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The 'Cringe Factor"

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posted on Sep, 8 2008 @ 03:49 PM
*Note to Mods, if it in the wrong place, I apologize, it didn't look like it could go anywhere else*

The ‘Cringe’ Factor

Hello to all ATSers out there! I’m going to through a lot of information at you, so hold on….

The ‘Cringe Factor” (CF)

Being a student, I hear many ridicules comments that sound absurd to me everyday. I hear people talk ignorance, and I hear lies everywhere. It normal for me, I’m a student, and still I am still learning, likewise with the rest of them.]

One thing that just shakes me to the bone as a student is something I want to call the ‘Cringe” Factor, or CF.

It most likely happens to many ATSers. I will describe it to see if you know what I’m talking about:

A ‘normal’, or nonATSer, mentions something like including the topic of this:

-9/11 Conspiracies
-Any other ATS related item

Immediately afterward, I cringe, and try to calm myself down, because, quite obviously, they have absolutely no idea what they are talking about.

Example A:

Professor: So, (mentions something related to Aliens)
Student: Yes, and (makes some comment about Aliens/UFO’s, of no obvious real value)
Professor: *laughs* and jokingly makes a random comment

Example B

Student 1: (mentions something about 9/11, involving something, where as say, they have done no real research or have even spent over a minute thinking about it)
Student 2: Ya, those conspiracy plots are crazy, same with those conspirator, they’re all trying to fool us!

As you can see, students and teachers alike are incredibly misinformed, and have no idea about the credible research and discussion takes place.

I am sitting by as a bystander, and watching this pointless mimicking, while, I do not want to answer, making myself look crazy, even though the answer was smart.

I cringe, and say to myself, “They have no idea at all…”

It happens to me whenever a conspiracy-related topic is discussed. Can anyone else relate, or have the ‘Cringe Factor”, or is it just me…



posted on Sep, 8 2008 @ 04:06 PM
If, what you're asking is do I ever feel bad for/pitty the people who aren't open minded enough to consider certain, seemingly undeniable "truths", then yes.


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