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Zeitgeist Addendum Released

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posted on Oct, 4 2008 @ 02:30 AM
Zeitgeist Addendum has now been released and is available free at the following links.


Google Video Link

posted on Oct, 4 2008 @ 05:37 AM
What an amazing film!!!!!!!!!

Absolute brilliance. This should be watched by everyone the world over.

Thanks for sharing this, I wasnt aware that this had even been released.

Stars and flags all around

posted on Oct, 4 2008 @ 05:55 AM
The timing couldn't have been more perfect for Zeitgeist II (Addendum) and yet the main website has been showing the part 2 release for a long time.

The end of the movie gives the website but a visit to the website says "Launching by October 10th"

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posted on Oct, 4 2008 @ 06:14 AM
I have been waiting for this vid for a couple of months now.
I still have to watch it all.

posted on Oct, 4 2008 @ 06:26 AM
reply to post by Maya00a

Thanks for posting this!!! I knew it was going to be good when I heard Carl Sagan, and Bill Hicks to start this video off!
I havent fully finished watching it yet, but wanted to give this an early morning bump for those just waking up this Sat. morning, and looking for something to watch!

Warning! Spoiler Alert! I go into depth on my feelings to Zeitgeist, take some time to watch it, then read my post. I dont wish to spoil this, or take away from what you mind find as a personal truth.

===========IM posting as IM watching this=================

Right I didnt realize this video was out here yet!
I will return with some more thoughts If I am still able to edit this post after I have taken it all in.

Edit--- So far so good! They start off with the right topic! Our money system, and how its the honest truth.. If there is one truth we can honestly and seriously take from this is that.. MONEY is the root of our evils today.
However thats only part of the truth. AS money is just money, and is merely an extension of ourselfs. Thus thats where you come into play and create your own truth to this. No one person can say this is the 100% truth.. We all have our own truths.. But there is an underline issue we all face.. Money. Is it money? Or is it truely us at the base root?
1% of the people own 40% of everything.. While the rest of us suffer and steal and kill for table scraps..
You know the elite are laughing at us.. They always have been..

As this taught me a little bit more about inflation, and what it truely is.
So its a secert tax, that we are all paying! Its a price we must pay for the fact that more and more money is being printed out with no real backing to it such as gold, or silver. Its only backed by debt. Which the part with Ron Paul explaining it to the house was just more insite some of us can really us right now. Ron Paul has been right about many things, and its wise they chose him to pin point some of the talking points they have going on right now.
Our money only has value becasue of the money that is already out there.
Yet when they create new monies. That in turn lowers the worth of the current dollars that are in currency.

This system right now is far more dangerous than standing Armies or terrorist clawing at us from caves.
The system we have right now is the true enemy! They are the true terroists! How many stories have we all read, and how many movies are out there of those stories, where the real good guys are always painted as the evil ones! Hell this even goes into video game titles and just about everything we entertain ourselfs with.. Its that story, much like many of the final Fantasy games, or RPG's where you are the hero. But you have been branded terroists by the true evils of the world.
So many stories, yet people seem to think this government is looking out for us. ITs all in front of our eyes.. And we read and hear about it everyday! This video has to wake up some people.. Its just got to! And if it doesnt make sense to atleast 4 out of 10 people watching, we are in serious trouble folks..

And a question Im going to throw in here..
So are these numbers correct? A 96% Devaluation in the dollar value in 94 years? Thats sounds about right.
As my grandmother who is 92 years old use to work in her teens for 50 Cents a week!! Looking back and remembering the stories she told me makes me truely wonder what this world would bring any child I would bring into this world. Most of us work a week and bring home 600$ a week on average, and thats barely enough to get by. 600$ compared to 50 cents a week sure sounds like 96% difference to me..
So much has gotten out of hand, becasue we have truely belived we where free.. When we are not free. Enslaved to this system we have become, and now we are addicted to this system, and can not go threw the withdraws, without going into serious DT reaction!! Purely a metaphore. but you follow me..

Now what is even more bothersome is 2 months ago when I was at work, a few co-workers started talking about the money system.
And I jump in and say you know, all our money is worthless.. It equal debt! One guy agree'ed with me, but looked at my and gave me the idea he wanted me to be quite. Well I kept on going, and my supervisor finally spoke up and said.. You know its illegal to talk about our money system while here at work. He said that if he really wanted to make a big deal over it he would turn me ! I said turn me into whom??
He looked at me and said.. "never bring that up here at work, or any where lese.. He pretty much told me it was not wise to question our money in public place!! Thats what really started to open my eyes even more so.. Whats going on here??

