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Understanding the Iran Dis-Info Campaign

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posted on Sep, 7 2007 @ 04:05 AM
Before reading any further, I want you to understand that I do NOT believe that Iran is a land of all flowers and sunshine. Truth is, their government is largely unpopular, their leaders claim to be inspired by a god that the masses don't believe in, and their population is largely under-educated (other than a handful of elites).

This all should strike a cord of familiarity to US citizens.

With that said, there has been some gross distortion of facts regarding Iran that everyone should be aware of.

Iranian/US History
Bush likes the phrase "to bring Democracy to the Middle East".

Did you know that Iran was a democracy right up until 1953?

In the 1953 Iranian coup d'état, the administration of Dwight D. Eisenhower in the United States and United Kingdom removed the democratically-elected administration of Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh and his cabinet from power and replaced it with a monarchy. The coup was carried out in a covert operation by Britain and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), codenamed Operation Ajax (officially TP-AJAX).
Wiki - Iranian 1953 Coup
The reasons for that coup were straight forward. The US and Britain wanted their oil. Very little has changed on that front.

Since then, Iran has been a dangerous and aggressive nation, right?
Wrong, actually.

Iran has never invaded another country. The war with Iraq was initiated by Iraq with the backing if the US. This again is a matter of record and not in dispute.

Iran's Nuclear Program

Iran has stated over and over that they are NOT producing nuclear weapons. There is, in fact, not a single shred of evidence that proves they have any type of nuclear weapons program. Everything they've done to date is in-line with nuclear power programs. Even the enrichment (enriched uranium allows for much more efficient nuclear power production and research) which they voluntarily suspended!

They signed the NPT and have complied with all standard accords from the IAEA. They have not been found guilty of any violation. They have not even been charged with any violation!

In fact, Iran has long been a proponent for declaring the entire middle east a nuclear free zone. Since 1974, they have been pressing the UN to enact resolutions to ban all nuclear weapons from all Middle Eastern countries. Those resolutions have been put before the UN, but have been repeatedly vetoed by the US (on behalf of Israel).
For an idea of Iran's real nuclear stance, as stated by Hossein Mousavian, a member of Iran's nuclear negotiating team:

It is incorrect to say that Iran's nuclear activities constitute a response to perceived nuclear threats from other states, such as Israel, or to a strategic threat arising from the US presence in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is therefore also incorrect to adduce the existence of this threat as evidence that Iran is aiming at a nuclear-weapons programme. Naturally, Iran is concerned by the fact that Israel possesses a substantial nuclear arsenal, but Iran's possession of nuclear weapons would not reduce its fears on this score. Similarly, Iranian concerns regarding the US military presence in the region would in no way be allayed were Iran to possess nuclear weapons. The possession of nuclear weapons would neither conduce to Iran security nor in reality enhance the perception of security enjoyed by the Iranian people.

Global Diolog Winter/Spring 2006
I strongly recommend reading that document. Print it 'n take it with you next to you have to take a sit on the can.

Demonizing Iran in the Media
We all know that the media lies to us. If you have trouble with that concept, you've got some catching up to do here on ATS.

What we hear coming out of Iran is often sound bytes that are taken out of context or suspect to mistranslation by the only major organization that provides translation to western media (MEMRI, which has strong ties to Israel).
Much of the verbal insanity to come out of Iran is suspect of being intentionally mistranslated, misquoted, and taken out of context in order to present Iran in a bad light. This isn't surprising considering that MEMRI has admitted in the past to "putting the interests of Israel first".

Accusations of Terror

The only credibly claim against Iran in terms of supporting terrorism is it's ties to Hezbollah. These ties really are not in question since Hezbollah leader, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, made this statement:

"Iran assists the organization with money, weapons, and training, motivated by a religious fraternity and ethnic solidarity," Nasrallah said. "And the help is funneled through Syria, and everybody knows it."

