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Being The Monarch

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posted on Sep, 7 2007 @ 11:48 AM
Being The Monarch Part 1
By Jenn

The long stretch of reality, the mystery that falls into your lap, the child who wakes at night screaming, for each night they come… they are the shadows, the twinkling lights, the war between freedom and chaos takes place within and around the frightened soul who’s memories of the true self have vanished, but on occasion bubbles to the surface.
Some souls hold keys, some hold the knowledge some have come to heal but some seem to begin the journey in the heat of a battle. Someone wants you to believe there is a war on for your soul but you are eternal, power comes from this remembrance!
While some are here to aid the warriors of truth, others are here to crush them, twist them, and leave them to drift in a sea of confusion, sending them way off course.
The forces of light have planted the seeds of the new generation, the forces of darkness hunt them down to break them before they have a chance to gain their wisdom and have their memories returned, so their light may be extinguished before it can spread.
When the realization comes of the nature of the attacks, great wisdom can be found and those warriors of truth can benefit from the torture they have withstood by finding their inner strength and realization that we have spiritual power far greater then any darkness and we have strength in numbers, for we are all one. We are one mind, split into many and have forgotten our connection to each other, every soul on earth is responsible for this reality that is being played out on earth at this time, we are the creators, WE ALL ARE!!! OUR TRUE PURPOSE IS TO HAVE FUN AND LOVE AND TO HELP EACH OTHER GROW IN JOY AND PEACE AND WITH NATURE, TO EXPERIENCE!
The dark forces work through many here on earth, mainly situated in government positions and places of power, those who seek control of our group mind and wish to bend it to their will have gotten pretty far with their dirty deeds but it is about to end.
The mind control experiments, the people who they have hurt will break free.
My own monarch experience has changed my perception of the world, the struggle and fight has given me strength and power and growth. To my understanding, the night I was conceived my biological parents had an alien encounter. I met them at the age of 25 which confirmed a lot for me, and was a very shocking experience.
Before I was born my mother was taken to a home by a mysterious unknown woman to wait out her pregnancy in a far off city, was assaulted the night before I was born and then found out someone had arranged for me to be adopted which is not what she wanted but they brought in some social workers and convinced her it was the right thing to do.
A family was waiting for me… but I was sent to a foster home off the island for a month before my parents were able to receive me… (Was I used in a satanic cult ritual?)
Demons haunted me, ghosts, trolls, out of body experiences, voices teaching me of the nature of the universe, angels of light teaching me how to defend myself, there were so many different experiences that it was extremely troubling, my world seemed a step outside of the rest. I was told my soul was under attack, the darkness was drawn to me and that I had something they wanted. I was constantly plagued with low frequency sound waves and sleep paralysis… I had dreams that someone was trying to pull me through a portal to another dimension on a few occasions, and I always believed in reincarnation and was drawn to the occult despite my catholic upbringing.

