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The Face of the Girl Next Door Turned Suicide Bomber

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posted on Dec, 2 2005 @ 10:15 AM
Interesting Article:
1 December 2005: The face of a the girl next door turned suicide bomber

The woman pictured above is Muriel Degauque, from a small town in Belgium,

According to published reports, Muriel was by all standards a fairly typical teenager. USA Today describes her as follows:

She was the typical girl-next-door — pretty daughter of a hospital secretary who grew up on a quiet street in this rust-belt town and finished high school before becoming a bakers' assistant.

In many ways she was the girl next door. According to friends, she liked to go sledding.

As a teenager, she became involved with drugs and alcohol.

But in 2000, she married a Belgian man of Moroccan descent, and plunged into the world of radical Islam.

According to friends, by the time she left Belgian, she dress in full Islamic garb from head to toe, and had adopted the veil.

She left Belgium with her second husband, Aissan, for Syria. From Syria, she and herhusband made their way to Iraq.

According to Belgian authories, Degauque had been a member of an Al Qaeda-aligned terror group.

Her husband, Aissan, was killed trying to set up a suicide bombing in Iraq.

Muriel died in a suicide attack on a group of US troops on November 9. The attack failed and all US troops survived.

Muriel is representative of the new face of Al Qaeda.

In fact, authorities arrested another couple poised to leave for Iraq on a suicide mission.

Communiques from Global Islamic Media Front, a self-professed Al Qaeda aligned internet PR firm, have described this new Al Qaeda soldier.

They call him Rakan Bin Williams.

But as we have learned this week, Rakan Bin Williams can be male or female.

The translation of one of the communiques follows:

Rakan Bin Williams is the next Al Qaeda soldier.

You can't watch him, you can't restrict his movements, and you cannot stop him.

He will shake the land under your feet and his hands will be responsible for the fall of your empire, Allah willing

Do you think I am crazy? Who is Rakan Bin Williams?

They are a group of your sons who were born in Europe from two European parents, and were Christians who studied in your schools, and enter your places, and know your psychology, and they go to your churches and celebrate mass on Sunday.

They drank wine, and ate pork, and persecuted the Muslims.

But Al Qaeda brought them in and they embraced Islam and hid their Muslim religion and soaked up the Al Qaeda thought and promised Allah that they will carry the flag of their distance brothers and seek vengence on the evil doers.

They blend into the streets of Europe and they streets of America and they plan and watch and observe.

The use of European born terrorists is not not unexpected.

Last year, a number of new Al Qaeda videos were released on the Arabic language jihadi boards, showing the new face of Al Qaeda.

These new jihadis are Muslim male extremists, but they aren’t from the middle east. The ones in the video are soft spoken, well educated young men from Great Britain. One of them is a medical student.

This is the face of Al Qaeda’s Great White Army.

This video was released with a series of other videos of training camps, which the videos claim are in Bosnia.

Much has been discussed about the ways in which the Islamists have recruited heavily among the disenfranchised populations in prisons, impoverished neighborhoods, and ethnic communities.

But the new face that Al Qaeda often sports is that of an upper middle class, or even wealthy, Causasian.

How do you recognize a terrorist? Good question. If you have the answer, please let us know.

posted on Dec, 2 2005 @ 10:29 AM
A little while ago I posted up a link to a bit-torrent site for a BBC program about the 7/7 London bombers.

It has many interesting interviews and comments from investigators and experts in this field from many affected countries around the world.

I totally recommend anyone with any interest in this area to give it a look.

posted on Dec, 2 2005 @ 12:58 PM
2 December 2005: Belgian Police Say Iraqi, Other Terrorists Using Stolen Belgian Passports

De Standaard is taking the lead in reporting in Europe on this story.

There are two things we need to keep in mind:

1. The article says:

Following Wednesday's (30 November) raids in connection with the Brussels suicide bomber Muriel Degauque, these raids show that Islamic fundamentalism in Belgium can count on a solid logistic support.

Logistical support is often the difference between a successful and a failed terrorist mission. With this kind of logistical help in the background, terrorists are more likely to succeed.