Nasrallah Admits
However, it should now be pointed out that Hezbollah has a strong central mandate from which it does not deviate:

* To expel Americans, the French and their allies definitely from Lebanon, putting an end to any colonialist entity on our land.
* To submit the phalanges to a just power and bring them all to justice for the crimes they have perpetrated against Muslims and Christians.
* To permit all the sons of our people to determine their future and to choose in all the liberty the form of government they desire. We call upon all of them to pick the option of Islamic government which alone is capable of guaranteeing justice and liberty for all. Only an Islamic regime can stop any future tentative attempts of imperialistic infiltration onto our country. [Note that this is a "call", not a demand, for Islamic Government. The freedom to choose is first and foremost]

It also includes complete destruction of the state of Israel. [Err...]

Hezbollah Wiki Entry
I urge you to read that entry in full as the subject of this organization is not a simple one.

While I personally cannot condone Hezbollah's call for the destruction of Israel, it should be understood that "Throughout most of the Arab and Muslim worlds, Hezbollah is highly regarded as a legitimate resistance movement." ref

Either way, there has not been a single official call for Iran to expel Hezbollah (strangely, not even from Israel).

Reports of Iran sending support to Iraqi insurgents have thus far been unproven and must be viewed with suspicion considering the sources. Again, it is true that not a single piece of evidence has been presented to prove these claims. If there is proof, why has it not been presented?

In fact, Iran has offered to help train Iraqi security forces and promotes a stable Iraq as it serves their interests better to have a stable nation at their border (with whom they could trade and build diplomatic relations) than an anarchist state occupied by American troops.
Iran Offers to Help Train/Equip Iraqis

I could likely go on with this article for some time, but I fear I would allow it to snowball into a major project and I'd not be able to post it until... well... until after hostilities start.
Instead, I'll hit the submit button and open this up to (rational, I hope) discussion.

posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 02:14 AM
I'm a little disturbed by this thread not getting any action...

Considering the current Iran crisis, this is perty damned important stuff.
I expected at least a good flame or two from the "any-excuse-to-drop-a-bomb" crowd or maybe some Islamaphobic comments.

I know it would be far too much to expect a rational debate upon the subject material 'n all.

Come on folks... This is one of the largest dis-info campaigns to be seen since Iraq.
Do you not think this it worth talking about?

posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 03:26 AM
Since nobody's reading this thread, its ok to post this information here.


posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 03:43 AM
Hey, thanks for that!

I've gotta grab some sleep here and don't have time to go through that document properly, but my initial skim looked good... I saw statements like "this matter is considered resolved" and "Iran has complied" repeated all over the place.

If there's anything of particular note you feel should be pointed out, please do quote it!

posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 03:54 AM
You left out the part about Iran supporting Iraqi resistance fighters, basically killing our soldiers by proxy.

I absolutely oppose military action against Iran, but I do think this is one tidbit of truth in the whole twisted propaganda campaign against them. If there is any hope of peace in Iraq, Iran MUST stop supporting those who are deliberately murdering thousands of civilians and doing everything they can to destroy the country from the inside out.

posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 06:01 AM

Originally posted by PlausibleDeniability
You left out the part about Iran supporting Iraqi resistance fighters, basically killing our soldiers by proxy.

Is there any proof of this?
There are claims of proof, but no proof has been presented.

Further, why would Iran offer to help train the Iraqi security forces if they were going to support the resistance? Sure, one could make an argument that such training would offer unparalleled realism and that live fire exorcises would be like no other training program, but can you really see this happening?

The truth is, the only thing solid they have to pin on Iran is that some Iraqi insurgents are using Iranian weapons, but the media has backed away from those claims because it's WAY to easy to observe that the vast majority of insurgents are using AMERICAN weapons. Does that mean the US is supporting the Insurgency?

posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 07:20 AM
You've done a very good job on this.

The hard right has had a war-on for Iran ever since the hostage crisis of 1979/1980 and they are just dying to shoot their load before bush minor slithers off the national stage.

posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 10:12 AM
Well, this is kind of one sided so far, so let me add that the Dis-Info campaign comes from both sides. Then you have to add the media into that.

For example, the recent story about the Pentagon making plans for a 3 day blitz attack Iran. Guess who made that scoop. Guess how much of it exagerative baloney.

Alexis Debat

Google news Alexis Debat

posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 09:54 PM

Originally posted by BitRaiser
Further, why would Iran offer to help train the Iraqi security forces if they were going to support the resistance?


