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Weird Thing Happened To Me... Feet Touching

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posted on Oct, 10 2008 @ 11:19 AM
first off i would like to state that i much rather would have this in the psycology forum, but when i clicked on it for some reason it didn't work.
reason being, i figured it'd be easier to have debunked there... but i'm sure experienced individuals in this forum will do just the same...

here is my story

as of just before september i've been having very strange dreams, some of them being vivid and surreal, and some of them i just can't forget... pretty much all of them being weird. half of them relating to the worlds current crisis, all of them pertaining to me as an individual.

last night i had of one of these dreams and at the end i felt hands with long finger nails grace up my bottoms of my feet. it woke me up, but i couldn't move for a few seconds that seemed like forever. when i could i imidiately looked and couldn't see anyone or anything. i can say for a fact it was no one in the house.

i'd like to hear some debunking

but also i'd like to note the dream i had right before this happened was a bit more prophetic and specific in nature than any other... maybe i had to wake up in time so as not to have another dream and forget it? and some other force made sure so?

what do you think?

posted on Oct, 10 2008 @ 11:59 AM
well...maybe you were dreaming something strange and you thought someone was touching can happen...many times i had similar sensations but i think that it's only this, a sensation...


posted on Oct, 10 2008 @ 03:55 PM
Its called sleep paralysis. Your body continues to create the chemical that keeps you from getting up and moving while you're dreaming after you wake, and you're frozen momentarily. The dreams and sensations, on the other hand, are usually part of the "waking" stages- you're still kind of dreaming, so you're hearing or seeing, or even feeling things that were in your dreams.

So yeah. Nothing scary, just a little sleep paralysis.

posted on Oct, 10 2008 @ 05:15 PM
In my opinion, I experience out of body experiences frequently. Remember this is not meant to scare you. And this is only my opinion. The state of paralyzing of the body is caused because you are in the beginning stages of an out of body experience. Your energy/spirit if you wish is seperating from or reconnecting to your body. If this happens again relax and be very peaceful. Dont be afraid. You may experience a oout of body experience just dont be afraid. (Fear will make it end that or any other strong emotions.) (by the way the feelings you felt could very well be your energy reconnecting and you will undoubtedly feel strange sensations most times from such). These are real other dimensions that you are accessing and yes there are other beings on that plane. It very well could be a being trying to contact you. What you felt was felt by your energy/spirit on another dimension and not in your room persay. Remember not to be afraid because you cannot be hurt your body naturally pulls you back. Sometimes you may have experienced a feeling of being in bed in a direction that you could swear you are not sleeping. That in most cases I believe is your spirit realigning with your body. Just be peaceful, the state of mind you are in can effect positively or negatively on the expereince. The best state of mind in this situation in my opinion is to be an observer. This is a very positive experience and absolutely nothing to be afraid of. It sounds like somebeing has taken an interest in you and is trying to show you that place. Its not spiritual it is physical and you are experiencing a higher side of yourself. I compare our body to a cacoon. We are children in this earth school learning many things to the day we leave this body. This is a step towards being enlightened. I say spirit but dont let that confuse you. I think we are physical energy in our higher states that is able to travel anywhere and do amazing things. Another thing to remember is to be respectful of what you experience. Things can be strange but just listen with your senses and accept what you see not judging. Think of star trek? Remember all the weird looking aliens but how wise and smart they are. You may experience such characters similar. I know this must sound strange. By the way dream states are real I believe to. These situations like you describe are more lucid and believe me if you have an out of body experience you will know it because its as real a feeling as you reading this post now. And remember this is just my opinion. Just take it for what you want. Namaste. Lets see here ok so body (one dimension ) [ energy/spirit (another dimension). In fact we are connected and we are completely physical on both sides I believe.

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