without their support normalize relations, open trade and make them partners in all peace initiatives in the region. It could have worked out well for the Israelis as well.

I'm very supportive of Iran. Iran is eager to be a regional power and influence- they should be. Considering their geographical location, their culture and world view America should be working behind the scenes to help them achieve their goal. The Islamic theocracy in Iran has just about run its course and when it completely collapses it would be in ours and the worlds best interest to work with the secular powers to develop democratic principles and institutions to replace the "eye for an eye" crowd.

If we can somehow approach Iran, as we should all nations, in a way that isn't designed to turn them into a puppet state or to open their doors to corporate rape the US could have a highly valued friend in Iran. If we had put the resources and time into Iran we've expended on Israel I do believe the middle east would be a boring subject.

The days of viewing middle eastern affairs through the Israeli lens have got to end. The notion that what's good for Israel is good for America is complete BS and always has been. It's time for Israel to grow up and high time we cut the apron strings. Our lopsided support for Israel has accomplished nothing to be proud of and only ensures more and more bloodshed.

If we truly want peace in the middle east any formula for achieving it should include Iran. They have the power to influence all that we do in the region and in that light it's just good sense to want them as friends not enemies.

posted on Sep, 23 2010 @ 01:25 AM
reply to post by CmdrZero

I hear your sentiment..

The fact that Obama came with the message of change, and followed the exact policy as its predecessor can create doubt within the American population's heads to whether the Democracy they are living in is an illusion or not.

A big lie, to keep the masses dreaming, hence American dream.

posted on Sep, 23 2010 @ 01:50 AM
reply to post by oozyism

Here you go ooz.
You missed this headline

U.S. welcomes Russia's ban on S-300 missile sales to Iran

posted on Sep, 23 2010 @ 02:00 AM
reply to post by SLAYER69

In Asia, Iran has focused attention on Tajikistan and Afghanistan—challenging Russian and American influences there. It initiated negotiations to lay a natural gas pipeline via Pakistan to India to become a major supplier of energy to South Asia, a scheme unlikely to materialize for decades, however.

And I think you haven't read up to this part, but here you go, for your comfort:

Russia is quiet happy with Iran for a reason, but at the same time keeps little pressure on Iran, because Iran is also pushing towards Russia. That being said, Russia is in a position where it can either join Iran against the West, or join the West against Iran, both ways Russia dominance in that region will be effected lol.. Perfect place Iran has placed itself, like they say, they are the inventors of chess.

posted on Oct, 14 2010 @ 01:03 AM
I wanted to add to this wonderful, overlooked thread.

Iran is making friends with all of the -stans, sharing in their common Persian and Muslim histories.
Tajikistan and Iran
Turkmenistan and Iran
Uzbekistan and Iran
Kazakhstan and Iran
Kyrgyzstan and Iran

posted on Oct, 14 2010 @ 01:56 AM
reply to post by oozyism

Good summary, Iran has been forced to be self-reliant which it lost a little from the US coup until about the late 90's. It has been steadily progressing forward and has made some great achievements for a Nation. Space exploration by launching satelites and becoming a Nuclear Power by building Nuclear Power Plants. Wether or not they are producing Nukes is still up for debate.

IMO on the matter I believe that they are not producing Nukes as they know that that would give the US/Israel the excuse(like they need one) to attack Iran. The reason the attack hasn't happened yet is because there is no proof that Iran is building Nukes. They have expressed interest in developing a Medical Isotope Reactor to become a world supplier and develop a Nuclear Medical Research program(Good Article) which requires 19.75% enrichment.

Iran doesn't have nukes and doesn't plan on building them as they know that building them will bring a costly war. They aren't suicidal! However, Iran is gaining influence in the Region and around the World and that is almost more dangerous than them having Nukes. Nukes will more than likely never be used again but it will be harder to contain an Iran that has an ever growing voice in the World. That is a dangerous prospect to the US/Israel as they could loose all their influence in the Middle East. Iraq is aligning more and more with Iran and less with the US. I believe the only reason the Iraqi government pays any attention to the US at all is because they have no choice.

If the US/Israel strike Iran, they will win as no Nukes will be found and no programs to build Nukes will be found. I'm sure they've looked seriously into a program but haven't gone past paper as strategically it would be a huge/costly mistake that would wreck their Nation. However, if a strike happens and nothing beyond paper planning is found. US/Israeli influence in the region will be gone and Iran will win the propaganda war on top of it. Not to mention what bombing an operational plant would due to the environment and the effects on the people living in the region.

The War Crimes Tribunal would be busy for a while!

posted on Oct, 14 2010 @ 04:12 AM
With all the influence Iran is getting around the world, and praised by you, I wonder what as the case if that was Israel. Would you be praising them?, didn't think so.

“Iran is Arming anti-US nations, in the South of the American continent. It is a good strategy, to empower your enemy's enemy in its backyard.”

I thought Iran is a peaceful innocent state that doesn't arm and train Hizballa and Hamas. Now you are telling me it also arming anti-US nations. Hmmm, guess I was wrong.
Thanks for clearing that up.

