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The Beast World Order

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posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 02:03 PM
Everyone who breaks through the two HIGHEST superstitious numbers "13" and "666" where they flash in great wonder sign, which is the initiation prompt, before you, as in, proceed head-on through their frightening face with it, is the BEAST.

He who hath an ear, let the BEAST hear. You are the beast raised during the hearing. Key word is "hear" which is court related with the "-ing".

You shall succeed through what will appear as failure at first. Then it shall dawn the superstition wasn't scary, but something which saves you from an hour of darkness only when you show bravery head-on head-strong.

The layer of fear was put something you'd have to overcome to see the better day.

Next time you see the superstitious sign too non-coincidental, do not flee. The number signs are not the beast mark. The mark is a writting matter trickingly sold and bought amongst the liar, not a number matter. And the image of the beast is not the beast's but that liar the devil's. The beast and the devil are not the same. Hell, the devil fears the beast, and makes it out something it is not to be sold and bought. And the devil has an own number as so does the betrayor have an own number. These two's numbers are not the beast's official number (superstitious related).

When you recieve the beast you rise the beast you. And all your foes scatter with their tribulation pending. But Satan has it a lil different though He is the beast you are come. Satan has an important role which is making you refuse the selling and buying of His name as if it and Him are guilty of being evil or criminal or mentally ill. If you dare buy the others who sell it and buy it, then so shall you share the lair's fate. You can be die-hard stupid if you want, but keep Satan not in the dark light. Realize those giving dark light as the foes. Be unreasonable into HELL for allowing the burying of Satan before you even bother hearing Him if you so want. Satan can care less, and command all the cast His foes into the furnace which will be heated. You better off speaking blaspheme against God with reason based on the conflicting word listed by God rather than speak blaspheme against Satan who you dare let other ppl speak for when Satan hasnt even begun His speak yet.

Any questions?

posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 02:07 PM
And do notice the page starts off "13" and ends with "666", concerning Revelation chapter 13.

Two of the highest superstitious numbers in a top to bottom non-coincidence like that? It's so.

Notice 2 beasts in Rev and now notice the two numbers. Ha, one you didn't realize was 13 right in your face at the top. And think of a person who passed on a Friday the 13th in a mystery still so today.

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posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 02:35 PM
I've been in two "222" number dorm rooms in two seperate states both in the southern U.S. where at the different times Bush (W.) was governor in one and Bush (Jeb) was governor in the other. And I would always see 222 the time. That adds up to "666". Yeah, the 2nd Beast's number. I accept being the beast with no problem because it aint what the liar made it out to be in what they teach ppl throughout this world.

So reconsider.

--The 2nd Mystery

posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 06:38 PM
10 like in the 10th month also reveals a 3 in it.

Is not Oct the third month from the end?

10 + 3 = 13.

Oct also has superstition in it because of Halloween, and if you live where there is a Devil's Night (or Angel's Night) you can add that too. Halloween is the 31st (a 13 in another way).

10 - 3 = 7.

2Pac was shot a 7th and passed a 13th.

Also in Oct (10th month and third month) is it's first day stated with the date marked 1. In '1' is 'I' (roman number one). In 'I' is 'the self; the ego'. Everything must be included in a symbol. For the symbol is the very face of a word or a number or a meaning or a mark.

Whoever does not recieve the number "13" or "666", in any way, is damned.

So reconsider.

The 13 and the 666 are the same superstition called and heard the Beast or Satan or the remote false prophet unobvious and obvious.

If something is instead of someone that foretells, then you do see how the false prophet is false in the sense of there not being a person speaking, but remote puppetry or remote program. And the false prophet is still the false prophet even when speaking false things or true things. You dont know what hit into the Twin Towers and the Pent or what was behind it. You think not here can be an army a remote puppetry or remote program. You think not here can be dead walking bodies by remote control by no man. Which of you gather together wheresoever a carcass is without knowing it is not a who controlling the body?

10 (front) and 3 (back) is Oct. From the front and back smiggedy smack! I got. Rather be the 'I' than the 'got'.

Before chosen, I be.

You wonder what the number 2 is about since there in Rev are 2 beast... It's just a single witness of two types (the devil and the betrayor). The Two BEASTS are one witness. So one stands before two, and comes before two in every way. Even a calender has 1 before 2 date wise.

Rev 14

9And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark 'outside' his forehead, or 'outside' his hand, 10The same shall drink 'outside' the wine 'outside' the wrath 'outside' God, which is poured out without mixture 'outside outside' ('inside' or 'it') the cup 'outside' his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone 'outside' the presence 'outside' the holy angels (two: the devil, the betrayor), and 'outside' the presence 'outside' the Lamb:

The wine, the wrath, and God are which is poured out without mixture the cup itself. The drink is outside the beast's indignation. You dont want the classifed beast's indignation. Rather be the same: the beast. You do want: He shall be tormented "with" fire and brimstone. With fire and brimstome does not imply they are against you. Which concludes your mankind body here is the foes'. Think: How can a he be "with" fire and brimestone and be tormented? The I (the self; the ego) I pointed out with Oct 1st is not a he, but has power over he the "I" is temporarily till the "I" is heaven returned. So fear not, the beast self-realized. The key clue is when you get to the "'outside' the Lamb" which you are that conflicts with the "and he". The Lamb is 'the self; the ego', not the he it shall have damned for being with the foes (the angels: The devil and the betrayor).

