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Dog Gone Stupid Computer!!!!

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posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 12:38 AM
So very frustrating..

I like having my volume control and my Internet status displayed on my task bar..

For the life of this computer, (It's fairly new) it was there quite nicely thank you..

I had to restart my computer today and all of a sudden they are gone!!!!!

OK, No problem right?

I right click on the task bar, choose properties and the tab notification area.... At the middle of the tab are the options to display System Icons, "Volume" and "Network"


And wont let me select them...

What the HECK!!!!

Anyway, if anyone has any ideas, I would seriously appreciate them..

Dell XPS
Windows Vista Home Premium
Several Remote HDD's
4 Gig or Ram

If you need any other info, I can supply it

Thanks in advance


posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 02:42 AM
That is a bit odd. I would try rebooting again, or hitting it with a hammer. Once when I attempted something similar I failed to hit 'apply' and the darn thing would not save the changes. You can also try going into 'my computer' selecting volume and clicking on the option to display in task bar. Sometimes strange things work. Good luck, I lose my cool with my computers quite regularly.

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 08:51 AM
Click Start>Control panelSound and Audio Devices, tick place a volume icon in the taskbar and click apply, there you go

Also click Start>Control Panel>Netowrk connections right click the relevant connection and select properties and finally tick show icon and apply

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posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 01:37 PM
If you are still having problems I suggest (after an eariler suggestion of rebooting):

1. Create a new admin account if you dont have a spare admin account already.
2. Back up all your work and log off
3. Logon as the admin account and delete your existing account
4. Re-create your account and see what happens
5. If that doesn't help take two aspirins and call me in the morning

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 01:40 PM

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 05:23 PM
That happened to me some time ago, and the solution was the second one presented on this page.

Hope it helps.

posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 08:25 PM
You could also do a system restore. Just restore it to a date before you started having problems. I'm not talking about pulling out your disks, this is a feature you can find in the "start" menu.

Note, that Windows XP, and Vista in my experience do not always restore. Just try different restore points. Which may not work either, but it is something you can try.

Windows does stupid things sometimes.


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posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 10:54 PM
Thanks all...

A member sent me a U2U directing me to a web site with the pertinent fix...

There was a possible Reg-edit but also a "Quick Fix" of logging off and back on that actually fixed the problem...

Again, thanks to all of you...

ATS at it's best in this forum..


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