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Creating the Energetic Body Double

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posted on Jan, 7 2009 @ 09:26 AM
I know I may sound ignorant for asking this, but what is the real purpose of this exercise? I can't perform it yet, (and I doubt that I ever will be able to) because I doubt that my abilities extend past a bit of a "sixth sense" and premonitions. I have still yet to really meditate, so I believe that I will never be able to perform an exercise such as this, because as I perceive it, it takes one of great skill and one who has been born with great gifts to perform this. I know that people say you can develop these with many years of practice, but I feel that one must be born with the inherent ability to an extent to perform greater feats like these.

posted on Jan, 7 2009 @ 04:03 PM
reply to post by veryrandomannonomous

You're young yet, and underestimate yourself! Keep practicing meditation, because no one starts out at the top: everything begins at the root of things, and develops into what you desire to culture (the seed idea): Many people meditate for decades, and achieve very little with their energetics. It requires right Intent! And it does take some years of effort: no time like Now!

And the exercise only seems very advanced: it is a matter of developing the ability to move in the 4th Dimension, say, if you learn to astral travel, or perceive energy directly (any kind!). This is where the knowledge is of use: You will be Tested in life (hate tests? Get used to them: it's called life in the Universe!), and you will be tested after life! The secret is to dwell in the Middle path, like Buddha and don Juan teach.

Let me ask you a question: can you feel energy, at all? Many can. How about between your hands (you are familiar with this exercise?)? If you can do this, then whenever you achieve any type of entry-connect into 4th dimensional energy (seeing it directly, astral projection, channeling, expanded consciousness &c), you now have knoweldge to practice death & resurrection (without dying!).

Lot's of good info on ATS about this stuff: what I am presenting is the knowledge of creating the Double: it is not unknown: the ancients practiced it, don Juan teaches it, many schools of inner teaching have traditions of it. You will not find it with stuff like tai chi/Qigong, for they operate within the physical etheric, called Bio-Etheric Matter: that which is discussed here has to do with the Sacred Centers of Wisdom (head), which, actually, control All.

For example, most people think the solar plexus controls the Source of Will effort: they don't realize it's merely the car (vehicle), and not the Operator. Others think that the lifeforce emanates from the sacrum, little suspecting it's pandora's box, because it is meant to be operated from the 3 Sacred Centers, not the other way around, which everyone else does: this is the reverse or infernal understanding of a developing humanity. They have the hubris to think they know everything, when they [humanity] are as young [talented] children in their awareness of the energetic map and direct awareness of the WORD. Any can learn this. Want to know a good book to study?

Anyone has the potential, just by carrying this Awareness as Intent. How many times have I heard people say they don't know what to do with their energy awareness? That's silly: It's like having an interdimensional rocket, and not knowing how it works. All can learn with the subtle sense [the double]. You've already got the rocket.

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posted on Jan, 7 2009 @ 11:21 PM
I noticed people complaining about how Ingo Swann would constanlty reiterate a concept and use endless redundancy in everything he attempted to convey. I enjoyed it, for I understood it's value, and would get eye-rolls when using such methods. I called him
Don Swann (very apt!).

Nothing in the world is a gift. Whatever there is to learn has to be learned the hard way.
Turn my concepts into a viable way of life by a process of repetition. Everything new in our lives, such as the sorcerers' concepts I am teaching you, must be repeated to us to the point of exhaustion before we open ourselves to it.
(Don Juan, from Carlos Castaneda works [paraphrased by Unknown])

In assuming people are interested in developing the Way of Energetics as a means of creating their Double, please peruse this passage by don Juan:

