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An Insecure Society We Have Grown To Be

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posted on Apr, 16 2007 @ 01:59 PM
It used to be 20 years ago that the young people did not respect their elders. It now has become that no one truely respect anyone anymore.

Know matter what your knowledge is or how much time you perfected to achieve this, people have no respect for it. If you are new to anything that deals with the public and knowledege like a job or a forum you will be persecuted for showing your skills to quickly.

You have to act dumb just to be accepted, because everyone that has been there longer than you are too damn insecure and demand to be the experts. This does not happen in a high I.Q. and logical thinking environment, but that is about one percent of the mass population. Very hard to find.

I don't think most people mean bad by this. I think that our society has just deteriorated so drastically that most people can't handle the emotional insecurity.

posted on Apr, 16 2007 @ 02:29 PM
What kind of skills are you talking about...because some are subjective...Nonetheless...I would assume you're right to a degree, when another person exhibits skills that others are ignorant about, many will feel insecure about it, esp if they're supposed to be knowledgeable in that area. I believe it's simply human nature. However, brighter individuals will try to learn instead of antagonize.

posted on Apr, 17 2007 @ 12:14 AM
It true about brighter people wanting to learn instead of antagonize.
Sometimes the more they think they know, the less teachable they are.

livingwithstyle said:

You have to act dumb just to be accepted, because everyone that has been there longer than you are too damn insecure and demand to be the experts.

That's true in a way, I just posted my debunking whitley analysis to a pre-existing thread on the Physics Forum and was banned for posting 'nonsense'.

The first post asks the question 'has there ever been an in depth analysis?'

It has the usual answers - the implants always disappear, frontal lobe siezures, leading hypnosis, money - blah blah -

So I offer them the MK ultra origins and possible ways in which his message might be contributing to a population more suggestible to fascist paradigms.

First they accuse me of copyright infringement, then they accuse me of nonsense.

Apparently - they already know everything - but not about MK ultra, it's not mentioned once, in any of the answers posted to the original question.

It must be like shooting fish in a barrel, a flock of tethered quail - they weren't even open to the possibility of project Mockingbird.

Oh lawdy's I wish I never went there. Frankly it's preposterous, but plausible. One way or the other....mind control or personal bias....the man's interpretation deserves an in depth critical analysis that's not confined to azz kissing or UFO debunking....but people already know exactly what they want to think about it.

posted on Apr, 17 2007 @ 12:51 AM

Originally posted by LivingWithStyle
You have to act dumb just to be accepted,

I'm not sure acting 'dumb' is the right way to put it - there's just acceptable parameters within groups that you have to find the right way to say it.

Sure it would have helped if I'd just dumbed it down and said - Oh yeah, he's crazy' and then came at it more slowly - but it wouldn't have been dumbing down, it would have been greasing the wheels.

But I have to say, the internet is not such a free place - it's as free as the tolerance of the people that post there.

And if I were prone to paranoia, I would add that Strieber was first in on the internet scene, it's been his chosen media from the beginning, his market demograph is a 'free-thinking' group who aren't terribly anxious to freethink their way out of his paradigms.

It's without a doubt due to the nature of the unknown that he purports to delineate. After all the man can fly....

If ever there was internet hegemony, Strieber would encapsulate some degree. And it's suspicious that when you type 'debunking whitley strieber' into google, you don't get much in the way of in depth analysis.

For heaven's sake's - He's just a man, and from my experience, not a particularly honest one.

What's worse, is now, when you stand up for the constitutional rights and due process that guarantee some kind of democratic protection from arbitrary power, you're called left wing.

For heaven's sake's - if that's not insecurity, I don't know what is?

Heading on the fast track to total fascism.

What's more, if our ideologues have failed and we need aliens to run our world - well it's just ridiculous, isn't it....if there's one thing I've learnt, it's that there is no easier softer way (meaning, if you have a dilemma, you take the bull by the horns, or you get gored) and it will be much more constructive for man to establish his own just system and not abdicate that responsibility because we're discouraged.

Anyway, I doubt the aliens would tolerate it, they'll let us kill ourselves first.

And that is the end of my insecurity rant. Paradoxically I turn all my problems, including the world which has been here much longer than I have, over to my imaginary friend. But he always lets me make my own mistakes.

[edit on 17-4-2007 by clearwater]

posted on Apr, 17 2007 @ 10:51 AM
I find it rather funny, that after this post (mine) in the politics section at the physics forum:

Halliburton's war then? I find it stunning that in this day and age, torture can be legislated as legitimate legal action, times of war or not. The long historical literature concerning the witch trials reveals that people will say anything under torture. Guantanamo is really a giant mind control camp.