posted on Sep, 7 2007 @ 11:50 AM
Being The Monarch Part 2
By Jenn

It was interesting to find out that my biological grandfather may have been a mind control victim while a prisoner of war for 6 years, and my great grandfather was an occultist who had a healing gift to stop bleeding and lived closely and in harmony with the first nation’s people. Something happened to him though, something frightening, so eventually he burnt (so I am told) his book of shadows (I have a feeling it is buried in the woods though, under a tree, I dreamt of it before I met my birth family).
It was also interesting to find out that UFO sightings and dreams of aliens and the troll and the cloaked figure I use to see also had been experienced by my biological family, it is hereditary… or has someone been following up on my family?
I don’t know if I was used in a typical MKULTRA/MONARCH type experiment, but I am pretty sure I was taken and have been used as a human portal to draw in entities or to be used as a method of communication between whoever and whoever… but I can control the portal too < wink, wink >, so scary negative stuff has ended and now I receive more warnings then anything else…. Of floods mostly, and was told by a human looking race of aliens that soon we will have disclosure.
My monarch experience is also this…. I was taken from my birth family, but I also returned to them 25 years later after the death of my mother who raised me… her last request was for me to find my birth mother to have some questions answered about who I am. Now I am back on the Coast, in a small isolated little fishing town, I have returned to my place of origin.
It hasn’t been so easy, and I have recently been forced to give up my home to move to government housing because I was renting off of my birth mother and the house needed repair (I was on welfare at the time), she refused to help repair the windows that she promised for years to do (The house was very, very cold and by the sea). Seems she rushed me out and gave the house to her other daughter who already has a house and no kids but a good government job, (I have 4 children and just getting on my feet after a lot of tragedy which befell upon me & my adoptive family), and they are fixing it up beautifully now! It’s been a somewhat painful experience!
I don’t plan to stay here too long, but it is hard to get out of Quebec and its hell when you’re English in a separatist area where there is a lot of hate for the English.
The ELF waves are strong here; I am right by a tower… and although I am surrounded by such beauty of nature, they stuck me in a place they call “the ranch” and the worst neighborhood in town, government controlled area, a lot of sad cases here.
Just when I was finding my center, those negative forces that be, the evil ones, have brought me home and put me right into their grasp, I wouldn’t doubt a controller lives close by… they know me, but they should also be aware that there are stronger forces of good working on my side, I will continue to search for my peace, I will never give up!
One of my fondest memories of my MOM, the mother who raised me, is hunting for monarch caterpillars and putting them in jars and watching them over the days or weeks, transform… they would dry their wings perched on my finger and then fly off.
The last time I found one was when my daughter was born, it was on the street so I stuck it on a sunflower and it stayed and built its cocoon, we were able to watch it take its first flight, I have always been drawn to the Monarch, I wonder why?!

posted on Sep, 7 2007 @ 12:33 PM
"We are one mind, split into many and have forgotten our connection to each other, every soul on earth is responsible for this reality that is being played out on earth at this time, we are the creators, WE ALL ARE!!!"

There is a difference between believing and knowing. One is of the mind, the other of the heart. You have great wisdom, but you still carry the fear with you. This is understandable. You have experienced severe trauma as a child. But it is time for you not to wear that coat anymore. It no longer serves any purpose and besides, you have become to BIG to fit in it ;-). You may leave the fear, and replace it with the confidence that you KNOW you can place in yourself as a creator. See the beauty your life contains at present. Trust yourself to expand on it. Expect this. Give it your energy! Soar like an eagle!

posted on Sep, 7 2007 @ 04:49 PM
reply to post by linebottom

I agree, the fear is a great drain on energy, and I think that it is one of their reasons for creating so much of it!!! It is one of our greatest challenges to overcome. I am not so much afraid of aliens or monsters anymore, but am trying to deal with some of the frustration & the confusion that arises from being tossed into a different reality then most of the people I know can even begin to understand.
I think the most difficult fear to overcome is fear of my own spiritual challenges... how to over come greif, how to forgive some of the people who hurt me the most in my life, and most of all, how to deal with being overly empathic or speak up and tell them how I feel. My heart is filled with love for all but I am bombarded by peoples negative emotions, doubts and frustrations everyday, and sometimes it is hard to hold up, and I fear that I will fail on my quest to find some peace and be able to spread it around. When everyone around you is arguing, smiling and trying to bring reason and peace to the conversation doesnt seem to work for me. I have in the past few years become isolated in my area that I live in, and in my home and it seems that I have lost my motivation to socialize or meet new people, but I am working on myself from the inside out. My life has been a real mind trip... I went to a psychologist and she says I am fine, and that off the record she does think something happend to me which is hard to explain, but I am not nuts.
I am trying to figure out how I can co-create positive vibes with those around me who are so cloaked in the darkness?
One idea I had last night was to ask the city to build a park for the kids in the empty lot outside so they have a place to play instead of on the street... and to ask if they will let me build a skating rink there in winter, shouldnt be to hard. Well, thank you for the reply, its been a long time that I have wanted to write out my odd experiences, get it out of my system. Bright Blessings! ~ Jenn

posted on Sep, 8 2007 @ 06:29 AM
reply to post by JEnigma

Jenn, I'd like you to read this:

It tells you what you already know inside, but it's still important to read.