“Every time something is banned from selling, Iran invents, designs and creates it domestically The isolation has forced Iran to become independent, that is the biggest failure of the Western empire, in regards to its policies. “

Can you back that up with some real facts? Because as far as I can tell you have no real knowledge of weaponry.

Iran's air force is mostly obsolete: F4 Phantoms, F5, F14, some MiG 29, 25,24 with little capabilities in maintaining them in operational state. Hardly a threat to be taken seriously.
The drones she developed are at least 30 years old in technology.
Flying boats?...Very old technology.
Tanks – mostly T -72, but unless ground operation is taking place, it posses no threat.
Anti – aircraft systems – old technology, unless Iran will be supplied with modern systems by Russia or china.

The biggest advancement I ran took in recent years is in the field of rocketry and missiles , however in comparison to western long range missile capabilities IE accuracy, decoy and other warhead capabilities, they are years behind.

Despite all of the above, Iran is hardly a force to be taken lightly. Iran, a state with no enemies but the enemies she makes, and no border insecurity, is channeling huge amounts of its budgets for its military industry and nuclear aspirations, and at the same time 30 million out of 80 million Iranian people are living in poverty, a two figures inflation and a very high rate of unemployment.

But what the heck...lets praise this wonderful totalitarian state.

posted on Oct, 14 2010 @ 01:45 PM
reply to post by gravitational

Well the US does all those same things so what's your point exactly. The US sponsors terrorism and has for 50 years. The US sells weapons to Nations that are questionable in their governance. The point I was making is that Iran is still advancing despite the US/Israel opposition.

posted on Oct, 17 2010 @ 05:43 AM
reply to post by gravitational

Please, take that hogwash and post it in a pro-USA thread.

You just can't take it, but it is fun to see your fantasy world falling apart.

Though, by all means, as it is your good right, keep expressing your valued opinion without having researched history, that will surely show us!

Thanks for the thread ooz

posted on Oct, 17 2010 @ 06:37 AM
There is a danger that some people’s dislike of the US and Israel will cloud their minds to the fact that Iran is only significant in the Middle East through:

1. The threat / accusation / assertion (etc) that they are seeking to build nuclear weapons. Whether this is the case or not, the fact remains that the UN has levelled sanctions against them, so it is not just a US thing.
2. The Iranian involvement in groups like Hezbollah which have been implicated in some rather nasty terrorist events. They have also been implicated in mischief making in Iraq and Afghanistan through the provision of weapons and training. Iran supplies weapons and rockets which are used against Israel and helps perpetuate the problems rather that contributing to a solution.

These are the reasons why Iran is taken seriously. Don’t overstate Iranian importance on the world or regional stage. Regionally, they contest with Egypt and Turkey for influence and internationally they are just another country with oil and a crap human rights record.

The windbag Ahmadinejad may rant and rave and capture the imagination of some people, but he stands astride a nation with some shoddy human rights where treatment of some parts of the population is seriously poor. If the Iranians can treat their own people so poorly then just consider the contempt they can (and do) hold for others.

Iran is not some pillar of righteousness fighting oppression, but is in fact a part of the problem. In recent days Ahmadinejad’s visit to Lebanon merely reiterated that he is not really interested in peace with Israel by his “fighting talk”. Like all tin-pot regimes they need an enemy and the US and Israel fit the bill quite nicely, so why seek to work for peace.

The much trumpeted glorious Iranian armed forces may be good in keeping the population down and spreading mischief locally, but it is fantasy to think that it would last one minute against the US or NATO. Iran has a good PR department, but come on!

Iran has oil and gas and that is in demand. Nations who deal with Iran will remain cautious of their meddling and this is demonstrated by the fact that most Middle Eastern nations don’t actually like Iran and keep their distance from them.


posted on Oct, 17 2010 @ 06:53 AM
reply to post by paraphi

So what are you actually trying to SAY with all that text? Don't you think people already know that?

Clouding which judgements? Maybe it is your judgement that is clouded, mr big mouth hypocrite. You accuse Iran of shoddy human rights and I will agree. So where is your accusation against the US? Or Israel? Let me guess, there is none because you are here to bash Iranian progress (you can say this topic does not concern them, as relativity is ALWAYS required to make a standing point - you will be showboating your ignorance).

Did you know seventy percent(70%) of the Iranian population consists of youth of 30 and under? No? Well you do now. These youth can't wait for their chance to rise to leadership WITHOUT western influences as they have seen what you do to countries you "help".

In closing: Grow up and think for yourself. Clouding of judgement is being done on both sides.

posted on Oct, 17 2010 @ 07:09 AM
reply to post by Zamini

Please Zamini, try to be civil and keep off the childish insults as that merely closes down debate.

I am not sure what your rant is about, but to reiterate my point. This thread is about Iranian moves to become a more significant player in regional affairs et al, such as a pipeline to India and the like and my point was that Iran is not the power it tries to portray itself. The only reason why Iran is noteworthy is (a) it’s nuclear programme and (b) it’s meddling in the affairs of other nations.


posted on Oct, 17 2010 @ 07:14 AM
reply to post by paraphi

Again, don't try to weasel your way out. What you just stated is your personal opinion. Numbering false logic doesn't make it more right, I hope you can see this. Also, whatever you see as personal insult is due to your own little mental complexes. Don't project onto others. America is crumbling and you can't take it.

posted on Oct, 17 2010 @ 07:28 AM
reply to post by Zamini

Chill out Zamini, you are showing your age. Try not to derail this thread. Try to keep to the point of the OP and not turn it into “America is crumbling” guff. There’s a good chap.

