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Why i think the end times are far off

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posted on Oct, 23 2005 @ 02:27 PM
I think the end times are far off, becuase God is testing those that love him. These hurricanes and earthquakes aren't the real birth pangs. These are just to get people excited about nothing so they can be humbled when thier predictions are not true. If there are increasing and devastatting earthquakes how could Jesus say " when they say peace and safety then sudden destruction come upon them" when entire cities get leveled.
I know people don't understand this but there will come a day when all earthquakes level off and storms subside that is when the end times are here.

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posted on Oct, 23 2005 @ 04:12 PM
How do you belive he is testing people?

I had a terrible dream about this. I was in a high story building and I was sitting on a sofa watching a window washer or something and than the building started to shake and this window washer thing started to sway and I got really scared as it started to break the window and looked as if it would be coming at me. Well I could not get up and when I was able to get up my foot was stuck on the sofa and a man I knew told me this was just a test from the establishment!

it took me a while to figure out this dream as I never put much thought onto dreams but in recent times I was thinking about all the bad events happening and so many people are getting killed, well if god talks to you through dreams this is for sure in relation to what you say. I was and am freaked out! I have had other dreams in relation as well as almost psychic thoughts and been able to recall past dreams I had once forgot. All very scary I see another board member on ATS has had very very similar happenings which freaked me out even more.

posted on Oct, 23 2005 @ 08:29 PM
Hi...was reminded of what is written:

For the Lord thy God tempteth you

and was reminded of what Jesus said about those who say:
the time draweth near

Follow ye not them therefore.

And he showed them a similitude: behold the fig tree, and all other trees, when they shoot forth their buds, ye see and know of your own selves that summer is then nigh at hand. So like wise ye (when ye see these things come to pass) understand, that the kingdom of God is nigh. Verily I say unto you: this generation shall not pass, till all be fulfilled. Heaven and earth shall pass: but my words shall not pass.
Take heed to yourselves, lest your hearts be overcome with *surfeiting and drunkenness and cares of this world: and that, that day come on you unawares. For as a snare shall it come on all them that sit on the face of the earth. Watch therefore continually and pray, that ye may obtain grace to fly all this that shall come, and that ye may stand before the son of man.
*surfeit: caused by excessive eating or drinking; sickness or derangement.

Of the true recorded Word of God:
peace and no danger

God Bless

posted on Oct, 23 2005 @ 09:00 PM
link not afraid.

In dreams and visions of the night...

Should God be reproved of man? Why dost thou strive against him? because he giveth thee no *accomptes of all his doings? For when God doth once command a thing there should no man be curious, to search whether it be right. In dreams and visions of the night season When slumbering cometh upon men, that they fall asleep in their beds ) he roundeth them in the ears, he informeth them, and showeth them plainly, that it is he, which withdraweth man from evil, delivereth him from pride, keepeth his soul from destruction, and his life from the sword. He chasteneth him with sickness, and bringeth him to his bed: he layeth sore punishment upon his bones, so that his life may away with no bread, and his soul abhorreth to eat any dainty meat. In so much that his body is clean consumed away, and his bones appear no more. His soul draweth onto destruction, and his life to death. Now if there be a messenger ( one among a thousand ) sent for to speak unto man, and to show him the right way: then the Lord is merciful unto him, and sayeth: He shall be delivered, that he fall not down to destruction, for I am sufficiently reconciled. Then his flesh ( which hath been in misery and trouble ) shall be as it was in his youth. For if he submit himself unto God, he is gracious, and showeth him his countenance joyfully, and rewardeth man for his righteousness. Such a respect hath he unto men. Therefore let a man confess ( and say ) I offended, but he hath chastened and reformed me: I did unrighteously nevertheless he hath not recompensed me thereafter. Yee he hath delivered my soul from destruction, and my life, that it seeth the light. Lo, thus worketh God always with man, that he keepeth his soul from perishing, and letteth him enjoy the light of living. Mark well ( O' Job ) and hear me: hold thee still until I have spoken. But if thou hast anything to say, then answer me, and speak. fro thy answer pleaseth me. If thou hast nothing, then hear me, and hold thy tongue, so shall I teach thee wisdom. *accomptes (acceptable accounts) *accomptes; appears to be an original compound word which was later divided into two words: acceptable / accounts /accomplishments.

