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Inner space life

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posted on Sep, 28 2006 @ 04:03 PM
Most my life I have looked to the sky for other life. I have heard and seen much that leads me to belive in so much other types of life out there.. But my personal exp. is this. Spores, bugs, and insects.. So small that the naked eye cant see them, so small that the greatest micro scope can not see them.. However I belive that they exsist and they contacted me.. They are so highly intelligent that they build their colony in the form of food and other subtanses that can be eaten. Once eaten they begin to try to contact us, however most of us are not able to either belive this, or even think of it, so there for you will not hear them, or even know they are trying to contact us, and learn more about our world.. See these creatures live upon earth aswell, yet in a different world, the innerspace world.
This life has found a way to grow and get inside our bodies to learn more and explore our bodies and minds.. They are much more intelligent than humans, and they are tiny bug like creatures, quite nasty and scary looking if your not ready to deal with life in this way.. Most of us would squirm at the thought of billions and billions of life forms crawling all over our bodies, there for we dont think about it, yet it is happening, we are crawling with all sorts of little things, working together to keep our lives together.. It starts getting so deep that most of you reading this will say this guy is out of his mind.. Thats okay I dont expect everyone to understand what IM talking about.. But those of you who have come in contact with them know what Im saying..
Its quite uncomfortable dealing with these life forms, as you have to let go of your fear of bugs, and crawling feeling.. As I was contacted laying in my bed I felt as if my intire body was crawling with all these life forms, I had to take a deep breath as I never did like bugs crawling on me, but they told me to breath and relax, and I would get use to the feeling, and I would go back to normal after they showed me around there tiny world.. Its like nothing I have ever seen before, or felt before. These Insect like creatures, crawling over one another, in and out of the fibers in which they build.. Many eyes staring deeply into me trying to understand my thought patterns and learn more about the temples of humans, as they told me that I was a universe within myself.. They told me they have contacted others so I wasnt anything specail, I was just open minded enough to hear them, as all my life Ive wanted to contact something out there, and then it turns out they contact me from within my own body, and show me the many levels of life that truely do exsist not only out there, but within.. And within our food, spores, and other things that grow, such as plants and our own bodies..
Its just so overwhelming to understand all this, that I must collect my thoughts a little better and I will go on with my story, and what they wanted to teach me and tell me about.. Now that I know they are there, I can meditate and slowly get back in touch with them.. As I do know they are many! So many of them, yet they do know about the others in other spores and colonies.. LIke I said they are highly intelligent!
The best way to explain this theroy is this.. Our earth goes around a sun, ect ect.
Much like an atom goes around a nuc. Way way down there so small are races of intelligent beings that have lived for so long that they have found a way to contact the higher essence of life.. Much like us humans search for something byond our world, we call them Gods.. These beings are learning more threw us, they are learning that life is so intesne that it doesnt end, as they where contacted by even smaller life forms in the same method that they contacted me.

posted on Sep, 28 2006 @ 05:45 PM
wow, ive never heard anything like this before, but it is interesting.

can you elaborate? when did they first contact you? have you spoken to anyone else about it? or is this the first time youve brought it up?

sounds way too far out for me, but im willing to hear ya.

posted on Sep, 28 2006 @ 06:14 PM
Yeah it was pretty hard to me to belive too, its taken me about 25 years to finally hear them.. Or as most people would say, Im going crazy and hearing voices in my head.. But I dont think thats the case, becasue Ive never seen these visions in movies, TV or even the music I listen too. I just started feeling things crawling all over my body, and voices of clittering insects inside my head.. Dreams of swarms of bugs crawling in and out of fibers, thousands of spiney legs, purpish red and black colors.. I plan on doing some artwork about what I have seen very soon. As they contacted me a couple nights ago, but before that I always got way to creeped out by the clacking and insect sounds, and I would pull myself out of it saying, that I have a huge bug phoiba! Only becasue I have studied sceince in the fact that we are crawling with so many life forms, if we where to know about them all it would drive us insane, infact many people in this world have totally lost it casue they thought they where covered with bugs.. I started feeling that way, but I heard the clacking turn into a voice saying relax and breath, we are not going to hurt you.. We just need to intergrate your mind into ours.. its going to seem werid.
So I relax, and I allow my mind to just go, and then with my eyes closed Im covered with tiny microscopic bugs, all working together, some are fighting, and others are doing things I do not understand.. This part is my universe, the natural part of our everyday life that we dont think about but is still there.. Deep within us all are levels of space that is being worked out as inner space, much like we may be the part of something greater on a molecuar level..
So how did they get into me? Well I think they found out a way to build something we call spores on some sertin mushroom, these spores allow the mind to open up so much greater and allow contact from these tiny insect creatures that with billions and billions of them form these fibers which in turn in our world look like mushrooms.. We pick them, and then ingest them. That is how they find there way into another Dimesion.. This may seem quite normal to us, mushrooms grow and we eat them, no big deal.. However on the small level of innerspace, prehaps its a highly intelligent race of beings building these fibers, and life in knowing that the only way to travle into other planes, or into our bodies, which in science would be like travling to another dimension.
So every level of innspace has intelligent life forms, however these life forms become so alien to us that the whole part of seeing them creeps us out.. Like picture a germ now your size. it would more than likely creep you out big time, becasue its not life as we know it, however it is alive and does live, yet germs are not highly intelligent creatures, there fore they cant talk directly too you, but they can affect your life, and even kill you!
So I want to start to dig into research about fungus, spore colonies and other types of "growth" prehaps they are trying to contact us from there... Just a thought.
And by no way am I trying to make you belive in my words, Im just one guy with a highly active creative nature, I belive in life outside my world, and its like you take all the types of life just on earth, and times that by a billion and you might have a notion of how many other types of life are out there, bigger and smaller!
So this is just one other side I want to explore, and would be kewl if there are a couple more people that feel like I do, As they said there are others, I need to find them. I figured this would be a good place to start..

