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Rails of action/time (Order of the universe theory) . Please read.

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posted on Mar, 23 2009 @ 04:17 AM
This theory has been devised by myself and my 2 friends (we spend about 6h discussing this so you see it might be hard for me to just write it all down at once)

In order for this theory to be correct we are assuming that the grand-universe (as in every universe that could ever possibly evolve , from every start point [being it the big bang , god made it , it just happened , it evolved from chaos , etc ] with every possible ending of that universe/with every possible laws of physics for said universe) incorporates everything that can happen has happened and will happen. Look at it from a MACRO point of view.

Rails of action/time

Going out from that , if the probability in the multi verse of every action occurring (meaning every decision made ) is 100% that means every universe (with its initial laws of physics for that universe) plays out just as it has been set in the grand scheme of things. The grand universe must maintain some kind of logical energy conversion in order not to go into total chaos , meaning the easiest way of doing that would be to set every universe (with all the possible outcomes of all the possible scenarios) as a separate "path" in the grand scheme , dus creating "rails"(szyny) of [time/actions to be taken].

Deja Vu
If the said theory is correct and we truly are moving on a pre defined rail set by the over-world (grand universe?) , everything is happening in an never ending circle (before we find a way to hop over to another rail) which would explain the famous phenomenon called deja vu . Somehow either our minds are able to read the code a bit faster then it was intended , or we are able to remember our past cycle for that short moment and therefore we know what will happen .

Universal Code

If the Over-Universe creates rails on which it lets all the universes play out (all the roles/actions/ decisions/laws of physics...etc) it has to have some kind of "code/way of programming/way of telling that specific universe how to behave during all the moments of decisions(decisions looked at from the grand perspective [not as in human decisions]). Dus meaning the Over-Universe has to have some kind of "universal instruction code" for every universe. WHAT IS IT ?

Finding Universal Code

If the universe has a universal code (proven to have one if said theory is true) it has to be a universal code for all the different universes with all the different laws of physics, meaning this code will be the same in any universe, meaning this "code" will have (whatever it is) the same properties (for measurement) in every universe only the information inside will be different , but the CARRIER of said information will be the same.

Some criteria or the code

-It has to be in every living and not living (ie plantes, stars, etc..wiesz o co chodzi.) piece of "mater" in the universe
- It has to be in the void (!!!)
-It is everywhere arround us .

I know this all is kind of chaotic as it has been copy pasted from my notes that I have made after our conversation , but if somebody would take the time to read over it and let me know what You guys/gals think I would be very grateful.

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posted on Mar, 23 2009 @ 04:34 AM
Hi Thill,

Your theory concurs with a number of thoughts concerning pre-determination/destination and the nature of time and affect/effect on apparently "free will" events.

They key factor with free will is the scope of affect, that is, effect. Using the reference of "rails", when a train travels a track it is largely unaffected by events by passengers on the train, discounting calamitous events. So, no matter what the passengers get up to the train still arrives at a predetermined point at a specific projected point in time - that is, the travel timetable.

This would explain a number of so-called phenomena where precognition has been experienced. Visibility of the "track" or "rail" ahead may be possible. It may also be possible that there are entities that may "board the train" to tell passengers what they have seen on the track ahead. Predestination explains a lot of things but does not exclude "localised" free will.

This may be described as a "network system" where predetermined "major" events are defined as nodes and individual "free will" tracks are defined as paths. No matter the attributes of the path, they still lead to nodes.

Many religions have characterised this effect as the omnipotence of "God" - How can a God be omnipotent without predetermination?

It will be interesting to see your further developments in this theory. Interestingly, from a philosophical perspective, predetermination provides more "purpose" for the universe than complete free will. What that purpose "is" is a different matter entirely :-)

Your theory also concurs with the concept that a "supreme entity" became the universe(s) rather than just "made" it/them. This has been espoused throughout time but has always been denigrated.