The Eagle's Gift
"Our total being consists of two perceivable segments. The first is the familiar physical body, which all of us can perceive; the second is the luminous body, which is a cocoon that only seers can perceive, a cocoon that gives us the appearance of giant luminous eggs.
"One of the most important goals of sorcery is to reach the luminous cocoon; a goal which is fulfilled through the sophisticated use of dreaming and through a rigorous, systematic exertion called not-doing . I've defined not-doing as an unfamiliar act which engages our total being by forcing it to become conscious of its luminous segment.
"To explain these concepts I've made a three-part, uneven division of our consciousness. The smallest, the first attention, or the consciousness that every normal person has developed in order to deal with the daily world, encompasses the awareness of the physical body. Another larger portion, the second attention, is the awareness we need in order to perceive our luminous cocoon and to act as luminous beings. The second attention is brought forth through deliberate training or by an accidental trauma, and it encompasses the awareness of the luminous body. The last portion, which is the largest, is the third attention. It's an immeasurable consciousness which engages undefinable aspects of the awareness of the physical and the luminous bodies. The battlefield of warriors is the second attention, which is something like a training ground for reaching the third attention.
* * *
"The compulsion to possess and hold on to things is not unique. Everyone who wants to follow the warrior's path has to rid himself of this fixation in order not to focus our dreaming body on the weak face of the second attention.
"The dreaming body , sometimes called the "double" or the "Other," because it is a perfect replica of the dreamer 's body, is inherently the energy of a luminous being, a whitish, phantomlike emanation, which is projected by the fixation of the second attention into a three-dimensional image of the body.
"The dreaming body is as real as anything we deal with in the world. The second attention is unavoidably drawn to focus on our total being as a field of energy, and transforms that energy into anything suitable. The easiest thing is of course the image of the physical body, with which we are already thoroughly familiar from our daily lives and the use of our first attention. What channels the energy of our total being to produce anything that might be within the boundaries of possibility is known as will .
"At the level of luminous beings the range is so broad that it is futile to try to establish limits--thus, the energy of a luminous being can be transformed through will into anything.
"We are not merely whatever our common sense requires us to believe we are. We are in actuality luminous beings, capable of becoming aware of our luminosity."
(Don Juan, "The Eagle's Gift," by Carlos Castaneda [paraphrased by Unknown])

The double is not the astral vehicle! The double can be led into by the astral veihicle via experience & Intent (See my first two posts).

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posted on Jan, 8 2009 @ 09:30 AM
What is the hand exercise? Most people have trained their gifts early on. I don't really have anyone to help me and my gifts aren't strong enough so that it would be apparent to myself what I can d and how to teach myself. I am hoping it doesn't fade as I get out my teen years, but it probably will. It is depressing but I don't really feel like I am destined to be much of anything. I'll probably just lose any talent I had as I have no idea really what I am doing. I am so confused on what to do... I am only 16 after all, and I am often told my mind is still younger than my body. I have a rather young soul I guess.

posted on Jan, 8 2009 @ 11:50 AM
reply to post by veryrandomannonomous

Well, I've said previously, you vastly underestimate yourself. You may be overimpressed with reading the posts of the many others here on ATS who seem or claim to be very 'gifted' with inner abilities. Ever hear of the Tortoise and the Hare fable? It's consistency, hard effort, unbending intent. You don't need to take no for an answer, if you have any subtle sense ability at all. You DO (I believe).

But first of all, learn to practice meditation: it is the Key for entering the Inner Silence (stillness) within. Here is a good link for developing a sensing of the Invisible (immaterial) Energy of the Double Self (aura field): Dark-Truth: Energy Sphere Technique. You will need to concentrate until you can focus on this for 20-30 mins. a day. When you can feel the subtle energy orb/sphere/force, then you can begin to learn to use it. I suggest some effort, because this will keep the Door open. Do it now, while it is easiest, for someone your age still has direct access to the energy of the subtle feminine self (see post above yours, don Juan quote).

If you achieve this (no reason why not), I will be willing to show you how to use a simple technique that was passed to me from the actual SS,Naga. It will allow you to achieve what this thread is all about, but I do not hand this out willy-nilly to everybody! Why? The tasks of inner achievement are required by everyone on an individual basis, and each feels the Pull to do so, in their most timely manner (like you are sensing at this time!).

So, persevere. You are no less talented than many here on ATS, and you have advantages many of them don't! (An excellent age, a good mind: I've read a number of your posts).

One last thing! Practice this in an area of silence and darkness: one candle may be used, out of range of vision. The subtle plasmic energies accumulate easiest in this manner; later, you can do it in any condition (generally). Luck!

