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On High or Symbiotic Possesion 2

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posted on Jun, 30 2009 @ 10:17 PM
A few years ago I posted A message on ATS titled Symbiotic Possesion. It was full of errors and incomplete, I hope to correct those errors and finish what I have to say(in one post yeah right!). My name is Kevin Wood Gordon(why give my name? to increase my Known- I'll explain later) i was born august 15 1977 in winfield IL. In May of 1982 I fell off a porch, breaking open the back of my head on the corner of A brick half buried in the ground. I died(several times- more on that later). My parents got me to the hospital where my condition stabalised. I lived(or I would not be posting this). It was in the summer of 1983 when the communion began. It happed mostly at night while I slept. It was mostly chaos, but one constent was the Colonel. It was A sick perverted batsard, and was instrumental in stopping the communion(although not sucsessful in stoping the communion which was supposed be its only goal). OH GOD THIS IS TOO MUCH TO EXPLAIN IN A SIMPLE FORUM POST! - so what here goes nothing. the communion stopped when one of those I communed with(lets just call her A lilitu for now) decided that A six year old kid had had enough. the details on how the communion stoped are this: I started to daydream. ALOT. This continued until I was 27 years old(oct. 20th 2004 to be exact). On Oct 24th 2004 I had had ENOUGH! Constant, and I mean constent daydreaming had wreaked A horrible toll on my life. I was A recluse, with no life whatsoever. So I stoped, and all hell started. I started hearing voices. The first thing I heard was on on Thanksgiving night: TRICK THEM JUDGE THEM F*** GOD.
I was on a MAJOR god trip at the time and simply thought it was just the devil having his say(God I wish it were that simple). It was not the Devil, rather it was A female and A male, plus A Stupid(whats A Stupid? that comes later). To explain who they were is to begin to explain what Symbiotic Possesion is. Symbiotic Possesion is what the military called the human condition(although not just human every animal with A backbone) in the late 1960's when ON HIGH was established. Whats ON HIGH? It's A Classified military experiment begun in 1968(I think that's the date) Using Tech taken from from A crashed ET craft. I really do not know what they thought they were doing installing ON HIGH tech(somehow I don't think they had A clear idea on what they were doing either). It was just an experiment and didn't seem to do much. Once again I have to say this is too much to explain in A forum post. ON HIGH is A system of psycho-spiritual control. It manages some of what can only be called the afterlife, along with the every day functions of those who it is enforced upon. At first it was just installed in A few states(locations that met ON HIGH standards) But in the 1980's it was incorperated into what was to become the wireless network that we use on daily basis. Few within the United States government now know of ON HIGH. In the early 1980's the project was shut down. The first ON HIGH project base of operations using the original ET tech was located in the Sirerra Nevada Mt. range, but the second project using the same tech was loctaed in Warwick Mt. They were both shutdown because the military feared that the original ET that was the core of ON HIGH would somehow accesss the nuclear weapons of the United States and launch.(don't worry it's not capable of that). Anyways the whole project was scrapped but still left intact. I guess now would be the time to explain how I know this: direct communion with the ET and other symbiotes( I still don't know what to call them-Spirits?). Let me explain, when I had my fall (off the porch) I called the attention of the local ON HIGH overseer(part of the system which just happened to located in my area) and upon my revival it started to watch me, which in turn activated the Colonel. The Colonel was an artifical symbiot made by the military to watch over the ON HIGH test areas. The first use of ON HIGH was to bounce messages through

posted on Jun, 30 2009 @ 10:48 PM
reply to post by Kevin_Wood_Gordon

The Ids(what is the ID? in the ON HIGH sense it is spirtual core of the individual located at the core of the brain). if an individual being used to transmit messages began to hear those signals while awake the Colonel was automaticly dispatched to the persons location. Its only job was supposed to be to "shut down" the person "hearing voices". Thats enough about ON HIGH for now. Now let me explain Symbiotic Possesion: Every animal with A backbone has A spiritual self. This spirit is divided into at least half A dozen aspects(with corrasponding points in the afterlife) the primary being the brain, the sternum and the ID. This is what the military termed symbiotic possesion. Continued...

posted on Jul, 1 2009 @ 12:01 AM
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