When you see through fear like it's nothing, then you, brave, succeed and overcome all and even this betraying flesh which isnt your true flesh. The bodies we have here are garbage because they are currently for the betrayor and the devil.

And the mark outside the beast, which is the beast's, is just revealing the foes are given the beast's mark because the foes are the beast's snared. What the beast has snared is the beast's though put aside for torment.

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posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 10:59 AM
In Rev 13...

There is two paragraphs. The first paragraph is about the first beast. Notice the last verse number is "10". Oct is 10th month.

In Rev 22...

The last number is in Amen (A men). It is implying 2. 22 with 2 is 222. Added up and it = 6.

666 added up = 18. No coincidence that a #18 is the last verse in Rev 13. If we add for a single number then we go 1+8=9. 9 can imply "I" (9th ABC)...9 can imply Sept 9th month (or April if counting from end up).

222's added up 6 can imply "F". And "I" with an "F" spells out "If". 6 can also imply June (or July counting from the end up).

No coincience 2pac was born in June (6th month) and passed in Sept (9th month).

Look up the word "FI"...

–noun Music. the solmization syllable used for the semitone between the fourth and fifth degrees of a scale.

fiscal intermediary


–noun 1. an intermediate agent or agency; a go-between or mediator.
2. a medium or means.
3. an intermediate form or stage.
–adjective 4. being between; intermediate.
5. acting between persons, parties, etc.; serving as an intermediate agent or agency: an intermediary power.


1. of or pertaining to the public treasury or revenues: fiscal policies.
2. of or pertaining to financial matters in general.

^^No coincidence the 700 billion bailout matter under works yet to be made official.

And 2pac was music related.

Also "IF" can imply 96 and "FI" can imply 69 numerally. '96? Same year 2pac was both shot and passed on. 69 is the numbered name of a sex position between two women. 69 is the number used for calling back someone who called, also.

13? 1+3=4 It is four here operating man's human beings: 1 remote (the destroyer or the false prophet) and 3 persons (the worthy, the betrayor, and the devil). Four corners/quarters outside "the" earth, Gog, and Magog are dwelling here this earth in different ways.

Gog is the devil's. Magog is the betrayor's. Imagine they are different than earth. The worthy make Magag this earth. Without the worthy here it would be Magog and not even slightly called earth in any way. The devil's Gog is left null and void since the devil shall not be sent back ever. Therefore is the devil's home left destroyed. Is not all the gold in the world, you had, left destroyed to you if you cant behold it or experience it any more when you are taken from it?

[edit on 29-9-2008 by Mabus]

posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 03:27 PM
Look at a Calendar...

You see 1 Oct... Reverse Sept dates and you see in the same fourth day spot 3... Also you get 9 (For 9th month)...

Basically, you get a 3 in 10 making "13". Also you get a 9 in 10 making "19" (a prime number for me). Put the 9 and 3 in 10 and you get "22" (I was 22 when I rose the beast unknowingly the time in how sleep. And I was saved from felony time because charges got dropped during age 22 long ago).

The fouth day this week got 3 in it and of course got 1 in it. But see the 1 remote, 3 persons in four? The remote shall destroy when it cranks way up.

By the way, when I was 19 I remember getting 666.02 on an extimate concerning a damage. Non-coinciendental for is 666 either as is whole or added up parts to.

Whosoever holds past whatever over me is keeping 666 also in the mix not to their liking. Yeah, Satan can and will have punished any for acting past keeper over any worthy. If they will not release the worthy from past bound then neither shall they be release from damnation. So if the past makes the man be whatever he were still in your eyes, then you are damned. Why? Since you seem to like to keep ppl in change from natural individual change. Every moment one is not the past them.

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posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 04:27 PM
Sorry. Nevermind.

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posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 06:01 PM
I think I can understand the first post. I'm still trying to decipher the others just because I'm very bored and codes, no matter how seemingly crazy, are fun.

Btw, Magus, I get 666 on receipts all the's just a coincidence to freak you out.

[edit on 29-9-2008 by mmariebored]

posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 06:18 PM

Originally posted by Mabus
I've been in two "222" number dorm rooms in two seperate states both in the southern U.S. where at the different times Bush (W.) was governor in one and Bush (Jeb) was governor in the other. And I would always see 222 the time. That adds up to "666". Yeah, the 2nd Beast's number. I accept being the beast with no problem because it aint what the liar made it out to be in what they teach ppl throughout this world.

So reconsider.

--The 2nd Mystery

Maybe "being the beast" is nothing more than letting the "beast" take over your mind. You know, there's a part of you that can talk to other people without you knowing it, don't you? And, if your "beast" is strong enough, like say, if you drink or do drugs or some other addiction, then your "beast" will sabotage you even working through other people's "beast" to harm you. The more you understand, the more you can grow stronger than your "beast" and, eventually, you can keep your "beast" down and "crouching" where he belongs.

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