God Bless

posted on Oct, 23 2005 @ 10:13 PM
I am not a prophet or inspired of God. I see all of these speculations as mere nonsense and idle chatter. I will know that the end is really near when I see elijah the prophet on CNN.

posted on Oct, 24 2005 @ 03:48 PM
um yea in the end times elijah dose not show up at all its jesus and he shows up after the war and the earthquakes and the destruction

trust me the calm times have come and gone already this is it these are the end times you honestly don't think that the 2 strongest hurricanes ever just recently happened for no reason other than to test us

pardon my lanuguage but thats a pretty crapy test what is he testing how well dead bodys float I think not this is is frien this is the end and its only gonna get worse

posted on Oct, 24 2005 @ 05:56 PM
ELijah is prophesized to show up before the day of the lord. see Malachi 4:5-6.
It makes sense for God to send a real prophet to warn people of the mark of the beast and the coming judgements. I don't believe that anybody here on earth has the slightest clue what the mark really is.
Elijah is an important character in the end times becuase in my opinion he will be the chief enemy of the antichrist.

posted on Oct, 24 2005 @ 08:36 PM
I wonder what the translations of the name Elijah are.

Also what will people of China think if Jesus shows up:?

Or india,iraq,africa,etc Anyone ever think of that?

posted on Oct, 24 2005 @ 11:51 PM

Originally posted by japike
I wonder what the translations of the name Elijah are.

Also what will people of China think if Jesus shows up:?

Or india,iraq,africa,etc Anyone ever think of that?

Elijah had several titles elijah the prophet elijah the tishbite, elijah the gileadi.
I think when he comes around he will be able to know all languages on the earth.

posted on Oct, 26 2005 @ 07:51 AM
In the Gospels, the Lord gave detailed and specific predictions that would signal the approach of the end of the Church Age and the transition into what the Tribulation Period. If these predicted signs are simply taken at face value, as Jesus did with Old Testament prophecy that applied to Him, they sound like today’s Fox and CNN reports.

At the end of Jesus’ ministry, while looking over the temple from the Mount of Olives, He predicted both its destruction and the Jewish nation’s.

Shocked, His disciples got Him alone and asked, “Tell us, when will these things happen, and what will be the sign of Your coming, and of the end of the age?” (Matthew 24:3 NAS)

The apostles then asked three all-important questions:

(1) When will these things happen?What will be the sign of Christ’s Second Coming?

(3) What will be the sign of the end of the age?

This refers to the time of Gentile rule over the world ending and the establishment of the promised world Kingdom to Israel over which the Messiah Jesus, as the Son of David, will rule.

Jesus answers questions #2 and #3 in Matthew’s account. He answers question #1 in Luke’s account in chapter 21:12-24
Jesus gives a complete scenario of the signs of the end that would all begin to happen in one time frame – in concert with each other.

The key that would make the ‘signs’ unique is that they would all begin to occur together in the same era. The other key that would make these ‘signs’ unique and recognizable is that they would develop like “birth pangs”.

After Jesus enumerates the signs, He says of them, “But all these things are merely the beginning of birth pangs.” (Matt. 24:8)

Now here are the signs he called 'birth pangs':

No. 1 The Church would depart from the truth and false christs and false prophets would arise. He warned that MANY in the Church would be deceived. This has already happened -- big time.

Most mainline Churches do not hold to Divine verbal inspiration of the Bible. Many have ‘air conditioned hell’ and redefined sin to be ‘politically correct’ today.

For instance, the clear Biblical teaching against homosexuality is now being ‘redefined’. In defiance of God’s teaching in 1 & 2 Timothy, women are now being ordained as Pastors and Priests.

Jesus is no longer the only one who can bring us forgiveness of sin through His death in our place. He is now a great teacher among many other religious leaders who can show us how to work our way to heaven.

Various suicide cults of this generation, from the People’s Temple to the Branch Davidians to the Hale-Bopp cult, shared the same characteristic. They all had a false christ, or false messiah figure. But worse is coming.

No. 2 Jesus warned of wars and rumors of wars, but He said, “See that you are not frightened, for those things must take place, but that is not yet the end.”

The 20th century was marked by three significant events that shaped its course. WW1, WW2 and the Cold War. Both World Wars involved virtually every nation on earth in an orgy of destruction that killed tens of millions.

The Cold War endured for forty years, without either side firing a shot in anger. The ultimate rumor of war! Historians have already named the 20th Century the century of war.

But the end, as Jesus predicted, was not yet.

No. 3 Along with war, Jesus warned that “nation will rise against nation …” The word ‘nation’ is translated from the Greek word 'ethnos' which literally means ethnic groups or tribes. Ethnic unrest and tribal warfare has killed uncounted millions in this generation.

There are ethnic wars within the same nations. One of the most shocking examples of ethnic hatred is the case of the Kurds. They are Muslim, yet they are scattered along the borders of the fellow Muslim nations of Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran – and hated by all.

No. 4 Jesus predicted that “kingdom will rise against kingdom …” The word ‘kingdom’ comes from the Greek word 'basliea', which means a literal nation in our modern understanding of the word. There has been such warfare between nations that mankind is trying to do away with nations.