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posted on Mar, 23 2009 @ 04:41 AM
Yes , this is what I forgot to add in my above OP. This theory does not exclude the phenomenon called free will . Well in the MACRO point of view our "rail" of time/action is predefined but in the micro point of view (as in human perspective) we still have this so called free will , because all actions and decisions have to be played out (and we do not know on which rail of time/action/decision we are set) . So in the macro point of view free will is only an illusion but from our perspective we will not notice this as for us we shape our own future. Well until we manage to find a way to read the universal code that is

It will take me some more time to come up with more data as firstly I need my 2 other buddies to sit down and have a chat with me then I need to convert all this into English as our native language is Polish so even thou I have more notes this was the only part that I could convert easily into English with the proper meaning still intact (those notes are way to chaotic

But any input from you guys would be great , any questions you have feel free to ask as this will help me shape the theory in every aspect , or dismiss it when I find something that debunks it .

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posted on Mar, 23 2009 @ 05:14 AM
Ahhh Polish! You're not near Oliwa are you? I have some information on Antonio Andrea de Kresimowsky which I need translated from Polish - you don't fancy a job do you? hehe

Your theory all sounds good so far, so keep up the good work. I'll be happy to chime in concerning the theory of "nodal" time

posted on Mar, 23 2009 @ 05:25 AM
Well umm depends which Oliwa , as Oliwa is one of the districts in my city so if thats it then its about umm 2-3km from my house ;]

Also with all the fuss and mystery about dark energy I wonder (just came to me a few min ago while reading an article if that might be the universal carrier for the universal code

Thanks for dropping by and giving your input to the theory btw
I think I should have put this in the space/exploration or grey area board , cause skunk works is usually avoided by people :/ )

About that translation: Send it over to me and If its not to technical I'll be happy to translate
Depending on the amount of info it might take me some time thou as I have allot of work during the next few days (excluding today as I made this day my free day

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posted on Mar, 23 2009 @ 05:51 AM
I agree that the determination (or not) of a "dark matter" or "aether" would be a great advance in science. Modern science's understanding of our universe is still in an infancy, I would use the analogy of the primitive cave man who discovers how to make and control fire but who doesn't understand how it "works". He just knows that it gives him warmth and that he can char-grill his deer steaks over it.

We have, of course, advance greatly and it appears that we have mastery and knowledge of a great deal of the universe, however, we are still dealing with "effects" rather than "causes". Electricity is a perfect example. The true nature of electricity and the application of conservation of energy is not fully understood - but the "aether" may offer an explanation.

The trouble with the "void" is that it is a... void. When we imagine the universe it is often considered as an empty space with bits "hanging" in it. Rather, if we consider it as a huge expanse of a gelatinous liquid with matter suspended in it then a lot of universal issues can be explained (the nature and effect of gravity for instance). The fact that we cannot detect the "gelatinous liquid" and define its true nature does not mean it is not there.

This "carrier" could be fundamental to explaining the way the universe works, including the nature of time and of universal co-operation between particles in spite of separation.

As for Oliwa, the location I mean is a district of Gdansk; there was an important abbey there - important for esoteric reasons as well as the Cistertian history.

posted on Mar, 23 2009 @ 06:03 AM

Originally posted by SugarCube

As for Oliwa, the location I mean is a district of Gdansk; there was an important abbey there - important for esoteric reasons as well as the Cistertian history.

Now You have my full attention sir as I also research in the esoteric , and this is precisely the same Oliwa that I speak of as I live in Gdynia which is a border city to Gdansk . Could you elaborate on the abbey and its importance please?

Concerning the article: I did not finish reading it , so I was not assuming anything on the basis of it , it just hit me that this is another article concerning the existence of dark mater which lead my thought process to my theory and thus leading to "dark energy might be universal code". Of course in esoteric terms speaking I would say aether is the universal code , I just wonder if dark energy is aether or if that are 2 different energies.

posted on Mar, 23 2009 @ 06:27 AM
I believe that "dark matter" is a fancy "buzz-word" for aether... A rose by any other name... I guess that the scientific community didn't like the connotations of the "aether" as it has esoteric meaning and of course, people were talking about it a good few hundred years before they thought that they knew it all and the old alchemical works were but plain nonsense.

