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posted on Feb, 7 2003 @ 01:55 PM
February 5, 2003 -- WASHINGTON - Counterterrorism officials said yesterday the threat of a large al Qaeda attack has increased recently, but warn they don't have any idea what the target might be for an attack that could rival Sept. 11, 2001.
Such a mega-attack might be preceded by smaller strikes, possibly including assassinations of well-known people in the United States, the Washington Times reported.

posted on Feb, 7 2003 @ 02:02 PM
Well this report makes my "current mood" even more appropo since I am awefully well known!! (not really) But this is scary nonetheless. I guess we should be on the lookout for several small attacks leading to a big one?

Here's to a weekend of feeling edgy (hoists a beer... or eight)

posted on Feb, 7 2003 @ 02:12 PM
I posted this,not because it is big news,but because I wonder if people are still aware of the threat of another major attack.I think most people have put 9/11 behind them and kinda forgot about.(unless you remind them)
Most of the people I work think another big attack is never going to happen.They expect smaller ones,but that is all.
Not only does time heal wounds,it also fades the memory.

posted on Feb, 7 2003 @ 02:31 PM

Originally posted by nyeff
I think most people have put 9/11 behind them and kinda forgot about.(unless you remind them)
Not only does time heal wounds,it also fades the memory.

The irony that it's the exact case with the fella we unfourtunately call president these days was not your intention, but it worked out that way.

posted on Feb, 7 2003 @ 03:05 PM

The irony that it's the exact case with the fella we unfourtunately call president these days was not your intention, but it worked out that way.

Like we'd be safer with Gore in the White House. He would flip-flop between going after terrorists and worrying about hurting their feelings based on the latest polls.

posted on Feb, 7 2003 @ 03:49 PM
Actually, we never would have been in the predicament in the first place. I know you're opposed to fact over rhetoric, but:
- the commission that VP Gore headed on airline security mirrored the same recommendations from the Hart/Rudman report - locked & steel reinforced doors to the cockpit of all commercial planes AND the Federalizing of the security screeners
- It was the Bush administration that stopped pilots from carrying firearms
- since Gore's family was not long time active business partners with the Bin Ladens and the House of Saud, none of investigations into either of them or anything Saudi would have been called off, as they were when Bush took office. All the highjackers but a couple were Saudis
- Gore would have kept terrorism on the front burner, unlike Bush, who did nothing of what the exiting team told them to do AND even ignored field reports from FBI agents that Arabs are taking flight lessons on everything....except how to land.

But, I'm sure you'll say Bush says "Evil Doers" with such bravado it gives you a woody, so that makes up for it.

posted on Feb, 7 2003 @ 04:04 PM
Let's hope the "government" can figure out the when and where. We shouldn't have to live in fear. Remember if you cut the snakes head off he will die!!!

posted on Feb, 7 2003 @ 04:11 PM
From the state of the union address...

Thanks to the work of our law enforcement officials and coalition partners, hundreds of terrorists have been arrested. Yet, tens of thousands of trained terrorists are still at large. These enemies view the entire world as a battlefield, and we must pursue them wherever they are. (Applause.) So long as training camps operate, so long as nations harbor terrorists, freedom is at risk. And America and our allies must not, and will not, allow it. (Applause.)

Our nation will continue to be steadfast and patient and persistent in the pursuit of two great objectives. First, we will shut down terrorist camps, disrupt terrorist plans, and bring terrorists to justice. And, second, we must prevent the terrorists and regimes who seek chemical, biological or nuclear weapons from threatening the United States and the world. (Applause.)

Our military has put the terror training camps of Afghanistan out of business, yet camps still exist in at least a dozen countries. A terrorist underworld -- including groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, Jaish-i-Mohammed -- operates in remote jungles and deserts, and hides in the centers of large cities.

While the most visible military action is in Afghanistan, America is acting elsewhere. We now have troops in the Philippines, helping to train that country's armed forces to go after terrorist cells that have executed an American, and still hold hostages. Our soldiers, working with the Bosnian government, seized terrorists who were plotting to bomb our embassy. Our Navy is patrolling the coast of Africa to block the shipment of weapons and the establishment of terrorist camps in Somalia.

My hope is that all nations will heed our call, and eliminate the terrorist parasites who threaten their countries and our own. Many nations are acting forcefully. Pakistan is now cracking down on terror, and I admire the strong leadership of President Musharraf. (Applause.)

But some governments will be timid in the face of terror. And make no mistake about it: If they do not act, America will. (Applause.)

Our second goal is to prevent regimes that sponsor terror from threatening America or our friends and allies with weapons of mass destruction. Some of these regimes have been pretty quiet since September the 11th. But we know their true nature. North Korea is a regime arming with missiles and weapons of mass destruction, while starving its citizens.

Iran aggressively pursues these weapons and exports terror, while an unelected few repress the Iranian people's hope for freedom.

I think Bush still has terrorists on his mind..

posted on Feb, 7 2003 @ 04:19 PM
Yeah, I still can't understand the argument that just because we are doing things on other fronts that it means that we are at all lessening the fight on terror.

posted on Feb, 7 2003 @ 04:24 PM

Well it seems that people here in the State I work in hate the idea of war. Well they seem to love the freedom they have though. I am sick and tired of people bad mouthing the military. In the eyes of these people war is not the right answer. Well I guess we let bin ladden, and saddam just run the world then huh. The military is here for this purpose, believe me I know. I back them all the way. Worthless people like these two should meet allah!!!!!!

posted on Feb, 7 2003 @ 04:41 PM
State of the Union lies:
Again, Rhetoric in place of leadership or more importantly...action. The speech gets true believers like yourself enthused, but:

- he has not payed the states the funds he promised under the Homeland Security budget

- or ports are still wide open

Overstating reality ( remember last years speech: "100's of thousands of Al Qeda operatives world wide" yeah, uh huh) in order to cover the move against Iraq isn't going to cut it.

We're not finished in Afganistan, why start Iraq? The only thing secure in Afganistan is Kabul, and still, the VP was killed and the President almost killed as well. Terror cells are sneaking back into Afganistan quicker than we route them out.


[Edited on 7-2-2003 by Bout Time]

posted on Feb, 7 2003 @ 05:10 PM
I think anybody that thought Afganistan would be easy was just kidding themselves.Commen sense should tell you that the Taliban/Al-quada wasn't going to sit still when the bombs started falling.I don't think anybody in our government is surprized that they have re-grouped.

Anyways we are still there fighting.I don't see how you connect Bush not paying attention to terror.

posted on Feb, 7 2003 @ 05:17 PM
He said it himself back after it happened, it would be something that takes years. It's not conventional warfare. I haven't forgot that it will not be easy and take awhile.

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