There's a profusion of people on the internet claiming to be victims of mind control, some estimates say up to 10,000,000. That, is a bit ridiculous, especially when you consider that the mind control experiments more or less failed. They failed at creating Manchurian candidates - conditioning and bribery works much better. Dr Cameron failed at imprinting or re-writing psyches. What they did find, was that they could induce psychosis with easy predictability and the research conducted on mind control has left us with what we see at Guantanamo.

Sensory deprivation or over-stimulation, absolute invasion of privacy, self induced pain, sleep deprivation are all consistent catalysts of psychosis, and self induced pain can be something as simple as forcing a person to stand in one postion for a long period of time.

So while the Time magazine article presenting conditions at Gitmo seemed quite banal, for those in the know, it's a giant, psychosis inducing camp.

edward said:

"His overall assessment of the situation is that the government is trying to drive the detainees so insane that they can never be considered a credible witness to anything that happened at Gitmo. ( I'll try to find a transcript)"

This is true, it is the Bush administration's version of a Chinese re-education camp. It's highly likely their advancing their research into torture and mind control while they practice what they know.

The obvious advantage of having Chinese style re-education camps is that the Patriot Act now permits anyone under suspicion to be labeled a terrorist and the subliminal threat is there for the whole populace.

It's especially frightful to think that Halliburton is advancing the research by building that structure, when one keeps in mind Ralph Nader's opinion of corporate fascism. It is important that due process and constitutional rights be restored, however, it might get worse before it gets better.

A prisoner of war is, as Winston Churchill said - A man who has tried to kill you - but are all of the prisoners who have gone through rendition, guilty - we already know about the German fellow who was innocent and yet still went through rendition. (The practice of sending suspects to other countries for toture.) NO doubt, many of the inmates at Gitmo are also innocent. They tend to have been picked up in dragnets and not even specifically investigated before detainment.

It's worse than Orwellian, the country that once held the example for the world of constitutional rights and amendments as well as the due process that protects the individual against the arbitrary application of power from the vastly more powerful state, has betrayed the mantle.

Pastor Niemoller poem, 'First they came' applies to our present circumstances as well as the banality Hannah Ardent knew as attendant to evil.

I'm told I will find spirited debate on their forum.

Spirited debate on all but debunking Whitley Strieber. And it is not nonsense, if I didn't believe what I was writing, I wouldn't write it. And who the heck wants to be the guy who stands up to the tanks bearing down on him in nothing but street clothes.

I certainly didn't, I would have preferred to have fit in. But that's why it happened to me.

The fates knew I would call it as I saw it.

So debate that.

posted on Apr, 17 2007 @ 05:04 PM
Ah, man, don't get me started on the society we live in today. I think I have posted enough on the "intelligence" level of most people in today's society. I am just going to leave it alone. :shk:

posted on Apr, 18 2007 @ 11:26 PM
Children grow up to be what's expected of them. People aren't stupid, they're survivors. If it's dumbed down, it's because intelligence isn't a very great asset to surviving the status quo for some people.

They're not encouraged to value their own opinions or to place a high value of the divine spark within which edifies all.

posted on Apr, 21 2007 @ 05:26 PM
In a sense what you are saying is true.. Though, there are many knowledgable people out there.. For instance, the majority of the population on ATS or BTS, atleast from what i've observed, are very knowledgable in many ways. There are some pretty idiotic people out there though, and they tend to shun those who have a better understaning of things.. Look at the V-Tech campus shooting.. I know alot of the victims were fairly smart people, considering they were there to further their education. But this Cho guy may have seen past the front they "may" have been putting up. In his eyes, all he seen was snobs who bullied, and drank their booze, in other words, obnoxious punks who just wanted to party, who frowned upon him because he was either different, or more advanced academically. This is not a fact, just speculation.. From my experiences in High School, (which had a very poor acadmic system) I was frowned upon because I had used simple words that others couldn't comprehend. And listened to music that was considered "gothic". So you are right to the point of people not accepting you unless your lower or as equal as them, that's just from what i've observed. Also, if you weren't a regular participant in any rec or social activities, you were also frowned upon. I actually used to roll a ball across the gym floor, just to see where the basketball lead my experiment to. Whomever retrieved the ball, then slowly began to develop the courage to be less anti-social. Reason why? They actual had a reason to do something.. Before that, all of the basket balls were already taken.. And I would purposley roll the ball towards someone somewhat similiar to myself, somewhat resistant to any social activities. Even so, they weren't fully accepted, simply because they didn't go into the basket and reach for the ball in the first place.. Try something like it sometime.. And, it's also pretty funny, seeing someone try something they never really do. People are true knuckleheads, myself included..

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