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Confidential data accidentally sent to colleagues

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posted on Nov, 3 2008 @ 12:31 PM

LETTERS revealing the pay and conditions of Plymouth City Council staff have been accidentally sent to their colleagues.
About 150 people in Plymouth received letters detailing the confidential information of colleagues, including pay rates and national insurance numbers.
The council has blamed an administrative error for the mistake, which saw it send letters to some casual workers who did or still do work for them - and in some cases send the wrong letter to the wrong person.

Ironically, this has been reported less than a day after the Plymouth group of no2id had met, for which I've written a brief report in the thread Group says 'no' to ID plans.

Reading some of the comments from the visitors to the Plymouth evening Heralds web site, it would seem that there are many more out there who are fully opposed to the ID card and its database.

I'm sure that if the Herald had given some more coverage for the meeting then a lot more people would have turned up. Original report.

Maybe, with a bit of luck (and even more data being constantly 'lost') we'll see a change in many public opinions and that the ID scheme will be scrapped completely.

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