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Strange events or MIB?

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posted on Jul, 21 2008 @ 06:03 AM
Okay maybe you will all think I’m crazy but I’m hoping someone out there can offer some advice. I’m 42 and for as long as I can remember I have had an interest in aliens, UFOs and such. It’s not an obsession just something I like to study on my free time. I have many files of research on my computer and in my library. I’m not sure what I may have stumbled on to but I’m sure someone is watching me now. A few weeks ago my wife and daughter were away. I work nights and my neighbor comes home from work at about 3AM. He told me that he had seen lights in my study turn off while he was headed in from his car. Nobody was home at that time. It bothered me at the time but nothing seemed out of place or missing so I was not really concerned. I thought maybe he was seeing things. Then the other day I was in the family room with a few friends and we were just shooting the breeze when I noticed 2 black vehicles (1 car and 1 van) parked in the street outside my house. I could see someone in both vehicles but I couldn’t see what they were doing. My wife was worried and called the local police to check them out. They left right after the call was made and the police didn’t seem too concerned when they showed up. Since then I have noticed a lot of weird things going on. I noticed shortly after that my car stereo was sometimes making a strange clicking noise. I didn’t think much of it but my wife’s car has started to do the same thing. Maybe I have just made myself paranoid or maybe something else is going on. I have had files go missing in my computer. I’m usually very organized and things just seem to be moved from time to time. Also a few days back my boss came to see me and asked if I was unhappy. He said that another employer had called and was asking questions about me. I have not applied to work anywhere since I got this job in 2002. I have been reading the posts here but I have never posted before. All this stuff has made me a little concerned so I thought someone here could at least give me some advice. Maybe I have lost my mind but I would love to hear what you guys and gals think.

posted on Jul, 21 2008 @ 06:29 AM
If I were you I'd sell both cars and then trade them in for another couple , take photos of both engines and undercarriage, and what to see if they do the same. I'd also put cameras up (hidden of course) to try and cover as much of the surrounding area as possible. Hook them upto a dvd recorder or 2 if you can, (have 1 really obvious and 1 hidden in a small cabinet) you can get wireless cameras online I think.
Have them recording 24 hours a day , You ccan also get infrared night cameras which double as day ones.
record events for a couple of months and see if anything else happens.
Oh and if your boss has told anyone your details , I think you should tell their boss (if there is one) coz its a breach of privacy, and he / she shouldnt be giving out information about you to ANYONE on the phone without asking you if its ok first..
Sounds a bit suspect though 2 black vehicles leaving as soon as your wife made a call to the police. You sure they were outside your house and watching you?
Could've been the federals watching dealers down the street.

posted on Jul, 21 2008 @ 06:51 AM
They had to be watching our house because we are on a corner lot and there is a park across the street. They were in a weird position to be watching someone else, I guess? Maybe they were but I dont really think so...

I have actually been thinking of getting some kind of large dog so as to protect me and warn me if he sees something I don't. As for the cars, you have any other suggestions since I am kinda short on cash and am upside down on the payments and could not afford to sell them? I don't think my boss said anything about me, they were I guess pretending to be someone from a company they said I applyed to. He thought it was strange so he started asking questions back and they I guess hung up.

posted on Jul, 21 2008 @ 07:46 AM
Guys in black cars, clicking on car radio's pc files going missing and your employer asking you questions about another employer ringing him for a reference yet you haven't applied for any other job?
This is very strange.Car radio's click there is no doubt about that.
Pc files go missing more than probably anything else on the earth goes missing, this is true.
The guys outside your house is a bit odd but of course can be explained.
But the employer thing is just amazingly insane.

Why would another employer contact your boss asking about you when you haven't applied for any other jobs?
I would get details from your boss asap and have this looked into.
Could be someone got into your pc and trying to find out info to steal your identity.

posted on Jul, 21 2008 @ 07:59 AM
reply to post by IMNalias


I am curious about the clicking sound.

Was it a clicking sound ? Or was it more of a cracking sound ?

Have you noticed this sound coming from anywhere else ? In your house maybe ?

The t.v or maybe some other electrical item ?

Do any of your electrical item's sound different for example the way your refrigerator run's ?

Have you noticed the clicking sound in any of the room's in your home ?

I would suggest you turn the main's power off in your home sit down for 5 minutes and let your ear's adjust to the silence then i suggest you walk around your home and just listen.

