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3 of my own personal experiences.

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posted on Dec, 22 2005 @ 12:46 PM
Morning/Afternoon/Evening all (where ever you are all from).

I've decided to register Today, and post 3 completly independant experiences I've had over the last decade. What You believe, what your background, or what your thoughts, are entirely at Your discression.

I don't like to be flamed, I cannot submit evidence, due to the lack of equipment at the time and places of these events, and the fact that even if I did have relevant equipment would have been pretty much impossible to set and record what I have seen. Video phones were not invented, and I dont happen to carry around cameras/video recording devices, I am not a photographer. However, read below, and judge me Yourself. I would like to hear your comments, though would appreciate you kept it clean.

First here some background information on Myself.

I'm 28 years old, not married though in a long term relationship...and if the other half keeps going on the way she is, I'm sure marrage won't be far off.

I do not have any children, though again, that may happen sooner rather than later.

I work for an Aluminium company, where I manage a WAN (Wide Area Network) as well as the local network, and service hardware/software on 40 independant computers, and manage 12 thin clients.

I am Catholic (Roman) but am uncertain as to My belief in God.

I do drink alcohol, though responsibly, yet at the times of these events, on only one occasion had I been drinking, and that was one glass of lager (carlsberg approx. 4.0% alc per unit), once I left a friends house, which I would estimate at around 20 minutes prior to one of my experiences.

I do not suffer from visual or auditory hallucinations, I do however, suffer from waking dreams, and very often, some of which are more bizzare than others. From looking through my closed eye lids and seeing things many miles away, to dreams that "DO" come true.

posted on Dec, 23 2005 @ 06:51 AM
Very interesting...... Warwickshire has a history of UFO sightings, many have been photographed.

I admit, if I saw a dark figure with a huge head in the middle of an ally, I would run in the other direction in terror, lol

Thanks for sharing that with us

posted on Dec, 23 2005 @ 05:09 PM

Originally posted by EuPHORiA
It was a small red dot. Seemingly hovering in the distance, but was clearly visible. I stood with Stephen and Manoj watching it a while, when I asked a friend Andrew what he thought of it (busy yacking to Mark). Andrew was ( I havnt seen him for 6 years) and certainly at that time an avid plane spotter, he has always been interested in aircraft since an early age, and loves millitary aircraft with a passion. He looked at it, shrugged at it and carried on talking. Then turned after a few moments and started to look at it more. By this time time My other friends all started to watch it.

The light hadn't moved in what must have been 15 minutes. After which it started to pulsate. The light grew larger (red) then smaller (like a distant star). Which it repeated 20 or so times. At which it stayed small, then two red objects seemed to appear from either side of it. They hovered along side the central object for around 10 seconds. Before pulling some speed at that time I've never witnessed before. Each object shot across the sky (left and right from our position). They must have covered 80-100miles in under 2 seconds. They intern hovered in the sky.

At this point the conversation is going along of the lines of "what the F*ck is that". No one knew. My friend who loves his planes, simply said "I've never seen that before, or anything like it" < quote.

We watched this spectacle for a further 5-8 minutes, before the two objects returned to the "dot" they came from. They seemed to go in under it. Both perfectly timed, moving as if they were on a rail, i.e. inch for inch symetrically. At which the centre object glowed bright (very bright) then vanished.

Welcome to ATS, Euphoria.

What you just described then (the red dot etc.) is very similar to what myself and my mum witnessed a few months ago late one night.
My sighting

I think I may have a quite look at the sky later on tonight.

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