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What are we doing! We need to take action!

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posted on Apr, 3 2008 @ 08:39 PM
It's all fun talking about the secrets of our world, and all this government control etc etc, but seriously, all that is happening is we're sitting here, taking it, and just getting angry. That's it.

We need to rise up and overthrow our problems rather then just sitting around complaining! If WW3 happens, lets not make it "country vs country", lets make it "people vs government".

This site helps alot to make people aware of what might be really going on out there, but it should be pushing us to do something about it.

posted on Apr, 3 2008 @ 08:44 PM
All wars should only be the politicians as they are the ones who are doing all the fighting with each other and can not get along.

I say put them all in a room and let them go for it.

posted on Apr, 3 2008 @ 09:08 PM
It's never going to happen. Trying to start, or join a radical group is looking for trouble. Plus, Abovetopsecret is just that, a place for people to discuss ideas. If we did overthrow, we would lose control.

Think of it this way:

80% of Americans were unpleased with their current system of government. They cause a rebellion.
After a 'Civil war', the militants overthrow their government, creating their own.
They select the most prominent members of their army to lead, and become president.
The president get power hungry, and become a dictator.
The people he leads gets upset, and angry with him, and overthrow him.

Rinse and repeat. As long as we have our basic nature of become the alpha dog, or the most powerful, there will always be corruption, and there will always be angry countrymen.

And with that last comment, about ATS just making people aware, that's just the first step, mate.

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posted on Apr, 3 2008 @ 09:37 PM
No, it doesn't have to be like that at all. Here. Read this. After tomorrow it will be spreading across the internet to every State in the union.


Whereas: The original
form of Government, established and paid for by the blood of Our
Founding Fathers, was a Constitutional Republic, which form of
government is based on the Common Law, that secures to each individual
the free exercise of conscience, the right and control of property, and
the protection of life. These inherent and unalienable Rights are
clearly identified in the Original Constitution of the united States of
America and outlined in the Declaration of Independence and further
explicated in the Bill of Rights;

And Whereas: There are
certain unalienable rights guaranteed by the fact of their existence to
all men in the exercise of their free agency. These were sustained by
the Founding Fathers and written into the Constitution. They need no
interpretation, nor can they be abrogated by anyone. It is not the
prerogative of the President of the united States of America or any one
of the Executive branch of government, nor is it the prerogative of the
Congress of the united States or other legislators, nor any of the
Judiciary including the Supreme Court of the united States, to abridge
those rights or interpret them in any manner except as clearly stated
in plain language in the original Constitution. Moreover, the power to
abridge such rights does not rest in any of the offices of any of the
States; and it is the sole prerogative of the people to determine when
such rights have been abridged or when they, the people, have been
robbed of their agency; and it is within the power of the people to
remove from office any of the officers of the Federal government or of
the State who attempt by executive order or judiciary action or
arbitrary interpretation to change the Constitution. Those who would
unrighteously foist their will upon the people of the united States of
America must be removed from office by due process of law, whether by
impeachment or by initiative of the people.

And Whereas: Each
individual has inherent and unalienable rights and freedoms
and no rightful delegation of these rights can ever be made to or be
assumed by any governing body. The free agency of man, working within
the legitimate bounds of these rights and freedoms, must be held
inviolate. The Constitution provides to regulate bodies of men and not

And Whereas: We, the People, and the several
States, assume the responsibility of self-government and we retain and
possess the FULLNESS OF THE POWERS AND AUTHORITY reserved by us in the
original Constitution of the united States of America.

Whereas: Changes to the original Constitution of the united States of
America have been arbitrarily imposed by judicial decisions, executive
orders and other governmental actions that have defeated the original,
inspired intent of our Founding Fathers.

..........for the rest, go to CALL TO OFRM A CONTINENTAL CONGRESS

Our governing system was never originally designed to be as stupid as it has become. We simply forgot our CIVIC DUTY of making sure it doesn't. Now, we must act CIVILLY to ensure it doesn't go any farther.

There are already several city governments that are about to fall this month. Keep watching what's going on.

posted on Apr, 3 2008 @ 10:18 PM
Deep down inside we know what the problem really is and what needs to be done about it to fix it.

There are too many of us, and that is forcing us to begin to live unnatural lives. Like thousands upon thousands of hens forced to live in a henhouse, we too are being coerced into living artificial lives and subsist on unnatural and artificial diets. Ultimately, this will bring about a desire for societal collapse, doom, anything that will free as from these trapped and enslaved and unnatural lives we are being forced to live. And we are destroying everything natural in this process to become artificial, and that must be stopped at any cost.

Yes, deep down inside we know what needs to be done to begin to fix all of this, don't we. . . but who wants to toss the first stone, the first nuke, or plague, or famine, or genocide, or whatever, and kick-off the necessary chaos and mayhem that will be required to do so?

I can see why everyone would prefer to procrastinate on this one, but the longer you wait the worse it will be and the longer it will take and even more will be around to suffer. Do it now. Soon. Demand that worldwide chaos and mayhem begin soon, before even more babies are left to starve and not enough viable Earth is left to go around. Demand DOOM!
The survivors will appreciate your sacrifices. Do it, before it's too late and the entire planet is destroyed beyond self-recovery.

posted on Apr, 4 2008 @ 02:51 AM
Did a short post of "Right on!"

But it was too short.

Maybe we should make a list of successful revolutions and the counter-revolutions that tried to destroy them.

For example: The American revolution was successful until 1913 when it was destroyed by counter-revolution called the "Fed".

posted on Apr, 6 2008 @ 11:08 AM
It could happen that any new leader we assign would become power hungry eventually, but it still gives us at least a decade of proper living conditions before it happens, which I would be happy to fight for.

It would be definately be tough to create some sort group right at this very moment, but I think all we need is a bit more time (corruption) with in our current government to finally show the rest of the country what is going on to have them commit to fight for their freedoms.

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