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posted on Jan, 8 2009 @ 12:10 PM
Hello SS!!!

Your writing reminds me of the book I have been reading as of late. It is called Astral Projection for beginners. I have been working with the exercises for only a couple of weeks, almost three.

What you write falls in line almost completely with the book. She also states that one can make the transition through a state of meditation, which I have been trying to achieve. So far I have accomplished the task of ridding myself of all the negative energies of the day, creating my astral vehicle.

Will let you know of my progress in the weeks to come.

Great thread! S&F!


posted on Jan, 8 2009 @ 12:24 PM
reply to post by Frank_Rizzo

Thanks much! Keep us posted!

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posted on Jan, 8 2009 @ 12:58 PM
Hi SS,

Can i ask a question? My current 'theory' goes as the 5 bodies: physical,
ethereal, astral, mental, reflective (buddhic).... it goes like the teachings
of the theosofical..

When you say 'the double' are you referring to ethereal?

One more: If after 20 mins with strong will of "I want to project", you
feel your whole body being flooded with 'energy' (i dont know wth was),
whats going on? I had 2 times this and stopped, then looking for the right
theory that portrait these feelings... i doubt it is kundalini, because i am
VERY new to this (3 months) and i dropped the chakra theory study for
its vast and complex claims....

I started with PSI cognition ( i know what you saying about feeling energy
in the hands) and now im starting with TK over a psiwheel.... the focus
point is 'light' and i know currently im barely touching it, one moment in
like 2 seconds my best guess....

PS: i hear the ringing in my ear all my life, and i can see the ideoretinal
light with easy...



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posted on Jan, 8 2009 @ 01:49 PM
I enjoyed this thread SS Naga. I am especially please that you discussed the use and development of the energy body. So many get caught up with the simple methods and never realize what it is all about and how / why.

I'm also very pleased that you went into the accumulative affect. So many think that it is a 30 - 60 day process. They don't understand why. It IS accumulative. That is why there is a time frame. Some people have advanced abilities and are able to create the energy body easier. Others need to build it up like building a house. It just takes intent and that energy does not dissipate; it comes together.

Thanks. I hope there are more threads like this to follow.

posted on Jan, 8 2009 @ 01:59 PM
reply to post by RobertPaulsim

Hello RP! - I'll see if I can clear a few things for you. The Double is something entirely different than the divisions you are describing. The Astral is astral-mental-[cusp]-soulic (your 'reflective' is perfect, because it is a reflector shield or lens, at top of head). The etheric-astral is an inherent part of the energy charging structure of our being: This is part of our actual three-state self (Unconscious-Conscious-Supraconscious). They come into play during the daily cycle of energy. What I am referring to as the Double, is the (Feminine) Energy Auric Self, the luminous, radiant energy structure of our Being.

This is something that we Need to Create, or that Needs to be Created, to achieve the re-charging structure (please see don Juan quote above). This is the Central Daughter/Son Self, which is a Conscious Creation: it is different than what our ego selves are inherently bequeathed with at birth, or the natural etheric-astral Unconscious bodies of the Mother Father. So, Mother-Father is the generating Staff of Life; Daughter-Son is the 90 degree phased aspect of the reversed-pivot Staff, which becomes the Rod of Power. This is the Spontaneous Regenerational 'Divine' Oscillation of the Word, or emanation fo the Initial Impetus ( pr Original Motion, which I was shown in fullness). So, you are creating the Birthing of the Double Etheric-Astral, which are your conscious vehicles with which you may navigate the depths of the Unconscious and the heights of the Supraconscious.

Spontaneous and induced astral projection (etheric-astral vehiicles) are not the same. This is a great mystery, and no easy task to convey. Don Juan's explanations were even more mysterious, and other's have great trouble conveying the concept clearly, also. It's known as The Maze.

I am intentially not revealing certain things, for they must be kept from the merely curious. The test/practicing of death-and-rssurrection is the clue here! If you follow the thread awhile, it will become clear: but the emphasis is upon synthesis of the information. A little ability is not much use when only slightly understood. You may trust me, and follow the cues: Intent is engaged in the directions given, such as found in post #1 & #2.

