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If all of the story in the world was faked.

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posted on Jun, 10 2006 @ 03:04 AM
what you are going to do?

if everybody in the world faked you and watching you from something,

pretend they were your family but in the reality they were something evil.

what you are going to say?

if WWI and WWII weren't real but people in the past done it in type of movies.

posted on Jun, 10 2006 @ 03:05 AM
could you make your post a bit more coherent?

Kind Regards,

posted on Jun, 10 2006 @ 05:49 AM
Just watched The Truman Show have you?

I dunno what I'd do. Probably just throw a wobbly at everybody and sulk around for the next year.

posted on Jun, 10 2006 @ 06:01 AM
can you try to write more clearly, i think we know what you are getting at.

even if every event that happened before you were alive is faked, you still have to live in this reality, as we are all part of a collective.

but i would not put it past our leaders to have rewritten history, as we know the germans were going to rewrite history if they won.

i remember hearing mel gibsons dad talking about this and he claims that every book written before 1950's has been rewritten. do not know if true.

but we do have an example of it. when the japanese were going to rewrite there history books over the last few years and leave out the stuff they did to the chinese. the chinese put up a bit of fuss. do not know what happened after that though.

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posted on Jun, 10 2006 @ 06:03 AM
Geez it's worse than that.

Just remember where you came in here from. Try connecting to your immortal soul that's beyond all the bs and lies - where you go when you die where you were before your soul got pulled into here or whatever happened.

Just realise they're all morons and they don't matter anyway. Everyone dies, or - you get to be immortal, so you won't always be here anyway - you know? ultimately it doesn't matter that it's a big evil sham, let them think they will achieve f-all from plying all that rubbish, cause no-one ever will achieve anything at all from doing that. But they're all still morons going along with a charade for their own selfish spiritually corrupted beyond-help reasons.

posted on Jun, 10 2006 @ 09:23 AM
I know this thread is stupid.Ths possibility's not more than 0 %.

I just imagine myself in my spituality of my mind.

example, the man laned on the moon is faked.

or ATS board has only one person talking with hisself and made all the story in this website.

or you are g.o.d. who create everything in this world.

I know the reality isn't real because I can't proof it.

posted on Jun, 10 2006 @ 09:38 AM
Well you can tell this board isn't all just one person posting, cause you can go out anywhere at all and it's full of loads of different people everywhere. So it'd follow that the internet is the same.

posted on Jun, 10 2006 @ 03:45 PM
dude you're way too paranoid.

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