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NWO detainment facilities: Is REX-84 disinfo?

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posted on Dec, 13 2005 @ 03:36 AM
And if REX-84 is disinformation, then where are the REAL facilities?

Chances are you're probably inside one right now. Why would the they who are them go through the trouble of building massive facilities when there's so many gated communities, condos, and such? It just seems pretty logical, i mean look at the new communities that are springing up with huge retaining walls and controlled entry. Besides, sealing off an area and citing national security or possibly bird flu, there'd be no need to transport anyone to the facility, there'd be less chance of resistance, especially if other psychological scare tactics are used to maximize effectiveness. Just convince the people that lockdown is for their own good like has been done all along anyways.

Such communities generally have lots of built in security to keep people out, but also to keep people in when deemed necessary.

Why aren't there any visible transportation infrastructure on the scale needed to transport masses to the supposed REX-84 camps, also part of the psychological element, the threat of being sent to such facility if you don't accept the mandatory quarantine or lockdown, for your own safety.

What do you think?

posted on Dec, 13 2005 @ 03:44 AM
It does make sense in a way. It would be very much cheaper than building the necessary infrastructure and facilities for this purpose. Not to mention it would be a bit easier to have people confined to a familiar place than have them confined in a place they know nothing about. Not super easy mind you, but a bit easier... Personally I'd rather be kept here in my house where I know I have entertainment than in a crowded detainment facility where I'd barely know where the bathroom is. Then again, I'd rather be able to leave when I want too........

posted on Dec, 13 2005 @ 11:52 AM
The trick is to find documents of Old bases that are still in operation. There are cases where there is huge amounts of power going to some installations that are 50 years old. They won't have many buildings on them however with underground facilities these bases could be concealing any type of black operation big or small.

On the Fox news website and a site called Ready America is clearly preping the US for nuclear terrorist attacks within the immediate future. Since FEMA is charged with Managing the nation in disaster it is probably a safe bet to say that they have at least some facilities prepared for massive evacuations of the cities. They could throw up many more as they needed too.

Some may say the concentration facilities are mere conspiracy theories. However It's plainly obvious that terrorists are going to strike when it is a good time for Bush. CNN and Fox news are constantly doing specials on nuclear attacks or massive city destruction so I think it's become perfectly clear that when there are indeed more attacks you won't be seeing any Arab populations in North America.

FEMA has thousands of trailers that are sitting around now from the hurricanes too. They are at least somewhat prepared for a city evacuation.

posted on Jan, 4 2006 @ 03:25 PM

It's not the terrorists I'm afraid of any more. I'm pretty sure that preventing box cutters from hijacking airplanes and flying them into skyscrapers is easier than getting back our freedom once it's completely gone.
Al Qaeda is a low-tech operation of radical religious maniacs. George W. Bush is a radical religious maniac that has the resources of the Federal govermnent under his control, and doesn't believe there are any limits on his power. No checks or balances. Who do you think is more dangerous?

posted on Jan, 13 2006 @ 11:51 PM
While I don't believe much of that list of REX-84 camps is factual - as people have checked out many of them - I don't think gated communities are detainment camps either. For the simple reason that most gated communities have walls that aren't THAT high and can easily be escaped from.

There are a few facilities that I am a bit more convinced about, though. I saw a video of a former Amtrak repair facility somewhere on here. It had the barbed wire facing inwards, turnstiles set up to allow access in but not back out, train lines coming right up to the buildings with signs for "A group" and "B group" and so on, surveillance towers...

Now, I haven't done any further research on that facility, but it seemed pretty legitimate to me. I'd like to do a deeper investigation into all of them, including physically visiting the locations and taking photographs and cataloguing everything. I think it would be great if everyone on ATS checked out the area at least 30 miles around them and photographed any suspicious sites and we worked through everything, figuring out which are real and so on. As long as no one illegally sneaks onto any government property, there should be no legal issue unles the area has banned photography of certain things because of 'terrorist threats'. :rolleyes:

posted on Jan, 14 2006 @ 12:15 PM
One thing about Rx84 that is real is the executive orders. For anyone in the government to declare martial law they first have to make it legally possible. It is now legally possible to do so.

If they were planning on putting people into detention camps then you can bet these camps will only be constructed within a short time before martial law is declared. Or even as martial law is declared. They wouldn't have built them 20 years ago and allow people to catch on.

Even recently Bush just passed even more executive orders which shakes up the line of succession and gives Bush the legal power to assume total control of the nation.

Whatever is going on I don't doubt that something big is going to happen soon.

posted on Jan, 26 2006 @ 12:36 AM
The second martial law is anounced I will grab a gun make some explosives and start killing


what is rex-84

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