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Social Conservatives are Fascist - Fiscal Liberals are Thieves

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posted on Jun, 18 2009 @ 01:11 PM
Social Conservatives are Fascist - Fiscal Liberals are Thieves

Very simply if you are a social conservative you are in fact a fascist. By this I mean that if you vote for candidates that intend to shove your social conservative values down the throats of every other American you are in fact voting for the erosion of our liberty. That means that you want the government by force of law to constrain behavior that you find unacceptable. In my opinion you are cutting your own throat along with everyone else. Once liberty is eroded in this manner it is a very slippery slope to a fascist state. That is what erosion does it makes the slope more slippery and dangerous for everyone.

Very simply if you are a fiscal liberal you are in fact a thief. You just have the temerity to have some other fool with a gun and a badge do your stealing for you. Fiscal liberals have the idea that money is what ever the government says it is. They can print all they like and set up any program to feed any perceived need they like by taxing one class and giving it to another or inflating the currency until all of us are taxed by that most insidious form of taxation, the tax of inflation of the currency.

The biggest mistake in my opinion that either of the 2 dominate political parties have done is to attach themselves to these above ideas. The Republicans attached themselves to the social conservatives to increase their numbers. All they did was become more fascist as a result of this.

The Democrats in their attempt to become more populist attached themselves to the idea of inflating the currency to pay off debt and of course their hallmark to tax the rich and give to the poor like some demented Robin Hood. This of course just makes the rich who are all of the successful business owners who create the jobs in this nation jack up prices on everything so they could stay rich while paying the taxes that the Democrats jacked up. What does that do but take more money from the middle class and the working poor. Thanks for your short sighted stupidity.

Both of these are grand mistakes that make your respective political parties part of the problem and not any kind of solution that will take this nation out of the tailspin of increased inflation and erosion of liberties. Thanks for nothing you complete failures and sorry excuses for political parties. YOU HAVE TOGETHER ROYALLY BUGGERED THIS NATION UP.

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posted on Jun, 19 2009 @ 08:19 AM
Once upon a time, a few weeks back, my semi-libertarian friend and myself were having a political discussion over a bottle of wine. We are both social liberals and agree on many things. She had a problem with "handouts", if you will; and their place in modern American society.

"Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he will eat for a lifetime".

"Agreed", I replied. "However, unfortunately teaching him to fish costs money as well so that won't work for fiscal conservatives either".

I was reading a conservative blog the other day (can't remember which one) and I came across a comment I found interesting. "Why do liberals preach Darwinism in every aspect possible....except social Darwinism..."

Why can't liberals let people fail! Obviously if you "fail" financially, you are useless to society. I don't care who you are what you do or what your education level is. If you don't earn must be doing something wrong...

Of course, corporate bailouts are a different story. And even if you are fiscally conservative, and your hear a story of someone who has fallen on hard times, you don't feel nothing! No, most of you, your hearts go out to those people. Its human to feel so.

Back to giving people fishing poles....what if you already know how to fish...thank you very much....but your river was destroyed in a natural disaster!!!!

This recession is a perfect example.

These people could be more educated than you (hence more debt....) and they could be in a field that gives a valuable contribution to society overall....probably more so than yourself. Those in Academia...nurses, teachers, paramedics, etc.
What are those people doing wrong when they face a financial crisis?

What happens if you have bad luck? You cannot help the socioeconomic standing you are born into. Sure, its not a caste system; but we all know there are economic constraints and opportunities lost when this happens. And then, as is human nature, a "culture of ignorance" prevails. Instead of blaming others who are "ignorant" of how to be successful, give them the tools to break the cycle. This is a fishing pole....but again, it costs money.

Why do we need others to not fail? Would you rather live in a 20 bedroom mansion in a bad part of town....Or have a large house in a great, safe neighborhood?

What neighborhood would others want to live in?
That neighborhood is our country.

posted on Jun, 19 2009 @ 10:26 AM
reply to post by awake_awoke

I for one have no problem with helping those that are in trouble or have hard luck. I have had my share and have managed with the help of others to get out of it. The point was that others helped me. Those were people who by their own personal internal guidance were led to assist me. No one put a gun to their head and took money out of their pocket to give to a government agency that then in turn gave me a small portion of that money that was not chewed up in administrative cost.

It was just one person that gave me a bed, or cloths, or food ,or a car to drive until I got back on my feet. No force of law. No uniformed officer with a badge and a gun was needed for that person to help me and provide for me until I recovered. No huge central government bureaucracy was required to be created or maintained by money coherced from this person.

The point is if you demand that the central government to provide for people by force and that is what taxation is force and theft we are all poorer and the corpgov machine is richer and larger. Your desire for some social equity is not the problem. It is your vote that institutionalizes the violent theft of others property in some vain attempt to require by law social equity. You are part of the problem if you vote for these things or people who will enact your delusion and enforce it on the rest of us.


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