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Bad and suspicious neighbor.

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posted on Jul, 19 2009 @ 03:02 AM
I've got a [snip] neighbor. Since I've moved in he hasn't done anything but piss me off. I also believe they are doing something suspicious.

Firstly, I never gave a [snip] what my neighbors do. I mind my own business and everything is sweet. But since I've moved into my new house I can't help but complain. I've been living here for about one year.

My neighbors are a family of four, two parents around forty years old and two kids. I believe it's because of my neighbors the previous tenants of this house moved out.

- Neighbor called the police because my music was to loud. I was celebrating my 20th birthday with a couple friends and it was 4:30 pm. We were indoors having a few drinks when the police turned up and warned us. The music wasn't loud enough to justify calling the police. Why couldn't my neighbor just come over and ask me to turn it down? So we turned the music off and went outside to sit at the outdoor table.

- My friend looked over my neighbors fence and guess who come outside? My neighbor. He heard us talking outside and was standing behind the backdoor fly screen door. He yells out

Neighbor - "ARE YOU ALRIGHT!?"

Friend - "Yeah."

Neighbor - "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"

Friend - I'm looking over the fence."


Friend - "WHAT FOR?"

My neighbor then goes back inside. We decided to GTFO of my house and party somewhere else.

- When we were leaving, my friend thought it would be funny to do a burnout in front of my neighbors house. We were all talking about how we can get back at my neighbor for fun but my friend actually done it. It was only a small burnout, it only left two black lines one meter long. The next day, the police turned up again. They wanted the name of my friend and his car registration to question his driving. He doesn't seem to mind the kid on the motorbike that rides with no helmet up and down my street.

- My cat jumped over my neighbors fence, as cats do. My cat is registered, de-sexed and has a collar. I was looking for my cat because it was getting dark and I don't leave my cat outside at night. I heard my cat meowing and guess where I found it? In my neighbors backyard in a small cage without food or water next to his backdoor. So I called the police and asked them what I should do. They told me to ask the neighbors to give it back, if they weren't home just jump the fence and get it. So I knocked on their door but nobody answered. So I jumped over the fence and got my cat. When I was climbing back over my neighbor comes out with a [snip] bat and threatens me to get lost! Oh.. my.. god!

- After my neighbor finishes mowing his lawn, he gets a hose to hose down the footpath. The water leaks into my backyard with the grass and dirt and messes up my footpath.

- My neighbor has no [snip] four sensor lights JUST ONE SIDE OF HIS HOUSE! My bedroom is facing this side and my neighbor sometimes leaves the lights on all night. The lights are bright and it enters my room threw my curtains and it's hard to get to sleep. I complained to him about this and he turned the lights off for a couple weeks and just recently put them back on.

- My neighbor owns a truck and he always starts it early in the morning around 5:00 am and leaves it running for 5-10 minutes. He doesn't drive it, it just sits in his backyard. I don't know why he has it, he always uses his car.

- When my neighbor is outside and sees me driving, he shakes his head and always looks pissed off. My mum told me when she was giving my sister driving lessons around the block, my neighbor eminently brought his kids inside and stood in the front yard until my sister finished her lessons. Then he let his kids out again.

Why I think my neighbors are doing something suspicious.

- My neighbor has sensor lights all around his house. Like I said above, he has four lights just on one side of his house. They are really sensitive and turn on when I open my backdoor, or if I drive by his house. The slightest sound triggers them.

- All his windows are covered by black curtains. You can barley see light passing threw them at night and the windows are never open.

- My neighbor looks around when he opens his garage door. The garage is full of shelves with boxes on them all stacked neatly with marking on them. I don't know what's in them but because my neighbor looks around whenever the garage door is open is suspicious to me.

- My neighbors rarely let their kids outside. Their kids are about 8-10 years old and I have never seen them outside WITHOUT their parents. Whenever they are outside my neighbors are close by. When the kids talk they are told to be quiet.

- My parents invited my other neighbors around for a BBQ. While we're siting around having a talk, the asshole neighbor decides to come outside to. He continually walked up and down the fence having a look what we were doing. My other neighbor yelled out to him and said "IT'S GREAT BEING INVITED OVER TO THE NEIGHBORS FOR A BBQ!" He didn't say anything and continued to stand outside doing nothing until we went back inside. Why did he come outside when we did? Was it a coincidence? If so, why did he walk up and down doing absolutely nothing? Probably wanted to know what we we're talking about.

- My neighbor has a small green metal shed in his backyard with nothing in it from what I can see apart from a wooden bench. He occasionally goes in there but I can't hear any noses like tools being used or things being moved around. He stays in there for a while then locks the door when he leaves.