I think I know whats going on here.. "If there were no debt in our money system. There wouldn't be any money!!"

And if thats the case.. Then we are trapped in a system that enslaves, and punishes it people.. And creates so many fights, and stessful issues for all of us!
People is it really worth it anymore..
Ask yourself.. have you had enough already?
When is enough, enough?

I will tell you when it was enough at one point.. And that was in 1835!! Andrew Jackson.. Or so the story goes stood up to these Vipers!
And shook the slate clean.. There was no debt after that..
What happen guys? I was not alive at the time..
But here I sit.. Alive and born into a world, where my parents nor did their parents, my Grandparents do a damn thing about this!
And now its Our problem to deal with..
Its our turn to stand up and show these bullies what this generation is made of! There will be a time when we have been bent so far that we are going to break! And when it breaks who is going to clean up the mess?

Have we forgotten so easy what Jackson stood for and fought for?

All those dead warriors in rolling over in their graves right now!
Its absurd! And its a damn shame.!


The Banks have been pushing for power! And the Bold Efforts the present Bank has made to control the Government!
I starting to understand a bit more clearly now.

Our government has been taken over by rich Bankers! And they hold us here hostages. And slaves to this system!
Its not the USA government doing this too us.. THEY have been defeated by Bankers!!

In this stage of the game, the Bankers are now the ones in control!
They own Bush, they own Cheney. The banks in essence are the ones behind the curtin!
Much like a judge, who rules from the bench! The bench means Bank!
The whole damn system is run by the banks, and is all about debt!

People this is serious business! And I am truely meaning this in the deepest form. What does one do when you locate the enemy.. What do we do now that we have an idea that the banks have taken control of our government, and are pushing us around and treating us like animals??

This isnt some paranoid self centered thought process either. I think this is as real as its going to get here. And these boys are not going to just step down, or go out easy. They have been planning and waiting for these years to come.. Their plan is comming into full swing.
And are we just to let them steamroll over us?
After so many brave men and women fought for what was right so long ago?
When did we lose our way? When did we lose the power to see these banks are not here to help us, but destory us and keep us down.
Divide us threw Poverty ranks, color, and creeds.
They have us so deeply divided that Im sure many people will want to flame me down, or argue with me about what I have to say here.
And how much I really feel this video can lead to many personal truths.
But over all there is ONE real truth to deal with here.. And thats the Banks have taken alot of power! And have overstepped themselfs once again!

Now I dont promote the idea of doing away with banks all together.
When done right banks and the system looks great from the outside!
And it works when used properly! But when used and abused like they have been doing the past many years.. Well you get the mess we are in right now!!! The mess is going to have to be cleaned up by someone, or a group of folks not afraid to stand up for what is clearly the only choice we are getting down too!! There is always a chance for peace, and always a chance to salvage what we have left.. But its slim pickings at this point.
These Bankers, and Federal reserves have over stepped their bounds.

But we also much remain clear that this truth is but one side of the whole deal.. The bankers and Feds also have a side to this.. Which IMO is worth listening too..
Would they like to explain themselfs for once?

I have maxed out this post here.. and dont have many charaters left..
I am going to start a new post.. To finish the many thoughts I have about this video.. I really want to break this down, and for once explain myself.
If anything this helps me cope with whats going on out here.
You dont have to agree with me, you dont even have to read my review here.. I just ask that you take atleast one thing with you from this video.
1 thing is all.. You can leave the rest for the rubbish pile if you so desire.
But I think everyone can find atleast 1 thing if not many more that they like about this video, and feel resonates with them on a deeper level!

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posted on Oct, 4 2008 @ 07:35 AM

Originally posted by Epsillion70
I have been waiting for this vid for a couple of months now.
I still have to watch it all.

So is this the first film with additional info or is this an entirely new film?

Sorry about the newarly one liner.

posted on Oct, 4 2008 @ 07:46 AM
Thanks for posting, didnt know this.

posted on Oct, 4 2008 @ 07:54 AM

So is this the first film with additional info or is this an entirely new film?

Sorry about the newarly one liner.

It's a completely new film. I watched it this morning after waiting most of yesterday for it to become available on the Zeitgeist website.

