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Music, like books has never been able to change the world alone.

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posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 09:57 PM
I am posting this article and song lyrics on an artists impression of why we don't hear many protest songs and speeches anymore. Do you think this is true? Can music and books change the world?

by Tony Meehan
Music, like books has never been able to change the world alone. Only people and their mass reaction and the unity of that in the celebration of music can and did.
At a time when the masses are for many reasons at their most politically indifferent, it is hard to disagree with Neil's recent comments regarding music and it's role in shaping the world we live in.
There are few protest songs or politically motivated artists in these times. Why? My take is the absolute consumerism that consumes us as a force.
The majority of people are so wrapped up in their own desires to really care about others.
In terms of artists, the irony is that in an age when the distribution of ideology and music is at its most open; it is not being used for political or spiritual communication in the main.
This is in my belief proof that apathy and selfishness and greed and ego have replaced the desire to create art as a political statement.
In the consumerist and uber-capitalist world we now live in, the corporate machine governs, and the successive generations have fallen for it, hook line and sinker.
Musically, most new bands or artists I see today are a reflection of that society; one that desires fame, riches and worst of all 'celebrity' before artistic satisfaction.
The decline of the independent labels that Punk spawned has left us in a musical vacuum. As an internet pioneer, I have always believed that a new wave of music would spread the world, and once more music with a message would inspire people for change.
I still believe that, and have not lost hope that people via music, will create new communities with political agendas that will drive change.
Watch this space. Apathy is our worst enemy.
Love and Peace

Mideast Vacation Revisited

I used to watch "Highway Patrol" whittlin' with my knife, but the thought never struck me I'd be black and white for life. I was raised on law and order in a community of strife, became a restless boarder, and I never took a wife.
I went lookin' for Osama aboard Air Force One, but I never did find him and the C.I.A. said "Son, you'll never be a hero, your flyin' days are done. It's time for you to go home now. Stop sniffin' that smokin' gun."
I was travellin' with my family in the Mideast late one night. In the hotel all was quiet, the kids were out like little lights. Then the street was filled with jeeps! There was an explosion to the right! They chanted "Death to America" I was feelin' like a fight.
So I ran downstairs and out into the street. Someone kicked me in the belly, someone else kissed my feet. I was Rambo in the disco, I was shootin' to the beat. When they burned me in effigy my vacation was complete.

posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 10:29 PM
Uh, are you serious? Tons of books and music have changed the world. Books written by authors like George Orwell, Aldeous Huxley (although he was a big CFR eugenics freak), and Ayan Rand have really changed how we look at the world. I don't really know what you're getting at. Are you saying that people- that we have really just been caught up with all the consumerism in our society? If you're going to blame music- don't. Tons of artists like Tupac have changed society. The problem is NOT that music and books aren't changing society it's that they aren't changing them enough. I respect your opinion but I'm just going to disagree.

posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 10:59 PM
The problem is NOT that music and books aren't changing society it's that they aren't changing them enough. I respect your opinion but I'm just going to disagree.

My point exactly. Artists and the general public don't seem to be responding to the pressures people are feeling today! I just expect to be hearing more expression of anger over the trouble this country is in.

posted on Aug, 22 2009 @ 11:35 AM
reply to post by MagnumOverDrive

You should really check out Greenday. They're one of the bands that always consistently writes about what's going on, and, captures it in sad songs, or funny songs. There are music writers out there who DO capture the emotion we're feeling today, but, sadly you're right- many people have just come under the illusion that because Obama is in power that we have no problems (I'm not saying that as a partisan statement, that's just a fact). There are bands that do what you're saying they do... but I agree with your sentiment there aren't enough of them.

posted on Aug, 22 2009 @ 11:40 AM
Books can change the world. There is no doubt in my mind about that. I have to question music though... Most people listen to music either just for the lyrics, or the aesthetic quality of the instrumentals. Few people actually listen to what the music is trying to say.

posted on Aug, 23 2009 @ 10:47 AM
Maybe I've been around longer than some of you guys.
i remember going to washington in '79 after three mile island.
The feelings just aren't the same today.

I think people don't feel as threatend by the slow disintegration
of our way of life as they would if a nuclear plant instantly
wiped out a quarter million people in a flash,
That's understandable.

Music was the catalyst that drove us, inspired us,
and taught us to change things. And we did!

We seem to accept a president who lies to us.

Governors ,Congressman and Senators who
are bought and paid for by large corporations,
foreign interests and lobbyists.

Unending Wars

Astonomical budget defecits

Unbridled illegal immigration

Insane banking deregulation which caused the present fiasco

More government agencies

Czars for this ,Czars for that
somebody tell me where its at
Heard them talked about
when i was in school
never thought we'd think it was cool

were being robbed and chained
and told to pay
but i never thought i'd see the day
i never thought i'd see the day

So yeah, i think music can change things,
but not music alone, the essential ingredient
is people, lots and lots of people to want that change
and make that change.
People need to hear it now , more than ever

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