- They never answer the door when I go around, I know they are home because I just saw them pull up in the driveway! I haven't seen other cars at their house. You know when sometimes you see your neighbors have visitors around and there are cars parked on the street and lawn? Well I've never seen any cars at my neighbors apart from theirs.

- My neighbor vacuums his car every weekend, Saturday or Sunday. He can't be a neat freak because the outside of his car is dirty but the inside is spotless. WTF? It's a old Holden VR Calais in a baby [snip] brown color.

I feel like my neighbor is doing something illegal. They are probably growing weed or something. My family and my other neighbor have the same suspicions about them. I try to mind my own business but I can't help wondering WTF is their problem and WTF are they doing?

Surely someone else has a story of their own neighbors.

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posted on Jul, 19 2009 @ 05:36 PM
sometimes neighbors are just anti-social and over protective. You mentioned that the kids are rarely outside without a parent and that he took them back inside when your sister was doing driving lessons- And I can understand this, even though my parents let me run loose (woods behind house- so I could have gotten injured without them knowing) at that age. He's just making sure the kids are safe.

As for the rest of it, I had a similar neighbor at my old house; The guy was okay, but his wife was crazy & cunning

Here's what they did to us over the years:
-First day the moved in: blamed us for having dog poop in their yard, and made us clean it up (we did have a dog, but she was not able to visit the front yard, and it was even on OUR property)

-constantly tried to "one-up" us
For example:

-we have a dog, and they ended up getting one (which they later let loose all over the place, including our yard)

-at the time we had a playscape (been there since I remember), and they saw ours, and ended up buying a bigger one (again, this may just be coincidence)

-completely ignored us after moving in, and let their kids go all over our yard.

-the final even was that there was an older fence along the side of our house (perfect for drawing because of the grape vines that grew along it). She openly commented whenever we were out there that she would love to take it down.

well, we went away somewhere for a few days, and while we were gone she took the entire piece of fence down, along with the climbing flowers. We came home to an exposed backyard (the older section of fencing also made up the wall between our yards).

We declared war on her after that incident-for the week afterword we let our dog roam into their yard and made comments like "Look [dog name], you have more space to do your business".

And, just to make her even more upset, we were planning to make a border from all the willow logs we had (recently chopped down a huge willow-the logs would've had to been moved with a tractor) with a sign on their side showing a picture of the middle finger saying below "Thank you for tearing down OUR fence". Unfortantly, we moved before I could place that there.

just goes to show that you need to expect the worst when a new neighbor comes in

posted on Jul, 20 2009 @ 02:10 AM
I think everyone has a bad neighbor.

My neighbor called the cops on my husband for yelling at the kids. There was no hitting or even vulgar language. He just yelled at them to stop doing whatever it was they were doing. By the time the cops showed up, my kids were in bed sleeping. A week later the same thing happened and they called the cops again.

So then I find out that this lady (the one who called the cops on us), allows her pre-teen and her two teenage children drink alcohol and also allows their friends to consume as well.

My friend kept finding ciggarettes in her teenage sons room and was wondering where he was obtaining them. Turns out that my neighbor was givcing him some of the packs of ciggarettes and also has allowed him to buy them at the gas station she works at.

So it is no wonder why she thinks we are too strict with our kids, because she is way too lenient with hers.

posted on Jul, 20 2009 @ 02:29 AM
reply to post by tim1989

Honestly, you sound like the bad neighbor. I would be pissed if some new neighbor moves in, has loud parties, has friends doing burnouts in front of my house, has a cat that gets into my yard, looks over my fence, jumps over my fence, rings my doorbell....etc. Also, it sounds like responsible parenting to get your kids out of the street when someone is getting driving lessons.

Your neighbor sounds like someone who just wants some privacy.

posted on Jul, 20 2009 @ 02:53 PM
reply to post by tim1989

The problem started when your idiot friend did the burnout in front of your neighbor's house. That was not smart, and you should of told him you do live there and have to deal with the neighbors every day.

As for your kitty, you could build an outdoor area for them like my brother did. The cats can go outside in the area, but they can't get out and go into a neighbor's yard or in the street. The cats are safe and also don't pick up fleas, ticks and pollen from weeds that cause allergies.

Your neighbor is also quite protective with his children. That is wise considering many parents don't care what their children are doing as noted by two of the posters who have neighbors who let their children run wild.

My father had motion detectors on our property with very bright lights that would come on. Raccoons and opossums would set the lights off all the time. It also sounds like he keeps his garage neat and orderly. From what you are stating, your neighbor may be obsessive compulsive. He also sounds like a grouch and reminds me of my late father. (He was mean to many of the neighbors too, and had many strange quirks.)