The original film is still available on the website - for those that didn't see it.

posted on Oct, 4 2008 @ 08:03 AM
just finished watching it (2 hours long!) i loved the first one, really opened my eyes. people say ....some people say anyway that the infomation that he talks about is false and has no real back up...... i dont care what anyone says this film is there to open your eyes to what is/most properly happening in the world i dont care if its not real...he even gives you sources of his work so you can check! come on people this is as real as it gets....period. when you link 1 + 1 together people are scared of the truth so they buy more materialistic things to become more happy with they sh&^ hole of a life.

I think peter joseph is one of the best things to happen to film

posted on Oct, 4 2008 @ 08:46 AM
Everybody who watches this should realize that no events are random.

Lets hope the aliens show up on October 14, because I dont want to live in the future thats coming otherwise.

We are all slaves.

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posted on Oct, 4 2008 @ 09:00 AM
reply to post by Copernicus

Copernicus! Hello friend! I feel different today for some reason.. After watching this video, I somehow feel "just different".

My friend we where told and taught the WAR was over when we where growing up! We have had our defenses down where it really matters!

The Brit Bankers are our oldest of foes.. And now they have come back for a knock out punch to those who disowned the crown so long ago.

Man I can not belive it!! We have been duped once again..
Now my eyes are truely open.. The WAR never ended.. Its only been a quite and sneaky attack on us..

WE are use to being attacked by armies.. Guns, bombs and what we typically think of war..
They changed all this so long ago, and now the wars are fought within our minds, and in our pockets..

This is seriously something to really think about today..
I am close to tears...

The mighty America.. She has been defeated!! And we belive we have not been defeated.. Very ironic I would think for such a mighty and agrogant country as ours to be truely defeated on a new battle ground.

To the likes many are just waking up too..
I woke up one morning not see see bodies of the dead scattered across a bloody field of battle..
I look out and see people losing their homes, stealing from eachother, and killing eachother over the illusions we are fed on a daily basis..

And Ive been awake for some time.. But this just hit me like a ton of bricks.. I belive this morning I just had another awakening..
But to a new level... I once awoken a long time ago.. But now its really setting in whats going on here..
Its really setting in guys.. And this is scary..
But a once great man said there is nothing to fear but fear itself!!

And those words ring true to this day..
There is much work and much to be done..
I will send you a U2 So we can together cope with what is going on..
I belive this is a shock to our systems.. I know it is to me anyway..
Becasue I now honestly feel it..

And there is no going back to how I once was.. Care free, and ignorant of the war raging all around me my whole life..

Its time I stand up and take my place umoung this world.. The time is up to the rest of you.. And you will come to this feeling in your own time..

But this is deep for me this morning.. And its telling me that these Wars have been going on for a long time, and there is no real break between these wars. Humans are constantly fighting secert wars, Seal runs, you name it, we have a misson going on 24/7 all year round no days off.
The Military beast does not sleep, and it will not be fullfilled, until they are created an Empire that WILL rule this world! They will not stop until they have completely overthrown, and corupted every single government.

Thats what I get out of this.. I understand these movies to some people might seem to come off as speaken in facts and most the stuff I would have to comfirm with further research.

But Zeitgeist IMO wasnt about the facts. But about the personal truth, or truths you find out of that. Prehaps if you could only take 1 thing out of all 2 hours and leave the rest.. That will give you 1 more thing you didnt realize or understand to lead you into more answers.
Zeitgeist may not be correct on some of its stated facts.. But I dont feel this movie is about facts, I think its more of a spiritual journey.

Also we must keep in mind the First Zeitgeist was mostly the work of Jordan Maxwell. But while no one can claim credit to this knowledge, its there for all of us to take in and think about. And again you dont have to belive everything you see here. Or feel anything that doesnt make you feel right.. Take what you need, leave the rest.

Anyone watch Metalocalypse? That is a good example of how corporations are more powerful than some nations.
Its a cartoon mind you, but it illustrates one of the messages in this movie.
Its Chain of command threw the SS ranks. With Religious groups as cheif capstone of this whole scheme. Vatican, Corporations, Military, Government. And on down the line. All of them deal in coruption, drugs, BIG money! Sex rings, weapons manufacturer..

Just saw Ironman last night, and even that movie had the double dealing Weapon dealers, selling Stark products to the terrorists.. AKA American weapons manufacturer.
War is just that.. Profit! And this WAR never ends..
You think our troops will come home? Think again. There will always be men and women in uniform fighting and kill somewhere on the globe.
Time for people to wake up and smell the dead bodies.. for real!