posted on Sep, 28 2006 @ 07:25 PM
I am a firm believer that the human mind cannot possibly fathom all levels of reality around us, and with this in mind your experience is possible in my eyes,

my views dont line up with yours, but i do believe that you believe your telling the truth (if that makes sense??). Thanks for sharing, certainly something interesting to think about.

Have you started this research into spores/mushrooms ? uncovered anything of note? would interested to know.

I knew there was a reason i don't eat mushrooms!

posted on May, 8 2008 @ 01:17 PM
I thought I would take some time today and put some more life into this very old thread of mine.

Background on this thread.. This was my very first post on ATS a couple years back.. And comming from where I am now.. Over and over agin I see new people come in a post some of the most far out, far fetched alien stories as possible. I was no different.

Yet now that I have been around for a bit, and I have earned some of your trust, and friendship I would be happy to get a little deeper into this idea I have.

Now let me state for the record this is not just only mushrooms, spores, and fungi. This works with almost all matter that is to us a food source.

Where we stand here on this Earth, it seems like we are in just the 3rd dimension. There are no magical portals leading us into other realms.

However if you would shrink yourself down to the size of an Atom, and then shrink yourself even further down to where that Atom was the size of lets say a medium sized planet. You are still within this 3rd dimension, however its size would be like how we picture the universe.

Now you are within that Atom, and if that Atom is a part of something an animals or human would eat. And then after being injested, you are still in the human eyes still a part of the main 3rd dimension.
However to the point of where you are at, you have travled such a great distance, and are now part of a new realm.

At this level, to travle from a farms land, into the hands of a person having dinner, that would be like going billions and billions of light years.

Yet to us here on this level its but a few hundred miles, from Farm to the table. And then into the mouth and being injested.

Are their beings here in our universe that create matter that is being eaten by other beings on a larger scale?
Hence for us to travle billions of light years, its only a couple miles for the larger scale being.
I could see this as one way to pass the speed of light, and what theories we have now about travling great distances.

If humans found that we are a small part of something much bigger.
Than the ships we create, could be so massive and huge to us.. Yet to the bigger scale, look like a green bean. And then once eaten, we are digested into the next dimension. Yet being so small on the level of atoms, we are not chewed up and destoried.. We simply pass into the blood stream, and become one with that greater universe.

How far could this go? I dont think I have the mental power to say for sure. But this for me is a great way to expand my mental parameters.

No one has to listen, or even belive what Im trying to say here. This is for me alone, and prehaps this line of thought will break open something for someone else..

I just have this feeling sometimes, that I am so small, yet at the same time soo BIG!
As I am a small small part of a greater being.
While at the same time I am that greater being, and theres life within me that is just as small and just as big!

Within each life here, could be an intire universe, with more life, and more universes! For the passage of time here doesnt have the same effect when we get down really far!
10 years for me here.. Could be like 10 eons down within my body at the atomic level.
Thus to say everything is perception of where you are at. And where you are at, and at what level.

This leads me to belive that, dimensions can exsist within other dimensions. And some are far out.. Others are far within!

The chances of life out there are 100%! The chances of life within are 100% I just wish science was more willing to touch upon this idea. And not blow it off as its just crazy talk.

Im no scholar, nor do I have an extreamly high IQ. Yet I know these things, and I have always known. But I dont know its 100% truth.
I just have a feeling, and like I said.. I have been contacted by the very beings that live within me on such a small scale.

They are always speaking.. But are you listening?

Starwars touched base with these creatures.. They are called midicloriens!
And is what the force is based from.. And how the force works.

I belive there are places in the universe where this could be on the right track.. It may not be how it works, but the idea is there..
All we have to do is press out parameters!

Thanks for listening!
Thats all for now.

posted on May, 8 2008 @ 02:05 PM
I thought about something like this when I saw this little animation

powers of 10

Its funny how the one at 10 picometers looks like a picture of our universe taken by hubble or something like that. Very interesting concept.

posted on May, 8 2008 @ 04:11 PM
Inner space is still a mystery to most, but it
may be that we are actually part of an 'atom'
circling and clashing around!
I mean, Nuclear weapons, Jack. They mean nothing.
Everybody's got them, nobody has the b*lls to use them.
Am I right?

It's the way to go, search the invisible, the electrons
and the such.
So We're gonna drink this one to Ozzie. A good man
who tried to save my ass by injecting me into yours.

As my old boss said "You've got a great future in front
of you in Retail Food marketing, and I just hate to
see you throw it all away by going psycho on us".

There was these two electrons and they bumped into
each other. One said "oh! I'm sorry, are you okay?!"

The other replied " yeah, I'm positive"

[edit on 8-5-2008 by IronMan]

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