I would just ignore the neighbor and keep your pets inside. Cats can be made to stay indoors, or you can walk them on a leash (yes, it can be done). Don't let your idiot friends do any thing to provoke them and don't look at him when he is outside.

posted on Jul, 20 2009 @ 07:16 PM
Ive only ever had one neighbour, and that was while I was living at uni.

There was someone in the room above me, who I can only assume wasnt actually a person, but a baby elephant. So every step the person took actually made my room shake.
The same person also used to decide to hold parties in their room. Which didnt seem to even start until 2 am. And at these 'parties' the person would play the most vile playlist of music I have ever heard. This is one of the songs which almost lead me to murder. If the antichrist existed, this guy would be on his record label.

posted on Jul, 20 2009 @ 10:47 PM
I bought a house two years ago. It wasn't the first one I wanted. The one I really wanted had a few nutjobs in the neighborhood. The next door neighbor was quite the jerk. I know because before I bought the house I went door to door on the street introducing myself and talking to the neighbors. I got all of the good info before I bought the house and made a decision to find another.
I like the neighbors I have. I'm glad I don't have to put up with one like yours. I guess the point is, if you're going to invest in a house then make sure it will be somewhere that can be home as well.

I do have a neighbor from a few blocks over that walks her horse sized great dane down my street every day and actually walks into my yard to let her dog take a dump there.

I asked her not to do this but she kept on so I took a nice picture of her in the act and posted these in 8x10 color glossies all around the subdivision with a caption saying "Can you identify this dog? His owner keeps having him defecate in my yard."

She still walks down my street but stays out of my yard now.

When she flips me the bird I smile and wave.

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posted on Jul, 21 2009 @ 09:16 AM
Hmm, how sly... I appeared not to have added the video to my post.

Oh well..

posted on Jul, 21 2009 @ 03:11 PM

Originally posted by Karlhungis
reply to post by tim1989

Honestly, you sound like the bad neighbor. I would be pissed if some new neighbor moves in, has loud parties, has friends doing burnouts in front of my house, has a cat that gets into my yard, looks over my fence, jumps over my fence, rings my doorbell....etc. Also, it sounds like responsible parenting to get your kids out of the street when someone is getting driving lessons.

Your neighbor sounds like someone who just wants some privacy.

I totally agree except the part about the cat. That was a crappy thing for your neighbor to do.

If I were you, I would make a 1 time effort to do something nice for them, extend the olive branch and either invite them over for a BBQ or just buy them a bottle of wine or something. That way you can go forward with a clear conscience knowing that you did the right thing and put the ball in his court.
I am a firm believer that people are generally good if given the chance to prove it.

posted on Jul, 21 2009 @ 10:08 PM

Originally posted by Bluebelle
And at these 'parties' the person would play the most vile playlist of music I have ever heard. This is one of the songs which almost lead me to murder. If the antichrist existed, this guy would be on his record label.

Hmm, sounds like he has some fine tastes in music.

posted on Jul, 23 2009 @ 12:02 PM
People should be able to throw parties in their house as long as the party quiets down before your city noise ordinance laws come into effect. If you seriously get mad because your neighbor is having a party in the afternoon, I feel that you're just a grouch.

However I am completly against letting cats run around the neighborhood. I know many people who have had scratches on their cars and have had their $200 inflatable pools wrecked by loose cats. They do sell cat harnesses and leashes and many people in my neighborhood use them and attatche their cat to a tree.

posted on Jul, 23 2009 @ 02:22 PM
reply to post by snowflake_obsidian

Cats that wreck inflatable pools? Those must be some bored/insane cats. And people attach their cats to trees? Ive got visions of a cat just running in circles til the lead gets shorter and shorter

posted on Jul, 23 2009 @ 02:43 PM
reply to post by tim1989

You ain't lived in " cuckoo land " until you move into my neighborhood

My next door neighbor, bless him, walks round the garden naked !!
Believe me he is NOT fit !!
The chick that lives the other side of him, does the housework in the buff !!
I know this cos she's been spotted from houses at the back, who overlook her conservatory.
and her singin to metallica is not pleasant----and I LOVE Metallica.
The house at the back, the other night had a heavy metal band playin in the garden--yep we had a live gig on our doorstep.!!
Drummer and guitarists were ok, but the vocals were #

Have to admit though--I did go round there for a couple of hrs --
oh and the other house at the back, had a delightful cockerel

It was such a joy to behold at 5 am every morning !!
Luckily someone disposed of the problem ---happy days

posted on Jul, 31 2009 @ 03:08 AM
Perhaps this guy is just an overly paranoid overly anti-social person who just does not want to be bothered in any way shape or form?