2. These terrorists are traveling on Belgian passports.

Individuals traveling on passports from Belgian and most other western European countries do not need a visa to enter the United States under the State Department Vissa Waiver Program.

This is quickly becoming a national security issue.

The article from De Standaard follows:

The 1,500 international passports stolen in Liege are being used by terrorists.

The federal police say the passports are being used by jihad fighters and candidate suicide bombers in Iraq and other war zones.

Five persons from Iraq and one Syrian whose homes were raided in Brussels yesterday are believed to be connected with this trafficking in stolen passports and people. The six are also suspected of being involved in the theft of the passports last year in Liege.

That investigation was launched back in April. This followed the interception of an express delivery package at Zaventem airport that was found to contain an international passport. It was one of a series of international passports that were stolen during the night of 2-3 October 2004 from the Italian Consulate in Liege. Those who carried out the forced entry and burglary have not yet been found.

Following the discovery of the stolen passport in Zaventem the detectives turned their attentions to Karim El J. (49) of Sint-Joost-ten-Node (in Brussels), the man who had dispatched the passport. He seemed to be the central figure in a traffic in stolen identity documents. Karim El J. had close contacts with known document forgers in France and neighboring countries. The detectives discovered that Karim El J.'s network did not only earn money from trafficking in people. The stolen passports were also believed to be used to help people flee from Iraq who are sought by the authorities.

Today the results will be made known of further raids in Brussels city center, Sint-Joost-ten-Node, Vorst, Evere, and Koekelberg (latter four all Brussels suburbs).

Following Wednesday's (30 November) raids in connection with the Brussels suicide bomber Muriel Degauque, these raids show that Islamic fundamentalism in Belgium can count on a solid logistic support.

(Description of Source: Groot Bijgaarden De Standaard (Internet Version-WWW) in Dutch -- Catholic, pro-Flemish, right-of-center daily)
This is a follow-up to the last post. I think we are really in trouble.

[edit on 2-12-2005 by wolfe]

posted on Dec, 2 2005 @ 01:07 PM
2 December 2005: If it’s Tuesday, this must be Belgium

by Laura Mansfield

If it’s Tuesday, this must be Belgium.

That’s the title of a 1969 film Mel Brooks film about tourists on a whirlwind trip to Europe.

The tag line for the film was to the point:

“I'm Europe, Baby. I sent you Dutch Elm Disease, German Measles, and Russian Roulette. You sent me World Wind Vacation Tour #225. Now we're even”

But today is Friday – and Tuesday is long gone.

And it appears that something more ominous that Dutch Elm Disease, German Measles, and Russian Roulette may be in the process of emerging from its European cocoon into the world scene in a big way.

The worm is radical Islam, and over the past few decades it migrated from the Middle East into Europe, and as Bat Yoer describes in her book Eurabia, it has been more or less quietly morphing into a different shape.

Most in America have been oblivious to the events in Europe.

In fact, until the attacks on the London transit system this summer, the strange suicide this fall of Joel Hinrichs outside a crowded football stadium, and the emergence this week of the news that a Belgian woman converted to Islam and died in an attempted suicide bombing in Iraq, most people really weren’t that concerned about home-grown terrorists.

Everyone knew a terrorist was a Middle Eastern male between the ages of 16 and 35.

But the European suicide bomber – the terrorist with European passport – is not a new phenomenon.

If you go back to 2001, to the days immediately preceding the September 11 attacks by Al Qaeda on New York and Washington you find evidence of a major suicide attack by two men with Belgian passports.

The victim of the attack was Ahmed Shah Massoud, leader of the Northern Alliance, which provided the major resistance to the Taliban-Al Qaeda regime in Afghanistan.

On September 9, 2001, the two Belgians, posing as journalists, smuggled in an explosives charge disguised as a battery pack for their video camera.

One of the best accounts we have of the assassins comes from Faheem Dashty, an Afghan newspaper editor. Dashty was also a filmmaker, who had been working on a documentary about Massoud for five years. He decided to tag along when he heard two foreign journalists planned to interview Massoud.

Dashty reports that the assassins were two men in their mid-thirties. One spoke fluent English, French and Arabic; the second spoke only Arabic.

