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Manchester United: Christian Ronaldo - Off to Real or staying put?

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posted on Jul, 3 2006 @ 04:21 PM
After he has turned round and said that he would like to go to Real, will he be staying? as everyone knows what Fergie gets like when the players start comming out with things to upset the applecart. Well according to him thats all he said but it has been quoted that he said he is definatly going, how true that is we'll have to wait and see.

But with what happened in the England v Portugal game, you think he will be welcome back in Manchester? You speak to alot of Manc fans and they will tell you in not so many words that he is not welcome at all.

The newspapers are reporting that Rooney was sent off because he did the stamp. But unless my eyes decieved me the ref looked like he had no intention of going to his pocket for a red card. Rooney put his hands up after the ref awarded a free-kick to say what and did a shrug off his shoulders. The ref stood rooted to the spot where the kick was to be taken and just stood there. If a ref was to show a red for what happened it would have been out of his pocket faster than a rat up a drainpipe. It wasnt untill Ronaldo ran over and started biatching like some spoilt little kid and Rooney gave him the hand off that ref seemed to take notice of what was going on around him and couldnt get the red card out of his pocket quick enough. So if it was for the stamp, why did the card not come out as quick as it did after Rooney did the hand off?

Ronaldo is quoted as saying that he wont apoligise to Rooney for what he did. Alot of people are saying how mad Rooney is about the situation and that he will get Ronaldo for what he did. Looks like it will be a fun day when they all get back to training unless Rooney catches up with him before-hand...


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