I am not sure why you are venting your spleen at me for pointing out that Iran is only a noteworthy nation because it (a) is apparently developing nukes and (b) it meddles in the affairs of other nations. Iran has a lot of oil, but not much else.

Clearly, Iran also has shoddy human rights, a fact often overlooked / neglected by those who hang on Ahmadinejad’s every word and support him because he directs his ire at the US / Israel / UK and the West in general.


posted on Oct, 17 2010 @ 08:12 AM
Iran is not as innocent as it may seem, nor is any country that would seek to be a major power in the world. The first time that Iran came onto the world stage in the 19th century, rather it was back shortly before World War II, when it had very warm relations with Germany, changing its name from Persia to Iran. I would dispute the contention that the Islamic world supports Iran fully, that may be what is shown to the world, but the reality is that the divisions between the Shiite and Sheha Sects are far too great. So the Sheha may show some support towards Iran, but they ultimately do not trust them at all. Nor would the Shiite trust the Sheha, as this has been shown in the case of Iraq, during the conflict there, where both groups started, while under the occupation of the US, attacking all others who were not of their particular faiths, but eventually got along.
I would also dispute that Iran was the greatest failure of the US foriegn policy, as that honor goes to Cuba, the US has had an embargo on Cuba for a lot longer and they have managed slowly, to keep gaining influence, along with progressing forward, much to the irritation of the different US adminstrations.
Iran is going to do things behind the scenes, as it knows that too many countries, both for and against it are watching. The do not want to bring the condemnation of the world on its shoulders, if we really knew what all it was up to, but that can be said about any country, there are countries, both big and small, who are well developed, that do not want to bring the attention of the world to its stage. Some of them are allies with Iran, and others are not, but all tend to work behind the scenes.
The other sad part of the entire Iran/US issue, is that both countries want to be allies with the other for different reasons. The US desires it for the natural resources, but Iran covets it for the prestige it would have in the eyes of the Islamic world, and the real shame of it all, is that neither country is willing to budge or take a step in that direction, or even admitting that what the other did in the past was a mistake. The other misconception that many people do not realize, is that the real change that both sides are seeking, has to come from within the individual country, not from the outside of it. So Iran seeks to put together a bunch of countries to counter what it would consider to be the expansion of the Wests influence over the world, and the west will continue to counter what all Iran is doing.
But what the article did not mention is the other player in this little dance that both sides are ultimately being played. There are a few countries, that are pulling the strings and feeding both the US and the Iranians information to keep them at each others throat during this day and age. This has always been within the others power to take a step forward and actually end this, but neither has choosen not to.

posted on Oct, 17 2010 @ 11:37 PM
reply to post by paraphi

I'm not venting nor am I derailing. You are the one who derails it when you say "apparently developing nuclear weapons". Got proof for that? And if so, did you get that information from Collin Powel by any chance? Yes? Well I'll be darned!

And what's that about meddling in other countries affairs? What does the US do? What does Israel do? Doesn't every single country on earth do this? WHY COME TO A TOPIC TO BASH IRANIAN PROGRESS? And why do that by using trigger words such as "nuclear weapons" and "human rights"? (fyi, those same human rights originated in Iran)

Every country has a shoddy human rights record. I can bet you a million bucks that if you would research you would find that Americas shoddy human rights record blasts ANY country out of the water.

You're a joke.

posted on Oct, 18 2010 @ 02:15 PM
reply to post by Zamini

Thanks for the insight Zamini, such a pleasure. If I wished to say that Iran was developing nuclear weapons as a positive assertion I would have said so. However, the UN sanctions are levelled against Iran because their nuclear programme is not transparent and their activities can therefore be apparently said to include the development of nuclear weapons, or not. In the absence of proof either way the word “apparently” is perfectly appropriate.

I am not bashing Iranian progress (or lack of it), but to turn my points above around, I would assert that if Iran was a nation with a perfectly clear and unambiguous nuclear programme which passes muster at the UN and was not a renowned mischief-maker across the Middle East then Iran would just be another oil rich nation with poor human rights. Perhaps if you could give a couple of half good reasons why Iran differs from my appraisal then please say so.

This thread is about Iran and not the US or Israel so why try to bring them in as that just distracts from the point in hand. If you want to concentrate on the Great Satan and the Despicable Israel then there are plenty of other Posts where you can express yourself and huff and puff to your heart’s content. Oh, what joy you could have.


posted on Oct, 18 2010 @ 05:58 PM
reply to post by paraphi

Innocent until proven guilty.

But in Iranian case, guilty until proven innocent.

See the double standard.

Worse, no one cares about Israel, it just pisses me off and I'm not even an Iranian, imagine how Iranians themselves would feel zzz.

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