My friend, it comes from both sides. Its kind of like Chavez offering to help Americas poor, he obviously doesn't care about them, but it sure makes him look good.

Iran supporting Iraqi insurgents makes perfect sense to me. It's apparent to me that Iran is hostile towards the US and vice versa. So what better way to get at us then to secretly support our #1 enemy. I bet the US is doing the exact same thing in Iran. All the big players do it, at least the cool ones

You ask for proof, what proof could I possibly give you that you wouldn't claim was fairy tales and make believe? I'm not attacking you on this issue, I agree with you. How can we believe anything our intelligence people say after the whole WMD fiasco?

I believe Iran is supporting the resistance simply because it makes strategic sense to me, and because of an ex-coworker who served in Iraq who told me the same thing the government is telling everybody now.

Great OP btw! Please dont take my responses as attacks on your post, it was a good read and I agree with you 100%.

posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 01:22 AM
reply to post by PlausibleDeniability

No worries.
If I seem to foam at the mouth from time to time, it's simply a reaction to the number of people that willingly swallow the official line without a pause.

The thing about the accusations that Iran is supporting Iraqi insurgents that rings false to me is constant reports of captured weapons and personnel, but these reports never seem to be accompanied with pictures.
If you'd captured proof that Iran was helping your enemies, wouldn't you want to display that for the whole world to see?

As for the Chavez comment... I could write a whole new article much like my OP on that topic, so I'll avoid going off topic with it.
Until I get 'round to doing it, lemme just say that there's been some really amazing spin applied to what's really been going on in South America.

posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 01:26 AM
reply to post by makeitso

Note the first statement I made in my OP.

No, I don't believe that Iran is a bed of roses.
If I was Iranian, I'd prolly write a thread titled something like "America is NOT all evil!!".

posted on Sep, 13 2007 @ 10:26 AM
I have to admit I was for the bombing of Iran. I suppose with my flight background and gun-ho "kick the tires, and light the fires" personality, yet to think objectively of this topic at the core of every conspiracy (America's true intent) is a thread of truth.

I love the United States, and will support and back our people.

Some interesting quotes from our founders:

"The great rule of conduct for us, in regard to foreign nations, is in extending our commercial relations to have as little political connection as possible... Why, by interweaving our destiny with that of any part of Europe, entangle our peace and prosperity in the toils of European ambition, rivalships, interest, humor, or caprice?... It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world."
- George Washington

"[America] goes not abroad, in search of monsters to destroy. She is the well-wisher to the freedom and independence of all. She is the champion and vindicator only of her own. She will commend the general cause by the countenance of her voice, and the benignant sympathy of her example. She well knows that by once enlisting under other banners than her own, were they even the banners of foreign independence, she would involve herself beyond the power of extrication, in all the wars of interest and intrigue, of individual avarice, envy, and ambition, which assume the colors and usurp the standard of freedom."
- John Quincy Adams

Taken from:

Truly our founding fathers feared the day we would be involved in the affairs of nations other than our own.

posted on Sep, 18 2007 @ 03:47 AM
I respect your ability to take a step back and re-asses the situation.
Good for you.
Makes you a true patriot of the ideals that the US was founded upon.

posted on Sep, 19 2007 @ 02:52 AM

I don't know man.According to AP Iran did deny 38 U.n inspectors access in August of 06.

Also wanting to wipe Israel off the map is never a good thing.Especially when the U.S. is Israels big brother.We will save you don't worry!

However a lot of what you dug up is great.The companies owned by Robert Murdoch info is insane.First time I had any idea just how far the propagabda machines can reach.

[edit on 19-9-2007 by Project_Silo]

posted on Sep, 19 2007 @ 03:32 AM
Those are some interesting articles.

The first one stuck me as a little odd. I've never heard anything like this in all the digging I've done on Iran over the last couple weeks. Something defiantly struck me as being a bit funny about it after reading it through the first time. I went through again and caught this:

The officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the confidentiality of the information, told The Associated Press

So... basically, the entire source for this story is totally unverifiable.
Still, it was a very odd claim and the reporter seems credible (I backgrounded him a bit). Then I caught this:

Copyright 2006 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

This was a story that had been run last year and never got much attention because it was never verified.


