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Dutch governement falls, ministers resign about role of lead-nation in Afganistan

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posted on Feb, 20 2010 @ 10:31 AM
Cabinet crisis is over Uruzgan
Published: February 20, 2010 04:02
Last modified: February 20, 2010 16:18
AMSTERDAM - The fourth Balkenende government was overthrown come Saturday. / Stephen Peters

Cabinet cases
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A discussion in the hours Trêveszaal led not to a solution to the mutual distrust and whether the Netherlands longer in the Afghan province of Uruzgan should continue.

The Labor ministers from the cabinet steps. Insiders have the night of Friday to Saturday reported. Next Monday, the government just three years in office.

For hours discussed

The ministers of the three parties Friday morning from half past eleven consultation on the future cabinet row over the Dutch role in Afghanistan. The CDA would continue in the province of Uruzgan, the Labor Party insisted Friday that decisions that option off the table would go. The Labor Party wanted the government would bring the final no to NATO.


The present controversy for months between CDA and PvdA over Uruzgan escalated this week when Deputy Prime Minister and Labor leader Wouter Bos announced that the Labor ministers wanted to finally get a line through Uruzgan. That was against the sore leg of the CDA that would seriously investigate the option, as was agreed earlier in the cabinet.


In a brief statement after Balkenende said the cabinet resolution that "a fruitful path missing that the government could go further". He said to have investigated whether the trust could be restored. "For minority in the Cabinet was that bridge too far."

Balkenende, who answered no questions after his statement, said the time is not suitable for finding of guilt talking.


Vice Premier Andre Rouvoet (Christian Union) mentions the fall of the government of CDA, PvdA and Christian Union a''bitter disappointment''. He said''sad''to be intensely that it was not possible with the Labor Party to resolve the conflict.

Rouvoet is a''home''feeling worthless. Last week he said that he would be ashamed if vacant the cabinet at this time does not save. ''We have not released the three of us. This is difficult enough'', said Rouvoet. One culprit for the fall of the Cabinet he would not appoint.

The vice premier is sad about the outcome. The work which the government started three years ago, like he had killed. ''The mission was not finished.''

Rouvoet does not agree with the reading of Forest proposals that are party to any hearing found the coalition partners.

New Mission

CDA and Christian Union were in the final draft ready to watch a new mission beyond the Afghan province of Uruzgan. In a text was established that the ministers prefer to March 1 with''a satisfactory option for the government''would be. Discussed that would be outside Uruzgan.

The mission was Minister Eimert van Middelkoop (Defense) on the table, but that was not the Labor Party in them, said Van Middelkoop

The minister understands the poor performance of the PvdA, he said. The PvdA''to find that Uruzgan was finito. They had to wait a little longer''said Van Middelkoop.

According to Van Middelkoop, the current mission in August completed as planned. But for the presence of Dutch troops in the longer term, the fall of the cabinet have consequences. What exactly, he said no.


ChristenUnie faction leader Arie Slob find out that the Labor Party should explain why the government has fallen. ''It's very strange that suddenly the piece runs. From the contents I can not get around''said Slob in the Saturday radio program TROS Broadloom.

Asked why it went wrong, he referred to the Labor Party.


posted on Feb, 20 2010 @ 10:32 AM
Part 2

Verhagen says the Netherlands by the state of affairs has suffered injury. ''That was not nesorsary.''The next time he wants to work hard for the relationship with the Afghans and allies back on track to lead.


Flanked by all Labor ministers and a number of prominent party members put Deputy Prime Minister Wouter Bos in the early morning after a brief press conference at his Ministry of Finance.

The Labor Party has fought but failed a''credible''decision to take on the Netherlands' role in the Afghan province of Uruzgan.

For that reason the Labor Party no longer a''credible''part of the Cabinet, says Bos.

Government partners could not see that Bos no majority in the Chamber for a longer stay in Uruzgan. He said that very implausible. ''To the last refused CDA and Christian Union to accept the political reality.''

It was between those parties and the Labor Party a''insurmountable and irreconcilable difference of opinion''. Bos were the alternatives that the PvdA aandroeg''not on the agenda''.

Bos said that he did not want to talk in terms of''blame, blame or guilt''. Regretted his remarks earlier this week by Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende called premature, Bos had not.

Bos considers it unlikely that it will still attempt to glue. "I think it relies on new elections, though that decision is formally taken."

Moreover, he sees no danger to the future operation that cuts have to be given. "The working groups investigating options to make cuts in the coming years with their findings. So good that can be used by the parties in the campaign. "

Asked whether the Labor leader in a cabinet by next to him as Minister of Finance did not go. "If you do not mind I go to sleep first."