Insofar as feeling your whole body being flooded with energy during astral projection effort (concentration-meditation); do not be disheartened. Achieving such is like planting a seed: you must tend it with attention and nourish it with substance that it can use (Intent-Awareness) to grow and develop. When it is a mature thing, you can pick the flowers or fruit: in other words, project, thence on to develop the Double. Most people give up too easily, due to inner doubts. There's need be no inner-doubt; dispense with it. Note the term accumulation of energy: it is true! It stores up. Some achieve faster than others (we are all different), some slower. You are doing very well, imo, but need to grasp the energy structure (body) principles, which, alas, are very confusing wherever found. If you follow my posts, you'll find I reiterate these over-&-over, expanding aspects of the concepts slowly.

Please follow the thread, for some extremely erudite inner light revelations are coming shortly. They are hard to back-up with corresponding quotes, validations, etc., so I am not rushing it. It will have to do with what may amaze you: the energy centers (chakras) are actually in the head. The body is a reflected unfoldment of the sacred three centers found there, and emanate as mirror-within-mirror reflections. First comes the One, which Become [unfold] the Two; the Two learn to Refold into the One again, completing the (One) Cycle of Light. This is where humanity is at present. It is called Life, the matter state: we are refolding back to the Energy State, which is mystifying to most!

However, it is all conducted as an ongoing ConTest, or Battle! See this:

In the beginning, it is hard to direct attention to many things at once: each must be mastered individually, then overlayed (superimposed), into a stronger activated system. This is how Power develops. Thanks for the post.

posted on Jan, 8 2009 @ 02:39 PM
reply to post by veryrandomannonomous

but I feel that one must be born with the inherent ability to an extent to perform greater feats like these.t

If that is the belief system you have created then it will be so for you. I tell you this, anyone can do this. It is a natural part of our beingness. Do not doubt yourself, for your belief system can build a wall around you or it can set you free.

To me, it seems that you are not ready spiritually. If this is simply of mere interest to you it can still be achieved. However it may take more effort. If you feel the spiritual pull, you'll know it when it happens, then the system works a bit easier. There are less barriers when this happens. But take comfort in the fact that it is possible at any developmental state. You do it already and just don't remember it. The effort is absolutely worth it in the end, and especially so when the focus is on spiritual development.

For beginners, I think that it is wise to request guidance. Ask your Higher Self (the real you) to guide you toward experiences that help your progression. This is the best advice for a beginner. As SS Naga stated earlier, DO NOT GIVE YOUR POWER away to anyone else. Even to a guide. You will know a true spiritual guide when you encounter them. Fear not, for they are happy to prove their intentions. You do not have to trust anyone.

SS Naga also commented on dalan's post about the energetic level (colors) emanating from the entity he met. This is one of those clues. You do not have to be fooled on the other side. You can sense intent if you try. There are many many tests, and many of them are of our own making. Overcoming our fears is the first step. The scenarios will be written toward that end and then further.

I wish all luck and enlightenment.


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posted on Jan, 8 2009 @ 04:41 PM
reply to post by SS,Naga

Oh boy.... i way behind study.... i will post when understanding unfolds better...

one little question: whats your opinion on Helena Petrovna Blavatsky?


posted on Jan, 8 2009 @ 06:44 PM
reply to post by RobertPaulsim

Hey, if you got a question, feel free anytime to ask.

H.P. Blavatsky is quite infamous amoung western cultures. I happen to know a bit about her, having owned many of her works, and works about her. I don't hold to any dogma or their opinions, and know she advanced inner awareness exponentially for those who understood her writings.

She is from an earlier time, now 'past,' and as far as awareness development goes, the indigenous (native races) people's natural knowledge and ability is at the Fore. What has gone on there went by unnoticed to almost all. Now, the Egg is cracked, the Truth is out, and shamanism is showing the Lighted Way Home.