This story is not about Iran blocking inspections, it's about them blocking 38 inspectors. As in those particular inspectors. They told the UN that they would not accept those people as inspectors.

Iran has barred 38 inspectors on a UN list from entering the country, the foreign minister said Monday in what appeared to be retaliation for the UN sanctions imposed last month.

Iran rejected the officials on a list of potential inspectors drawn up by the International Atomic Energy Agency to carry out visits to Iran's nuclear facilities. Others on the list remain eligible.

They did this, apparently, as a kind of "fark you" for the sanctions being imposed upon them. Fairly mild retaliation, if you ask me.

posted on Sep, 19 2007 @ 03:37 AM

Originally posted by Project_Silo
Also wanting to wipe Israel off the map is never a good thing.Especially when the U.S. is Israels big brother.We will save you don't worry!

Every instance of that claim in western media was the result of MERI translation. Head back up to my article and click the link ('cause I'm getting sleepy and thus to lazy to re-link it

However a lot of what you dug up is great.The companies owned by Robert Murdoch info is insane.First time I had any idea just how far the propagabda machines can reach.

As noted in the above comment.

MEMRI looks like a perty nasty stream for dis-info.
I've even heard rumors of a Murdoch connection there, but I have nothing credible to post to back it up.

posted on Sep, 19 2007 @ 03:50 AM
first to the person who said Chavez does not care about American poor. Do you think Bush, or the power elite do?

I wanted to compliment the thread on the many good points, great historical refrences and points of view we do not get in US media.

Lastly I would like to echo the view of Americans trained by the corporate media machine.

"We Are Sparta!!"

posted on Sep, 19 2007 @ 03:57 AM

MEMRI, not disinfo???

"Meyrav Wurmser is a neoconservative scholar of the Arab world. She is married to David Wurmser, Middle East Adviser to US Vice President Dick Cheney. She is also a member of the conservative US think tank, the Hudson Institute.

Wurmser wrote her Ph.D. thesis on Revisionist Zionism behind the Herut and Likud parties, and received her doctorate in political science at George Washington University.[1] She went on to teach political science at Johns Hopkins University and the US Naval Academy.[1]

In 1996, Wurmser participated in a study that led to the A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm report presented to Likud party leader and then-Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Other study participants included Richard Perle, David Wurmser, and Douglas Feith.

From 1998 to 2001, Meyrav was a co-founding member and Executive Director Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) together with Yigal Carmon."

so, for me, MEMRI is fully zionism.


posted on Sep, 19 2007 @ 08:06 PM
And interesting link was just brought up in another thread by TheBandit795:
The Myth of "Wipe Israel off the Face of the Map"

The full quote translated directly to English:

"The Imam said this regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time."

Word by word translation:

Imam (Khomeini) ghoft (said) een (this) rezhim-e (regime) ishghalgar-e (occupying) qods (Jerusalem) bayad (must) az safheh-ye ruzgar (from page of time) mahv shavad (vanish from).

Thanks Bandit. I've been looking for something a bit more solid than my say-so of the loose translation by my Farsi speaking friend!

[edit on 19-9-2007 by BitRaiser]

posted on Sep, 19 2007 @ 09:38 PM
Thanks for the post BitRaiser.

It was well presented and, in my opinion, dead on accurate.

I posted a thread about Afghanistan now supplying 93% of the worlds opium up from about 14% prior to 9/11/2001.

That thread received almost the identical number of response as yours.

What you and I consider important many people don't.

We are probably going to nuke Iran and that is a tragedy. We are going to kill lots of people, lots of our military personnel are going to get killed. And its all over Irans oil and their strategic location between the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf.

Of course, we don't have to nuke Iran we just want to. The U.S. will probably make conventional weapon strikes and the Israelis will do the nuking.

We will then say, "Bad, Bad Israel. Naughty, naughty Israel. And then give them $25 billion for anger management rehab.

Thanks again BitRaiser for your thoughtful, articulate and timely post. It is greatly appreciated.

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