De Vries

State Secretary Jack de Vries (CDA-Defense) is disappointed. It is extremely regrettable''that has seized the chance to get out. With the action of Mr. Bos has he deliberately driven at a fraction''said the staatsssecretaris in a first reaction. The Labor Party''with the action of the Forest Unit in the Cabinet broken.''

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posted on Feb, 20 2010 @ 10:45 AM
The Dutch Mathmatics prophesor that I know tells me that America would be better off if it could disolve it's parliment too. Elections will be held immediately to form a new body that _can_ come to a consensus. Many of the same members will be reelected. Some wont. But the leader of the government who reported to the queen will be the same.

If we had this in America the President could disolve the Senate for not reaching a consensus on Health Care. New elections for all Senate seats would be held.

This is normal Governement procedure for the Dutch. And considered by many as one of their strengths.

David Grouchy

posted on Feb, 20 2010 @ 12:29 PM
It probably is a useful rule, just walk away. In my opinion Mr. Balkende had to make this decision a few months ago. When a study showed our part in the Iraqi was illegal. And they failed to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

The fact in of the matter is, the rule is a cover up for a flawed system.
A system where true change can never be achieved.
We 'the public' in my few years as a voter, demanded change several
times before.
We are fooled with lies and promises every election round comes up again.. The result is a lot of us are behaving as a herd of sheep, running around following 'the' new politician who puts his finger right on our sore spot. The who maybe could achieve some change well... He ended up gunned down dying on the cold and hard ground of a parking place.

Pim Fortuin. R.I.P.

The change they fool us with is almost never a possibility to achieve in reality.
We as a country have a multi party system. In my opinion this is a good thing, it's represents the many different sides and ideas of the public.
Only on the service I'm afraid.
Do to this system it is impossible for a party to have a majority.
This means they always have to work with other parties to be able to rule and have any use at all of pushing their visions down our troth.
This means 'we' are being confronted with demands of usually a small third party, which is only there for obtaining the majority and if possible act like a sort of neutral glue, binding the lose ends of two major parties together. They do not do this for free and only a few peoples votes cause the majority well... troubles with their ideas.
The change or promises giving us in election times are usually the first they throw away when it's time to agree on what and where this new coalition will make a stand for. Consensus must be made. .

Well... Exactly the problem,why in my opinion never anything gets changed. For me it explains most definitively why every new coalition ending up as the same thing we always have.

How to solve this ?
Less parties ( more then two.) Three or four. representing our main ideologies. 1. socialist 1. capitalist. 1.In between 1. if needed. with the nature ( environment, animal etc.)
This way you still have to conses, but the possibility for a party to really makes a difference grows to a point it's achievable.
The third party is of absolute importance. making it impossible for only one ideology to over rule the others and keep the fires burning below them, holding them sharp and focused. ( I hope !)

Oh... Lets not forget it could also be an elite group going to NWO us all.

The fall of Balkenende is not the first but the third time ( ? ) this is happened.
Some strength huh... If they keep reelecting the same idiots.

And Mr. Bos of the Labour party.
Well... He said it was a promise to the people, not to stay in Afghanistan,
last week.
I think he's just sugaring his ass, only to be able at next elections to say "at least we keep our promises" and gaining some popularity of course !

This is all me and my own opinion based on experience and a little home grown study to feed my curiosity !

My once so proud feelings I felt for my country.
All gone. These days, I feel a shame to be Dutch !

posted on Feb, 20 2010 @ 02:12 PM
Yep, it's over, it should'be been years ago.

Now watch the opposition get into power, and screw us over all the same.

I love my country.

At least we're out of Afghanistan now.

posted on Feb, 20 2010 @ 02:14 PM
reply to post by Sinter Klaas

Jeah, I was actually surprised PvdA didn't give in.

But wait there may still be a "glue" attempt, were they'll make a nice compromise.

posted on Feb, 20 2010 @ 02:55 PM
reply to post by Point of No Return

O yes !

I was just as surprised !
They usually show the spine of a snail.

Well... I don't think there is glue for sell for this kind of sudden death shatters to be fixed. Well... As I said before, I can be just as easy surprised again.

What is your idea, for the reason that they hold their backs up high ?

Still it doesn't mean Afghanistan is out of the picture yet.
For all we know Dutch majority will choose to vote for CDA. ( Again

[edit on 20/2/10 by Sinter Klaas]

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