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Just a Note for Fathers

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posted on Jun, 22 2009 @ 02:16 AM
Hi, some of you know me and you know I maybe rant a bit, but this is really important. I have to say to all you guys who are Fathers out there - Happy Fathers Day! When I was a child, my father used to do everything that could be magical. He would take me and my little sister to this little patch of forest in our town, and unbeknownst to us he had gone there the night before and nailed a sign on a tree that said Beware of Dragons. We would walk through the forest looking in the woods every step we took, watching for the beasts and knowing that whatever happened my dad would protect us.

Every night when we went to bed, he would read us stories and if we ever were afraid, he would lay down next to us until we fell asleep and we knew we were safe.

When we walked through the "Dragon Forest" we would occasionally come across a patch of mushrooms growing and my dad would tell us that it was a ferries home, and if we made a nice present the ferries would grant us a wish.

He would pretend to find shiney pennies when he took us to the park and he said they were wish coins, we could wish for anything we wanted but the rule was that we would never know when the wish would come true. If the ferries took the little presents we made that night, they would always help us too.

Every time we went back in the woods the little drawings or things we made were gone and we knew the ferries would watch over us...

When I was 8 my mom divorced my dad, she spent the next 8 years brainwashing me and sleeping with anything that would have her, she made the court believe that my dad was abusive so that my sister and I were not allowed to see him and if we wanted to she wouldn't let me and my little sister eat. All letters and phone calls were thrown away.

I couldn't talk to my dad until I was a couple of years in college, by then I hated him because of all the bad things my mom had made up. As I became a women I realized what had actually happened, the abuse that whore had put me through and the lies she had told.

I love my Father today and I do not speak with my mom. I want all of you Fathers that are in this situation to know - Your daughters will grow up, and they will love you! Just hang in there, I love you Dad, Happy Fathers Day!!!

posted on Jun, 22 2009 @ 02:30 AM
reply to post by SaraThustra

Your father sounds like a very good father.

It's unfortunate that men often get a poor image when it comes to child custody. By your stories, I can tell it probably ate him up inside to be seperated from his daughter like that.. Fortunately Karma worked and your mother gets to know how it feels (If she cares)

I've heard many of similar stories, but it's good you have the chance to connect with your father again. And I as well wish luck to any father on ATS going through the same thing.

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