Nothing like scientific hubris to put the learning of mankind back a few hundred years, eh? Re-invention of the wheel as been at the forefront of science since its inception.

I think, perhaps, that alternating into a conversation on here about Oliwa Abbey and its significance may detract from the thread so I'll U2U you.

posted on Mar, 23 2009 @ 06:57 AM
reply to post by SugarCube

it would not suprise me if dark energy was the "21 century" word for aether , but now since they know abut it
i wonder if they will ever find a way to tap into it with technological means . You know now that the research is oficialy funded by the goverment and all

Yes please u2m me abbey story I am very interested about that

posted on Mar, 23 2009 @ 07:03 AM

Originally posted by SugarCube
Hi Thill,
What that purpose "is" is a different matter entirely :-)

[edit on 23-3-2009 by SugarCube]

Any thoughts on that

posted on Mar, 23 2009 @ 10:03 AM
Ahhh... well, I have plenty of theories but that is how they will stay since human beings will never know the "truth". However, one thing I can say that I am pretty sure about is that mankind does *not* occupy a special place in the purpose of the universe - no more than the trees, the rocks, the birds and the bees.

Mankind, of course, places (him)self as the primacy of creation, clearly illustrated in the Good Book, however, this is delusional and an example of our aspiration to be at the apex of creationism and even evolution (depending on which side of the fence you sit).

We are a passing phase in the great scheme of things. Therefore, we have to ponder what the scheme of things is. I follow the idea of the omnipotent being, as the sum of all things, "The All" as it were. We can have no contemplation of what conciousness is to such an existence but we can see the methodical mechanics of the Great Work in the universe itself.

The end of things may well be something called "The Idea". This can be thought of as the concept of the universe within the Supreme Being that causes spontaneous creation of the physical matter that we all know. The purpose may be to exercise free will in an otherwise omnipotent existence.

Consider the logical fallacy of free will if you know everything there is to know. Of course, not just "know", but "be" aswell, if you exists as everything and every possible outcome, then how do you reconcile free will. I have remarked before on ATS that the universe may be a "Playstation for the Great Architect".

posted on Mar, 23 2009 @ 10:31 AM
reply to post by Thill

Hi Thill,

I can see what you are saying about the multiverse and how it may operate, and I read an implied sense of non-free will, with the premise "if the probability in the multi verse of every action occurring (meaning every decision made ) is 100% "

The concept of free will and the nature of our universe have been topics of thought for me over many years. Due to this, and many unusual experiences in life, I've come to think of the universe as energy with awareness. Energy that diversifies itself into everything within itself. With awareness, this energy of one universe could possibly be a Being, not like a God, which everything (including us) is a part of. It may have been "born" when other bubbleverses briefly touched, releasing enough energy for a Big Bang scenario. And like we do, it has grown, learned more about itself and what it is capable of (?).

In such a situation, we might think it highly probable that it does not have everything worked out in advance. There is no experience to be gained that way. So perhaps it sets some parameters for different things, so those things then evolve naturally and provide far richer experiences for the universe to know itself better. An example could be Duality, where perhaps only some areas of the universe are operating under the parameter called "Duality", our World being only one of many.

Interesting you brought Deja Vu into this discussion. Excellent thinking Thill. Many people experiencing Deja Vu think to themselves, "I've dreamed this." or "I've been here before." If we thought about Deja Vu as being a remnant of Dream-like states of awareness, it would be possible then for us to be physically asleep while "our" portion of awareness is active doing other things. It may be looking ahead into possibilities and probablities, which we then remember in a moment of Deja Vu.

Universal Code is, I think, an excellent piece of thinking outside the box. If, as I suggested in my wild scenario above, all universes are part of a multiverse in which new beings/universes are coming into existence, then it is very probable each young universe could follow a basic path in forming it's structure. Everything else could be different between each universe, the way some experiences unfolded and created other things, even the parameters chosen to diversify could be vastly different. Basically, a DNA of universal proportions is what you are looking for.

