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Fractically Speaking: A Mid-Winter's Dream (long)

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posted on Nov, 3 2008 @ 09:29 PM
I opened my eyes this morning,
And with a reactive gasp,
Black beetle on my wall, right there,
And close enough to grasp.

Yet, at the same moment percieving this;
Just the oily paint mark scar,
From a paint shelf there, so long ago;
I'd wished I'd marked it off.

And at this same instance,
Of saw, jerk, reacted,
An image flashed my mind's eye.

A golden Egyptian wolf faced man,
Had come racing down the hall...way and,
I simply thought there,
(foul language retraction), --wow
What a Beautiful Sunday Morn...

And, a dozen other inter-dependant things...
Then, back to sleep,
Perplexed and calm...

I hadn't seen YOU
In so very long.
Nice to see you,
Georgeous, proud, yes, strong.
Even if dreamland
Is now where were along.

(rolls eyes)
Is that what I'm to think today?
About the time you turned away...
About the place of where we were?
In the first, in the second, or there in the third?
Or, about what destruction they plot for you here?

In or after that moment,
When you there turn around...
The little quick one plotted,
For the next time with a frown,
To capture or demise you,
In some way that I don't understand.
Maybe with his lazer,
Maybe with his hand.

Two and me will be standing there.
You know the nature of these things?
I think there that you fought them back.
Just don't look into what they bring...
And hey now I've thought to ka-ling,
I know your not my Uncle 'E'...
I've seen you two,
You first remind me...
It's still a good world...

Right at the door's where it happened,
And babe, they're placing bets on your reaction.
Or maybe we'll talk about my other thought,
Let's see here now, what I've forgot...

How is it that your here right now?
Ah! (foul language retracted) --wow.
No kidding? How?
Oh sweet geeeezus...

No it weren't a thing that you'd know about...
It just sorta happened-in the round about,
Under cover of some thing I had watched about,
And the thing Mr. teeth was once mis-led about.
Which was just before,
When you popped in about,
Due to the Other, whatever,
You'd come to know about.

Little tattered perfect wings-
I never flew or anything...

I liked that:
You weren't stressed when you ran in,
Like you were,
When we were in...
Oh where were we
When we were on about...
When...BIGGER Mr. Teeth was misled a bit about...
And I wanted to tell him, but I couldn't shout,
Barely permitted to talk out loud.

Though while I were there,
To think of this wreck...
He walked by and *snap*--
Someones neck,

Totally legal and understood.
War and Kingship-in his hood.
Nothin worse than they did,
In Viet Nam.
They're confused that their example,
Was followed there by some?

He probably viewed it,
As appropriate and expected,
A gift a head of state had gave-
And what did that gift say?
They're dumb, sick,
And (language retracted).
That was my impression,
(sound of distant laughter)

And yet,
I'd want to tell,
A homicidal maniac,
That a devil had misled him?
And expect to walk away from that?
You bet.

That's still my answer,
With or without
The imagined poetic laughter.
Or you could slip the note-nyet.

The subjects still as big as--
Big as Who?
Nothing easy--
Unless you knew.
He's not out to plunder,
The Universal Key,
For the commies,
Or even for Big Mr. Teeth,
He's out to blow up,
The Universe-you see.

He made it all the way,
And to the very root,
There he Kaboomed it,
-And there then we ka*poof*ed.
And while we're all blowd up,
And every thing,
Time stands still,
For a second, three...thirteen, 32,
And then whoosh.

Light shines on disaster-
-But we again breathe.
(the sound of distant laughter)
(no really, that's just me, not really laughing)
Someone comes along,
And he makes up this *fabulous* tale,
And once again were released-
Ah hell...

Though I really don't recall,
The specifically specifics,
And though things still ticked on,
A rotten road it'd been,
And been this way,
Almost all along.
Just gotta flash a badge there, apparently...
To go blowing up you and me.
And everything.

Oh...dear, was this about the Obsidian sphere?
You didn't know it,
Maybe I'm not clear...
Just before I met you-
He said he hadn't found it,
Ah, where did we take it.
Let me think here, here a bit.
Was that even what we were on about?

It fell into an old man's hands,
A gift for passage-no passage had.
From the hands of who wore the golden rings...?
Oh no bad....
Of course he had thought of that.

Let's just say the taker-was not Mr. Big Rings,
He was not that gigantic....


Speaking of gigantic:
The place with shimmer walls,
Glass you can't see through,
Stainless....shiny floors.

That's who that stone went to,
If I specifically do recall,
Does that clarify the ball thing for you?
Oh it's nothing, no nothing at all.

It's origional owner was,
...a bright gaudy fellow.
All black and smoky and yet totally mellow-.
Head of his village,
Head of his town,
Head of his household.
Looks down...His world brown...

So here is a suggestion,
On a dark cold night,
In dark cold night hell.
You know, Chicago el?
When your all dressed up,
And lookin fine,
And a light brights the dark-
Sometime around nine?

The cold is like sweat,
But not so very bumming,
A hint of Mist rests the air...
Verge of a storm-
Not barely coming,
Neither happy;
Nor definitively spared.
Whether early springish,
Or maybe dawn of fall,
In a moment he plots
To harm you...

All that I need there,
Is as you walk off...
Just look to the street.
And wipe us off,

The face of the planet.

Oh...OK, then fine.
So his friend then fly's in,
Blasting a line,
A stolen Machine,
Not yours and not mine,
We're *off* on that too~
False claim-"traumatic" abduction.
Bet there's some interest,
In the place it were took from.

No? Grrrr..

Political forgivenesses?
That'd be my guess.
I'm not blind,
It were a test,
And the court there declined,
To look past the words,
Of what it was hearing,
And into the depth,
Of what now was nearing.
The end of the worlds.

The courts there were fooled???
What does that just say,
About just who'd...
Stood in the face of:
The Supreme Justice of
Supreme Space Almighty,
And claimed to be mere mortals-
Claiming their piety?

perjury (with a tounge roll)

No, no, Your Grace.
That court there-
That be the place.
Who'd you think you had there,
Boo Hooing his pretty face?

A mere mortal?
Oh no dear, and I'll say it-true,
No one takes on this one.
Not man, nor beast, Nor you.

Are ya Testing just how calm,
This God you can't reach can be?
Are ya Looking for his last stretches?
Presumptive and Ignorant, then, is he,
He who does not wonder,
Whose prize this game is under,
Go again's not an option-for some.
(the sound of distant thunder)

That might just be why their after...
A forever nevermore-laughter.

~the end~

[edit on 3-11-2008 by HugmyRek]

[edit on 3-11-2008 by HugmyRek]

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