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Born to act any which way but your way

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posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 01:40 PM
Were you born to act good, fair, or bad? Or were you born to grow up in your raising/up bringing to act good, fair, or bad based upon the situation you were in that followed no matter where you went or stayed?

Were you raised/brought up by what you were forced to learn as if you were getting programmed? Or were you raised/brought up by what you specifically chose to learn from that which was presented to you and that which you came across?

posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 02:07 PM
i was raised to to mold around my parents morals, thats how i see it. ive never really followed anything i don't believe in. im 17 years old and i'm not like an average teen. im called very intellectual and smart by my peers, yet i still manage to keep a popularity at my school while the other "smart kids" fall victim to the label of "nerds" and all that. see i was raised in a normal christian family, ive had normal problems in a normal town in america. i was forced to learn a lot of things, but i chose not to believe in what i didn't believe in. i don't like to be labeled or called anything other than an individual. i don't believe in stereotypes, only how one can follow what they want to and choose to do the things they like. there is no such thing as programming unless you submit to it.
ive been raised to do good, yrt there are situations were i have to be fair or bad. i make my own choices based on what i believe is the best for me and others, but there are sacrifices in many situations.
sorry if this reply doesnt represent the question you have asked.

posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 02:17 PM
i think i understand what you are asking. i think that each one of us are born to experience. we learn who we are (our character) based on the things we experience.

regardless of what you were born into, have to endure, etc we are all meant to experience, bc it is only through experiences that you can truly learn. good or bad, right or wrong, how would you know unless you experience the consequences of your actions?

"Were you raised/brought up by what you were forced to learn as if you were getting programmed?"

~ to answer this, absolutely!! but i see it still as a learning experience. it takes a lot of effort to go from being subjective to being subjective w/ an "open" mind to objective views. through this experience, we are better able to learn and understand how other cultures/ppl view things.

having been born into the a family that submerged our spongey minds in the baptist religion, i can relate to how this is done to those of the islam, catholic, wiccan, atheist, etc religions.

i am very careful to make sure that my children don't accept anything in way of beliefs just bc they are told, but rather to think things through. better to come to no conclusion at all than to come to a wrong conclusion, don't ya think?

"were you raised/brought up by what you specifically chose to learn from that which was presented to you and that which you came across?"

even though we were submerged in the christian (specifically baptist) way of thinking, dad planted seeds in our heads to always question and learn for ourselves. he didn't mean for it to be taken as far as i have (meaning away from the christian belief), but then again, he is the one who said to question, question, question.

i was always the one in our christian school who stumped the well intentioned teachers when it came to the bible and the one who ended up in detentions given by the dogmatic teachers who couldn't admit they didn't know.
and dad always supported me

posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 02:59 PM
Well I could go on forever bout how craptastic my childhood was, but mostly left to my own, i learned things on my own. I find myself alot more apt to learn new things, accept new ideas, and posses critical thinking skills that surpass those of the masses. I'm not saying weather this is because of being left to learn the ways of the world by myself, but i have a feeling it plays a vital key. Think of it this way, learning curve is set higher for those who are on their own, they must either quickly adapt to any situation or die out. Seeing as how the human race is known for its survival instinct, survival dictates that you will learn any nessicary skills to survive in a time when survival is needed. However i believe that those who are fed everything with a silver spoon become too dependant on others and thusly lose part of their own survival instinct, thusly when it is needed, not all of it wil be there.

So for me, I was born to act my own way, build my own ideals, beliefs,morals and values rather than inherit someone elses

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