According to an interview with the St. Petersburg Times, Dashty further described the men as follows:

"They said they didn't work for a newspaper or TV but an Islamic organization in London. They said, "We want to research Islam and we came here to Afghanistan because it is an Islamic country and Mr. Massoud is a famous commander.' "

Still, Dashty says, "they looked very calm and normal," and he suspected nothing.

Then at the conclusion of the interview, the camera exploded, killing Massoud and one of the assassins. The second assassin was killed in a hail of gunfire by Massoud’s guards.

French police identified one of Massoud's assassins as a Tunisian named Dahman abd Al Sattar. He and his companion had traveled under fake Belgian passports and posed at least part of the time as Moroccan TV journalists.

While living in Belgium, police said, Dahman joined a radical Islamic group that sent new recruits for training in Afghanistan, then supported them when they returned to Europe where they formed terrorist cells.

Last March, a Belgian court indicted thirteen suspects on charges related to the murder, including the theft and sale of fraudulent passports found on the bodies of the assassins, allegedly linking them, and the assassination generally, to al Qaeda.

It’s clear that an Al Qaeda affiliated cell was active and functioning in Belgium as of 2001.

So it should come as no surprise that this cell remains active, and is currently providing more assassins and suicide bombers.

What seems to come as a surprise to many is that European-born women are willing to convert to Islam, and eventually embrace an extremist ideology that calls for them to blow themselves up in the name of “Allah”.

But in reality this is the metaphorical “elephant in the room” – the element so big that you really can’t miss it, but that no one wants to talk about.

It’s time we pulled our heads from the sand, before radical Islam “bites us in the butt” again.

It’s not just European women who embrace radical Islam.

American men and women do so every day.

Sometimes they fall in love and are lured into the web of terror by their spouses. Other times they are recruited. And far too often, these converts to Radical Islam are seduced by the feeling of belonging that joining a cult like Islamic extremism offers.

Those who are most vulnerable are the lonely, the depressed, those recovering from drugs and alcohol addictions, and those who are incarcerated in the prison system.

These groups of individuals are targeted on a daily basis by radical Islamists.

(See related article “Islam: A Haven for Misfit Souls?”)

The news media and law enforcement are telling us for a fact that there is a radical Islamist cell in Belgium who has been sending suicide bombers to Iraq. They told us this summer of British and French citizens, albeit of Middle East or North African origin, which were being recruited and sent to Iraq for suicide bombings. We know that a British suicide bomber of Middle East descent blew up a night club in Tel Aviv in 2003.

We know that the US State Department’s Visa Waiver program allows citizens of most European countries to visit the United States without a visa.

We aren’t allowed to profile – not that it would do much good anyway. We know that a suicide bomber can be male or female, and can be of any race or nationality.

What the suicide bombers by and large have in common is religion – most are Muslim.

But we’re not allowed to profile. But even if we could it wouldn’t be foolproof – terrorists are trained to hide their religion if disclosing it would jeopardize their mission.

We know that there are mosques in the United States preaching the same ideology of hate, and drawing more and more recruits into their cults.

How long before a suicide bomber launches an attack in the US?

How are we going to prevent it?

posted on Dec, 2 2005 @ 02:06 PM
You know, I would trust a born Muslim before I trusted a convert to Islam. A convert is most likely to act out to try and prove something. The only good part of this story is this Moron killed herself and only herself.


posted on Dec, 2 2005 @ 02:43 PM

Originally posted by wolfe
Interesting Article:

How do you recognize a terrorist? Good question. If you have the answer, please let us know.

she dress in full Islamic garb from head to toe, and had adopted the veil

Easy enough.

posted on Dec, 2 2005 @ 03:18 PM
yes, when people get filled with hate you never know who will come and get you.
love abydos

[edit on 2-12-2005 by abydos]

posted on Dec, 2 2005 @ 03:19 PM

Originally posted by C0le

Originally posted by wolfe
Interesting Article:

How do you recognize a terrorist? Good question. If you have the answer, please let us know.

she dress in full Islamic garb from head to toe, and had adopted the veil

Easy enough.

If only it was that simple, the US would not have more than 1000 dead soldiers by now.

Please, deny ignorance, do not spread it.

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