The Antichrist will seize upon this yearning and establish a one-world government over which he will rule. But it want bring peace; it will bring total destruction.

No. 5 Jesus predicted “in various places there will be famine …” According to the world experts, the Age of Famines began in 1975. There are famines raging someplace in the world at all times now.

No. 6 Jesus predicted in Luke’s account, “There will be great earthquakes …” AP News reported on October 9th that there were only 10 major earthquakes from the decades of 1920 through 1980 – a period of 70 years.

But there have been 13 major earthquakes in the last 15 years. These refer only to the monster quakes that have caused great destruction and loss of life. More will be said in a moment on this.

No. 7 Jesus predicted, “there will be … plagues …” Diseases once believed eradicted from the earth by antibiotics have now developed immunity to virtually every drug we have. Now we have super-strains of them.

Because of the rapid mobility of travel, a dangerous infectious disease any place on earth can become a pandemic over night – killing millions.

New strains of viruses that have trans-mutated from the animal kingdom to man now make pandemics of unimaginable horror possible. The latest is a bird flu in Viet Nam named H5N1 that the World Health Organization says could kill 150 million people worldwide.

No. 8 Super Storms from celestial influence on the earth’s climate. The last “birth pang” Jesus predicted is, “There will be signs in sun and moon and stars, and on the earth dismay among nations, in perplexity at the roaring of the sea and the waves, men fainting from fear and the expectation of the things which are coming upon the world; for the powers of the heavens will be shaken.”

I commented on these verses a couple of weeks ago. NASA has verified that the sun is getting brighter and hotter. This is having a dramatic effect on the rise of overall temperature on the earth. And that is causing the ocean belt around the equator to particularly heat up and cause more frequent and powerful storms – as we have definitely seen this hurricane/typhoon season.

Again, of all these things, the Lord said, “But all these things are merely the beginning of birth pangs.” Taken together and read in context, the Lord outlined, in advance, an exact history of the world as it has progressed since Israel took its place among the modern nations of the world in 1948.

This generation has witnessed more than the beginning of the birth pangs. They've gone past the beginning. To quote Winston Churchill, "this may not be the end, or the beginning of the end. But it is certainly the end of the beginning."

posted on Oct, 26 2005 @ 10:50 AM
These signs have been going on for hundreds of years.

What is going to stop the prognosticators from revising thier theories again and again.

I think that all human speculation is wrong. I also do not believe that God will send somebody as terrible and seducing as the "antichrist" without having his own prophet to warn the world. I think the world is either going to follow the antichrist or the prophet of God.

posted on Oct, 27 2005 @ 01:06 AM

So life seems pointless if every move by man,woman and child has been known from the start and if people all found faith, end of days would still happen? Why whats the point?

Plus if God knew of all these earthquakes etc and he made earth what does that say? He is cause of these natural disasters? Next as it seems he would be, he kills people of faith and kids etc.

So what is the logical point of these so called birth pangs? Why doesn't he just blow up the eart all at once or make all sinners catch on fire and die all at once in place of killing millions of innocent people?

Plus are the above mentioned signs only in the New Testament?

posted on Oct, 27 2005 @ 11:00 AM
we were warned its called the bible

posted on Oct, 27 2005 @ 03:00 PM
If the end times were so close why aren't christians repenting and instead waiting for some kind of rapture escape. Instead they are lambasting all of the other sinners for sinning and bring storms to this "Godly" country.

posted on Oct, 28 2005 @ 12:25 PM
their will be no rapture it is not in the bible so it will not happen the rapture is a catholic belief and it will not happen

posted on Oct, 29 2005 @ 12:18 AM
The end is here, the end isnt here eh I wonder if and when Jesus comes back how much "debunking" he will have to go through before someone believes he is real lol. Anyway I imagine if one more thing happens in November we can all start to worry a little more...

I will frak if its o n the 11th :Z

posted on Oct, 29 2005 @ 01:01 AM

Originally posted by japike
The end is here, the end isnt here eh I wonder if and when Jesus comes back how much "debunking" he will have to go through before someone believes he is real lol. Anyway I imagine if one more thing happens in November we can all start to worry a little more...

I will frak if its o n the 11th :Z

The end has been here since the time of jesus. If it wasn't then why were people asking jesus how to recognize the end times. You got some real explaining to do.

posted on Oct, 29 2005 @ 03:41 AM
Yeah who knows really. There has been so many things not making sense but I find that "quakes in diver's places" interesting relation no?

I figure end of days will be by Iran before Jesus or Shiva light us a blaze lol.

I wish this world could just lay back and take a break. These leaders always seems to have to have a pissing contest. Ah well what can we do? Hope for the best and expect the worse....

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