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911 and Chicago terrorist attack prediction!

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posted on Jul, 25 2006 @ 02:09 PM
This prediction appeared on the Joseph Cannon – Cannonfire Blogspot on January 30, 2006. I'm just a newbie. I figured that you guys are the best at what you do when it comes to getting to the bottom of stuff like this. So I was wondering if any of you would think such a thing was true.

I couldn't find the original blog Here's a link to a copy of the text.

posted on Jul, 25 2006 @ 02:25 PM
Interesting but we already know this part about 9/11.

Not really, she answered, although the events are linked. In both cases, she emphasized, "it won't be who they say it is."


"Yes and no. It's like people from the government are involved. Or at least they know about it."
Look down to prior knowledge..

The rest, the nuke and all I think something like that is going to happen but I am not sure where.

As for war with Iran Chenney did say if we have another terrorist attack we are going after Iran whether we have proof or not..

posted on Sep, 11 2008 @ 08:28 AM
When do you think this will happen? please e-mail me at

posted on Sep, 11 2008 @ 08:28 AM
When do you think this will happen? please e-mail me at

posted on Nov, 3 2008 @ 09:51 PM
Well what a better day then November 4th when the 44th president of the U.S. is there for the presidential election. I'll be in Chicago that day, which is tomorrow. If something like this does come to pass. Send this #ing story around the globe. Doug M signing off

posted on Nov, 5 2008 @ 07:29 PM
I'd like to respond to the OPs origional link posting of Gabrielles profecy, and add a bit of my own.

Water played a role in the scenario she envisioned; the device would be transported via boat.

My take: *space ship attack by renegade; stolen from grays off world. It is a **terraformer**, Specifically, -It is the detailer (smaller ship) terraformer of the terraformer which was stolen. The incident (in chicago and on Earth) has a Short time duration. The **rescue: is carried out by grays*

Yes, I predict the single gray operating a mission on an off world will be hyjacked and a component of his ship will ultimately be flown here to settle an old neighborhood grievance-that Gabrielle seems to perfectly profecy as a *small* nuclear explosion.

Further, I believe this occurs here specifically: There is a structure, like a stadium or convention center-and next to it a tan bricked lighted 90 degree wall which may lead to another social center, abeit smaller. Possibly Close by to this within miles or even blocks, there is a row of old red brick feel apartments. This is where I believe the damage will occur. Behind those apartments.

The pathway runs behind them. I think these apartments are alongside the train tracks. The water *may* be behind that, I'm not sure. It will be fast and quick and he and the ship will be beamed out within 6sec of his onset of destruction. I wrote about this in my poem, Fractically Speaking-A mid winter's dream. I also believe a bombing attempt will be made in a tunnel connected to those tracks. Possibly one with fencing holding up the celing and wall lined with small rocks. I don't connect the two events specifically.

Poem mentioning Chicago tragedy

"You know that picture of the farmer and his wife?" she asked. I took this as a reference to Grant Wood's American Gothic."

*It's odd. For some reason, I used to think that that particular painting was one of those paintings that had the ufo in the back. I fully expected to see it there-guess not*

"When the bomb goes off in Chicago, do you see snow?" She didn't. It won't happen in the winter."

*The rain will be intermittant--cooled/cold summers evening.*
In my poem I mention early fall or cold spring. I have two or 3 instances; 1 Obama. 2. Small disaster. 3. Failed hit attempt on a businessman/shapeshifer who behaves himself on Earth-this may happen consecutively with 1; lean towards 2, but may as well have been 1.

The man who was outside my apartment after I took interest in this:
Gelatinous Blobs
Looks *just like* the SA who appears to be dead in that attack.
They probably all look the same. 35. 6'3ish. Lean. White. Dark Hair.

I can't separate the *official* hit attempt (bring coagulant); from DC or Chicago; just learning today that Chicago's Obama's hometown-and the man *was* black.
Having never wrote anything down, and I don't recall which is which. This attempted hit takes place near .Steps. and In the street. and surrounded by a crowd, which is surrounding his large team. Like 25 feet from the steps. His assailant let close by someone trusted at times by gov--and related to this crew spoken of by this guy:

Another thread speaking on the topic of the organization who I believe as will be responsible unwittingly-"Space Q-administrative/advising mole-decent, Paki/Egypt/Nepalanese appearing." For both these (all these) incidents.
I believe that Obama will not believe that a muslim would hit at him.

The victims team of SA'S is quick, but one of them is killed. And the man (assumably Obama) takes a hit in the neck/grazed and I believe/survivable.

The bombing takes place by an individual who wears the skin of an Iranian, and has ties there in Iran. I feel this person feeds off the pain and misery of the boys he rapes as he is killing them. His close confidant who gets him close--disappears-and also may have a tie through infiltration to the RAND corporation, which may account for the gentlemans death who was also spoken about-Mabus, right?.
None of the chicago (I was going to say new dc) or DC events takes place in the heat.

She said there may be still another event on the west coast -- perhaps in Los Angeles, perhaps elsewhere. This event would also involve another tall building. But she had no other details this incident, and felt less certain of this business than of the disasters in New York and Chicago.

*I predict 1 bldg in LA and a failure attempt on the two buildings in San Fran---maybe even will be saved *because* those buildings took heed of Gabriells prediction.
LA and Manhattan are going to be main target lists.--that is what I predict. And according to my bent translation of Zodia 340 as a means of conveyance of orders from the past to the future, 3 places are VITAL.
LA-likely to repay a grievance with the reptile complex there.
Manhattan-Utter chaos on humans.
Vancouver, BC-undefined.

The TB out break forms the camps. Neck collars that expode if passing a zone and fences are iniated in Manhattan and Jersey. There is a cure for the TB but it is not given to the ill, just the workers or for special favors.*

", Gabrielle insisted on one important detail: The media and the administration will not tell the American people the truth about the individuals responsible for setting off a "small" nuclear device in Chicago. Fingers will point to the wrong party"

*Right-O. Well, they can't really. I don't feel they will have had any idea. And neither do I feel it's nuclear-as in bombs we have commonly. If you have seen the movie, "The never ending story," You will have an image of what I mean. The Nothing. It is a mini terraformer that shoots: The Nothing. Possibly powered by nuclear energy. Literally, what it hits vaporizes. Think of it as the detailer of a larger machine.* That is what I see. It's not Iran. It's an Iranian.*

Some egg or tp houses. Some settle old grudges with bigger guns. It's based on a personal grudge about something or someone in Chicago. So the guy happens to be a terrorist as well. Sometimes terrorists base the things they do-or-bilateral personal grudges. To make the risks they take more personally satisfying.

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