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A newbie's greetings, and thanks

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posted on Jun, 19 2006 @ 03:54 AM
Hi all,

Greetings from a fellow concerned human living in the current model for all coming surveillance societies, the good ol' United Kingdom.

Allow me to be extremely unoriginal (hopefully this won't be a common occurrence) and say that I have been extremely impressed by much of the content of this site and the incisive nature of the intelligence of some of the contributors whose work I have had the unexpected pleasure of reading over the last few weeks since my discovery of this site.

By way of relevant introduction, I have been spending what I can of the time left to me once all obligations are honoured each day in educating myself and those closest to me on many of the issues discussed here over the last decade or so since, shall we say, I first began to have doubts about the reality I had allowed to become my own through naive trust of the institutions of education and sociological conditioning I had been a victim of upto that point. Since then, as I am sure is the case for many of you, the successive revelations arrived at through my own research have at the same time been a source of empowerment as well as a source of anxiety, for my own future as well as that of the human family of which I believe I am a part.

I would like to thank all genuine researchers of a like mind in advance and in perpetuity for all the work they have done and will yet do to free themselves and others from ignorance, and salute those with the courage to call a spade a spade, fearless of the consequences. I hope that I can in some way contribute in kind.


posted on Jun, 19 2006 @ 04:13 AM
Hey there! Welcome to ATS! Glad you like what you found.

Even though you've been lurking for a few weeks, this is still a confusing place, so . . .

Go to the ATS help files. Why? Because just about everything you would ever want to know is here: ATS Help Files. Go through everything there I say. Start with clicking the Quick Guide up the top.

The AboveTopSecret main page has most of the stuff you would probably want to read, there being around 50 forums on about anything you'd ever want to discuss, such as 9/11 & 7/7 Conspiracies, Aliens & UFOs, Secret Societies, Weaponry, Space Exploration, and even Mythical Beasts.

In addition, BelowTopSecret has a lot of stuff as well, such as the Dreams & Personal Predictions thread, as well as discussions on Movies, Music, Literature, and Computer Help. It is used for the more off topic stuff.

The other one, Politics@ATS, is a place to discuss politics (as political discussions are not allowed on ATS because they usually become heated).


On the main ATS page, there are a number of features you can use to help with browsing around the site, like the New Posts button, which lists all recent posts on the board, or the myATS page, which shows you all the recent threads you have posted in, as well as a snapshot view of any forums you are interested in. If you want to add or change these subscribed forums, click the circled button:

Click Image to Expand:

The list down the side is all my subscribed threads. It shows who last posted as well.

If you want advice or are confused about something, feel free to post in the Board Questions & Business thread, email me at this address, or send a User2User message to one of the moderators from your Member Centre page. To see a list of all the mods, go to the ATS mainpage and scroll down. Towards the bottom and to the left there is a list titled ' Staff'. You can send a U2U to anyone listed there even if you do not have the mandatory 20 posts.

This here is a great post explaining how to get the little image under your name on ATS as well (be warned, the graphics need an update!).

I hope you start posting soon, and I think it's great that you're discussing the topics here with those close to you. No one I know is intrested in ATS . . .

posted on Jun, 19 2006 @ 04:44 AM
Hey thanks for the welcome. I've just posted my first rant in the 9/11 7/7 section - a bit long, I'm afraid but hey, consider it a sign of things to come (I'm told I can be a bit wordy!)

posted on Jun, 19 2006 @ 07:23 AM
Nah, not a machine
Just hanging around. Yeah, good post in the 9/11 forum.

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posted on Jun, 19 2006 @ 10:43 AM
Welcome to ATS, fulcanelli!

I hope that you enjoy your stay here.

Need help with the site? Find it here. ---->ATS help files


Don't forget to have fun while you're here.
Check out some of these forums on BelowTopSecret


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btw - watch_the_rocks, I use autoreply myself....

Mechanic 32.

[edit on 6/19/2006 by Mechanic 32]

posted on Jun, 19 2006 @ 11:08 PM
Hello, fulcanelli! I think you discover that being a bit wordy has never really been a problem out here. You're going to fit right in.
Welcome aboard!

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