Make a very nice day!

posted on Sep, 8 2007 @ 09:06 AM
reply to post by linebottom

Oh Thank you so much, I am going to read it now with my coffee!
I was sent by mail a pendant from my aunt (in my adoptive family).
She is a hard nose spinster, super smart but very... how should I say... COLD, never been married, and very into her Irish heratage. She has travelled the world many times and been to the holy lands, Catholic upbringing like I had said, but she knows a lot about Druids and stuff and loves to visit the Netherlands, she is in Newfoundland on vacation at the moment I think. I admire her, but she frightens me a bit too. She use to be very critical of me, offered to help pay my college because I had super high marks and awards for computers, but then she changed her mind the day I started school, so after the 1st simester I was forced to quit... and look after my Dad full time, her brother (He had some strokes when my mom died, I was an only child and single mom of 2 then).
Anyhow (I babble... I hope the mods don't hate me... havent heard anything yet!)... this Aunt sent me a pendant which she said is my Celtic astrological symbol.... the Pleiadian star system... it came with a little paper I will have to hunt for because I am still unpacking boxes from my move, but I thought the celtic astrology was just Tree's, Like I am the Alder tree... but this pendant with the insert says, my star sign is Pleiades.
One question on the spelling.... I have seen it spelled Plieades and Pleiades..... which is it (IE) or (EI)??? Thanks again for the link, gonna read it now!

posted on Sep, 8 2007 @ 11:07 AM

Originally posted by JEnigma
... I hope the mods don't hate me... havent heard anything yet

... and you won't.

The story you have told so far is, imo, moored in personal reflection and life experience. The 'back and forth' between you and other members fills in blanks otherwise left unsaid.

This is the best way to work a complete story and is what I consider 'fair play' in this forum.

There is also the route of U2U's when sending short messages to each other and I recommend that method when passing trivialities instead of posting onto the thread.

The purpose of these threads should work towards an end result, though, by taking certain segments of your OP, additional posts and quotes and forming from them a final, complete autobiography (in this case).

The purpose should not be mere chit chat. We have BTS for that.

posted on Sep, 9 2007 @ 01:45 PM
reply to post by JEnigma

Since you have been so forthcoming in telling us (and me) about you, it seems only fair I return the favor. But first I want to say that your writing in your initial piece is quite good. You certainly have talent for it. Keep writing. If not in here, then for other readers.

Let's choose an angle. I was a child of a single mother, still am. She had had a strict and rigid roman catholic upbringing, and being the rebelious one in a family with nine children and little recourses, she received the condemnation of the Lord and her parents along with all the punishments that were deemed appropriate. When she became a parent herself, she vowed to allow her children to make up their own minds as to what they chose to believe. An impossible promise of course, but an admirable intention.
As a result, my sister and I were brought up relatively free of any religious dogma, but were rather instilled with a sense of weariness and suspicion of any religion.
In the meantime, our mother began to experience a 'spiritual void' so to speak, and sought answers by reading all kinds of 'new age' literature. We, her 'liberated' children, thought it to be strange and a bit suspicious, but since we were brought up in the spirit of free choice, our inclination was to return the favor.
Anyway, one day she suggested for me to read one of these books, saying it was mighty complicated but fascinating. I shrugged because I really wasn't into that spirit mumbo-jumbo at the time. But she insisted and I had time on my hands, so what the Hell, I started reading. The book was Seth Speaks by Jame Roberts, and it is to this date the single most important book I have read in my entire life. After that I read almost all the books by Jane Roberts and Seth. And then I left it alone for years and years.
Let me put this in a very tiny nutshell for you:
Remember, this was the 80's. The Secret (flawed theory btw) was non existant. Here was a book with a take on reality which turned everything upside down. There was no seperation between God and creation, they were one! Suddenly, it was revealed that I am the creator of my reality, and if that reality is #ty, it is because somehow, I've been taught to expect it to be that way, and reality is merely reflecting my expectations. I'm not the product of my environment, my environment is my product!
That, at the time, was a huge topsy-turvy moment for me. At the same time, in my heart, it felt like the truth. It was a bit much for me to handle at the time. One would think that knowledge like that could empower someone to boldly take control of one's life and be a demi-God in Paradise happily ever after. Not so.
I had received the tools, the materials and the instructions, but for some reason, all this stuff was put on a shelf that said 'received in good order' and then left alone. Sometimes, when it suited my needs, the dust was blown off it, and it was used to my benefit, mostly in the form of an excuse.