Some criteria for the code -It has to be in every living and not living (ie plantes, stars, etc..wiesz o co chodzi.) piece of "mater" in the universe - It has to be in the void (!!!) -It is everywhere arround us .

Agreed. For anything to be a thing, it must be part of the whole, just as the color spectrum is found within one thing called Light.

Predestiny. Don't like the concept at all really. Too confined for my thinking, but that is very human of us isn't it, to think small? So let's take a bigger picture perspective than our human awareness levels. I think we, as a portion of the one universe, would have a higher level of awareness we could call a soul. This is highly probable if we consider reversing the universe's diversification of itself so that the least portion is traced back to the whole. In which case, we would have a "soul" that is more aware of things than we are.

If so, then it may operate in the same manner as the universe it is part of, by setting some things in motion, having some parameters, but allowing "us" little humans to make the rest up as we go with our choices. In which case the old saying "As above, so below", would be a truism. And, we would have some degree of free will through making daily choices.

I do like what you and your friends came up with and I think you all have a lot more neuro-pathways now for the effort. Thanks for sharing it here.

posted on Mar, 23 2009 @ 11:04 AM
A few months ago, I myself had a sudden realization much the same as what you are discussing. I called it The Theory of Anything and Everything Happening.

My notes(work in progress):
In order for this Matrix to work, a conscious 'player' navigates anything and everything conceivable to the 'player' through CHOICE.
-Choice is restricted by Reason to some 'players'
-When we choose, a 'player' is limited to the 'time' and 'space' we have chosen to 'play' in
-This path is but one in 'Anything and Everything' that exists. Infinite paths are happening always.
1.Other 'players' are exhibiting alternate paths
2.Infinite 'slight' variations in 'Self, personality' occur in infinite parallel realities
3. We are all one overarching infinite being constantly gaining experience(through variations in self, personality)

The Aether, Chi, Prana, Unified Field, Orgone Energy, Magnetism, gravity, etc. would be the proof of these theories. I think a lot of quantum theory says just what you are discussing, and what I thought up randomly. The proven existence of a 'Graviton' would tie all these theories together, and we would be back to the synthesis of science and religion, much like oriental ways of life preach. Science would prove religion, essentially, and we would be back where we were when science first deviated from the paths of faith.

I think there was a history channel or discovery documentary about parallel universes that ends with the possibility of the discovery of a graviton. Of course, If our faiths had never gotten tainted in the first place, we would already acknowledge the reality of the Lifeforce, or Elan Vital. This also ties into oriental philosophies of oneness. Check out David Wilcock, he has synthesized large amounts of data to help get a bigger picture. My random theory about circular time is, I think, even more crazy, but that is another post. Here are some questions that got me going: If time is relative to a viewer, and space is uninhabited, is there time in deep space between galaxies?(tree in forest falls, no one there)When one goes back in time, if possible, what happens to the previously inhabited space and time?

Good thread, SnF

edit: a while back I tried to start a thread about Aether etc., I kind of let it die out though.'

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posted on Mar, 23 2009 @ 11:44 AM
Concepts are concepts, and interesting, but that is all:

Spiritual Perception

This mystic art to penetrate
And see the hidden truth within
Is a spirit-soul perception
Of sacred holy origin.

No action of the human mind
Or intellectual reasoning
Can teach the truths of spirit spheres
To a worldly understanding.

(Tablets of AETH, T.H.Burgoyne)

Math is wondrous, but Sacred Geometry is the Core of Knowing. Tap it, you tap into the Soul-Spirit Truth. Sound like mumbo-jumbo? Then this only means you haven't devoted yourselves in the correct direction: Within-Above. Do so: it is contacting you non-stop: still the raging waters of material consciousness, and see through the All with Clarity.

The reason I'm posting is, the concept of 'Rails' is very beautiful, if not accurately portrayed: how could they be, from a state of unsurety?