Your senses should pick up on any electrical noises for example the hum of the laptop.

Just see if you can hear anything else.

Take care.


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posted on Jul, 21 2008 @ 07:59 AM
No point getting a dog, they cost too much over time, and can be drugged or frightened off someone with a can of deoderant or cat spray/ amonia. I'd suggest getting the camera system at least and / or a house alarm, then get a back up battery one that just sounds loud to the neighbours, that would get enough attention and the 'guys' wont be expecting a secondary alarm that isnt connected to the mains or to an alarm company.
Other than that . Like being says car radios click all the time. all electronic signal recieving equipment does on some scale or other, might be cheap systems?.
Failing that do what I do when I'm away on my hols, Get a hair (closest matched to your door frame, (blonde for white door and frame and brown for wood effect or dark doors)and glue it out of sight acros the door and frame when you go away for any length of time, that way when you get back you can see if anyones been in, No-ones expecting it and its very difficult to see if your trying to be in and out without being clocked by your neighbours

posted on Jul, 21 2008 @ 08:24 AM
This is not directly to the OP, but to all new posters of these kinds of stories.

There sure is an awful lot of "I'm being watched" posts lately.

I'm highly suspicious of them all right now, except for one because he had a higher post count and was a member for a while before posting such a story. But he didn't come right out and suspect government surveillance, and was more generally concerned why someone would be photographing his home and vehicle.

So, it's down to you new people. Either you're a kid out of school for the summer and very bored, or an adult that's on welfare/disability and at home all the time and bored, OR you're a part of the "system" and come in here to post to create fear.

You people post stories that usually consist of

1. having a computer with UFO, government freedom of information declassified docs, videos and other stuff.
2. A house full of papers and/or books
3. An interest in these subjects a bit more than most, but pass yourselves off as average people and don't understand why this/that would be happening
4. strange clicks on land line or cell phone
5. computers blowing up, but then working perfectly later

You post these things to try to get the average person afraid that he/she will be watched and encourage to cease all research and become good little mindless robots.

Stop wasting our time. Unless you have photos, hidden cam recordings from inside and outside your home while you are not there or other tangible evidence then really what good does it do to post your story. It is, after all just a story, because there is often no tangible proof.

If you think your phone is being bugged, then you should install a recording device. Let us all hear the mysterious clicks.

The whole "buy a watchdog" thing is kind of silly really. If it's a big threatening dog someone might end its life. I've heard stories of big guard dogs being outside in the yard, only to be found dead because someone poisoned it. Or stolen, especially if it's a pure breed and intact (not neutered/spayed) and then used for puppy mill purposes. Or if you have small children, well we have all heard those stories. You might get a terrier yapper mutt though from your local shelter.
Those things make enough noise to wake the dead.

Too many people are fearful these days, and chances are they are no more watched than the robin outside sitting on the tree branch.

posted on Jul, 21 2008 @ 08:24 AM
reply to post by IMNalias

The first thing you want to do is rule out normal explanations.

As to the photographing the cars engine and stuff that's not a bad idea if you don't know anything about your engine and what is normal, but that's jumping the gun.

Take your car to a trusted mechanic and have him put it up on the hoist and look it over for anything strange. That would include things like looking for places where they've cleaned off something and (maybe) covered it back up with old grease, and checking for problems with your brakes and hydraulics.

That way you don't have to spend megabucks and you still keep your car. In addition, you can ask him if he would mind you photographing your car when it's up there or give him your camera and doing it for you. Then you have a default look.

On the PC missing files make sure that a family member hasn't done that either by accident or on purpose. If your SO thinks you're cheating on her, maybe she looked on your PC? (just an example).

If you've ruled out your wife, kids and visitors then you can do a snapshot of your PC and keep a copy. It could be as simple as getting a complete filescan in ASCII and copying it to Excel. Then if you have a problem you can do another scan and then file compare.

If you do that you'd want to not change anything between the two snaps (like take one, go visit a friend for the weekend then take another when you come back and use Ultraedit to do a file compare of your databases. You could leave your PC turned on but if you're online, like a DSL connection, don't have any apps open or put it on hibernate. That way minimal stuff will change due to just pinging the host.

Keep the original file on a key drive and take it with you. In fact leave a copy of the original on your PC where anyone can see it and compare IT to the key drive version when you get back if you're really paranoid.

Those are just some examples of things you can try. Like I said, rule out the prosaic first you might save some time.


Good luck!

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