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posted on Oct, 4 2008 @ 09:53 AM
Great film but i dont know why they call it "Addendum". It sounds like SW special version with 3.4 seconds of new material.To me the first one should be renamed to "ZeitGeist Introduction"

posted on Oct, 4 2008 @ 10:10 AM
Honestly. Everyone --- no matter where you stand politcially --- you MUST see this film. Watch it over several sittings if you can't take the time to watch it all at once. It IS important. It is something everyone nees to know. Especially now.

posted on Oct, 4 2008 @ 10:10 AM
I have just watched Addendum and, at the risk of sounding silly the only word that comes to mind is...


The depth to which this documentary goes is astounding. I do not want to spoil anyone elses experience by detailing too much about it so all I shall do is urge everyone, with every ounce of my being, to watch it. I will never think the same way again and I am most definitely going to join the Zeitgeist movement.

The timing of this documentary could not be more perfect, the time to act is NOW.

posted on Oct, 4 2008 @ 10:19 AM
there's nothing wrong with the family "institution." you either pony up to your responsibility as a man or get it fixed, and since men are not famous for doing the latter, the former is the only lasting solution. if'n ya want to do the wild thang, be prepared to be responsible and make it a family "institution." the sexual revolution turned women into sex objects

posted on Oct, 4 2008 @ 10:24 AM
(addendum: they keep mentioning competitiveness as if it were a bad human trait. hello? i will not be a drone. period. )

posted on Oct, 4 2008 @ 10:32 AM
reply to post by undo

You are missing the point. Symbiosis exists in all of nature. We are an integral part of nature and the cosmos as a whole, just as nature and cosmos is an integral part of human existance. Neither can exist in harmony without the other.

As it stands humans are the broken link in the chain of symbiosis. Competition breeds this broken link. We cannot advance as a whole without the sum of all it's parts. Breeding competition only serves to keep humankind, as a whole, from progressing and ascending to higher levels of knowledge and living.

posted on Oct, 4 2008 @ 10:43 AM
the problem i have with the zeitgeist videos in general is that they tuck little bits and pieces of communist philosophy in amongst their "facts", half of which are completely wrong and totally fabricated, such as the idea that son and sun were the same in ancient egypt (totally different words, totally different hieroglyphs and totally different phonetic sounds!).

institutions are the same old same old... then it shows a family institution amidst the rest. they are trying to program us into believing the future is to eradicate human population . i don't mind telling you, that's NOT the answer!
if you think it is, i seriously challenge you to watch the youtube video,
THE DYING ROOMS. it's just holocaust, human holocaust, female holocaust, family holocaust, followed by an existence of drone slavery. NO, no, not just no, but NO!

posted on Oct, 4 2008 @ 10:45 AM
I've just finished watching this film. Powerful stuff. I thought I understood alot already but this opened my eyes even more. Listening to all that stuff about the Venus Project and the kind of improved world we could actually, realistically, create was incredibly moving. Understanding the phenomenal depths of corruption in the present system of things makes me feel like crying inside for the human race . In fact I did cry for a bit at the end as the truth is painful , the solution so beautiful but TIME IS RUNNING OUT. I can easily see the reality of a military dictatorship once the global economy melts down - it won't just be in America that all hell breaks loose. And the system will just be replaced by a new monetary system and a government that presents "just cause" for further enslavement of the species. They'll work towards a cashless society, with people having microchips to buy or sell. They'll be closer to their goals of establishing a globally integrated governmental structure, they'll be closer to their goals of establishing a centralized global bank, they'll be given greater excuses to repress free speech, kill off insurgents, bla bla bla.

Oh God, I'm depressed. On the one hand I can see how over the millenia, things may right themselves so what's happening on Earth in this day is just one frame of a very long movie with happier sequences one hour down the line. But I am living on this planet and so am emotionally affected by what is happening here.

Towards the end of the film there are suggestions of how to break away from the system, refuse to lend it your support. I completely get what he is saying, but at the same time such pure measures are steps a minority can take realistically. The system traps us in so many ways. I would love to be able to move off the grid, live in an environmentally friendly house, generate my own energy, etc. But I rent a house so cannot do that. Neither am I in a financial position to avoid getting a mortage and buy someplace outright. This is just one example.