I say keep doing as you are. You have to live your life although I don't suggest intentionally bugging him I.E peeling out in front of his house or peering over his fence. That just lowers yourself to his level and as you can see how crappy his level is, why would you want to go there?

posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 02:30 AM
you could try beating them with kindness...

have a barbecue and invite his family over as well as some of the other neighbours, unless both he and his wife are psychopaths, in which case they will just suffer knowing the rest of the neighbourhood is hanging out together

either way you win, and you may make some new friends.

finding a vengeful way to get back at him isn't going to resolve anything, it will just aggravate the situation

my guess is that hes some kind of religious nut job or just crazy, do you live in a crowded metropolis or rough neighbourhood?

posted on Sep, 7 2009 @ 04:50 PM
become like ned flanders,. and drive him nuts....

or stop letting your friends do burnout in the road. i would be pissed off too.

posted on Sep, 8 2009 @ 05:20 PM
I have a neighbor that used to call the cops on me and my fiancee for every little thing we did. From what the other neighbors said he did that to a lot of people. (Still kinda does... but not so much anymore ever since someone in the neighborhood threw a brick threw his car window... wasn't us either.) He stopped with us a little bit before that though, when he met my dog and I. He didn't like my fiancee's ex and didn't realize he threw her out and I moved in.(My fiancee and I were friends and roomates first.) He liked to call the cops on people who were rumoured to be into drugs and alchoal... which his ex was.

Only time recently when the police were called was when my son would not be quiet and he would just scream... and it was bed time. He was around 1 when this happened and he has speech difficulties so the only way he saw of getting what he wanted was screaming a high pitched contsat scream. I wasn't giving in and letting him play(which is what he wanted to do...) and a neighbor called to police on me... they checked him over to make sure he was ok, asked if there was food in the house and I showed them that there was and that I was trying to get him to go to bed(it was 10pm) and he had other ideas.

Now the latest one was a citation. We were cleaning out out garage and had a mattress in there... the garbage people won't take it and we have to pay $25 to drop it off at the dump so we let it sit for a few days between the house and the garage til we came up with the money... no one could see it or get access to it unless they were on our property... well we got a fine for having it there. The other one was for parking our car on the grass next to our house which is our property and they fined us for that as well. Everyone I tell this to is shocked that the city would fine you for this as it is your property. I can see it if your yard is full of dog poo, or is in such disarray that it is a hazzard to the public... but one mattress that was out of sight and parking on your own property? Bah.

There is still someone in our neighboorhood who is causing trouble though because we had a window smashed in ourselves and our side mirrors smashed off(which the police wrote that off as an accident when clearly it was vandalism... fuhrther down the way there was more cars with smashed windows or mirrors.) But a lot of that could be the bar on the corner and the 2 bars further down.

posted on Sep, 11 2009 @ 05:00 PM
I don't think this neighbor sounds to particular bad, but then again I'm not the one living next to him. I have had some problems in the past. We used to let our dog dump in the backyard and I would use it as a fertilizer for our lawn. The grass would grow pretty quickly so I would cut it twice a week and my lawnmower was a mulcher so it would make it disappear suddenly. I would then water the grass for just 5-10 mins at nighttime. We had two neighbors that didn't even live by us, but almost three blocks away, but would "inspect" our lawn and report it to the cops that we weren't picking up the poop. We had gotten a citation once for this, claiming that the neighbors were complaining of unsightlyness and the smell. We talked with everyone on the block and they didn't complain.

I believed them because most people on the block I had lived on had at least one dog. What smelled bad where I lived was the sewage, which the neighbors, including myself, had constantly complained about to be dealt with, but of course that would never get done. One year, when the summer started, our lawnmower wasn't working, and couldn't figure out what was wrong with it. With everyone working full time, there wasn't time to fix it right away, so I had to wait till the next weekend to find out what was up with it. I discovered that the spark plug needed replacing and I had to just clean it up real good. While I was mowing the lawn finally, I get to the front of the house saw there was a paper sticking out of the mailbox, and I had also noticed just a few minutes before that, the "public works" guy driving his proud little pick up truck, giving me a smug look as he passed by. I went ahead and finished the lawn, then checked the box and it was a ticket for 125 for the lawn being a half an inch to big and that neighbors had been complaining that our lawn was being unkept. Our next door neighbors lawn looked even worse, in fact they hadn't mowed their lawn in almost a month.

Curious, we knocked on their door to ask them if they had in fact recieved a ticket, and they didn't. Fact was, they were one of the only two families in that part of the neighborhood that happened to be black. So we called up the county clerks office and explained all of this. They cancelled the ticket because of they not only didn't give the neighbors one but the fact was I was outside mowing the lawn as the idiot issued the ticket. Turns out this guy is friends with those neighbors that go around town inspecting peoples property. I don't live here any more, thankfully, but we had several years of headaches to deal with.


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