Keep up your fanastic work: check some of the many related threads around ATS, and don't forget to keep up with this one. It deals with more than beginner's info, and you will enjoy it (I hope!). Take Care.

posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 08:50 AM
I think I need a few good books on this subject. Can you give me a few suggestions? I can not always get on the computer to research what I need to. I am wary of picking out books on my ow because I may unknowingly end up wasting my money.

posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 09:06 AM
reply to post by veryrandomannonomous

Hi veryrandomannonomous - First book recommended to you:

"Twilight Language of the Nagual," by Merilyn Tunneshende

Start with that. You will eventually forget who suggested it to you, but you will never forget it. You will most likely need to order it via www (Amazon!), unless you live in a big city (call around, 1st).

You can thank me later!

posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 09:23 AM
I would like to thank you now actually XD I have wanted to learn about this subject for a while, but when I bought the books in 8th grade, it was rather pointless and it talked about things that were not relevant in my opinion, who the people who were even capable were rare and it as somewhat religious about the matter. The book was rather discouraging so I left the matter of the paranormal on the shelf and disregarded it. Thank you for helping to rekindle my beliefs. ^^

posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 09:24 AM
Sorry for the double post. I thought it didn't go through as my computer just disconnected from the network.

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posted on Jan, 10 2009 @ 08:07 PM

"When I awoke into what don Juan liked to call the waking awareness of everyday life, I realized that there was a compassionate action implied by what I had experienced. A gesture was required, a profound overt act. I was going to empty out my life and make room for all this. I would need to do whatever the energy might ask of me during my life, for this -- this ability to dream and the medicine don Juan would teach me -- this was my beloved, my luminous evolutionary body, my own heart speaking, my twin being, my energetic counterpart."

Please peruse my quote, "The Jaws of Victory" before reading what follows!
(My 2nd to last post, page 1.)

"...But the Tree of Life and awareness consists of three sacred levels: the Underworld, the Earth, and the Celestial." [Note: Unconscious, Conscious, Supraconscious. SS.]

"These realms can work together, which is a high intent. However, as long as there is conflict and possessive misunderstanding, or if one's spirit is not willing or able to transcend the endless cycles of birth and consumption, dismemberment and consumption, and death and consumption, one will not attain the Celestial level. Among shamans, an ending of this conflict is essential. One offers up and one undergoes an energetic death and dismemberment, sometimes more than once, as an initiation practice for death and in order to proceed with the Earthly death. If something rises from that process, then that being is developing the capacity to transcend."
("The Twilight Language of the Nagual," Merilyn Tunneshende)

Here are the clues that have eluded you for lifetimes; the discernment whereof, and accomplishment thereof, which will set you free of the cycles of life and death: "living to die; dying to live." And the term 'consumption' is used just like it reads: eating and being eaten. Do you wonder why everyone is Afraid of the Unknown? Not facing this seems easier: it is not.
Begin to develop the Energetic Double!

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posted on Jan, 13 2009 @ 12:23 PM
reply to post by veryrandomannonomous

What we all share are the basic senses. Our perceptions and preconceptions tend to block every attempt that we make to go above and beyond our human senses. In a nutshell, know and believe that there is more to us than what we can experience through our earthly vehicles (our bodies). Do not let what you percieve to be real affect you in any way when attempting to expand your awareness to a higher level.

I am by no means a master, but a student. Once you are successful with your meditation(s), you will find that it becomes easier with time to gain that state of mind again and again.


Don't give up. Try this, Start by letting go of all your compiled negative energy from the day. If any negative thoughts are left, take note of them, and gently release them with mental imagery, i.e. place them in a box or place them into a drawer that afterwards, slowly sinks into the ground below, hope this helps you.

Good luck to you on your journey, hopefully you will find it as gratifying as I have.


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posted on Jan, 15 2009 @ 12:45 PM
I had some experiences when i was very young and it scared me.
I pushed it away all my life but i feel the need to do this, i always get drawn to these subjects.
It feels like my mind is not me but a seperate thing, just a tool to use, but it owns me through fear.

Do you know any good (very!) beginner books about that protecting white light? I really feel the need to conquer this fear o the unknown but i know absolutelt nothing about it.

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