I do work as s/e, so lucky for me am not a wage slave or worker for some other person. Still, I can't realistically run my little business without paying taxes unless I want to risk being jailed for tax evasion. BUT i suppose all of us s/e people can do at least something - try for cash in hand wherever possible and don't put it through the books/banks and therefore don't pay tax on it. Stash surplus cash somewhere other than a bank and work towards saving to buy a house/caravan or whatever outright, so then avoid powering the loan system, inflation rates, hidden tax systems etc.

We all need light and heat, but few of us are in a position to buy solar panels and supply our own water with wells and so on. But we could switch energy suppliers and go with a "green" company. Ok, we are stil supporting a corporation but it's preferable to support a green one than the other ones. Small measures, little steps towards progress for each individual.

Those of us with the strength of mind to say bye-bye to our pretty looking gas run cars could swap them for diesel run cars. Diesel cars can be run on VEGETABLE oil. Buying vegetable oil would be preferable to buying diesel or gas ?

So many people are unhappy in their jobs. They work 40 hours a week in menial, soul crushing work for just as much money as they would get for FREE if they quit and signed on the dole. They work simply to pay their rent and buy their food and clothes, etc. They are just being used by companies whose mission is profit. Companies who feed and empower the monetary system that is destroying the world. Well if that's you, why not QUIT your crappy job which enslaves you and leaves you little time to think, be creative and live according to your OWN clock. USE THE SYSTEM and sign on the dole if you can't go self-employed. If you don't have a mortgage, you'll get your rent paid free. You won't NEED a mortage so won't NEED to empower the loan system by getting one if you rent privately AND you can get the rent paid free by the council. You won't pay taxes of any kind and you'll have all your time back for your own self. Think what GOOD use you can put your time too then. Instead of stacking shelves for 6 days a week you could be printing off flyers and spreading the word about the corrupt system we live in. You could set up websites to get the word out, devote more of your time to helping people WAKE UP. Sure, you'd be a slave to a government cheque once a week but the power you give to the system by signing on the dole would be less power given to them compared to if you work 40 hrs a week for Tesco, pay a mortgage, pay wage taxes, council taxes, national insurance and so on. You could subsidize your free government money and utilize your new FREE time by getting an allotment and growing fruit and vege - slashing your food bill, selling surplus cash in hand at your weekly bootsale. By doing this you would give less money back to the system by spending less in the supermarket and you would be helping others to do the same.

Then USE the system - make use of its FLAWS to re-train in a new occupation that will allow you to work for yourself. They send you on courses for FREE if you don't have a job !! Train in something that can help better your fellow man in some way. Then go S/e, avoid paying taxes on your income where you can by doing cash-in-hand services. If more people dodged the rules that help empower this corrupt system it would weaken the system bit by bit.

Avoid getting a mortgage, rent instead. You can't take your house with you when you die anyway. When you get a mortgage are you not empowering the monetary system ? There are always houses to rent so you can always be secure in that sense, you just might have to move around a bit more instead of settling in one house for 40 years.

Anyway, just some thoughts. Not completely sure if my thinking on the DOLE issue is straight but it does seem to me that taking this option would overall give LESS power to the monetary system that you would otherwise do if you are a wage-slave paying income tax, council tax who has no free time to do anything constructive to help himself or his fellow man ?

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posted on Oct, 4 2008 @ 11:03 AM

Originally posted by undo
the problem i have with the zeitgeist videos in general is that they tuck little bits and pieces of communist philosophy in amongst their "facts", half of which are completely wrong and totally fabricated, such as the idea that son and sun were the same in ancient egypt (totally different words, totally different hieroglyphs and totally different phonetic sounds!).

While I admit the religious aspect of the two documentaries is a contentious subject, it would be erroneous of one to just focus solely on this aspect as a reason to debunk all the other information relating to the NWO, Fed Reserve etc etc.

they are trying to program us into believing the future is to eradicate human population .

Never at any point in time during watching those two documentaries did I believe that this was the message they are conveying. They have conveyed the need to significantly change our way of thinking, our culture as a whole, in order to survive this world as it is and in order to enable symbiotic progression.

The family institution is used as an example of how ideas are bred and conveyed through the previous beliefs of the elder generation. The idea of emergence and progression as a whole is hampered by the ideologies and outdated beliefs that blind the populace and seek only to keep humankind in perpetual slavery.

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