Each must solve The Mystery. I cannot do it for you. I can hint, say: see that path? Check it out, watch for traps.

The 'human' can indeed acquire this knowledge: it is subjective Reality, but cannot be conveyed via materiality (for profound reasons).

The WORD is your answer. It is The Perfect Form: Nothing Expresses through The WORD; Everything Emanates from The WORD. It's medium is indeed The Ether (-ic: High-low Dual Flows).

The 'Rails' are indeed real, but I refer to them as what they are: Pre-Existing Grid Framework.

Substance and Energy are the Dual Aspects of the One WORD: Force (Awareness) is the Expression of their Perceived Interaction(s).

Subtance-Force-Energy=The WORD, both Uncreate & Create. It is Pre-Existent.

The WORD is Both Mechanism & 'God' Awareness.

Consciousness begins as a result of....(too complex to get into here, sorry)...and Evolves through the Cycle of Light to Become Awareness:

Unconscious-Conscious-Supraconscious blend in Integration as Awarenss of One Self...The WORD.

I could go on until heads flopped upon their necks with the dizzy spinning: I do not have access to impregnation of information, as I received from the terrestrial alien silverlight glowing naga being who transmitted The WORD to me over 7 days and 7 nights. It was given as 'Futuretense,' not meant for mankind at this moment. Believe me, the attempt is being made all over the Earth to transmit this knowledge, to both 'pro & con' forces (aspects of awareness: aspectual particleizations). I received it through direct transmission via embodiment of (I don't use the actual term, because it drives people insane with anger response).

So, there you have it: The Voidpoint (zeropoint) is the dividing boundary between the Higher (Real-Causal) and lower (Reflected-Effect) Ether Levels.

One last thing, as I realize this sounds like mental is not: Here is your progression of Creation, first three stages:
2) .
3) _ & U

Sorry, I don't have a symbol for stage '3': just cut the 'U' off in half, and you'll have what I'm conveying: The ARC.

Then, under pressure (don't ask, please!), the Spark of the ARC 'occurs.'
This is the Result of Recognition of the Perfect Form, which Causes Resonance with this Form, The WORD.

Nothing has a 'form:' Formlessness.

"This ageless universe has no shape. It has a seeming infinite extension, but that extension is a reflected one. This electric universe of two-way extended light is but a series of mirrors which reflect into each other through curved lenses. Its seeming extension might be likened to light within a mirror-bound room."

"One light within such a mirrored enclosure would seemingly extend infinitely, but the light thus mirrored would be the same light. The reflected extension would have no reality."

"The idea of continuity or discontinuity is based upon mirrored effect of an Initial Cause. Continuity infers time. Time is but one of the effects which constitues this universe. Time flows two ways, but the senses detect only the forward flow. They cannot detect the backward flow which cancels out the forward flow. Time is as unreal as the wave universe is unreal."
("The Secret of Light," by Walter Russell, 1947)

Please re-read the last sentence (in above quote), which, if understood, reveals the Oness of EverAll, S/He.

You, all Self-Aware consciousness, has reached the Level (stage) where this Original Action must be Reduplicated, just as the Original Intitial Impetus has done: To recover The WORD. It is called the Denouement of the Cycle of Light.

All actions are recorded in all subsequent 'movements' of The WORD, called extensions.

There was no big-bang: it is merely a hypothesis that is unproven, though popularly accepted. All this was shown to me via the naga.

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posted on Mar, 23 2009 @ 01:01 PM
reply to post by SS,Naga

I have to reread your post SS,Naga - but star for you as I think somehow I may have understood some of those concepts, and what I did seemed enlightening while I read it.

posted on Mar, 23 2009 @ 01:46 PM
Thank You everybody for the contribution , I will try and answer some questions towards me shortly when I have some free time to think them over

Also remember my theory ends on the first post , that small clip I linked to in the next posts was only meant in the aspect of dark energy/mater "fuss" so do not associate this into my theory

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