Edited to remove personal drug experience

From the Terms and Conditions...

2e.) Illegal Activity: Discussion of illegal activities; specifically mind-altering drugs, computer hacking, criminal hate, sexual relations with minors, and stock scams are strictly forbidden.

You have a U2U

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posted on Sep, 9 2007 @ 03:24 PM
reply to post by linebottom

I bought a dog two years ago. Bordercollie called Sheng. He's got the go-go juice running through his veins and as a result, we're making crazy miles through the acres and forests. Life is good. We often go to a park next to a castle, where we always meet my dogs favorite friend, a dog called Obelix. The owner of Obelix is a very nice girl, whom you could consider to be a bit of an 'outsider', like me. We've become friends, and after we've walked our dogs (or rather, they have walked us), she regularly invites me over for coffee.
About a month ago, I'm drinking coffee at her place when her mum comes along. Now her mother, I already knew this, has the 'gift'. She can see things and feel things. She often guides people on their deathbed to the other side. She looks at a bracelet I have, which happens to be a asian so-called snake-bracelet I haven't taken off over 10 years, ever, and says, they tell me you should take it off. So I take it off, and she holds it and begins telling me stuff. First she tells me she can hear the sound of an indian drum. She tells me that they want her to tell me that I am wise, which is nice to hear. She tells me that somehow I have the ability (please don't laugh) to send the energy of an orgasm from my sacral chakra to my head, which is very special and gives me great wisdom. I am beginning to get to terms with that particular piece of information. Then she tells me that something new will happen in my life, and that it's high time too (which, admittingly, is true), she says one door will close and one door will open. Then she says something important, she says I just have to be myself. Also, she asks if I often sit in a Lotus-position, which I didn't, but I had been thinking about picking up meditation as a daily practice, which I have now.
The bracelet remains off.

Why am I writing this?! Well, I've been scouring the Internets for a while for all kinds of information concerning things beyond normal everyday life. I developed a facination for it for some reason. I discovered that, in this search (and you only have to look as far as this particular website) you get confronted with the wildest possible scenarios of reality, a fair lot of whom are not quite optimistic in nature to say the least. Abductions, underground military facilities, greys, implants, NWO, chemtrails. These, you see, are the black tentacles approaching me. They will not reach me. Between all these horrific accounts of other peoples realities, I do catch some beautiful jewels, which I choose to be the possibilities I give my energy to. That link I posted which is supposedly from an ancient civilisation from the Pleiades (it's PlEIades ;-). I don't know whether they exist or not. Honestly! But listen to the message. That stuff resonates something inside me. And by now, I have learned to trust those resonations. Those are the things I am tilting towards like a flower to the sun. I am aiming to catch the warm rays, and emitting them as well.
Oh, and daily meditation. Take your shower in the morning, and before you do anything else after that, just sit down for 5 or 10 minutes and let yourself drift. It's not a chore. It's bliss.
These two things, Internet and meditation, have given me the feeling something big is happening. I can feel I am in a state of profound change. And those old theories laying on the shelf gathering dust are not on the shelf any longer. They have become...reality.

posted on Sep, 16 2007 @ 09:18 AM
reply to post by linebottom

Thank you for sharing your story! I think I have heard of that book "Seth Speaks".
One of the best books I read that felt accurate to me was "Journey OF Souls, case studies of life between lives" By Michael Newton. It was very interesting!!! I lent it to someone and never got it back, can't remember who but I would love to read it again.
I also remember hearing Native Drumming a few times, and singing... it made me feel good, then years later I dreamed that an Indian Chif gave me a pair of mucluks which were all painted up with symbols and animals. It was right before a journey I was taking, a quest... which turned out to be a hard lesson, but I made it through.
I do wear moccasins almost daily, my favorite foot ware, but would love to have those mucluks from my dream, they were beautiful!
Cya round the boards! ~ J

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